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  1. Avoiding dream sex
  2. Attaining stability and prolonging lucidity
  3. Questions about lucid dreaming?
  4. I can't move, but it's not SP I swear!
  5. Bad placebo effect
  6. Help with sight
  7. Is there a way to maintain lucidity during False Awakening?
  8. How to control fully?
  9. Time Expansion in Dreams
  10. Working with number in dreams
  11. always in such a hurry
  12. Continuity in Dreams?
  13. Can't Speak / Hard to Breathe / Can't See?
  14. Stuck in my house
  15. Doing "anything"
  16. Couldn't control lucid
  17. Dreaming that I'm lucid dreaming with dream control? What.
  18. Can't stop having lucid sex? (srs)
  19. Any thoughts on how to raise awareness from a low level lucidity?
  20. I can't interact with my dream
  21. Can't do anything in Lucid Dreams
  22. Portals and Going to a Familiar Location
  23. Lucid dream last 6 years. Need help to learn to control/change it.
  24. Heavy n' Dense Technique
  25. Keep waking myself up from LDs
  26. Quick shapeshifting question
  27. Realizing It's a Dream and Doing Nothing About It
  28. Help im in Lucid jail
  29. unconsciously changing scene while flying
  30. My technique to restabilize when you lost control
  31. Short, fuzzy dreams-not vivid and long-help!
  32. How To Remember Your Goals
  33. Scientists at MIT successe in controlling rat dreams using audio cues
  34. Remaining mindful once becoming lucid
  35. How much more helpful is saying it out loud?
  36. Blood Details
  37. Lights Not Working?
  38. Thought Process
  39. My dream guide is a group of persons???
  40. Problems with spawning DC?
  41. The cat technique helps stabilize dreams
  42. getting past Buffer Zone?
  43. External Hearing and Physical control
  44. prolonging your dream... is it really this simple?
  45. correlation between sleeping position and mobility in dreams
  46. Staying in a lucid dream for more than 5 seconds, being calm
  47. Trouble with telekinesis
  48. Send Messages to Other Dreamers While Asleep! "Lucid Messaging Service"
  49. Does anyone Precog on a regular basis?
  50. I can't fly or manipulate anything even while lucid. Advice on a disturbing dream?
  51. Is a waking life memory/experience required before having the same experience within a lucid dream?
  52. persistent dream world
  53. How does a person go through objects?
  54. Can't I make things brighter while in my dream? :l
  55. Speaking to a voice
  56. Dream control bad for depression?
  57. Has anyone else had a dream control dry spell?
  58. Stabilization
  59. Summoning by proxy
  60. When I open my eyes lucid dreaming, I wake up, plus other problems.
  61. saying to myself: im dreaming... did not induce lucidity
  62. Do Dreams Really Destabilize?
  63. Increase Visualization power
  64. If there's a way to prevent False Awakenings
  65. Really Weird LD nightmares
  66. Dream control problems
  67. 'Confidence Building' - Speaking Aloud to Perform Actions
  68. Is this an uncommon problem?
  69. control
  70. Need insight about semi-lucid dreams
  71. Dreamguide, Fox with two heads?
  72. Trying To Force Dream Eyes Open Against Visual Problems - Huge Mistake??
  73. How do i set up ctOS in a lucid dream??
  74. Advice please - I still can't stabilise!
  75. I need advice, literal butterfly effect in dreams
  76. Interesting first Lucid experience + Questions
  77. Non-ld phase
  78. Shapeshifting in Lucid Dreams (why aren't there more topics about this)
  79. Dream flying incubation -- awesome video
  80. Very Short Lucids
  81. Dream paralysis/stuck in the dream and lack of dream control....
  82. Sleep paralysis help
  83. highjacking element
  84. 16th Lucid Dream
  85. Memory Delete
  86. Recognize I'm dreaming but then wake up.
  87. Bizarre, scary dream settings
  88. Multiple Senses while dreaming?
  89. Command Prompt.
  90. Zero Gravity Dream?
  91. Why can I do some things in a dream and not others?
  92. Remembering to be more lucid
  93. Faking "stuck in the dream, can't wake up" for lengthening lucidity?
  94. Having a problem need help
  95. Fun, Easy, and Difficult Ways to Teleport
  96. Sexual energy boost for WILD
  97. Method to summon objects/DCs
  98. Possible technique for changing/controlling things?
  99. How do I avoid timeskips?
  100. Pre-Sleep REM practice
  101. how to stay in dream?
  102. 4 months at it and I still can't stabilize an LD
  103. 'Sexual desire' keeps breaking my dreams
  104. Music as a means of stabilizing and travelling in the dream
  105. Controlling emotions
  106. Having trouble when trying to control dreams.
  107. Just sharing a tip
  108. Control via expectation
  109. Better stability for chained lucid dreaming?
  110. How to summon a DC
  111. How do you use dreaming to be creative?
  112. Practice Creation and Dream Control
  113. Last Ditch Efforts to salvage the dream at the last possible moment
  114. LD Layers jump/change ?
  115. Couldn't fly + gravity
  116. cant look to the right in LD
  117. I Can dream somewhat of what I want but not exactly
  118. I lose dream control after reality checking
  119. The Best Way To Summon???
  120. Trouble Levitating
  121. How do I keep DCs oblivious?
  122. Im bad at Dream Control -> Any Advice?
  123. Overthinking when becoming lucid
  124. The Power of Playing Pretend
  125. lucid only when "lightly" asleep?
