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  1. What happened?
  2. Omfg first ld!!
  3. Amazing! First lucid!
  4. Past Lucid Dream of flying
  5. Caution sexual lucid dream
  6. Anger at DCs
  7. Somewhat Sexual Dream
  8. Finally had what I think was my first lucid!
  9. Weird question about DC's?
  10. Awesome dream, bad recall.
  11. Flying and Sliding
  12. Weird Waking/Dreaming state
  13. My first lucid.... I think?
  14. epic first lucid dream
  15. Pretty Clear First Lucid Dream
  16. Third Try (:
  17. First Dream...
  18. DC reminded me to stabilize!
  19. Not sure if this dream was lucid...
  20. Very first lucid dream!
  21. First Lucid in a long time
  22. Finally Found Dream Guide!
  23. crazy things you've done to or with dream characters.
  24. First LD!
  25. Never-Ending Nightmare Dream
  26. Hypnagogic imagry sounds fail A.K.A WILD FAIL
  27. Pasing through glass
  28. First Lucid Dream :)
  29. A few (probably stupid) questions and an idea I'm gonna try
  30. First Fully Lucid Dream
  31. Math and Stablization
  32. Is Full Lucidity Worth it?
  33. Song asking to RC in my head after waking up from a lucid
  34. Lucid Confusion aware but not lucid
  35. What do you think about this method? + an SP question.
  36. RCs didnt work...
  37. 3rd Lucid Dream
  38. Unintentional WILD
  39. non-REM Lucid Dreams - share your experiences!
  40. First SP Lucid Dream
  41. Portal and The Wormhole
  42. 2nd lucid dream.
  43. Babylon's First LD
  44. Bad/good lucid dreams
  45. Met my Spirit Guide in lucid dream
  46. double lucid dream
  47. Chaining With DEILD
  48. Was this a WILD or what?
  49. In Lucid Dream a dc,voice motivated me.
  50. Has A DC ever tried to stop you from getting Lucid
  51. My Second Lucid!
  52. Dark and Hellish Exhausting Night Terror..
  53. I was shot in a dream, and could feel it awake
  54. Anyone ever experience this sensation?
  55. My First Lucid.
  56. My Longest Lucid dream so far.
  57. Anybody whose been in the white house in the middle of the forest???
  58. Very Strange Dreams
  59. Lucid Dreamer that needs help
  60. I spoke to my subconscious during a lucid dream for the first time...
  61. My first Lucid dream
  62. New User Some Experienced But Unsure.
  63. I Must FLY
  64. Attempt to meet my guide
  65. Most vivd and aware one yet!
  66. I always enter lucidity the same way now - but can cause problems
  67. Dammit >.>
  68. Too many FAs are bad for your reality recognition
  69. Energy Weapon in Dream
  70. Distorted dreams
  71. 4th Lucid...already
  72. Is This Common?
  73. 3rd Lucid :)
  74. Almost There?
  75. A sign?
  76. Lucid dreamed winning lottery tickets
  77. *VERY STRANGE LD Experience **split consciousness???**
  78. I think my first lucid dream!
  79. A Dragon's Lucid Life Stories
  80. Second Lucid dream experience
  81. First Lucid Dream! Woooo
  82. Was it lucid?
  83. Coolest DC Ever
  84. Who is aware? - the question and it's effect
  85. Psychic Phenomenon in LD
  86. Best DC Conversations
  87. I have now officially reached the First Gate of The Dreaming, as described in, "The Art of Dreaming"
  88. Interesting lucid dream snippets taken from my book
  89. First lucid dream i think?
  90. My DEILD Experience
  91. Who is God!?
  92. My lucid experiences. From non-believer to dream enthusiast
  93. A voice
  94. First DEILD.. on accident?
  95. 1st LD - Space, flight and freedom
  96. Some thing unusual happened :o
  97. Potential guide to show me my Dream Guide
  98. Recurring DC? (Has a TL;DR for reading h8ters!)
  99. Previous Lucid Experience; Need Some Insight
  100. Were these lucid dreams or half lucid dream?
  101. My first ''real'' lucid dream
  102. Shiva & Kali
  103. Way too vived dream
  104. Successful WILD
  105. Lucid Dream Today, Which Brought Me Here
  106. First experience.. I think
  107. 2nd Lucid Dream
  108. 2nd LD Applejuice?
  109. Had a lucid like experience that im not sure what it was
  110. From Webcam To Lucid Dream
  111. What is ......... like?
  112. mindblowing ld experience, meeting dalai lama
  113. What layer of lucidty is this dream?
  114. binaural beats to induce lucid
  115. First LD
  116. Another LD fragment
  117. Early experiences with lucidity
  118. First lucid experience! (Very intense)
  119. FIrst LD " Hey I AM DREAMI-crap
  120. 3rd WILD; FULL awareness!!
