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  1. My first lucid dream!
  2. Intense Slenderman Nightmare
  3. Kali and the Great Glass Elevator
  4. Drifted away from LD
  5. Yay! First lucid ^^
  6. My First Intentional Lucid Dream!
  7. My friend's first Lucid Dream
  8. Strange Lucid
  9. What was going on in this dream?
  10. My 2 Experiences
  11. Frustrated :/
  12. Was this a lucid?
  13. Funny stuff happened during WILD
  14. Weird first lucid dream
  15. Dead Space
  16. Little brother told me about his First lucid exoerience!
  17. Confused About My Experiences
  18. Unexpected Lucid 3RD TRY
  19. recurring dream
  20. Eighteenth LD Since Joining (Dreamcatcher Camp)
  21. Seventeenth LD Since Joining (Headquarters Destroyed)
  22. First Lucid!
  23. Problem with Short LDs
  24. I had a really weird false awakening?
  25. Fisrt successful MILD/WILD WBTB sort of......
  26. 3rd lucid dream
  27. Moral story and a question
  28. Spirit Tomato?? Wtf subconscious?!
  29. 2 Lucid dreams in one day!
  30. Introduction/my first lucid experience
  31. Steampunk Alien Invasion (First Lucid dream)
  32. False Awakening , Lucid Dream.
  33. Making chi and flying vertically? n00b questions
  34. Second lucid dream?!
  35. Lucid rainbow guyser We
  36. My First real lucid dream, very strange
  37. Yay first lucid dream.
  38. Longest Lucid Yet!
  39. Intense Lucid Nightmare?
  40. Lucid dreams in the middle of the night
  41. First LD in a Year
  42. Reality check, then shaking?
  43. Lucid dreaming / dream forming, not quite asleep?
  44. Dreaming of dreaming lucid?
  45. First experience... or is it?
  46. Stuck in hypnagogia!
  47. Had a lucid dream last night!
  48. First LD- Punched an old lady!!
  49. Naps Silver Surfer and Galactus.
  50. Strange Lucid Dream - attempting to see what it feels like to die?
  51. success story :)
  52. My First Lucid Dream?
  53. I chose to acknowlegde I was dreaming, gaining lucidty the second time after some difficulty...
  54. A lucid wet dream, but I was only walking around a building, i don't understand
  55. My First Experience with Lucid Dreaming
  56. Dream Cartography?
  57. One Hell of a Night!
  58. What happend to me?
  59. First lucid dream? [pls help]
  60. Couldn't hear dream characterss because of real-life music
  61. Nightmare soon turned into a fantastic lucid experience
  62. Clothing in dreams?
  63. Close to lucid dream...
  64. Not sure if lucid or not? Please help
  65. Post your lucid dreaming expierences here (:
  66. What are the limits of what you can do in reality while you're in a dream?
  67. Just had the most amazing lucid ever! Thanks DV!
  68. Not sure if Lucid Dream?
  69. Finding the "Inventor"
  70. Wisdom from a Devil and an Old Man
  71. Longest lucid yet (I think) with an epic battle (kind of)
  72. Unexpected Dream
  73. Has anyone ever?
  74. Star Trek - or where no non-dreamer has ever been
  75. My first real WILD attempt successful!! :D full story :]
  76. Bedtime in the Basement [Lucid Dream]
  77. 7th Lucid
  78. What does it mean if I dream about someone I never met?
  79. My 6th Lucid!
  80. Marijuana Bong dreams
  81. avoiding mirrors
  82. LD addiction?
  83. False awakenings making me too scared to sleep
  84. Melatonin and Lucid Dream Experience!
  85. Scary dream
  86. Taking the next step
  87. Was this was a lucid dream? Or just dreaming about lucidity?
  88. Meeting a guide in an early dream
  89. my hallucination
  90. What's with this fixation on snow?
  91. Toon Dreams
  92. My first lucid dream, and some other thinks
  93. Woah- second lucid dream... the night after the first one
  94. My Bizzare LD Last Night (Thailand and A Place of Deceased Souls)
  95. First (very short!) Lucid Dream!!
  96. My first lucid dream
  97. Working in Lucid Dreams
  98. Snakes eveywhere and Biten- what is the meaning?
  99. How long did it take you to get a lucid dream?
  100. OMG very first ld experience!!!! :D
  101. Did anyone else have this dream, when they were younger? (usually when ill/feverish)
  102. Lucid dream story
  103. Fifth lucid!
  104. Kevka's randomly occurred bad trip , yet awsome experience.
  105. It actually worked! 1st proper lucid...and issues
  106. Recent dreams
  107. Semi-Lucidity, An unusual experience
  108. My first attempt at a WILD
  109. My First Lucid Dream... Has To Do With Old People
  110. My first lucid dream
  111. Postcards from your Lucid Dreams :)
  112. Targets for Lucid dreams?
  113. Was this a lucid dream?
  114. What's the most insane thing youve ever done in a LD?
  115. FRESH MEAT!!! First LD in Months!!!
  116. Lucid fighting the force isn't strong in me haha?!
  117. 1st LD! First night of trying, wow.
