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  1. looking for George
  2. W00T! Freaking Lucid after almost 2 months! :D
  3. My First and Unintentional Lucid (or Similar) Experience
  4. A Lucid Dream in a Normal Dream
  5. Missed another pretty big one last night
  6. My Lucid Dreaming Experience (I think)
  7. Weirdest Lucid Dream I have ever had in my whole life.
  8. The best technique is to not try at all?
  9. The best way to ruin a lucid dream
  10. I woke up to sleep paralysis
  11. My first false awakening experience
  12. Dreaming Of Celebrities?
  13. Barnabus Collins: My First Lucid Dream in 1971
  14. dream with lucid qualities but lack control. rather long story.
  15. Short lucid dream
  16. Awareness Level Unlocked; Experience +1
  17. No questions, just sharing experience...
  18. Non lucid dream about a lucid dream
  19. First Lucid!!!
  20. Do YOU want t celebrate a LD'ing feat?
  21. Question of the month (for DC's to answer)
  22. Something to try+ a prominent dream message
  23. First try after years, nailed it (until my dream destabilized)
  24. Interesting DC's
  25. (Almost) First lucid dream
  26. I jumped inside his mouth
  27. Time Dilation While Meditating
  28. first lucid dream ever!!! sort of?
  29. I had sex with Megan Fox
  30. Had a pretty long lucid from a nap...
  31. Lucid, but not lucid ? Weird experience
  32. Collection of the best LD Storys (links)
  33. First Lucid Dream! Achieved telekinesis!
  34. New to This!
  35. Lucid Frustrations
  36. 5 lucids in one nap. What caused it?
  37. Was this a lucid dream?
  38. First lucid dream
  39. I'm so good that I LD when I don't mean to!
  40. My FIRST Lucid Dream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Opinions?!?!
  41. Im not sure if its a sign...
  42. First Lucid... Something?
  43. A Personal Victory
  44. First lucid dream of 2013 (8th lucid)
  45. FIRST Lucid Dream ever!!!
  46. What does this mean??
  47. Interesting Question
  48. Four dream back-to-back extravaganza!
  49. Dream about a weird setting in medieval times
  50. A Lesbian Harem Dream??
  51. Hollow Man nightmare....again,for pete sake.
  52. this is a bit creepy.
  53. I just kissed my dream guide!?
  54. My first experience, is this LD?
  55. Mantra gone wrong, or not?
  56. Shortest Lucid Dream Ever :(
  57. My first true lucid dream
  58. Strange, no sensory dream
  59. The Dark Side of Subconscious- My Craziest Lucid Dream!
  60. Princess Diana in Dream
  61. Precognitive dream kinda
  62. Lucid Dreamt, Pretty Exciting
  63. Dream affecting reality - normally able to control
  64. possibility of a second reality
  65. After abandoning all hope, I finally got lucid.
  66. first lucid - without even trying!!
  67. I dreamt that I was lucid dreaming?
  68. My EXTREMELY Short lucid (reality check dream)
  69. Your experiences with water
  70. FINALLY became Lucid!!!
  71. And so it begins...
  72. Nightmare to Lucid Dream to Sleep Paralysis
  73. Lucid Dream Telekinesis
  74. My first scare
  75. First Lucid
  76. Met myself in a dream
  77. Curse You Mind!
  78. I had my first Lucid Dream ever last night!
  79. Worst Lucid Dream EVER!!!!!!!!!!
  80. My FIRST ever Lucid Dream!
  81. I was smoking weed in a dream!
  82. First LD after getting interested again.
  83. First Deild, and talked with my angel
  84. Dream world style
  85. My first 3 LD, the same night, a week after i started to WILD
  86. My first ever lucid dream. Unprepared, jarred
  87. Not sure what I did, but it worked!
  88. Stuffy nose woke me up (4th lucid, materialized a handkerchief)
  89. Was that a Lucid Dream?
  90. Amazing and terrifying LD
  91. Suzinne Sylvie on the phone (3rd LD, 1st FA)
  92. Lucid dream and possible dream guide
  93. First Lucid Dream !!!
  94. My First Lucid Dream? :D
  95. Somewhat Lucid...?
  96. Multiple lucids
  97. Lucid dreamed about another persons LD
  98. Oh
  99. Lucid dream
  100. MY best lucid EVER!
  101. Really weird FA
  102. Experiencing Two Dreams At The Same Time
  103. Short, but scary lucid.
  104. I'm a demon warrior. Wth?
  105. First lucid (disappointed)
  106. Continuous falling
  107. Serious Problems With DC's
  108. How I Found My Dream Guide
  109. My mind was all over the place
  110. Coicidence???
  111. Core Identity/Soulmate
  112. Pretty happy
  113. First Controlled Lucid Dream Expernience
  114. Had my seventh or eighth lucid last night
  115. Secret Room
  116. First lucid dream since trying!
  117. Share your most messed up dreams
  118. First memorable and vivid lucid dreams (3 times in one day!)
  119. My third lucid dream.. such a cool one!
  120. My journey
  121. My First
  122. Letting dreams unfold.
  123. Torture Dream? anyone have a clue about this
  124. Anime In Lucid Dreams?
  125. My cool lucid dream :)
  126. My latest lucid dream
  127. Lucid Dream #4
  128. First Lucid Nightmare?
  129. My first lucid dream!
  130. My first lucid dream!!
  131. My almost Lucid Dream (would have been my second)
  132. Half lucid-fail nightmare
  133. First post, first lucid dream :)
  134. Very First Lucid Dream
  135. First ~REAL~ Lucid Dream
  136. Dry Spell Broken! Realistic LD
  137. Intresting dream
  138. 3rd Lucid dream - First MILD!
