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      Weird things that happen to you IWL that make you RC.

      This might actually have a place as an On-Topic thread but basically the purpose is to post weird things that happen to you throughout your day that seem to be exceptionally dreamlike situations. I got inspired to make this thread after two such situations occurred today, so they'll be a good way to kick off this thread.

      1. I remember seeing a Model-T car parked in the parking lot of my old elementary school today. My dad and I were trying to get something from our storage locker across the road and a guy got out of the Model T and asked him if he was someone named 'Frank' who had messaged him on craigslist was here to buy the car.

      2. There was a mouse in the upstairs toilet. Small, gray and very much alive. When I saw it I closed the toilet lid and my first thought was to catch it like you would a bee or other insect that got in the house so I went to get a cup. The mouse couldn't climb out of the toilet because the wall was slippery but was a spritely little fellow. I spent about five minutes trying to catch and scoop a wet mouse out of a toilet with a plastic cup. I really RCd hard after the mouse was outside, especially since it was like the first thing that happened to me in the morning.

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      A Mouse! ? Wow, thats pretty surprising. O.O I heard they could come from there though. Hmmm.... I've never had to rc before but something pretty surprising I remember is telling a friend it'd be better if he didn't donate blood than him telling me after it happened the nurse let his blood leak onto the floor.
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      Well, this morning when I got up to feed the birds. I was still a little drowsy from the Benadryl because of the Poison Ivy rash on my arms. I went to open the door to Moxie's cage to feed him and pulled the door right off the hinges. At first, I didn't realize what I did. I remember opening the door to put his food in and it just came right off, just like that. When I realized what had happened, I dropped the door on my foot. I have the bruise to prove it. I definitely had to do a couple of reality checks but, now, I need to fix the cage.

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