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  1. Should I be glad?
  2. one of my first lucid dreams
  3. Lucid dream experimentation
  4. My LD Experiance
  5. MY Most Mind Blowing LD
  6. A very strange lucid dream. Not sure it was lucid in the strictest sense.
  7. My first lucid dream!!!
  8. Another lucid dream and a few questions.
  9. first wild in ages
  10. Found my Dream Guide but Lost Control Lucid
  11. First two lucid dreams!
  12. You have been given 22 days - 2nd/3rd August
  13. First lucid experience! Thoughts?
  14. Did WILD yesterday, all unintentionally
  15. had 2 very short LDs
  16. Introduction and first lucid dream
  17. Yes!!! Success!!!
  18. Unique LD experience to me
  19. A Lucid Dream Within A dream? Lucid Dreaming, Inception Style.
  20. My first lu- Wait what?
  21. Had a dream I was at work
  22. Unbelievably horrible!!
  23. Just curious
  24. Lucid dreaming to wake up into another lucid dream?
  25. My personal heaven
  26. A dream within a dream causing lucidity.
  27. Has anyone else spoken to their subconscious in a dream?
  28. My first lucid dream
  29. I could control a non-lucid dream, but i wasn't lucid.
  30. I called for knowledge of my UNCONSCIOUSNESS...turned into something very strange
  31. Finally a lucid dream, question mark?
  32. I found out a more realistic way to lucid :D
  33. The weirdest thing you have ever done in a lucid dream?
  34. Was this a lucid dream?
  35. Post your dream goals!
  36. My experiences over the last 5 years (Long post).
  37. My first lucid dream and astral projection
  38. Multiple cases of sleep paralysis, lucid dreams and OBE's when trying to have a daytime nap
  39. Terrifying Fever Dream Experience
  40. Trapped in an in-dream SP!
  41. Did I just experience the beginnings of WILD?
  42. Finally
  43. The Void?
  44. George
  45. Have you ever been not sure if you were lucid?
  46. First DEILD! Thanks DV!
  47. My first (Wake-Induced) Lucid Dream!
  48. Been awhile, I'll share a Lucid Dream with you all from recently
  49. It finaly worked!
  50. First Lucid, fun at first, then horrible!
  51. Its da sound of the Dream Police
  52. The strangest lucid dream experience ever?
  53. My First Lucid/Zombie Apocalypse
  54. My first lucid dream
  55. First non-spontaneous DILD - with lots of creepy DC's
  56. my 3rd lucid dream
  57. an amazing view.. of the pleiades?
  58. seeing the future? by lucid dreaming?
  59. Revelation from Him
  60. Strange lucid dream - False awakening?
  61. Talking to the dead?
  62. Awesome Lucid Dream (for me, at least)
  63. My Favorite Dream
  64. It happened last night.
  65. Dream wars
  66. Flying failure? Teleport to Ireland!
  67. The most realistic dream i ever had
  68. The hard work is finally paying off!
  69. Different Entry Experience
  70. I had my first lucid dream but I panicked and woke up.
  71. It seemed so real
  72. Second lucid dream!
  73. "Realer Than Waking Life Lucid"
  74. Wake Back To Bed Dream
  75. My Lucid Dream Experiences
  76. First lucid exp after 7 years.
  77. List of Awesome Things to do to Dream Characters
  78. Experiencing tv series situations
  79. First Time Failing a Reality Check...
  80. Was I Lucid in my dream?
  81. First extreme lucid experience, seeking advice
  82. Terrifying Dream
  83. Odd dream last night
  84. Lucid Dream Inception? Or just a hyper realistic dream about having a LD? Is that even Possible??
  85. Finally had some success! WILD
  86. My first lucid dream
  87. Another lucid dream, learned something cool
  88. Wat
  89. Lucid dream.. or not? A few questions.
  90. 3 Witches
  91. Dream Instinct?
  92. My first lucid dream achieved!
  93. Waking Lucid Hallucination
  94. Lotto Helper
  95. Scared to sleep, need advice on how to extend control beyond myself
  96. Tried lucid dreaming... got sleep paralysis.
  97. Just curious.
  98. More Lucid Dreams
  99. Two Nights -- Two Lucids
  100. Wonderful Experience
  101. Collapsed a lucid dream.
  102. Strange House
  103. Obliterated (The Impact of Lucid Dreams)
  104. Possibly First lucid dream?
  105. Had my first lucid dream + sleep paralysis this morning
  106. Semi-Lucid Thought Exploration
  107. WiseEggHeads Happy Funtalk
  108. First planned lucid dream
  109. Lucid inside a non-lucid dream
  110. Strange LD
  111. OK, 3rd Lucid Dream, have some questions.
  112. My first lucid! (interesting)
  113. To many false awakening lately.
  114. Endless Dream Cycle + Dream check failed...
  115. Paralysis demons, why you here?? Any thoughts?
  116. Second Lucid Experience, much better (DILD)
  117. First lucids! 3 seperate attempts
  118. Did anybody here explore outer space?
  119. My first lucid experience and some questions
  120. Lucid To Multiple False-Awakenings
  121. My first lucid dream!!
  122. 2...or was it 3 layers of lucid dreaming??
  123. As soon as I become lucid...
  124. was i lucid?
