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      What would your Triforce be?

      Wasn't sure whether to put this thread in philosophy, since the subject of "modes of living" is commonly placed under that classification. Since it's basis is taken from a non-fiction fantasy video game though, it is pretty arbitrary. Any one who's played "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" would know that the Triforce made by the 3 Goddesses of the world were based on the qualities of wisdom, courage, and power. It seems kind of similar to the directional modes of living a "religion" might have, such as buddhism's eight-fold path. I thought it might be fun to try to make the triforce my directions in life would encapsulate. The directions I thought to make were Awe (the awe from beauty and wonder in experience and thought), Creativity (work inspired by that awe), and Compassion (identifying with the greater whole, empathizing with the greater whole, and seeking relatively productive behaviors for the ever-progressing quality of life for humanity). Sometimes I find my triforce is really something else, like laziness or greedy impulse, but the one I made is more inspiring. lol

      What would your 3 directions of life be?

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      Omg.. No idea really. One maybe getting to know my true self, including my subconsious. That is pretty impossible though .

      I dnt really think this should be in senseless banter. Senseless banter is nonsense, waste of time.
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