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  1. Confused!
  2. What do you feel when your going into WILD?
  3. Kiwis can FLY!!
  4. First lucid :D!
  5. Two WILDS in one morning
  6. I am NOT Hannah Montana!
  7. Using the human senses in dream
  8. Wow, this super odd thing that happened in my LD
  9. False awakenings and feeling the real world and the dream world
  10. Has this happened 2 anyone.
  11. My First Lucid Experience!
  12. Vermillion Wolves
  13. A fun lucid dream :)
  14. Finally broke my dry spell!
  15. 2 LD's In Two Nights
  16. First lucid dream w/DC! twas awesome!
  17. Had my 2nd LD!
  18. I am Gladiator
  19. Craziest Thing You've Brought To Life In Your LD
  20. "Ill Build you a dream guide"
  21. First Lucid...
  22. First LD
  23. Cold lucid air = cold waking air?
  24. First Lucid!
  25. Vicodin gave me first lucid dreams
  26. Wow, like 3 LDs in a row!?
  27. My crazy flying lucid dream.
  28. Something Incredibally Amazing To Do While LDing
  29. Lucid Destruction?
  30. Scariest dream I ever had. Explanation, anyone?
  31. I travelled across the universe
  32. I've asked for my Dream Guide and...
  33. Has something you've created ever woken you up?
  34. Tried to phase through a wall...
  35. Transparent Limbs in LDs.
  36. A World of Beauty
  37. most AMAZING LD ive ever had!!!
  38. Another LD!!! WBTB
  39. Has your DG ever came up and wanted to test your LD ability or teach you?
  40. First lucid dream (Im sure it was)
  41. The coolest thing I've ever experienced in a dream!
  42. My subconscious is a jokester.
  43. Summary of my dreaming experiences
  44. Had my first lucid, after one day on the site!
  45. Does this sounds like a LD?
  46. Magic =D
  47. The Natural... I have always had Lucid Dreams, since I was 14ish.
  48. Whats the longest you've been lucid for?
  49. Newbie got help from a dream char :)
  50. Opinions on a dream I had last night.
  51. Two Dreams in two nights: i'm on a roll! But what now?
  52. Does being a heavy sleeper affect your chances of an LD
  53. 7 Month dry spell ends!
  54. First Lucid!! :]
  55. Anyone ever get hit by a car while in lucid mode?
  56. Woot! First Lucid! (short)
  57. Has anyone performed on stage in an LD
  58. Someone's gotta try this-how does it go?
  59. I HATE being woken up from LDs
  60. Anyone have extremely heavy eyelids?
  61. finally managed to lucid dream!
  62. First Attempted Lucid!
  63. My first real lucid dreams!
  64. Mirror reflection was perfectly clear ?
  65. Holy... crap.
  66. Phasing Through Things
  67. Anybody have to go to the bathroom in an LD
  68. Ooooh. Nice LD.
  69. Flying in lucid dreams.........
  70. Best LD so far!
  71. I Finally Had A Lucid Dream =]
  72. I just had lucid sex.
  73. First Lucid!!
  74. Have you ever had taste or smell play an important part of a dream?
  75. I seriously don't get why the heck this happened...
  76. wow i dream the same thing everynight
  77. Looking for my dream man...
  78. Strange first lucid dream
  79. Lucid Dream procrastination (in a dream)!!?
  80. Fun Lucid Dream
  81. Sorta knew I was dreaming...
  82. My longest Lucid Dream So Far!!
  83. I met myself
  84. lucid dream "The Rabbit Hole."
  85. A few questions.
  86. Ever been embarrassed in front of DC's?
  87. i took on a raptor!
  88. somthing similar happen to u?
  89. Has anyone ever been here?
  90. 4th Lucid :D
  91. Dreams You Wish You Could Forget?
  92. My Watch Worked?
  93. Do you slide? Have you been hunted?
  94. most remembarable LD monents
  95. so I finally was able to look at mirror
  96. Holy ****, I just had 2 LDs in one night.
  97. Semi-Lucid...Thoughts please?
  98. First lucid dream...thoughts please?
  99. A short semi lucid dream.
  100. First Ld!
  101. My First Lucid...How lucid was it?
  102. I just had 3 lucids last night!
  103. Lucid nightmare's....
  104. WILD and SP
  105. TOILET MONSTER(old LD dream)
  106. ...morning IS the best time for LDs!!!
  107. I Finally Had One!~!!!!!!!!!!!
  108. My first lucid dream, what was yours?
  109. My first Lucid Experience
  110. Poem from a lucid experience: Suffocate
  111. gooooooood times
  112. Violent Vibrations
  113. I hate when this happens...
  114. A few firsts for me..
  115. LD: Highest Potential
  116. Oddly vivid
  117. first full-fledged LD
  118. A truely insane lucid dream...
  119. 360 vision?
