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  1. Idea of dream base!
  2. How to make light in the darkness?
  3. The Dryspell's Redemption Project
  4. Can't Ever Fly
  5. succeeded finaly and now have some questions
  6. Are you able to easily exert dream-powers in dreamscapes which represent your waking life?
  7. Question
  8. summoning a weapon?
  9. Unintentional Ejaculation
  10. Making it rain..
  11. Lucid controlling
  12. How can I have a lucid dream in 3rd Person?
  13. lucid sex . i want some info please help
  14. Instant REM
  15. Cant control my lucid dream!
  16. How to learn new skills
  17. Teleportation problem
  18. When you shapeshift in an LD, do you actually feel physically different?
  19. Dreams with old friends, but raraely new people
  20. Clones and perception?
  21. Dream Control Tutorial
  22. Why are my lucid dreams feel like regular dreams
  23. How to control scary characters
  24. Learning Abilities?
  25. Can things be a trigger to help you having a lucid dream?
  26. Blank point, literally too
  27. First LD... HELP
  28. Light switches...
  29. How to change things in my Lucid Dreams?
  30. Why do I always feel "drowsy" in my lucid dreams?
  31. No or reversed control, making nightmares
  32. Impossible to run fast?
  33. Retention and Control?
  34. Favorite dream control techniques?
  35. Help with dream powers!
  36. Blocks. And lucid dreaming in a normal dream?? Any help appreciated!
  37. Question on controlling your lucid dream.
  38. Shapeshifting
  39. Ironic process theory: Activation through suppression
  40. WTF brain!?
  41. Going back into dreams
  42. Amazing Dream Control Technique
  43. WILDs feel groggy and slow, can't open my eyes
  44. How to transform
  45. Odd, Kinds-lucid Dream
  46. Create imaginary places such as Narnia?
  47. Strange Lucid 'Glitches'
  48. SO tired of flying.
  49. Dream characters getting in the way, halting my progress
  50. Need help getting back into it
  51. Wierd Lucid Dream
  52. Most realistic LD I've had but I had no control.
  53. Golem-Rock transformation
  54. 3rd person perspective problem
  55. CPU Dream Character "Mode"
  56. Both extremely excited but extremely dissapointed.
  57. "Dream Inventory"
  58. Easy weather-changing trick!
  59. Breaking the Barrier
  60. Instant unconsious dream control
  61. Dream life?
  62. What do i do first when i become lucid?
  63. Speech and body paralysis
  64. Dream "crumbles" after attaining lucidity due to "lack of relevant knowledge"
  65. Controlling people in dreams... manually, or give them free will?
  66. Pill teleportation!
  67. Am I Doing It Right?
  68. Why is "everything", but dialating time possible in a lucid dream
  69. Barely Lucid
  70. WILD/DEILD/DILD during naps, no control or stability
  71. Reason why I can't fly??
  72. It's Always Cold + How Do I Change Environment
  73. Not Sure What To Do Once Lucid... It Just Happens + Other Questions?
  74. How To Calm Down and Stop Feeling Rushed?
  75. Not knowing what to do once Lucid.
  76. Silly section.
  77. The Dream Base?
  78. Problem I always encounter when attaining lucidity
  79. A "reality check" for dream control.
  80. Need to Improve Control - any tips?
  81. Problem Solving
  82. A series of failed experiences
  83. "Clarity !? "