  139. A weird lucid experience
  140. Are these WILDS?
  141. they won't talk to me
  142. First Lucid Dream!
  143. First Lucid dream/ Semi-Lucidity
  144. HH with eyes open and while moving?
  145. false awakening
  146. Something very strange and unexplainable in my LD
  147. Looking through the window
  148. Nightmare Induced Lucid Dream
  149. First Lucid Dreams
  150. 1st Very Real Lucid Experience
  151. My First LD Attempt
  152. My first Lucid Dream finally!!!
  153. OBE Turned lucid dream
  154. Entering the Lucid Dream trough bedroom wallpaper
  155. Amazing experience - 9 WILDs one after another!
  156. Lucid Dreaming? Or Just A Dream About A Lucid Dream?
  157. All of my lucid dreams have become boring.
  158. Flase Awakenings Galore!
  159. A Reborn Dreamer's Progress Towards Lucid Dreaming
  160. First Lucid Dream? I was really lucid?
  161. Lucid dream? Dream I've had since I was 3 years old (M/30)
  162. The First and Most Memorable LD
  163. My most insane Lucid Dreaming experience
  164. Access Denied
  165. Was I Lucid Dreaming? (Can Lucidity be lost in middle of a dream?)
  166. Strangest Lucid Technique I've Ever Used
  167. Random Lucid dream. (Haven't thought about LD in weeks)
  168. Binary beats, theta, OBE, pranayama
  169. My Kind Off Weird First Lucid Dream
  170. Got into sleep paralysis last night
  171. My first full vivid full control long lucid dream
  172. Strange experience at hospital
  173. OH GOD please readd!!
  174. Hularious Dream Guide Conversation
  175. Had a conversation with a woman claiming to be my sub-concious, I don't know what to make of it all
  176. Fifth Lucid Dream!
  177. Your very first Lucid Dream?
  178. My first lucid dream! Happened in a weird way though.
  179. I Did It!!
  180. Dreams that changed your life...
  181. Had a mindset-altering power nap...
  182. 2nd lucid dream in first 3 nights!!! Plus question.
  183. First And Amazing Lucid Dream!
  184. First LD - Best recall in a long time
  185. First Lucid Dream!!! Kinda weird...
  186. I changed the lighting by blowing up the sun
  187. I had a really long lucid... I think!
  188. Ideas For New Abilities To Use While Lucid Dreaming
  189. My first LD after only 3 days!
  190. I think I had my first LD, can someone confirm or explain a bit?
  191. dream girl.
  192. First Full LD Experience!
  193. Writing on the wall
  194. Not rare...
  195. Just to share with you.........my first decent 100% lucid dream
  196. Reading while Lucid
  197. Was it lucid?
  198. Broke My Dryspell!!!!
  199. Astral Wind: A Thorough Investigation
  200. collective dream!So cool
  201. Flying.
  202. Gigantic turquoise and chrome street sweepers (2nd Lucid)
  203. Time travel and false awakenings
  204. John Lennon and I recorded songs together.
  205. 9th Lucid
  206. Unintentional WILD
  207. Search for Perfect Pitch
  208. First LD experiences
  209. Had my second LD. (Sorry still no Lurid Lucid Dreaming Creaming LLDC)
  210. Lucid Hypnagogic Imagery
  211. My first lucid dream
  212. 3rd lucid wooo :D
  213. A sense of urgency
  214. The dumbest, most unfortunate missed opportunity ever
  215. Horrible HORRIBLE experience with a Lucid Dream binaural beat~
  216. question about shape-shifting
  217. lucid dream: 3day dream time. 1hr30mins real time. frightening.
  218. A funny situation
  219. how not to fight giant moles
  220. Serious Wonder: Stepping into a Parallel Dimension
  221. i was just attacked in my dream
  222. 2nd Lucid, I might even get good at this lol :D
  223. What to do when lucid?
  224. My First Lucid Dream
  225. First LD, Be back for the big boobed 16yo blonde.
  226. Most successful WILD nap.*
  227. Kidnapped!
  228. First Lucid on a School Night!
  229. From WILD to OBE
  230. First ever WILD! How does it compare to your WILDs? What can I do better next time?
  231. First Lucid Dream
  232. Best Lucid to Date
  233. My first lucid dream? Was I lucid dreaming?
  234. Can someone please explain this?
  235. funny wierd batman dream.
  236. My first lucid dream (or some other totally unique title)
  237. My First Intentional Lucid Dream
  238. My Lucid Dream Experience
  239. 1st lucid dream!!! ... i think
  240. Teaching DC's
  241. Lucid dream questions.
  242. Most Incredible Dream Ever!
  243. 4 year long Lucid Dream suddenly ends, badly. Nothing has been the same.
  244. completely awsome lucid dream
  245. 2nd lucid without trying.
  246. Just had my first lucid dream, aw yeaaah
  247. 8th and longest lucid yet!
  248. 4th lucid ruined by my uncle!
  249. Most recent Lucid dream - Bruce Willis _ super strength
  250. First Time Lucidity