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      Eyeballs are capable of curing any illness and can spur optimum pleasure. The pupil of the eye is the passage between sight and iris, as long as stimulation is present, eyes can cause our neurons to form the necessary patterns and rhythm, to simulate a cure or mind-state.

      We must understand the prospect of, per say, cancer, before we can ponder on required stimulation.

      There are three grades of harsh; a harsh species-related nature, a harsh nature and random harsh.

      Life on this planet in the present era is strange, many obstacles are in the way of clean judgement - but these obstacles can be overcome by sensory.

      As long as communication is available, we can turn the tides of any society.

      We can win war stood still...

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      A sunspot on the crown of my head from a life of consistent, digressive forethought. Will I give up?

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      Those are certainly pretty good Google Translate fails. But I still like this one better:

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      Maybe you can try harder next time?


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