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  1. Mutual Lucid? Or coincidence?
  2. Creepy Little Girls Get Me Every Time
  3. Your Hypnogogic Imagery Experiences?
  4. I was Dreaming part 1
  5. Personal Breakthrough. First (pseudo-)lucid dream
  6. What do you want to do in your next lucid dream?
  7. dream abilities
  8. dream signs
  9. yes, another LD
  10. Breaking my dry spell with style
  11. Higher being? I got a call!
  12. Yes!, My first lucid dream!
  13. Amazing Chain of LDs
  14. forgotten lucids
  15. Yes!
  16. Really weird dream and I feel guilty
  17. My First LUCID Dream!!
  18. I Need Help
  19. 4th lucid dream I ever had. short with annoying false awakening..
  20. A very creepy lucid dream last night
  21. Had a lucid dream... inside my regular dream?
  22. Candy war.
  23. My Lucid Adventure
  24. The Spikes
  25. Hallucinate
  26. how real is a lucid dream
  27. Does anyone else have this experience?
  28. Experiencing life changing surgeries in dreams
  29. Could've had a lucid dream.
  30. My first lucid dream!
  31. Stability Issues.
  32. I'm back, baby!
  33. Has anyone ever killed anyone in their lucids?
  34. What's your most vivid dream sense (sight, touch, smell, taste, hear)?
  35. Indistinct, Uncontrollable LD
  36. Interactive Lucidity Exercise!!! How long is your Dream Schlong??!!
  37. First Successful WILD ever. Stopped trying for about 4 months or so...
  38. Good news! First real lucid dream, I'm a beast at flying :)
  39. First lucid dream in 11 years. Yay!
  40. First long WILD
  41. Lucid Concerts
  42. Woke up 1 minute ago
  43. Oh yeah lucid for 5 seconds
  44. First lucid dream after month of trying!!
  45. WEIRD lucid dream.... unable to move?
  46. Amazing double dream experience.
  47. WOW _ I had a lucid dream last night
  48. My first SLIGHTLY lucid dream.
  49. I have my first flying lucid dream
  50. Had my second lucid, only 2.7 weeks after the first
  51. My First Lucid Dream
  52. My Epic Dream - Must Read
  53. Lucid Dream + False Awakening + Dreamguide combo
  54. How do I stop my lucid dreams?
  55. Weird Experience when attaining lucidity
  56. My Longest Lucid Yet!
  57. Long post, bizarre experience, please read
  58. OMG I Had A FA And A RC First Time!
  59. Lucid and WILD dream. Kinda scared me
  60. My first lucid dream! Detailed Experience
  61. Beautiful and Dynamic Landscapes
  62. Something very strange happend ??!
  63. First lucid dream in a second dream layer + reality check reminder
  64. First Lucid Dream
  65. Mew first LD (DILD or WILD)
  66. My first LD? Some questions! :)
  67. My first "purposeful" lucid dream
  68. What's Spinning Like For You?
  69. Attempt at WILD:D
  70. 1st lucid (strange)
  71. Are Vivd Dreams Kind Of Lucid
  72. Binaural Beats + Interesting way of becoming Lucid
  73. My first prolonged Lucid Dream :>
  74. FIRST LUCID DREAM! WILD. Don't know what to think of it S:l
  75. I had a lucid dream!!
  76. Lots of Vivd Airplane Dreams
  77. very vivid dream
  78. In The Void...
  79. It just happend
  80. Please tell me, what is a "Dream Guide"?
  81. Basically the worst lucid dreaming fail ever.
  82. Flying with my cat
  83. The Playground Tubes Dream/Connectivity is Real, Looking for the Others
  84. two lucid dreams from the new guy
  85. The Frigum
  86. Gonna try killing myself in my next lucid.
  87. Weird lucid experience
  88. Interesting LD don't know what to make of it.
  89. Thought I had died in a lucid last night
  90. Woot! I had a lucid last night!
  91. Lucid. Non Lucid. Semi-Lucid.
  92. First lucid where i didn't wake up right after!
  93. Am I going to lose my mind soon!!
  94. What a waste of my first lucid dream
  95. a WILD inside a semi-lucid dream (dream inside a dream)
  96. slingshot into space
  97. dream-gasms
  98. What exactly was this?
  99. Very weird/short Lucid experience
  100. Think positive!
  101. First lucid dream last night, first attempt!
  102. First Lucid and Questions About Control
  103. Sex with Beyonce
  104. First Lucid Dream, Finally! (long read, detailed)
  105. OMG Wow! That was AMAZING! (First Lucid YAY!)
  106. First lucid dream (DILD).
  107. "pet the cat" WILDing technique (not real technique)
