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    Thread: Over the Fence

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      Over the Fence

      We can revert the planet to it's state prior to civilisation; in this document is a method.

      As a whole, however big or small, we have a ritualistic regime; we worship that which supports us, such as flora and fauna, until it's support is majesty.

      Ex. We fill homes with plant-life for the ritualistic effect of not being part of civilisation (this is not optimum but serves as an example of a ritualistic regime).

      In theory our species is to 'reconstruct the natural dome-shape'.

      Clean bombing of towns and cities, using natural elements, and parts of construction (rather than new resource) to mould the dome-shape; originally it will appear a lower grade nature, but it will upgrade.

      The planet will support itself, but we are a part of it and can do our duty.

      The rest is simple, we support the dome-shape's growth until we are in the natural flow.

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      Good luck.
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