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  1. the BEST sex I NEVER had!
  2. Not sure if I was lucid dreaming?
  3. Once you become lucid. What do you normally do?
  4. Share your experiences of influened emotion
  5. My first SP experience
  6. First Lucid!
  7. First LD last night, a little uncomfortable
  8. lucid dream withing a dream.. but i wasn't lucid.
  9. Lucid Dreaming, Sleep Paralasis, OBE? Opening the Third Eye?
  10. 2 Year Hiatus, DEILD, and lurking Dream Guide...
  11. How do you use your lucidity?
  12. Wierd lucid Dream
  13. What The Hell Is With This DC!?!?
  14. First MILD after around 80 DILD's
  15. Had a very weird, SCARY lucid dream?
  16. Horror & Flying
  17. Dream Guide?
  18. Seventh LD Since Joining (Check Out the New Video Game!)
  19. Share any wierd things that happend in a dream Lucid or non lucid
  20. Went Lucid with the HI Technique
  21. Just Had Another Lucid Dream This Time I Used A New Technique
  22. First WILD & attempt to fly to the moon
  23. Went lucid, but struggled to keep control
  24. Mirrors are awesome
  25. First Lucid - How to do it again??
  26. Third lucid.
  27. Went lucid but my dreams was all black
  28. Did I just have my first lucid?
  29. My subconscious has a bad attitude...
  30. Had my very first LD, on my first night
  31. Weird false-awakenings
  32. It never changes
  33. Am i dreaming?
  34. My first LD knowing what it was.
  35. Finally had my first LD
  36. My first vivid dream(Lucid)
  37. Not allowed to fly into space
  38. lucid dream within a normal dream...
  39. Self-aware Dream Characters
  40. Two in one night/ shapeshifting help
  41. Scary LD I couldn't control
  42. Need an experience comparison.
  43. Too tired to get out of my dream bed!
  44. Kissed my celebrity crush.
  45. Long time dreamer, first time poster.
  46. my first experience-the rehab dream-
  47. Slender Man Nightmare
  48. Entered a lucid within 1 second!
  49. My Second Ever Lucid Dream
  50. At the cusp of lucidity
  51. Sensations so real..
  52. My first *proper* lucid
  53. Intersting dream "drug" experiences?
  54. First Lucid Dream!
  55. Strange place that inhibited dream control while lucid?
  56. Post your lucid special abilities!
  57. Hong long did you LDs last?
  58. Describe Your Dream With a Song
  59. 2nd LD… After 9 years!
  60. Are you really satisfied with the quality of your dream?
  61. Finnaly met my dream guide!
  62. A dream within another and me getting worried
  63. Half lucid, Half awake in my bed... Has this happened to anyone?
  64. Weird creepy LD, can someone translate this to english for me?
  65. the big green U/ Wilding
  66. Extreme weather
  67. Am I the only one...
  68. What's The Most Exausting Power You've Used In A Lucid Dream?
  69. weird lucid dream
  70. 2nd Semi-Lucid Dream
  71. Two lucid dreams in one night! :D
  72. 2nd LD since joining
  73. Really Strange Experience
  74. disturbing/hilarius LD :P
  75. Dream Spinning Experience
  76. Strange Dream Acid
  77. Coool dild i wanted to share
  78. First Lucid dream! ;D
  79. Machines In Your Dream World
  80. Sixth LD Since Joining (Stupid Dream Recall!)
  81. My first try.
  82. Car passenger lucid experience
  83. Tranquil Pool
  84. My first LD with actual sensation...
  85. My first long lucid since joining DV
  86. Obstacle finding Dream Guide
  87. Had a lucid dream maybe
  88. My 2nd LD experience (multiple LDs this time)
  89. Absolutely Amazing "Shared" LD Experience
  90. My second Lucid - A DILD?
  91. Tell DV Your Sex Stories!!!
  92. Fifth LD Since Joining (Location of the Lucid Crossroads Found!)
  93. My thoughts on the dream realm due to an experience.
  94. Met my main mmorpg video game character in a lucid dream!
  95. First Lucid Dream after patient waiting
  96. First WILD :D
  97. Fourth LD Since Joining (Teleporting Sucks)
  98. Lucid Dream, Selft Analyzed
  99. The lucid sky: the sun, constellations and planets
  100. A memorable LD of mine.
  101. Third LD Since Joining (Failed Attempt To Fly)
  102. A precious few seconds, this time getting hit by a car didn't hurt!
  103. 2nd Lucid Dream! finally.
  104. Pain?
  105. This Is A Lucid, Right?
  106. 2. WBTB attempt
  107. First DILD?
  108. 2nd Lucid Dream - FAILURE!
  109. Getting back on track
  110. partying all night= amazing lucid experience
  111. Stupid waste of a Lucid Dream
  112. Failure at it best!
  113. First try, first success?
  114. Are these real DILD's?
  115. Weird but awesome WILD/SP/OBE experience
  116. The 'Wilfred' and the 'Hildred'
  117. Why did it happen ?
  118. Is this a shared dream experience .
  119. Did I just have a WILD without trying?
  120. I Need A Lucid Dream Analysis Please!
  121. Flying and trying to have sex in my first real lucid dream
  122. Shared dreaming sensation
  123. First DILD!
  124. I lived Inception (Multi level lucid dream)
  125. dreaming that i die and i dont wake up
  126. I just had the craziest dream!!! - My first lucid
  127. A *VERY* interesting dream.
  128. Figuring Out My Sexuality
  129. JUST had my first *REAL* Lucid Dream
  130. so real, so intense... woke up feeling 'god-shocked'... Dream of Clarity?
