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  1. My 2nd lucid dream!
  2. My Reoccuring Dream!
  3. Finally had my first Lucid Dream!
  4. Had to be to work.
  5. First Lucid Experience
  6. Singing your own songs in your dreams
  7. I did it!!!
  8. DEAL with the ..............
  9. False awakening check
  10. My 1st lucid dream!
  11. First Actual Lucid Dream
  12. First Awesome Realistic Lucid Dream
  13. Please help. I do not even know what I am experiencing.
  14. Titanic and Flying through Mirrors
  15. Lucid Dream, I need some help c:
  16. Trapped
  17. My Short Lucid Dreams ( - w - )
  18. My First intentionally induced lucid dream
  19. Fascinating Lucid Experience
  20. Cool Semi-Lucid experience
  21. Wow
  22. I just had my first lucid dream!!
  23. Anyone else?
  24. I Think I Had My First Lucid Dream Last Night
  25. Translate-l Lucid rüyada başarılıyım diyebilirim.
  26. Almost had a WILD by accident
  27. A new one for me...
  28. What did I experience last night?
  29. SP and telepathy? hmmm
  30. Possible Lucid dream
  31. I just had my first "long" LD
  32. False Awakening from a Lucid Dream
  33. I think my first LD by somewhat of an accident
  34. Got lucid and was NOT happy about it
  35. Too many lucid dreams?
  36. First Lucid Dream (By accident)
  37. Lucid at Lunch
  38. On The Mountain - Lucid
  39. ''Black space'' with WILD technique
  40. Hyper-Realistic Lucid Dreams
  41. Grandfather Trying to Prepare me for another death?
  42. is it WILD or Astral travel?
  43. My first SP
  44. Regain a WILD, explore my house and a recurring landscape
  45. The most physical experience in semi-lucid
  46. Shared Dreaming Lucid
  47. My creepy but fun lucid experience!
  48. Have you ever talk to your self when lucid dreaming?
  49. Your experiences when looking at the sky
  50. Major disbelief upon lucidity!
  51. The Most Vivid, Terrifying Nightmare of My Life.
  52. What happened ._.
  53. First WILD!
  54. What is the most amount of false awakenings you have ever had?
  55. More Than One
  56. Good decent lucid dream!
  57. A lava flood and an epiphany
  58. Strange semi-lucid dream
  59. Hearing a lot of voices during WILD
  60. First Long Lucid
  61. Really scary false awakening. Girl from the ring.
  62. I am back with an amazing dream.
  63. Dream Where you Met your Dream Guide
  64. Possible first lucid
  65. Someone help :(
  66. The land of evil spirits
  67. Was it a lucid dream? best dream ever...need some help please..
  68. Lucid Dreaming does feel like real life !
  69. Scary lucid nightmare...Slightly graphic
  70. My most interesting lucid experience (so far)
  71. My first lucid dream
  72. False Awakening or something else?
  73. LUCID DREAMS! Tell me about your most VIVID experience.
  74. First Lucid Dream? Or Dream about Being Lucid? So confused, help?
  75. UFO's again...
  76. First Lucid Dream
  77. cool FA turned lucid
  78. Origin
  79. This last night I had several lucid dreams in a row
  80. Waking yourself up experiment. Anyone ever tried this?
  81. 10th LD
  82. Flew to a different planet & fought darth maul. First lucid dream
  83. Are there any visualization pro's here?
  84. Mission to meet "THE ULTIMATE ORIGIN"
  85. Three Lucid Dreams/Sleep Paralysis
  86. First voluntary lucid dream ever.
  87. Lucid but body feels heavy and hard to move
  88. Hypnagogia and distracting ass swirls.
  89. Weird sleep paralysis experience. Not sure how it happened.
  90. Cool Alien Lucid Dream! (short)
  91. Odd Occurrence - Clarity/help wanted
  92. First False Awakening
  93. 4TH LUCID DREAM!!!! It was a little confusing though :/
  94. Scary sleep paralysis.
  95. First Lucid Dream
  96. My greatest Lucid experience
  97. Two Dream Story's In 1 Session
  98. this was from october 6 (sorry its kinda long and fragmented)
  99. A vivid, wonderful place and out of this world
  100. Contributions for presentation?
  101. Woohooo! I did it and a long one
  102. Amazing Lucid I had! (with katamari!)
  103. We should name different types of lucid dreams.
  104. Help Me Interpret This Experience
  105. Sleep Paralysis
  106. Was I lucid, just for a second?
  107. Escaping my lucid nightmares
  108. I just met The God of Dreams!
  109. Finally a good lucid :D
  110. My latest lucid dream
  111. Woohoo! My 3rd Lucid!!
  112. My last lucid dream
  113. i did it. i flew.
  114. Why do people always disappear?
  115. First DILD :D
  116. Testing my limits.
  117. Dream structure.....
  118. My first (almost) lucid dream
  119. my lucid dreams
  120. Moving the WL 'real' body whilst lucid dreaming :?
  121. Okay, this needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Help.
  122. lucid dreams do i need to be scared?