  118. Omg, i had my first two lds!!!!!!!!!
  119. Lol funny moment
  120. 3 Days of Consecutive Lucid Dreams
  121. Craziest or most terrifying Hypnogogic Hallucination
  122. Why didn't rubbing my palms work in the dream?
  123. My 1st Lucid Dream (just a tad scary)
  124. Lucid Dream or not?
  125. First long LD!!!
  126. Dream Consciousness?
  127. Questions to ask the subconscious mind?
  128. 1st Lucid after two weeks of trying
  129. Speechless Subconscious
  130. Video Version of a Lucid Dream
  131. what the...?
  132. Is fighting to exciting for lucid dreaming?
  133. Zelda/DBZ Dream
  134. A Dream (My first post)
  135. First Lucid Dream after a week of trying!
  136. Success !?
  137. Had this weird dream.
  138. Fascinating experience this morning
  139. lucid dream
  140. Urgh i hate crying in dreams!!!
  141. My dream guide never came.
  142. Lucid 3rd density out of body/lucid reams
  143. my point of view in dreams
  144. wound up in someone else's lucid
  145. WILD experience
  146. Lucid experience - First Step complete.
  147. My main goal in lucid dreaming.
  148. Thank you all for your help. I think I made an important breakthrough of some kind
  149. Funniest sexual lucid dream
  150. Otters and God
  151. My subconscious is frightened of me
  152. Memory in dreams
  153. First successful lucid dream... after I gave up
  154. reccuring dream aspect
  155. First Lucid in a While!
  156. My First Lucid Experience!
  157. First Lucid Dream...... Not what I expected...
  158. First lucid dream, REM rebound effect? somewhat disapointing
  159. First Lucid (Omg!)
  160. Could I have been entering a lucid dream?
  161. My first WILD, though very short, a WILD nonetheless
  162. first lucid dream
  163. My first lucid dream was not really as i expected....
  164. Help needed... I want the lucid dreams to stop
  165. My Dream Guide is Angry
  166. Am I lucid dreaming!?
  167. FINALLY, first LD since acquiring more interest (first one in years, but trying for about 2 weeks)
  168. Conclusion and an Incredible Phenomenon of Ideogy
  169. 2nd DILD in 3 days
  170. To good to be true?
  171. 5 Lucids One Night. YES.
  172. Peculier nightmare
  173. Odd and reocurring
  174. My somewhat disturbing first lucid dreaming experience
  175. Flying in a dream!
  176. A lucid nap
  177. Finally my 1st lucid dream
  178. First and most vivid lucid ever
  179. is this sleep paralysis ??
  180. My dream guide
  181. My first, super short Lucid Dream.
  182. Asked to Meet My Higher Self
  183. Reality Check did not work???
  184. My first lucid experience (WILD)
  185. Perfect clarity for the first time
  186. Mirror Reflection
  187. My first WILD ever! VERY vivid experience (dream report)
  188. Lucid FINALLY!!
  189. Strange lucid dream
  190. My First Semi Lucid Dream
  191. dream guide
  192. VILD dreaming, am I doing it right?
  193. Lucid dream with some..odd circumstances.
  194. First post, first lucid :)
  195. Did I just have my first lucid dream!?
  196. Been trying to Lucid Dream for a while, have i finally done it?
  197. Scared awake by reflection
  198. My first Lucid Dream
  199. First Flight
  200. Another lucid meeting with my spirit guide
  201. Driving a Car,Harry Potter, Malls, etc. (LUCID DREAM)
  202. Recurring "lucid" dream
  203. Repost:Found Dream guide today
  204. This felt more ordinary
  205. black hawk helicopters
  206. A strange happening
  207. My first lucid experience!
  208. First Long Lucid Dream
  209. First long lucid dream
  210. Progressive dream story over a length of time (2 years)
  211. i asked a dream figure what he represented
  212. Succeeded DEILD and almost wild same night
  213. One of my best LDs ever
  214. First Lucid Dream
  215. First Lucid?
  216. Is this a lucid dream?
  217. (01) My First Experience.. Short but sweet
  218. First DEILD? And first stabilized LD
  219. I finally ate something in a LD ( the taste of victory)
  220. How can we find difference b/w normal dream and lucid dream
  221. Weird WILD
  222. A spin in the flying car (First LD experience!)
  223. Whats the most amazing moment you've ever had in a Lucid/Non-Lucid dream?
  224. Were these FAs
  225. Looked up dictionary after dream
  226. What happened?
  227. Omfg first ld!!
  228. Amazing! First lucid!
  229. Past Lucid Dream of flying
  230. Caution sexual lucid dream
  231. Anger at DCs
  232. Somewhat Sexual Dream
  233. Finally had what I think was my first lucid!
  234. Weird question about DC's?
  235. Awesome dream, bad recall.
  236. Flying and Sliding
  237. Weird Waking/Dreaming state
  238. My first lucid.... I think?
  239. epic first lucid dream
  240. Pretty Clear First Lucid Dream
  241. Third Try (:
  242. First Dream...
  243. DC reminded me to stabilize!
  244. Not sure if this dream was lucid...
  245. Very first lucid dream!
  246. First Lucid in a long time
  247. Finally Found Dream Guide!
  248. crazy things you've done to or with dream characters.
  249. First LD!
  250. Never-Ending Nightmare Dream