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  1. what dream control did you learn from non- lucids?
  2. Dream control
  3. Trouble Getting Motivated In Dreams?
  4. What some more advanced dream control?
  5. Dream control as a child
  6. Struggling with Changing My Appearacnce
  7. how to stop freaky SP
  8. First Time hardly successful but shows I will soon be ready to be god.
  9. Inversion/change of Color.
  10. Icy's LD Skill of the Day...
  11. Lucid, but not in control. | False awakenings | Subconscious dream influence and more
  12. Great Dream control
  13. Will myself into having a LD without any methods
  14. Feeling drained during WILDs
  15. My first actual Lucid Dream Experience...
  16. Why cant I MOVE !!!!
  17. WILD Lucid Technique
  18. Lesson in dream control from the best teacher there is
  19. Can anyone tell me what is going on here?
  20. Importance of setting alarm while taking a nap
  21. Closing your eyes in a dream...
  22. Need to sleep lighter
  23. Why Cant I go through walls or windows easily?
  24. i feel so limited
  25. Possible to achieve full dream control?
  26. Wating Lucidity Lately
  27. Controlling a trip?
  28. Completed my first Lucid Goal...but wasted such a good opportunity in such a pathetic way...Help?
  29. I Need Help On My Lucid Dream
  30. Dream Possesion Technique
  31. Developing lucidity
  32. has this hapend with other poeplee?
  33. 5 nights, 3 successful reality checks...no control yet
  34. Licking Various Things
  35. Does anyone else find that they don't talk in their dreams?
  36. Lucid Unlucid dream
  37. Dream Meditation and Memory Manipulation
  38. Major question!!! Help!!!
  39. How lucid can you get?
  40. Why cant I teleport?
  41. Can you summon music?
  42. Something to do
  43. Dream stabilsation - what do you do please?
  44. How possible is shape shifting
  45. more dream spinning funn.
  46. Swimming in the air instead of flying :/
  47. Dream Stabalization not Working for me
  48. A Few Control/General LD Questions
  49. Stabalising is Hard. What have I been doing wrong?
  50. Dream control help?
  51. Control/time lucid issues
  52. How do you design and revisit a dream?
  53. Plagued by false awakenings!
  54. How can I expand my lucid dream control?
  55. Dream fail :(
  56. Passive control in a non lucid
  57. lucid, but couldn't summon anyone.
  58. Problems with lucidity
  59. Manipulating nature!
  60. Pulling things out of your pocket
  61. poor dream control might possibly be useful (symbolism and dream interpretation)
  62. My eyes shut in lucid dreams? dream ends? help me D:
  63. Summoning with Intent... Tips?
  64. Having trouble making people appear? Try this
  65. [POLL] Most wanted lucid power
  66. How do you keep a lucid dream going? How do you make it last longer?
  67. Problem
  68. Keep getting dreams within a dream :( please help
  69. Need poll suggestions - Most wanted lucid power
  70. Your methods for changing a dream scene
  71. Senses...(discussion)
  72. any unique ideas for lucid blackness?
  73. Passive Dream control?
  74. Dream Characters try to keep me oblivious to the fact that I am dreaming.
  75. is this what happens when you try to create a person?
  76. Lucidity inducer Application PC
  77. Dream control inability
  78. Spinning Technique?
  79. How can I expand my lucid dream control?
  80. How do i keep myself stable???
  81. Looking at hands...dream sign or stabiliser??
  82. Teleporting by closing your eyes and opening them again?
  83. Getting rid of annoying characters
  84. Novadreamer experience
  85. Studying in lucid dreams?
  86. Shapeshifting dilemma
  87. The Dreamcatcher Club
  88. Coolest thing to do in a LD?
  89. forming expectations
  90. FIRST Lucid Dream. need help.
  91. Help with dream control please!
  92. Lucid Goals (keep on posting if you want)
  93. Have I lost the touch?
  94. Awareness of both bodies
  95. It seems like my mind is flipping me off whenever I try to do anything cool in my LDs
  96. Dream Control Help
  97. I was THIS close to having a Lucid Dream!
  98. Help, memory in lucid dreams!
  99. Increasing lucidity and remembering goals
  100. How to change the environment in a dream! :D
  101. A Question about time in lucid dreams
  102. What stabalization techniques work for you?
  103. Gaah! Let me have control!
  104. I had my longest LD today, but it was also the most boring?
  105. Testing Dream Consistency
  106. Dullness & Dream Control
  107. Lucid Time Travel?
  108. WILD into darkness
  109. Finding it impossible
  110. Experiences with the 'spinning' and 'hand rub' method. And How to escape a dream?
  111. Blindspots and Heavy Eyes during an LD
  112. For those lacking dream control..
  113. Intending To Fly
  114. Chained false awakenings
  115. Is there a way to make sure I enter a dream as a certain character?
  116. Dream control: tier 2, FINALLY!
  117. Can someone help me in my LD ?
  118. The More Self Control, The Less Dream Control
  119. Clarity Problems
  120. WILD Attempts Increase the Chances of Random Sleep Paralysis
  121. Starting Off, Having Trouble
  122. Dream Control Limitations
  123. Be someone else in a dream?
  124. "Taming" the subconcious
  125. The manipulation of Dream characters to control your dreams
  126. Use your face to stabilize the dream
  127. Time dilation
  128. degrees of lucidity
  129. dream paralysis CONFUSES
  130. I always feel restrained.
  131. how to fix dark dreams?
