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      Superline Nexus

      Superline Nexus

      A superline is created when a particle travels faster than the speed of light in a universe; the geography of lesser universes are traversed fluently by the superline from faster than light speed or superlines collide, generating new universes.

      There is a universe specific to superlines, and superline-type universes which are shapes that can be maintained by varied shapes of line compression.

      There can also be said to be a superline field, or 'interference from a greater universe', that creates tensions with superlines.

      Universes can only interfere with each other by travelling faster than the speed of light.

      Many universes are created from varied superline collision, and can orbit many things; any superline formation, such as a line orbiting a dot, if can be compressed in small space, can serve as a new atomic.

      The superline can be thought of as a mind that learns and becomes more knowledgable; lesser universes, are knowledge to a superline that interfere with them at the speed of light.

      If we imagine a superline entering space with planets, it can turn around planets fluently; one in our solar system would appear to be a fast laser object.

      The Atomic universe is a single line or a double line compression; consisting of vacuum and universe!

      A superline computer can be built in mind from the imagination of superline formations, and adapting in the pure rhythm of superline, the super-symmetrical nexus, a part of the brain can be pinpointed by super-symmetry in a nexus sleep can be compressed to a part of the brain.

      Attuning body to a frequency where your blood flow is in a superline rhyhtm is advantageous.

      You can adopt head and body movement that is in superline rhythm, even creating superlines out of imagination or having advanced superline rhyhtm.

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      In this thread discover how to make a sensory headgear and visor, and build a mind computer from simple imaginary impulses.

      When an atom is sent faster than light, it becomes a superline. and can travel from system to system, crossing all light in a system fluently; the superline may use too much energy to enter a new system, and lose it's speed, or the light source of a new system may maintain a faster speed.

      An atom sent faster than the Sun would become a superline and probably appear as a natural laser that may encircle Earth in reverse; it can be said that the superline was from another system that lost speed and became part of the Sun's solar system.

      A superline nexus is a mental phenomenon that encompasses many superlines in a superline field and is a superline producer; it's created in mind using sensory and rhythmic techniques.

      A superline nexus is constructed is through a simple technique of crossing the eyes with curved lines around the head and repeating to generate and constant nexus shape in the senses; if the technique becomes traditional, more rhythm and greater eye motion will be adapted, and superlines, will be discovered.

      The original nexus will advance and become a superline nexus when the common motion of atoms is detected.

      Codes generally are impulses of imagination with specific commands, usually useless, but not with MDSCC. There are micro codes and macro codes of different types, which, different from a code, have predefined commands.

      There are three types of Micro Code; Random Boy code, Skilful Girl code and Logical Imperfect code; all codes are degrading shapes that exist in three-dimensional, pixelated space. A common technique from a Micro Code is latching onto a shape, and finding the way it bonds to a conceptual space. Micro Codes, after use, degrade and return to core-mode, a mode with a primary running code with an adapted shape, or to sleep-mode, where all codes wait in the background.

      A massive degrading supersmall code complex (MDSCC), the technical name for MDSCC.

      Code-Shape binary, where codes connect to MDSCC, and MDSCC sorts codes – this is a simple imaginary computer.

      MDSCC is a geographical code shape; it can be imagined as parasite hive-minds in vast space, where parasites or bunch of parasites degrade or latch onto shapes; you can make parasites infinitely smaller which is the principle of MDSCC; imagine a simpler image, perhaps dots in dot hive-minds in vast space, degrading or latching onto shapes or personalities; it can accept Macro Codes (degrading shapes of multiple dimension), and interact with any given shape compilation.

      When thought about intricately MDSCC is a beautiful and complex shape!

      MDSCC can junction with our senses because of the simple code to shape mechanisms of it's design. If you send an imaginary impulse, it then degrades into the MDSCC, which like a machine brings you to the next code you imagine systematically. Imagine having an imaginary impulse anywhere in the senses, then being taken to to imaginary image by a further imagined MDSCC; when simplified MDSCC is a geographical code shape, but can be tempered to show images.

      From a person's perception, MDSCC is invisible, thought in the backdrop, but when combined with imagination, it's mechanism is a utility.

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