  108. First Lucid Dream - DILD
  109. Map Of Lucidity
  110. Angel vs. Devil
  111. First Lucid in AGES
  112. :D First couple lucid dreams
  113. DC Pulling Me Into Lucidity + Dreams Within Dreams
  114. I Had A Dream with a lot more symbols than I thought...
  115. Random and Strange Lucid dream
  116. First DILD?
  117. Observing your self having a WILD without never actually having one
  118. Few questions about my experiences.
  119. Cool fighting stories
  120. My first Lucid.
  121. 4th Lucid story for anyone who's interested
  122. Triple Dream/Lucid
  123. I just had my first lucid dream!!! it started off like this:
  124. OLOS! Let the people rejoice!
  125. Inception moment
  126. Had my first lucid dream, iupiiii
  127. Fun with neighbours wife!
  128. Cheese Fusion RC
  129. Visiting forgotten places
  130. My Sleep Paralysis Story/ Experience
  131. Uhmmm....Tasty :D
  132. (WILD) First lucid with false awakening? Need help with wierd SP problems
  133. SECOND LD FTW! but...
  134. First LD!
  135. Strange sleep paralysis experience
  136. My first lucid experiences. Few questions.
  137. Thank you, DV. For even when i am away, you stay with me.
  138. Dreamguide? Or just a tool ...
  139. Meeting your sub conscious
  140. Weird Dream - Shared?
  141. Lucid Clarity
  142. Alright, so now that I've thought of it...I have to ask.
  143. i have come to the point of realizing-
  144. dream sex?
  145. weird experiences.. need some enlightenment
  146. Obligatory First LD Thread!
  147. My First (Intentional) WILD!
  148. mild succes stories ?
  149. I finally had a lucid dream!!!
  150. Anyone met Bob Marley ? ;D
  151. weightless arms?
  152. Anyone had an LD and had sex with someone famous???
  153. Dream Television
  154. Attained lucidity, scared the heck out of me.
  155. Had my first proper LD, More than an hour long!
  156. My first lucid dream, it was pretty strange :O
  157. i'm scared.
  158. My 1 second lucid
  159. Fighting King Kong
  160. Is this a Lucid Dream?
  161. Got lucid after loosing motivation
  162. My Firts Lucid Dream??!?
  163. first lucid dream in over a year and a half
  164. first lucid dreams
  165. DCs are awesome!
  166. Achievement Unlocked - Lucidity
  167. 3rd realisation of dream
  168. Unhappy ending
  169. Thanks to everyone at DV
  170. Instant Alpha!
  171. What was this? Lucid, semi-lucid, nothing special?
  172. Lucid Astral Dream Body Switch.
  173. Building your own city!
  174. The Rapture
  175. Civil War battle feild!
  176. Shout out to AL3ZAY and saltyseedog
  177. My first 2 WILDs in two days!
  178. So happy!!!
  179. First LD?
  180. Some foreign alien place
  181. My expieriences with Lucid Dreaming over 2 years
  182. i had 2 realistic Amazing lucid dreams!
  183. My First Lucid Dream! (A few questions, also)
  184. Yay! Lucid!
  185. Twelvefth Ld Since Joining (Extracting Information)
  186. LD chain and DG? - Wow
  187. Recent Lucid Dream - From 1-2 weeks ago.
  188. Getting sleepy in a lucid dream?
  189. My 6th or 7th lucid dream.
  190. My first WILD! i think..
  191. Lucid but couldn't control
  192. First Lucid dream? Or something beyond that? Please Help!
  193. ThunderClouds.
  194. Is this a lucid dream?
  195. First (unintentional) Lucid Dream!
  196. My first lucid.. and possibly shared dream?
  197. Indonesian Lucid Dreamer (Share Here!)
  198. Managed another
  199. Finally Another One
  200. Finally had my first lucid.
  201. lucid dream within a dream??!!
  202. Has this ever happened to you
  203. Lucid Dream- End of the World 21st May
  204. Had my first two lucids!
  205. Major dream guide problem
  206. Lucid dream 2 days in a row using WBTB (by accident lol)
  207. Stress, Studying, and Personal Experience Regarding Lucid Dreaming
  208. Finally a DILD, figured after I took a multivitamin before bed.
  209. How Is My LD Count?
  210. Not my first but certainly my best
  211. First Lucid dream
  212. 2 WILDs and DG Encounter!
  213. First lucid worth talking about in 4 months!
  214. First lucid, strangest dream I have ever had.
  215. True nirvana found threw lucid dreaming
  216. Your first WILD?
  217. 2 deilds in one night FTW :D
  218. A question
  219. "Hands of Flame and Invisibility" and intriguing symbolism
  220. Recall IN Dreams
  221. Lucid Precursors
  222. Had my first WILDS!!!
  223. Finding This Forum made me think.
  224. My first lucid! Woot
  225. First lucid experience, what can I do to keep them coming?
  226. Discovery: The finger-counting RC works on toes, too.
  227. First lucid dream experiences
  228. Abstract Dreams
  229. First lucid dream!
  230. First Real Progress Toward Lucidity
  231. VERY close to first WILD, what happened?
  232. First Lucid Dream!!!!
  233. lucid experiences analysis
  234. My first time attaining lucidity!
  235. What NON DREAM CONTROL RELATED things to do
  236. 3 Brief LD experiences
  237. Share your dreamy deaths!
  238. Lucid Dream wild technique w/ deep meditation
  239. First Lucid Dream
  240. I felt as though I died in my sleep moments ago....
  241. Taking a picture in a dream?
  242. 3rd lucid dream, 2nd this month
  243. 2 SP 2 LD's 1 night
  244. Pain in my hands
  245. Do Dreams Empower Your Life?
  246. 1st Lucid Dream with 4 after it.
  247. Worst Lucid EVER!!!
  248. "i am dreaming"
  249. Something a bit different for me
  250. My dream is denying me but I think I found my dream guide..