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  1. 2D dream/advice?
  2. Methods of Teleportation
  3. Fear is keeping me from enjoying LD's... Question/Survey
  4. What's going on here?
  5. Running/Fighting causing me to lose lucidity?
  6. Losing it so to speak.
  7. removing dream characters
  8. How do i prevent waking up from a lucid dream?
  9. Passive Control
  10. Want to play Pink Floyd solo
  11. Getting kind of frustrating...
  12. WarBenifit156's Lucid Dreaming Goals
  13. New Teleportation Method....
  14. How do you have a dream that feels like its days or weeks?
  15. Help! my dreams are too much like videogames!
  16. imaginary weapons
  17. Falling Down After Attaining Lucidity
  18. Vivid dreams but no dream control?
  19. The more i think in Stabilizing, the more it becomes black
  20. Time Dilation Techniques
  21. How do I swallow things whole during dreams?
  22. Flying and Telekinesis Technique help please.
  23. Last Night I Learned A Great New Control Method
  24. Quick tip for prolonging dreams
  25. Physical force to real body while in LD
  26. JML-Just My Luck, In the Next LD when I'm Trying to Find the Guy, There's always an issue!
  27. Using Dream Logic
  28. Has anyone found a way to prolong dream time?
  29. Presence of mind in lucid dreams
  30. Stabilization and teleportation issues
  31. LD problems
  32. Can you create an experience out of nothing?
  33. How to control my dreams?
  34. Veteran lucid dreamer here...Loosing control suddenly.
  35. Creativity of imagination
  36. Some ways you guys control your dreams.
  37. This is weird... dreaming of dream control?
  38. Is this control?
  39. The power of your Voice
  40. Problem With My Imagination
  41. does this count as pyrokenesis?
  42. use your DCs to help you stabilize
  43. Altered Gravity
  44. First lucid dream was a major one
  45. I'm so mad at myself
  46. Had some APPLE juice last night
  47. Kinda was lucid, kinda not?
  48. Need clarity tips
  49. Why did it fail to prolong the dream
  50. Can you make time slow down in your dreams (slow motion)
  51. Loafs Dream Control Guide: Everything You Actually Need To Know
  52. I had a lucid dream last night.
  53. Anyone Know Another Way?
  54. How vivid are lucid dreams?
  55. Getting to Heaven
  56. An experienced LDer's tips and tricks, and some newbie advice
  57. best method for longer lucid dreams.
  58. Telekinesis in lucid dreams
  59. Dream Spinning
  60. Altering time with in a dream.
  61. How to keep MYSELF from doing things in lucid dreams.
  62. Heavy objects
  63. was I in control or not? conspiracy type dream
  64. Dream goals??
  65. psychological techniques
  66. How to prevent lucid dreams.
  67. Balance Effected
  68. breaking things while lucid
  69. what can you do with women that you summon?