  125. Had another lucid
  126. Finally had first lucid!
  127. Experienced lucid features while in a normal dream
  128. First Lucid Dream : *I Think*
  129. Lucid dream
  130. My lifelong Lucid Dream
  131. Instantaneous Sleep Paralysis
  132. Had a dream within a dream within a dream
  133. Had my first Lucid dream last night (DILD)
  134. Very odd realisation
  135. semilucid dream
  136. First lucid!
  137. First and Last Lucid Dream (a real nightmare)
  138. This happened to me twice, ¿The prelude of the super real dream?
  139. How long did your longest lucid dream last?
  140. So close!.....yet so far.
  141. Very weird and short lucid experience
  142. First long controlled lucid dream (tips on how to prolong dream)
  143. Question about the first lucid dream i had
  144. Relationships with DCs
  145. Had my first lucid dream :)
  146. Getting closer to Lucid??
  147. Armateur
  148. My first two lucid dreams since I started pursuing them
  149. Could it have been lucid?
  150. First Experience and loved it!
  151. My grandmother used one of the tips i told her
  152. lucid dream experience
  153. MILD Success? A Lucid Experience.
  154. First experience of becoming Lucid
  155. Listening to music in LD
  156. Finally got another LD after a over 1 week dryspell
  157. Totally amazing..
  158. [HELP]First Lucid dream, Or was it?
  159. Experiments in LD
  160. I like lucid dreaming but it scares me
  161. first lucid and OBE? scary as heck
  162. My Awesome Lucid Dream Last Night
  163. First long lucid dream!
  164. At Last - My First DILD!
  165. What happened?
  166. 1 night - DEILD master?
  167. First LD Experience (I think)
  168. OMGG so cloosee to a full on LD! with DEILD
  169. My First Lucid Dream ! :D
  170. Awesome lucid dream with something mysterious in it
  171. First lucid dream experience! MUST SEE!
  172. Inception Style "Dream Within a Dream"... Except More Disturbing
  173. Kicking and punching while lucid Dreaming
  174. Fun Lucid Dream takes a sinister turn
  175. 3 new lucid dreams!
  176. Tell me your best lucid experiences to motivate me!
  177. 1st Lucid Dream out of nowhere
  178. Cool experience
  179. Pirates - Ye Have Been warned...
  180. An interesting half LD from when I was a kid
  181. Hello to all ! weird dream experience
  182. I made the Inception's street bending technique
  183. Scary LD...
  184. Everything melted away... :[ Am I lucid Dreaming?
  185. Had awful SP last night that turned into a stupid LD
  186. Rush
  187. Another LD :)
  188. My nap turned into a crazy experience!
  189. First Lucid Dream!
  190. Wildest LD I've had thus far...
  191. Is it normal to remember falling asleep
  192. Was lucid for like 10 seconds!
  193. What happened ? [Semi-Lucid]
  194. Tell me your Lucid Day Dream experiences
  195. I need help
  196. Assuming A Dream
  197. Names of Dream Characters
  198. Most Vivid Dream Yet
  199. Cracked it! my first lucid dream
  200. My First Lucid Dream!
  201. I Am God?
  202. Amazing WILD experience...at bed time!
  203. Share Your Lucid Goal Successes
  204. Violent Dream involving Cats!!!!
  205. Just woke up from an LD, WOW!
  206. Another great WILD :D
  207. Strange X-Files/School/Prometheus themed dream
  208. My accidental first Lucid Dream
  209. First Lucid Dream!! (after practicing)
  210. Talking to my reflected self
  211. Probably my best LD experience ever...
  212. Had a lucid dream/OBE?
  213. Phylosophical conversation
  214. Lucid metal meltdown
  215. War dreams
  216. Tunnel travelling experience on a dream
  217. Not sure if lucid or just a dream.
  218. Slightly disturbing FA - feeling tired
  219. My first and second LD!!!
  220. Flew for the First Time after 45+ lucids
  221. I think i almost had a lucid dream.
  222. So real, boyfriend go into bed with me this morning. Anyone had similar?
  223. Had my first glimpse of lucidity! (sort of)
  224. Rasengan and Air Bending
  225. A lot of recalled dreams in a row, 4 of them lucid.
  226. Weird feeling, like i saw my room with my eyes closed
  227. Lucid Dream recurrance-help!
  228. Is this a lucid dream? (First experience)
  229. help!!!
  230. I think I did it. Possibly. Thoughts?
  231. NOOO.. so close
  232. Get ready!
  233. Woot I did it!! and I defeated one of my nightmares!!
  234. Dream Characters do the Darndest Things
  235. The weirdest lucid dream you have had?
  236. What was the most fun lucid dream you've ever had?
  237. Your first and your latest lucid dream
  238. Craziest dream in my life. Last night
  239. My first lucid dream :D.
  240. Some questions
  241. Hit, Insulted, frightened by my coat (FA and SP)
  242. looking for George
  243. W00T! Freaking Lucid after almost 2 months! :D
  244. My First and Unintentional Lucid (or Similar) Experience
  245. A Lucid Dream in a Normal Dream
  246. Missed another pretty big one last night
  247. My Lucid Dreaming Experience (I think)
  248. Weirdest Lucid Dream I have ever had in my whole life.
  249. The best technique is to not try at all?
  250. The best way to ruin a lucid dream