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  1. My dream is denying me but I think I found my dream guide..
  2. First Lucid Dream and False Awakening
  3. One of my Most Clearest & Tiring LD
  4. A Lucid Dream, or not?
  5. The Artist's Atelier
  6. First Lucid Dream Experience! AMAZINGLY AWESOME
  7. 7 days, 2 LD's
  8. Walking through Walls and entering the Internet
  9. First Lucid Dream. Weird one!
  10. Not remembering LDs?
  11. Ever lucid dreamed an ocean with a sea floor made of bricks? Other strange places?
  12. Dream Walkers
  13. My experience with LD's
  14. Hypnagogic Hallucinations
  15. First 2 LDs!
  16. 10th LD - Three's Company!
  17. Yay
  18. My third lucid ever!
  19. since i was a child!!! sharing my lucid and obe experience/s- amazing fun and sometimes scary...
  20. Question about things you've never known before???
  21. First LD Experience calm downs
  22. First Ld's :D
  23. Can't go beyond the bonderies of the dream
  24. Nose RC
  25. My First experience (and post) :)
  26. First induced LD (DEILD)
  27. So frustrating!
  28. My 1st Real Lucid Dream...
  29. Epic Semi-Lucid!
  30. I know when I'm dream alot without trying...I'm lucky
  31. Ohhhh yeah. First LD since joining DV. Two of them, actually.
  32. Recording my journey from Newbie to regular LDer!
  33. Can other beings teach you in your dreams?
  34. Lucid Dream - Vishnu
  35. What have you transformed into?
  36. Lucid Dreaming in Math Class, possible new technique?
  37. My first vivid lucid dream.
  38. 3rd or so hardcore scare/experience
  39. My First Lucid Dream :D
  40. First Induced LD, awesome
  41. my subconscious doesent want me to lucid dream?
  42. My experience, plus some questions.
  43. First Lucid Experience
  44. My first LD
  45. Lucid Nightmare Experiences
  46. Do you treat your dream characters like people?
  47. Why couldn't I move?
  48. Dakotahnok's lucid experiences.
  49. What was your (wild) lucid dream like?
  50. Did I meet my dream guide?
  51. Only three days since my second lucid, and I have a third!
  52. First lucid dream!
  53. Were you ever pseudo lucid?
  54. Fond memories of lucid dreams when I was little...
  55. Second lucid dream this week! Beat up a guy I don't like and flew :D
  56. First THREE lucid dreams!!!
  57. False Lucid Dream or a real DILD with low lucidity?
  58. Finally!
  59. May or May not have Experienced my First Lucid Dream
  60. Invention via lucid dreaming?
  61. Visualization experience
  62. i guess.. LUCID dream/nightmare?
  63. Awesome
  64. I seem to be on a role..."touch wood"
  65. First lucid dream. (and it was quite a weird one too)
  66. Potentially the strangest afternoon nap ever.
  67. My first two lucid dreams after getting into this a couple weeks ago.
  68. Finally my first controlling lucid dream, SO AWESOME !
  69. Just had a weird lucid dream.
  70. My First Lucid Dreams
  71. My lucid dreams are really freaking me out :(
  72. Unaware of lucid dreaming?
  73. A dream within a dream
  74. First Terrifying LD Experience
  75. what does this dream mean
  76. Bad Experience With Bianural Beats
  77. First lucid - Thank you DreamView
  78. First LD.
  79. "Imageless" Lucid Dreaming
  80. dreamt of the guy every night and by fate, bump into him all the time in real life.
  81. Lucid Dreaming While Still Being Able To Hear With My Ears
  82. First lucid in a LONG time.
  83. Eleventh LD Since Joining (Build a New Dreamcatcher Headquarters)
  84. Tenth LD Since Joining (Another Faild Attempt to Free Billy)
  85. First Lucid??
  86. Wait, what?
  87. What a terrible nightmare!
  88. Get Used to The Dream World
  89. Dream figures try to stop me. Why?
  90. First Lucid: Noticing the Hall of the Mountain King
  91. First Lucid Dream!!....so Pumped!!
  92. First lucid experience... and a question about it.
  93. Exciting conscious WBTB/WILD experience!
  94. Guided into a DELD by SP
  95. hi, i'm new here
  96. Not in my bed?
  97. I give up on LD-ing
  98. My first Post - My first lucid experience
  99. Dreaming Minecraft.
  100. Mysterious messages
  101. Is there a dream language?
  102. dreaming about a place I had never been
  103. An obe or a lucid dream
  104. Going from a Newbie to a Consistent LDer and Recording the Journey
  105. please read! very interesting dream!