  131. Lucid dreams from my childhood
  132. Second LD, dissapointed :/
  133. Bbm group: Talk about anything under lucid dreaming
  134. My first lucid.
  135. Intense WILD
  136. LD out of nowhere...
  137. Nightmare on elm street nightmare?
  138. First lucid dream
  139. Frustrating dreams...
  140. First Lucid Dream Question!
  141. SP While Dreaming + RC Fail , Help !
  142. 3 first LD
  143. Flying
  144. Lucid dream all I can say is WTF???? Please read
  145. Long and scary
  146. Recurring Lucid Nightmare
  147. First Lucid Dream Experience since 3rd Grade.
  148. How did it feel for you?
  149. First LD since joining DV
  150. my first lucid dream? idk.
  151. My First Lucid Dream - A Thanks to Everyone! (DILD)
  152. Became lucid during a false awakening.
  153. One step closer to becoming an oneironaut!
  154. Few experiences, but keep getting lost in the dream plot....
  155. Complete Childlike Bliss
  156. First Chain,Long Lucid,Long Post...
  157. My first lucid dream!!!
  158. What is the most interesting thing a DC has said to you? What do you say to them?
  159. Om Nom Nom, The Moon Tastes Good (sometimes)
  160. getting woken up in a false awakening
  161. Communicate with subconscious?
  162. MILD Actually Works!!
  163. After 40 or so lucids in a bit over a year, I finally DEILD'ed
  164. First lucid dream! Amazing but I need help figuring out the meaning of something.
  165. Dream Within a Dream
  166. Weird Harry Potter Dreams, vivid, lucid? Help?
  167. Favorite Lucid - "First Gate of Dreaming"
  168. First lucid dream in a year!
  169. Weird SP experience.
  170. Shattering Glass. Most Epic Thing Ever.
  171. Scary lucid Dream, help :o
  172. broke out of my dryspell and had THE MOST amazing/longest/vivd lucid dream ever! please read!
  173. First 2 lucids in one night
  174. Strange "Double Take" experience
  175. 3rd lucid!
  176. What Was Your Funnest Lucid Dream?
  177. Strange First Lucid
  178. 2 lucid dreams in one night - what did i do wrong?
  179. Test
  180. First LD induced by a friend in my dream!
  181. First Lucid!!! Kinda surprised. :p
  182. my first lucid experience
  183. Favorite dream experience?
  184. First Lucid
  185. My Personal Journey: A Day by Day Account on My Lucid Dreaming Abilities
  186. Finally Lucid
  187. DV dream location?
  188. Incredible dream
  189. Having a dream about lucid dreaming. Was this a two-layer dream?
  190. Terrified of all lucids now!
  191. 2 LD's for my birthday yay!
  192. A strange LD I had.
  193. First Lucid became Semi-Aware?
  194. Black and White Lucid Dreams+Regular Dreams
  195. Weird Dream, I have a Question.
  196. my first WILD experince
  197. WILDing in a dream
  198. I need to share this; something about my LD clarity/awareness?
  199. My Lucids are kinda fussy
  200. First Lucid Dream (WBTB)
  201. Attacked by unknown entity all RC failed ....
  202. First Lucid!!
  203. Reading in a LD.
  204. Warbenifit156's Lucid Dream Journal
  205. First Lucid With Control
  206. Mastering magic
  207. First lucid dream! \:D/
  208. Long wait finally over, hurdle cleared!!!!!!
  209. My first lucid dream :D
  210. Reoccurring Nightmare
  211. Well, that was trippy - Sea of Sound
  212. Gaming level in a dream?
  213. Almost Lucid?
  214. Success!
  215. lucid dream experiences with hot people
  216. 2 amazing long vivid dreams.
  217. a Dream Character woke me up..?
  218. Had my first lucid last night!!!
  219. Forgot most of a Lucid Dream, yet remembered 2 non-lucids vividly.
  220. Crazy Experience.
  221. Is it possible..that a dream can trigger severe pains?
  222. First successful reality check
  223. First Lucid Dream acted on
  224. Conversations With Yourself
  225. Somewhat horrifying LD - I saw me
  226. WILD to Energetic sphere/something epic
  227. My First Lucid Dream EVER!
  228. Second LD Since Joining (My Journey Continues)
  229. first post. is there anyway to not experience SP
  230. Post your Lucid Nightmare
  231. My first lucid - Boring but yet amazing
  232. Getting sweet revenge on some gangstas with my buddy!
  233. Touching the clouds
  234. First lucid since joining!!!
  235. School just started, need tips.
  236. I think I had my first lucid dream
  237. My first WILD, as far as I know
  238. This is the most lucid dream I've had in my life.
  239. Pop up menu in LD
  240. Swimming in LD?
  241. Reoccuring semi-Lucid dream
  242. To all lucid dreamers, please be a part of this!
  243. First lucid dream in a while? Help...
  244. "Killing myself in a lucid gone wrong.."
  245. half-lucid dream.
  246. Lucid Dream Criteria
  247. Killed Myself to wake up
  248. Freakin DEILD!
  249. Longest Lucid Dreaming Experience?
  250. Does anyone go to Cracked.com...