  126. Stabilization Techniques?
  127. Take a Bite Out of Your Dream
  128. The Ground
  129. Ineraction Utilized as Stabilization
  130. Bending of The Elements: A Tutorial on Using the Elements to Your Advantage (Pt. 2)
  131. Bending of The Elements: A Tutorial on Using the Elements to Your Advantage
  132. 360 Vision
  133. Persistent Realms
  134. The Power of Intention
  135. new color
  136. Expectation vs. Belief
  137. Removing Mental Blocks
  138. How far can you travel?
  139. Oh Oh My Mantra about Girls made me Be a Girl(Crossdressing)!!!!
  140. How to transport yourself anywhere within seconds
  141. Dream fades to black when I try to control it.
  142. Who's good at shapeshifting?
  143. Can't see in my lucid dreams?
  144. Bending the Elements.
  145. Sex Dreams
  146. Dream Control Kata
  147. Risky Teleportation Technique?
  148. Controling/Changing your Dream Characters
  149. Dream Control Types
  150. Waking up and finding yourself still doing a stabilization technique
  151. Slow Motion/Can't Speak Hypothesis
  152. Always having to save the dream
  153. Blurred dreamscape coz of myopia?
  154. How Do I Morph An Object/DC While Keeping It In Direct View?
  155. Failed attempt to control a dream
  156. Dream Control Mastery Tutorial
  157. Semi-Lucid? well i felt some control
  158. Incubating Dreams is not working, why is this?
  159. Auto Suggestion to Stay With in a Dream
  160. My First Lucid Experience
  161. Master of Dream Control Via Proxy
  162. Creating an HUD (Heads Us Display, or Holographic Overlay)
  163. In Sexual Lucid dream, can you stop the act before it happens?
  164. How can i Dream of what i want?
  165. Dream Genie
  166. False Sleep Paralysis
  167. Tuning Out Wakeworld
  168. Performed a lot of techniques in 1 night
  169. Can you Create Recurring Friend or Girlfriend for your dreams?
  170. Time Dilation Experiences
  171. Repaving over old dreams
  172. Why can't I fly in my lucid dreams?
  173. Struggling with dream control? Found a way to making it easier.
  174. Dream prolonging problem
  175. Spinning as you go to sleep
  176. Sexual Thoughts end my LDs
  177. What is your next dream goal???
  178. Had really long lucid dream after finding new prolong technique.
  179. A suggestion for a new way to remember pre-made plans, once lucid
  180. Dream ending just as I realize I'm dreaming
  181. General Dream rule
  182. Avoiding darkness in lucid dreams
  183. (help on controlling my dreams) random/scary images flashing in my mind
  184. Last Air Bender style elemental control.
  185. Why does shooting people never work for me?
  186. Share your dream control techniques.
  187. Recurring issue while dreaming
  188. Dream levels?
  189. Dream Prolonging question
  190. Dream Control Bootcamp
  191. Does Dream Time and Real life time correlate?
  192. an old time dreamer
  193. Dream control: Why you can't, and possibly how you can!
  194. Trouble visualizing a certain person
  195. Dream eyes? help
  196. Relive life in a dream, possible?
  197. Need help controling my dreams
  198. Wake up from LD
  199. Not a challenge, just an idea
  200. Method of Loci In Dreams
  201. Visualization training for flying!
  202. RCs half work?
  203. I can't walk!
  204. My Guns Almost Never Work
  205. Are blackouts real?
  206. I don't understand what happened
  207. Struggling to maintain control
  208. Hyper-realistic lucid dreaming?
  209. Lucid dream
  210. Having trouble maintaining LD
  211. Summoning dream characters (so hard!)
  212. Can't stay Lucid.
  213. Surrendering yourself and letting the dream have total control
  214. Single Word Commands can be Powerful
  215. Personal Methods for Shape-Shifting
  216. So your in a Lucid Dream...
  217. Someone help me venture into Space!
  218. Controlling My Most Recent Lucid Dream
  219. How do I stop myself from waking up?
  220. Need some tips on how to make my LD's last longer
  221. How To Become Someone Else In Lucid Dreams?
  222. Confused about why its difficult to do certain actions in my lucid dreams
  223. Lucid Nightmare After 1st Lucid
  224. The "Why couldn't I fly/talk/teleport etc.." thread (For novice lucid dreamers)
  225. Can you control time in LD, if yes, how ?
  226. How to : Superspeed, Fly (might not work) And Teleport
  227. "Dream History"
  228. Aspergers and Dream Control?
  229. Theory on easy flight.
  230. Overlapping View
  231. How To Fly Successfully?
  232. First lucid dream - help please
  233. Is possible to have a LD in 20'?
  234. Problem in my lucid
  235. Can't move fast
  236. After finding a pretty girl my dream fades
  237. Fights in Dreams
  238. My own extremely effective method on dream control
  239. Why do these techniques work?
  240. Pain in dreams
  241. Dream control
  242. I have had Lucid Dreams, but I can't control them
  243. How to land when flying?
  244. Never had so much control in a dream...But why so suddenly?
  245. Annoyance
  246. Too easy?
  247. Completely surrendering to the power of flight?
  248. Does ignoring things really make them stop existing?
  249. Need Ideas for ADVANCED tasks.
  250. A Theory About Dream Control