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      My hallucination

      Okay so I go to a doctors appointment yesterday and I get prescribed Aderall. I went home and first thing I did was grab the gravity bong and smoke 1.5 grams of 80x. I wasn't feelin it too well (I have an extremely high tolerance to salvia) So I got out the vape and smoked 2.5 of white widow, 1 of pineapple express, and .5 of some 100x. This achieved my goal and got me super fucked up. I went to the kitchen and the first thing I noticed was my new bottle of addies. I had the brightest idea ever. I decided to try to take two tablets so I dumped a little in my hand. I tried my best to count them but it was really hard because my glasses are broken and I'm very farsighted. (Being completely baked did not help at all.) I got frustrated and just swallowed the whole hand full. After realizing what I just did I dumped all the pills out on the counter and felt them to count because I'm so blind. There were only 11 pills left. I took one the day before. I consumed a lot in one mouth full. But then the oddest shit happened. I was sitting there waiting for my stomach to start hurting and the pains to come but then I just randomly got tunnel vision and I couldn't hear shit anymore. I look up and I just see random neon colored waves all over the ceiling. They were slowly coming at me so I ran upstairs. I was about to play Xbox but then when I turned it on the X jumped out at me and shit kept sticking out of the t.v. and slowly getting closer to me. By this point I was damn near ready to piss myself I was so scared. I opened my door an this big ass, floating, liquid, purple ball was just hovering there. I poked it and it imploded and shot into my chest. It was the weirdest, most abnormal feeling ever. They started comin in different colors from all directions. I was about ready to cry. If you want to see this part for yourself, watch a video on YouTube titled "Enter the Void" This video demonstrates exactly what I saw when my hallucinations began. I was just looking for places to hide so I go in my 4 yr old Brothers room. I start looking around and all his toys were just staring at me then they started moving towards me. I ran back to my room and locked my door. I've been sitting here for 36 hours just wide awake. I've just been smoking and surfing the web. Has anyone else ever experienced a trip like this though??? And if you have then how long did it last??? If I begin to move around a lot then minor hallucinations begin to occur. I also would like to know if the aderall could have somehow empowered the effects of the salvia because it felt like more of a salvia trip than anything else but so much more intense and surreal.
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      We are glad you found us, and appreciate the story...but you posted in a thread about hallucinations while falling asleep. This is clearly a story of what not to do.

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      I don't know about the addition of aderall, but the times I've smoked salvia I've only seen these clear things running across the curtains, they were clear like the clear waves that come off of objects on a hot summer day. I'd see distortions though, like I'd drool so bad so I try to wipe it off but when I go to move my hand to my face, my hand and arm curl away from me into a curly spiral and then I realize all my limbs would do it when I moved them, both arms and legs kept curling. Another thing that happened was because I was playing Tegan and Sara on my boombox I swore they were in my kitchen but I didn't think to get up so I yelled "tegan and sara!" from my couch for a good few minutes.

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