  84. Seeing in all directions while LDing.
  85. Controlling My Dream Body
  86. How I stabalize my dreams
  87. The Awesome Guide For Teleportation
  88. Trying to leave a scene, but cannot
  89. No powers in my Lucid Dreams?
  90. How to maintain WILDS/DEILDS?
  91. Can you mulltiply yourself ?
  92. Is it possible to directly control emotion in dreams?
  93. Wierd stability issues and control
  94. Problems with stability
  95. Make dreams more vivid.
  96. I punched a DC in the face and he did not react
  97. Problem stating your intention...
  98. Ideas on full control, apposed to acute control.
  99. Elevators as a mean of transportation
  100. What the heck? Long vivid daydream?
  101. How to stay in the dream when we are awaking?
  102. Not sure if this is linked to lucid dreaming..
  103. About the Labyrinth city
  104. Natural transformations?
  105. Fly to space in a few seconds
  106. What is your favorite method to prolong dreams?
  107. Can no longer summon DC
  108. Unable to throw punches while dreaming?
  109. Sense of time while lucid
  110. Nifty New Dream Stabilization: Chanting "Om."
  111. Dream rejecting to do what i want
  112. Has this happened to anyone else?
  113. Dream Control thought
  114. Who started "Lucid Dreaming" & "Dream Control" on their own Naturally?
  115. Do any of you stop breathing
  116. Newbie with a question about environment control
  117. Problem with giong third person in Lucid Dreams
  118. A New Way to Fly
  119. LD Control chamber / Ultimate god mode
  120. The basic mood of my dreams
  121. Wrigley's 5 Gum Commercials
  122. Too much Dream Control Problem
  123. Stabilizing by Summoning Food
  124. My feets were stuck!?
  125. Tips for stability
  126. I thought I was alone...
  127. Losing the dream when I focus on sight
  128. How do you teleport?
  129. Lame ass Shit, man.
  130. when lucid physical eyes feel light
  131. Eyes keep opening
  132. Limited range of vision
  133. How do I control my dreams?
  134. Losing Lucidity When Changing Areas
  135. early morning problems
  136. This is Becoming a Problem.
  137. Trying to control woke me up.
  138. How do i stay lucid when dreaming?
  139. How to control a dream?
  140. Lack of Awareness and Control
  141. Flying in Dreams Technique
  142. Looking for translators!
  143. Flying, In Dream Meditation and Sleep Paralysis
  144. Making Dream Characters Appear
  145. Dreaming what you've watch on tv, etc
  146. Repitition
  147. My Struggles with Flying
  148. help with control
  149. Most powerful stabilizing techniques ?
  150. Stiffness, lack of speech
  151. Pushed out of my dream by a DC
  152. The Dream Army Project
  153. The night of constant Sleep paralysis
  154. Post a funny dream control fail you've expierenced
  155. Failed Teleport
  156. Dreams very dark and fragile
  157. Some help
  158. Need help on dream control?
  159. Can't see in dream!!
  160. Trouble walking
  161. Help with dream control
  162. My lucid dreaming problem
  163. Naming your subconscious?
  164. New experience. DC has dream control.
  165. Too many people...
  166. Changing scene in false awakening
  167. How do I get rid of doubt in a dream?
  168. Dream abilities and how to achieve them!
  169. The Guide To Getting What You Want In Dreams,
  170. Teleportation
  171. Ideas on how to use dream characters as a guide ?
  172. Question about my recent paralysis.
  173. Inducing Nightmares
  174. problems with dream control
  175. Can DC and Dream landscape be influenced by Subliminal Blaster
  176. How not to have S*x everytime i lucid?! Please help!
  177. How do I beat someone in my dream?
  178. How can i try my best to achive lucidity after waking back up?
  179. What to do immediately after becoming lucid
  180. How To Make Dream Characters appear ?
  181. Making friends appear
  182. Lucid dreams connected with sleeping environment
  183. Can play yugioh in a lucid dream
  184. Can't seem to stabalize
  185. Lucid problem,lose control every time and wake up
  186. Dream Control
  187. Detaching from your body...
  188. How to control dream characters ?
  189. Dream Control at End of REM Cycle?
  190. Control while half-awake?
  191. Teleportation anyone?
  192. Stabilizing
  193. Why can't I control anything in a LD?
  194. I keep waking up =\
  195. Trouble With Flying and Controll
  196. so, how often does a pro dreamer LD?
  197. Ways to wake yourself up when you are dreaming / lucid dreaming?
  198. Building a Dream World
  199. Godlike Power
  200. Dreams destroy themselves when I become lucid
  201. Can you control the vividness of dreams?
  202. Night sky manipulation
  203. Making it sunny in dreams?
  204. Control Competition For Beginning LDers
  205. Competition for all lucid dreamers :)
  206. Can you give my stupidly ambitious self ideas on what to do in LD's?
  207. Changing scenario while flying?
  208. Lucid Dreams as uncontrolable as walking life.
  209. Blinking
  210. Scene Changes Leading to False Awakenings
  211. Terrifying Dream Guide Experience?
  212. Just how real can you dream?
  213. I Had A Lucid Dream But Coudln't Control It?!
  214. Difficulty With Dream Guide
  215. Have you ever used a DC's "power" To get what you wanted
  216. Losing the dream soon after attaining lucidity.
  217. Broke Dry Spell! And control questions
  218. Can't remember my dream tasks?
  219. Dream Guide questions
  220. What seems to be the PROBLEM?
  221. Literal Out-of-Body Experiences
  222. Seriously f*u*ked off
  223. Dreamt's Complex/New Scene Changing Techniques
  224. Wasting Lucid Dreams
  225. Killing Dream Characters?
  226. Can't Talk in Dreams
  227. I fail at dream controlll ;( need help
  228. Harnessing the power of Novelty
  229. Shooting a gun during an LD...and other advanced tasks....
  230. Can't seem to clarify my LDs...
  231. Finally some controll! :)
  232. Eye closing.
  233. Aburptly waking during powerful lucidity - caused by REM cycle?
  234. implausible dream control
  235. Gender-bending.
  236. Dream controll, the simple way.
  237. Passive control granting forced control?
  238. Emotions and Dream Control.
  239. How to get past the point of realization
  240. My latest and most annoying obstacle
  241. Fear of pain
  242. Can't fly!!!
  243. my first bit of control
  244. How To Have Your First Taste Of Dream Control
  245. I am not lucid in my lucid dreams
  246. Outside of the box.
  247. How can you be smarter in lucid dreams?
  248. Developing Dream Control
  249. Trouble Maintaining a Dream?
  250. What do you experience when losing a lucid dream?