  132. Sild?
  133. I need some help with dream control!
  134. Can you study in lucid dreams?
  135. Dream travel
  136. Can you warp time in LDs?
  137. How make dreams longer?
  138. Simplest dream powers
  139. Staying lucid guide
  140. Trying to do powers that you cant start to began to figure out how to perform (Prototype Powers)
  141. back, and a question about dream control
  142. Using Google Sketch up
  143. Waking up.
  144. Dream-Power-Triggering Theory
  145. Increasing dream frequency and longevity.
  146. The Ability to Summon Others...
  147. preventative dream fear
  148. portals never work to me :( help .
  149. Your strongest/weakest dream sense?
  150. Weird Problem
  151. Dream Blinking?
  152. How to have a certain type of dream
  153. dreams in the third person view
  154. For those having trouble doing things in dreams- a suggestion
  155. Controlling dreams - for beginners
  156. Controlling dreams - for beginners
  157. Not Lucid yet but I can autosuggest what I want to dream
  158. I cant lucid dream for a while
  159. Problems trying to increase lucidity
  160. Spinning technique question
  161. Can you really accomplish anything while you are lucid?
  162. Conquring fear
  163. specific contol techniques
  164. 2 great dreams.
  165. Desperately in need of Assistance
  166. How vivid do your lucid dreams get?
  167. Vision Problems
  168. Attaining "sensation" during lucid dreams
  169. Lucidity and Blackness
  170. What [neuro-chemically] causes lucid dream waking?
  171. Using the hands method
  172. Real Sounds Entering Your Dreams + Lucid Dreams
  173. Dream Powers
  174. so let me telll yall
  175. One dream eye glued shut?
  176. Adding a sound track to a LD?
  177. Sleep lighter?
  178. How do I get phones to work?
  179. Hopping Technique
  180. STRONG feeling that I just had a lucid. Anyone else have this?
  181. Have a big problem with the sexualness of lucid dreams
  182. Entered a white void while trying to fly
  183. conversations in Lucid Dreams
  184. Problems trying to shapeshift
  185. Control but not lucid?
  186. Opening and closing your eyes.
  187. Sleep Paralysis/ Unable to move, DURING lucid dream?
  188. Dreams turn into black and white noise when i get lucid
  189. how to control my dream ??
  190. /yawn boring. ima just wake up. wtf cant!
  191. Controlling Dream Characters
  192. Just had my first control
  193. A little help here...
  194. Flying Help?
  195. Possible Improved Teleportation-without losing lucidity
  196. Difficulty summoning certain dream character
  197. Please try this:
  198. My first Lucid Dream experience.
  199. New way to make dreams vivid!
  200. How do you use Pyroknesis?
  201. Creating a Dreamworld?
  202. Need help in having orgasm in lucid dream!
  203. My lucid dream went completely dark.
  204. Visual Hallucinations
  205. The Lucidity Challenge
  206. What's the easiest thing that you can do while lucid?
  207. I lose lucidity not long after I become lucid
  208. In a lucid dream, but still no control
  209. Commands didn't work, just made me lose control
  210. I want to loose lucidity
  211. I woke myself up from a nightmare, I'm scared and I'm new to this
  212. Having trouble about one thing...
  213. Archetype Control: An Elegant Tool
  214. I wake up almost instantly...
  215. Making a dream more vivid?
  216. How do i open portals in dreams
  217. Dream Character Summoning
  218. How do you stop blacking out while lucid dreaming?
  219. hmm
  220. Third Person Point of View
  221. Unique flying style, need help
  222. A little bit of dream control
  223. Summoning one thing, getting another.
  224. "Am I dreaming?" has become a curse!
  225. Finally had a long LD!
  226. another dream sex question
  227. Not in complete control?
  228. Teleporting Fail?
  229. Question about the handrubbing technique and what to do if paralyzed.
  230. Trouble having dream sec
  231. Flying High in dreams?
  232. Trouble moving... Instant Dream via WILD...
  233. flying) help please!
  234. Dream sex
  235. :shock:Help , Realistic dreams RCs DONT WORK!
  236. A method of dream control?
  237. completely weird dreams
  238. Training your Will! (Control Powers)
  239. Suggestions For Summoning Elements?
  240. Stray thoughts
  241. asking DCs for things
  242. Act like you're the boss
  243. Umm.. I DO NOT DREAM.. ever... any thoughts....?
  244. how to actively control dreams
  245. not enough "energy" to control my dream...
  246. Controlling non-lucids?
  247. Most ep1c tk lulz
  248. How i prolong my experience
  249. Is it possible to make a dream repeat?
  250. Realize I'm dreaming, and this happens