  70. Help Turning Into Different Colors
  71. Practice room + Next LD goal
  72. Don't you hate...
  73. Need tips on how I can become lucid from a frequent happening
  74. What Do You Turn Into?
  75. Lucid dreaming and video games
  76. Help me with this
  77. I dont understand :/
  78. Can you snap your fingers?
  79. controlling/getting answers out of DCs
  80. Passive and Forced
  81. Through A Wall
  82. Having Earlier LDs
  83. Heart beats really fast during lucid dreams?
  84. problem with flying
  85. Dream Control Ideas?
  86. Dream Recall is Crap!
  87. Getting Hit by Cars
  88. Staring at hands to stabilise LD does the opposite for me!
  89. Trapped in a LD
  90. Sudden loss of control
  91. I have been Lucid Dreaming since I was a child.
  92. Tiring (draining energy) quickly using abilities in LD's. (trying to solve)
  93. Who else uses a magic wand (or HP physics)?
  94. im having trouble leaving my body
  95. Need Suggestions For A DC Punishment...
  96. Is there some excersice I should be doing!?!?
  97. Burke's Element Challenge
  98. Going to try this...
  99. My First WILD ;) But need help with control :/
  100. T.V. Gave Me Ideas
  101. control issues
  102. New way to stabilize dream
  103. Top Lucid Goals (at the moment)
  104. Kraftwerks Gravity Challenge!
  105. First attempt at Lucid dreaming ever 70 percent success.
  106. Want it too much?
  107. Lucid dreams very unstable
  108. Greater control in non-lucid dreams?
  109. Video Gamers Can Control Dreams
  110. How to stop eyes from twitching/moving!?
  111. Dream control dryspell.
  112. How not to wake up, staying with the eyes closed in the dream?
  113. Need help with control
  114. Controlling DCs
  115. My Dreaming Situation
  116. Stupid eyes closing (in dream)
  117. I can easily do what i want to do in my LD, but i do what my dream mind want.
  118. Interesting dream control technique
  119. Questions about my LDs - How to fix it.
  120. Post and RATE all your lucid powers.
  121. An unknown presence restricting me during dreams, and objectives to complete in the dream.
  122. Dream control issue
  123. Figured out about my dream guide when i was awake
  124. Got into SP popping in and out of my dream?
  125. Wow i had great dream control last night but i wasn't lucid
  126. Disintegration
  127. Lucid Sex Change????
  128. Teleporting and Time-Travelling (rewind)
  129. Tip: instead of trying to find the DC you want to summon...
  130. Nightmare Awareness
  131. So... I haven't been here for a while...
  132. Stabilizing and Lengthening LD's Poll
  133. Summoning Real Life Women
  134. DVA now OPEN!
  135. Problem after attaining lucidity
  136. how to fly freely in the dream (not just concentrating at one object and fly to it)
  137. Controlling a dream characters body?
  138. Okay, i'm lucid. Now what?
  139. god punishes by false awakening
  140. Why didn't i think of this before?
  141. Cant remember past lucidity
  142. As Simple As Thought Power
  143. Your fighting but they aren't hurt!
  144. Having touble staying in Dreams.
  145. Alien abduction scene
  146. My Dreams Contol Me.
  147. Few thoughts and questions
  148. 2 questions.
  149. Manipulation Questions
  150. Dream Flying
  151. Can't change light levels.
  152. Writing getting what you want
  153. HELP:dream flying
  154. Staying Lucid Is Harder Than A Lot Of Things
  155. The Avatar has returned!!!
  156. How excited is too excited?
  157. murdering people in dream
  158. A Failed Shapeshift
  159. foundations for self-control and staying asleep
  160. Dream Control Objects
  161. Longest Lucid Dream Possible?
  162. finally flew !!
  163. My Tutorial for extending Lucid Dream Time. Hours of LD.
  164. "struggling" to become lucid, hardly any control
  165. horrible dream control
  166. Lucid Blackness
  167. I'm going to wok on manifesting objects/people/creatures in my dreams
  168. How DO you do it?
  169. Lucid dream help
  170. Two lucids! somewhat full control in onee :)
  171. My first somewhat in control lucid dream!
  172. Controlling the perspective of your dream?
  173. Best way to travel distances during an LD
  174. When summoning objects/people...
  175. a experience, and learning new control
  176. The Best Way To Controll Your Lucid Dreams Ever Consived Ever Ever Ever!
  177. Dream Breathing and Stability
  178. New way to Dream Controll
  179. Talking to your subconscious
  180. A new awesome way to controll dreams and gain lucidity!
  181. Weird Control Patterns
  182. A (frustrated) beginers guide to dream control
  183. Summoning versus Transmutation
  184. Stopping myself from waking up, my way
  185. Does flying in LD destabilize them?
  186. Awakening when Dream Spinning
  187. Transformation
  188. Alright, what is up with my subconscious?
  189. Advice for Shapeshifting?
  190. Control Method: The Chain Reaction
  191. Two dreams at once?
  192. Making Bets to manipulate the environment
  193. Why wont my dream control work?
  194. Why do you want to control your dreams?
  195. Time control: possible in another way
  196. Full storyline control in a dream?
  197. How to control your dream body?
  198. Blue PSI ball in dream
  199. Best and easiest way to teleport and arrange stuff in a lucid dream!!!
  200. How to focus in a dream?
  201. Lucid Apparation Apology (Read this if you read Lucid Apparation!)
  202. What's your method of flying?
  203. LD's are kind of fuzzy? Help?
  204. Hard time getting lucid, please help! (Give help, and learn how to get to the Crossroads!
  205. The Holders
  206. Can't see a thing
  207. How do I make dreams go as fast as normal real life time?
  208. How to get to the Crossroads...
  209. How do I continue a dream, or how do i go to a place i have had dreams before?
  210. How the H-E-Double hockeysticks do I find people I'm looking for?
  211. How to do Lucid Appiration
  212. Dream Lair
  213. Object based Control Affirmations [OCA]
  214. Partially formed dark dreamworld
  215. When I'm most successful
  216. How to fly in lucid dreams
  217. Intreguing experiences?
  218. How do you fly?
  219. First dream where I didn't exhibit good control over a DC.
  220. Dream Control Training Course
  221. Tricked from lucidity
  222. dreaming that I'm dreaming
  223. Has anyone been able to web-swing?
  224. Why do my LD's keep blurring?!
  225. What methods do u find most successful 4 sustaining dreams 4 more than 15mins?
  226. no control :/
  227. Something wrong
  228. some control, could this be a step towards LD?
  229. It worked! but it faded too quickly...
  230. Fear causes loss of control
  231. Lucid Dream keeps fading
  232. Asking someone to appear?
  233. Lucid at End of REM
  234. How to make DG/keep them the same/etc?
  235. Me+Lucidity=about to wake up, start dream over ! Help!
  236. My lucid dreams fade.
  237. Why cant I get out of my room?
  238. First LDs, need some advice
  239. lucid obstacles
  240. Imaginery ways to control dreams
  241. First reality check in a dream. Please read...I'm confused.
  242. I just never do anything
  243. Training Game
  244. Fear particially lucid
  245. Having Trouble
  246. Need help getting past this roadblock
  247. Dream control for gamers (Just a silly idea)
  248. Going to another Universe?
  249. What do you do
  250. Changing SP into LD?