  121. TO do list of lucid dreaming
  122. Brief lucidity.
  123. My Experience's With Lucid Dreaming [Must Read!]
  124. Perfect lucid dream?
  125. Taekwondo, School, Doctor Who, and breaking into lucidity.
  126. Need to sleep lighter?
  127. Very weird first DILD!
  128. Amazing LD experience, meditation in a LD.
  129. First lucid dream and sleep paralysis
  130. Second lucid dream. I have to share!
  131. Bad Lucid Dream experiences?
  132. My First ever recallable Lucid Dream
  133. What kind of dream was this?
  134. Elastic Walls? My second lucid dream
  135. My first lucid dream
  136. Narrator's voice in dreams
  137. Became Lucid and Turned into a Flirt and a Repressed Condescending Fool
  138. So, THIS is how you WILD.
  139. Most amazing 30 seconds of my life so far!
  140. Wild?
  141. What is this? WILD?
  142. Three lucid dreams, same place in dreamland
  143. Experienced flight to the edge of the universe!
  144. 3 lucids in 1 night....come at me!!!
  145. First full lucidity!!
  146. Strange WILD
  147. What's that?
  148. Sucess! But not much!
  149. Teleportation while stabilizing :S
  150. WILD in a dream inception?
  151. Two Lucid Dreams in a row!!! After weeks of just remembering dreams
  152. Am I crazy?
  153. First WILD/WBTB LD
  154. 6th lucid has brought me back
  155. 1st "real" LD. Kinda weird
  156. Second lucid in a while
  157. Second LD!!! YES!
  158. Second lucid dream :O
  159. Broke the Dry Spell!
  160. My first (i think) lucid since joing
  161. first induced lucid dream!!
  162. First Lucid Dream!!
  163. Dream Element
  164. Lightning
  165. Rabbit made me question my reality.
  166. 1st EVER reality-check lucidity/OBE last night!!!!!!!!
  167. Dreaming of being lucid?
  168. WILD changed forever
  169. My Most Realistic/Vivid Dream Ever. [Semi-Lucid]
  170. I have had 7 LD's over 3 separate nights this week, I have soo many questions!
  171. Time Travel
  172. When in lucid dreaming state, how can you dream about a certain person?
  173. Most retarded dream ever!
  174. My 3 lucids
  175. First long lucid!
  176. Subconscious didn't want me to communicate?
  177. Sleep paralysis 5 times in 3 minutes
  178. Crazy Lucid Attack! *Turned Lucid While Fast AWAKE!*
  179. My First Lucid Dream
  180. anyone had any lifechanging epiphany's/ breakthrough's during a lucid dream?
  181. 3 versions of myself in the same dream...
  182. What's possible in a lucid dream?
  183. Inspired Me
  184. Shortest forest walk ever / First LD
  185. Ruined it
  186. Is it possible to Lucid into a fully cartoon world?
  187. Has this ever happened to anyone?
  188. My first lucid dream - I think =/
  189. Has anyone of you managed to talk to your subconscious in a LD?
  190. Crazy Dream, not 100% sure about lucidity tho
  191. Just disappeared
  192. My First WILD (or GILD)
  193. First lucid dream
  194. Hi
  195. I gotta tell someone
  196. My first lucid dream
  197. Sixteenth LD Since Joining (Can't Find Dream Guide)
  198. So close...
  199. Lucid for a split second
  200. Finally... success!
  201. Fifteenth LD Since Joining (First Dream Battle)
  202. Fourteenth LD Since Joining (Book Travel)
  203. Creating Portals
  204. Thirteenth LD Since Joining (Screwing With the Dream-Ground)
  205. Dreams solve Real Life Problems
  206. 5th Dream - Perfect Dream with Lesson!
  207. Is this my Dream Guide? :SS
  208. Jurnal #1 - My Lucid Dream as Suggested by Dreamviews
  209. Possible danger to lucid dreamers
  210. Partially interesting dream experience.
  211. First Lucid dream...?
  212. Getting Close!
  213. Meeting Superman and lucid musical inspiration
  214. Lucid Dremaing?
  215. I did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Xd
  216. strange dreams
  217. First lucidity
  218. Possibly met my Dream Guide
  219. I honestly can't tell if I was lucid or not.
  220. 4th dream sort of non stop
  221. First LD!
  222. Weird Dream Has Somewhat a Meaning?
  223. 2nd extremely wth moment dream!
  224. new lucid dreams
  225. My very first and very odd lucid!
  226. First DILD since being on this site!
  227. First vivid lucid dream (even with flying)
  228. First LD chain!!!
  229. So my family and I got shot again...and I think it was Ralph Fiennes...and then I got lucid
  230. Dream Guide?
  231. My first lucid! :D
  232. this was such a weird dream
  233. Became Lucid but my eyes in waking life opened again XD
  234. filibustered by a dream character
  235. Feeling depressed or anxious in a lucid dream.
  236. Dream Guide? My experience - What are they anyway?
  237. the word dream made me lucid
  238. some Lucid experiences from a frequent lucid dreamer
  239. Possible Dream Guide(s)?
  240. Had my first lucid dream last night.
  241. Some Weird Lucid Dreams I've Been Having.
  242. Inception helped me this morning
  243. Odd waking from LD.. thoughts?
  244. Communicating with the dream weaver
  245. how do I NOT get lucid dreams!?!?!
  246. First semi Lucid Dream..... Can't wait for more
  247. Hello! My first lucid dream!
  248. First Lucid Ever! :D
  249. lucid dream lobby
  250. WILDing is easy; sleep paralysis question