  106. Woah! WTH just happened?!?
  107. Why are we so stupid in dreams!?!?!?!?!?
  108. First Lucid Dream!!!
  109. Why can't I get my sub to make stuff
  110. Weird experience!
  111. Last night - 3 dreams (2 Lucids)
  112. Had a COMPLETELY ACCIDENTAL lucid dream last night.
  113. Achieving Lucidity as Part of Your Dream Plot
  114. luicd sex
  115. My first ACTUAL lucid dream? Really? really!
  116. An experience
  117. Dream Drugs
  118. a feel good story about LDing
  119. Really short lucid dream :D
  120. Personal Lucid Task Club
  121. First lucid dream
  122. Trouble Seeing Faces
  123. My first lucid dream
  124. First awesome semi--lucid dream!!!!
  125. First LD when I had given up hope
  126. How many have done these things in a lucid dream?
  127. Questions about my lucid dream!!!!!!! help meeeee
  128. Funky "New" Dream Power
  129. Lucid Dreaming More Often
  130. What does your sub-conscience look like.
  131. Second lucid experience
  132. Controlled lucid dream with brush of monthly task
  133. Idea for personal lucid task thread
  134. Wbtb experience
  135. Got the weirdest LD/FA
  136. I had my first legit Lucid Dream
  137. had my first lucid dream!...not a pretty sight
  138. My Dream Guide is Mad at me
  139. Crazy Night - Butterfly Effect - Girl Dies in arms
  140. Had my first lucid experience...YES!!!
  141. first lucid; by accident, scared
  142. First LD?
  143. What is the point of Dream Guide?
  144. So... Does This Count as Lucid?
  145. Finnalllyyyy!!!
  146. First LD
  147. My first Lucid and a quick question!
  148. What do your dream guides look like?
  149. Rehearsing for public speaking, and having a cold (Your thoughts, please?)
  150. 1st lucid: Reactions and Questions.
  151. Restful Lucid Dreams
  152. Funny DCs In Lucid Dreams
  153. Attempt at looking in a mirror (FAIL)
  154. A false awakening lucid one
  155. My first lucid dream since i was a child!
  156. My first lucid (no control though) possible subliminal messages? HELP
  157. Power Lines?
  158. Funny reaction from a DC
  159. Waking up in dream
  160. The Factory
  161. My First Full Lucid Dream(WILD)!!!
  162. Inception as a game
  163. First successful lucid dream! (I think...)
  164. second lucid dream on accident
  165. First Attempt Last Night, Not Sure What Happened O_o
  166. "Bad Vibes" in a LD.
  167. 10th lucid
  168. Dream Prediction
  169. Lucid Dream Activity ideas
  170. First LD, and a question
  171. Lifting an Ocean
  172. My Experience Last Night
  173. A thing I'dd like to try
  174. Do you interact with your DC's?
  175. Found my Dream guide. Locker that made me cry. Zombies. Sex. Batman. All lucid.
  176. Yay! First lucid dream!
  177. Short Lucid
  178. Turning night to day!
  179. My first Lucid!!!
  180. Swimming to increase vividness
  181. It felt literally real, was I lucid?
  182. Succes!!
  183. Strange visuals, not quite dream
  184. Did I have a FA?
  185. The one lucid dream i remember
  186. Meeting God?
  187. Dreams within dreams
  188. Is this one above lucid dreaming?
  189. My first lucid dream! :D
  190. Just had my first lucid dream, (it kinda went bad any advice?)
  191. Looking forward to my first experience
  192. Fruity Loops
  193. -Crappiest Lucid Experience Ever-
  194. I quit trying and that's when it happened :)
  195. My Very First DILD =D boy was it an interesting experience!
  196. Multiple Realities
  197. My first real DILD - I got to fly a van. SO worth it.
  198. My First Official Lucid Dream! :D
  199. Memorable False Awakening!
  200. 2nd lucid dream turns to sleep paralysis
  201. Dream scared me sumthin like nothing b4ore ever if uve any help please tell me what happened
  202. This nightmare freaked me right out any help welcome
  203. Not having 100% control in accidental LDs?
  204. This Sucks!
  205. Unexpected Ocurrences in Lucid Dreams
  206. WORTH A READ :) - First encounter of the old hag? And intentional Shift of dream.
  207. Two quick flights
  208. Your lucid experience!
  209. Stuck to a Wall?
  210. Brakefast in Bed.
  211. Ninth LD Since Joining (Trying to Free Billy)
  212. My first Lucid
  213. First Lucid!!!
  214. Entering a world through Mirrors
  216. First lucid longer than a few seconds!
  217. first semi long lucid with control
  218. First successful WILD attempt and I heard my own heartbeat
  219. 1st LD! , yay
  220. The LD iv had, but since iv had quite a few more
  221. Absurd case of sleep paralysis
  222. My first succesful WILD I had 30+ lucid dreams
  223. First Lucid
  224. strange character in most of my dreams
  225. Still not sure Im awake
  226. Crystal Power!
  227. This confuses me, in retrospect
  228. Actions/Thoughts that Kill Dreams?
  229. First lucid dream
  230. The First Wild I Ever Had.
  231. Did I accidentely WILD?
  232. For those losing vision in Lucids..Dream Goggles!
  233. Late for school? No problem i'll teleport.
  234. Has anyone ever had a lucid dream within a dream?
  235. First Lucid Dream, First Wasted Lucid Dream
  236. my first *stable* lucid dream. Stolen?
  237. My First Lucid Dream
  238. Questions about my lucid nightmare
  239. Telephone Lines in the Sky
  240. Kinda Lucid (multiple dreams)
  241. Freaky false awakning lucid dream
  242. Woohoo! First WILD ever! I feel on top of the world :D
  243. Flying is soooo fun
  244. Using lucidity to resolve dream conflicts?
  245. First Lucid Experience!!!! Maybe you can make sense of it?
  246. 1st Lucid Dream (DC & flying issues)
  247. I am terrified of sleeping
  248. Lucid Dream #2!
  249. Summoning Maynard
  250. I did it!