  120. Whats your fave ever LD?
  121. Was this a WILD or a DILD?
  122. Interesting..at all?
  123. First WILD!
  124. Question about Talking in LD
  125. Physically finding the "Hall of Records"...?
  126. First Ld In A While
  127. Don't you love those lucid dream mornings?
  128. first contact with dream guide [i am shocked]
  129. Becoming lucid but waking up prematurely...
  130. Where are my other four senses?
  131. Food, oh so delicious Food!
  132. I now understand the power of imagination
  133. The Black Hole Project -- potential dream task
  134. Thinking in a lucid dream
  135. Lucid but still going with the flow?
  136. Tricked out of a potential lucid
  137. Uncomfortably Lucid
  138. My first REAL lucid dream.
  139. Wow, what a dream.
  140. A Strange Lucid Dream I Had
  141. Lucid experiences becoming more real?
  142. I had my first Semi Lucid dream...
  143. First DILD
  144. Dream Meditation
  145. 3 DILDs and my first WILD!
  146. Taking control of your LD v. Having trouble
  147. very weird ″lucid dream″??
  148. Your first time...
  149. WILD or DILD and first real SPIN!
  150. I put my teeth back together
  151. Someone calling your name as you fall asleep
  152. sad times with a DILD
  153. 3 experiences of interest.
  154. What haven't you dreamed about?
  155. My 1st Lucid Dream!!!
  156. First DIELD
  157. How is this possible?
  158. I did it!!!!
  159. trying WILD, but failed, vivid though...
  160. Sex, Giant Robots & Free Falling OH MY! Lucid
  161. Had one of my longest lucid's this morning
  162. Major breakthrough with DILD!
  163. WHY, why must i be so fail?
  164. FINALLY! My Dry Spell is Over!!!
  165. Went lucid THREE times the other night v. induced my first WILD during one of them
  166. first lucid dream
  167. Weirdest. Dream. Evar!!!
  168. My second good LD. It was AWESOME.
  169. Have you met someone in your dream with dream powers of could alter the dream?
  170. Just had 2 LD's in one night(morning)
  171. Just woke out of an amaing lucid! tons of goals met!
  172. My First Lucid!
  173. Driving underage/spinout
  174. How does feel when you wake up?
  175. My Longest Lucid Dream yet!
  176. How can I fly better?
  177. 5 second Lucid?
  178. Omg Im Lucid
  179. just had another fantastic lucid dream
  180. First Purposeful lucid dream
  181. Using dream weapons during my lucid dreams
  182. Strange lucid dream
  183. Alice in Wonderland Dreams?
  184. How and Why I Had a Lucid Dream
  185. does this sound like HI to you?
  186. I had a Lucid Dream!....or not?
  187. Lucid Dreamer since childhood
  188. Tushix's second LD
  189. my first lucid dream
  190. Odd...
  191. natural to some people??
  192. My first lucid dream
  193. lucid - finding myself dead
  194. Am I psychotic?
  195. Hi I'm new to this site
  196. 2nd LD wooo, not sure what technique I used though??
  197. My weirdest lucid experience- Multiple WILDs with an anticlimactic ending.
  198. First Controlled Lucid!
  199. did i find something?
  200. Lucid Dream, but once again fooled. >:[
  201. Longest, craziest, best LD to date last night.
  202. This Close To Becoming Lucid! >=[
  203. thank you B6!!!!
  204. so i just meditated in a dream
  205. Experienced Lucid Dreamers: Does this happen to you?
  206. Past/Present/Cheese
  207. Wooooooo First Lucid Dream :d
  208. Persistent Dream World.
  209. Last night's lucid dream, utilising different techniques
  210. First Good Lucid Dream!
  211. feel pain in dream?
  212. I think i did it! FIRST TIME!!!
  213. Now Hiring! - Lucid Dream Book Project - Want In?
  214. First LD
  215. Tushix had his first lucid dream W00T!!!
  216. So, I just had about half a dozen LDs this morning
  217. My first 2 seconds of lucidity!
  218. Very Vivid LD (+new member)
  219. Wondering if this has happened to anyone else
  220. why cant i stay lucid?
  221. My Dream Guide!!
  222. Has anybody experienced this before (multiple FAs)
  223. Natural LDs & My 1st LD AS PROMISED!!! :)
  224. My first LD! :D
  225. LDs I just had
  226. Dream of a dream?
  227. First Lucid in 1yr+ (Strange experience)
  228. First Lucid(s) in a while :)
  229. Several Lucid Dreams In One Night
  230. Monopoly houses and empty curtains
  231. I have no idea, do you?
  232. Cool LDs I had one night a while ago.
  233. Two lucid dreams, I think I had o.o
  234. close to DEILD or not?
  235. Lucid, yet not so
  236. Two awesome LDs in one nap!
  237. Finally SUCCESS
  238. my first lucid dream (kind of)
  239. Interesting LD I wish I had stayed in
  240. id like to share a LD
  241. Dream Shadow from Jung Psychology..anyone?
  242. have you ever expriense new things in your lucid dreams?!
  243. Ah! Frustration
  244. Two lucid dreams in 3 days
  245. I Flew Like a Bottle Rocket!
  246. My first task accomplished!!
  247. first lucid dream! dreamsign plus flying!
  248. My first lucid dream... An incredible story.
  249. My most recent lucid dream...
  250. first lucid dream