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      Today's my 20th birthday!!!

      Happy birthday to me!!!

      So today I turned 20, woohoo!
      20 is such a nice number.
      It's the legal age for buying liquor in Sweden, and that means that I no longer need to go to crappy, noisy bars and pay extremely much for drinks with mostly soda and ice and just a tiny drop of alcohol.
      That doesn't do anything for me, so fuck that!
      Now I can finally go to Systembolaget (swedens liquor stores that are controlled by the government) and buy alcohol and take it home.

      So here I am sitting on a couch eating my birthday cake and everyone is ruining my day.
      I got some nice gifts but as soon as I put them down, everyone proceeded to ruin my birthday.
      Now I have to sit here listening to "you have to get a job" and "here doesn't this job look good" and "you should go down to McDonalds and see if they have any open spaces".
      I Just wanted one day of no fucking job searching but I guess that birthday present would be too good to be true.

      Well, it's not all bad.
      I got the one thing I hoped I would get, a Gibson Les Paul signed by Slash.
      Well ok let's be honest, it's an Epiphone Les Paul and it's not signed by Slash, but it's still awesome.
      Amp, carrying bag, picks and stuff included.

      Now I have my own guitar so that I can stream some Rocksmith 2014 and it will be a lot of fun.
      I hope that if anyone is interested in watching streams, they will swing by Twitch and click on the follow button.

      I think that's all I had to say today.
      Now I hope I will have a good day and I will be back to my stream in the start of next year!
      Merry christmas and a happy new year to everyone, and happy birthday to me!

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      Must be a lot of presents in december for you then huh? Happy birthday!
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      One week with at least 1 Lucid Dream in every night.

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