  123. One of the best Lucid experiences I've ever had
  124. Some observations on levels and length of lucidity
  125. First LD - insight anyone?
  126. Lucid Nightmare (Lucid dream gone wrong.)
  127. My experiences, I'm very curious and want others opinions. Might be a long read sorry!
  128. I've never suffered lack of imagination
  129. Kim/Mess: crazy dream/even crazier how i woke up
  130. WILD inside a dream?
  131. LD that really made me think.
  132. My First Lucid Dream :)
  133. I just asked my characters how they think my novel is going! Incredible :)
  134. continued awareness: awake-asleep-awake
  135. Ever liked a guy so much, you made him appear? I did this morning :(
  136. Just woke up from my first lucid dream.
  137. Finally a lucid!
  138. Yes! LD#3...and NyxCC gave me the key
  139. I talked about Lucid Dreaming in my Lucid Dream!
  140. Second Lucid Dream! My reality checks worked!!!!!!!!
  141. My 4th but real, vivid lucid!
  142. My First Lucid Dream
  143. Inception? Oh, you have nothing on this! :P
  144. Sleep Paralysis & Lucid Dreaming - Connections, Tips & Advice
  145. Need help controlling lucid dreams!
  146. Second Lucid dream and wasn't even trying
  147. Brief intro/ auditory hallucinations
  148. Second Lucid Dream, with achievements
  149. Superpowers
  150. First lucid in about year that helped me become unparalyzed.
  151. First lucid in a while
  152. Sequential false awakenings before becoming lucid
  153. Weirdest, strangest, most perverted thing you've done while lucid?
  154. First lucid dream ???
  155. First Lucid
  156. My experience with trying to attain lucidity and succeeding! I DID IT THIS MORNING!
  157. 2nd lucid woohoo
  158. Possible first?
  159. Shopping Mall
  160. first lucid dream yay
  161. My Second Lucid Experience!
  162. Lucidity found, then lost again
  163. Finding out how to heal in our dreams (a talk with a doctor)
  164. Second LD
  165. EILD Success!
  166. Met a girl in dream that I've never met irl
  167. My second lucid dream!
  168. Sleep paralysis experience
  169. I've had one, but how do have another?
  170. Very strange dream + Some Inception Themes
  171. My First Lucid!!
  172. Please read change the way you lucid dream!!!!
  173. When it really hit me
  174. Was I lucid?
  175. What The Hell?!
  176. My first lucid :)
  177. Just had a weird small LD tonight
  178. First Lucid [Ever]
  179. A Dream Within a Dream - Only One Lucid - Dream Signs versus Reality Checks
  180. Very Cool/Weird Lucid Dream Experience
  181. First Decent Lucid
  182. first time lucid
  183. lucid dream success!
  184. My first flying lucid!
  185. Two lucids two nights in a row?!
  186. Darn phone
  187. DILD, DEILD, WILD all 3 in one night! YAY
  188. Yay! Lucid I was!
  189. Another Lucid. Improvement?
  190. Man, It actually works!
  191. The fabric of dreamspace
  192. Confirmed: Lucid Dream
  193. Dream control easier when angry?
  194. Letting the dream take you (going with the flow)
  195. First lucid experience, followed by 2 more! (w/ a pleasant meeting with my corpse)
  196. Succes and failure
  197. What is your favorite lucid dream?
  198. Third lucid!
  199. First LD experience!
  200. my first lucid dream..! (:
  201. First lucid experience was "within a dream" - Really lucid at all?
  202. First conscious dream control.
  203. My first lucid dream! :)
  204. CLOSER but not yet 100% - am I on the right path atleast?
  205. I've traveled to my inner world in my dreams, and i want to know if others have too.
  206. Did some progress and i have questions
  207. Weird dream.
  208. Hey guys, recent lucid(ish?) experience.
  209. First "Real" Lucid
  210. Maaaybe?
  211. Lucid dream setting discussion
  212. Spirit guide?
  213. Lucid Nightmare
  214. My First "Fun" Lucid Dream with Control
  215. Trying to Validate info from Dream Characters
  216. What is the worst LD or Hallucination you have had?
  217. This Creeped Me Out!!!!
  218. A Few Lucid Dream Experiments From This Morning
  219. Trying to decide whether or not this was a lucid dream, help!
  220. Dream Characters .... Doing things
  221. Meeting your clone ?
  222. ive always had lucid dreams but.......
  223. My first lucid dream!!
  224. Lucid dream in a non-lucid dream
  225. My dream.
  226. Galantamine+Choline Bitartrate Experience
  227. Sex demon
  228. another cliffhanger lucid dream
  229. Was this a lucid dream?
  230. first controllable LD, but questions?
  231. First time lucid dreamer. Problem.
  232. my 3th WILD. talking about lucid dreaming with DCs
  233. 5th lucid and more control than ever befor
  234. Lucid dream experiences
  235. Took a super nova to the face
  236. Finally had a worthy lucid dream!
  237. Dreamer's in Search of finding the realm of parallel universes?
  238. My first controlled lucid dream
  239. First time lucid
  240. My 1st Lucid Dream? LAME
  241. A talk with a dream girlfriend
  242. 2nd Lucid Dream
  243. Is this a lucid dream!?
  244. Talking to God?
  245. First Lucid Dream!
  246. My First Lucid Dream!
  247. My lucid dream experiences
  248. Your first successful lucid attempt
  249. My First Lucid Dream
  250. So close...