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  1. Archieve Bilocation/multilocation ?
  2. No controls over...
  3. Controlling the weather
  4. Unreal Realities
  5. No control :(
  6. Would learning to control dreams help you control psychadelic trips?
  7. Changing Terrain: My personal experience
  8. LiveInTheDream's Flying Tutorial for the Logically-Minded
  9. Why is it always dark?
  10. Is third person bad?
  11. chemical aid to Lucid Dreaming
  12. Does dream control have to do with ldreaming
  13. My untested dream controll methods
  14. problems with dream control
  15. Trying to scare people by means of shapeshifting... Help?
  16. Shapeshifting
  17. Closing Eyes In Dream Has Negative Results
  18. how to use telekinesis when you have trouble lifting things.
  19. For the love of lucid. I think I'm losing dream control.
  20. partially lucid - half-brain dead.. help!!
  21. Crossing the border to lucid dreaming.
  22. Real-life physics vs. dream reality - not necessarily an obstacle
  23. Summoning a bird
  24. What Abilities have you mastered?
  25. When you can't talk
  26. Dream Control FAIL
  27. Famous people in dreams
  28. Create Your Own Planet?
  29. week dream control
  30. Realism not satisfying?
  31. Creating Music?
  32. Not able to control self in non-lucid dreams?
  33. Me failing after becoming lucid.
  34. Extending Lucid Dreams?
  35. Holding Excitement
  36. Insomniac
  37. Insomniac
  38. Types of Magic and how to use them.
  39. Lucid dreams always dark, (i can't seeee)!!
  40. 2 LDs 1 night, need advice
  41. LD Powers
  42. Having trouble completing goals
  43. any Pointers from LD'ers out there, im getting greatly discouraged.
  44. can you meet new people in your dreams?
  45. Lucid Dreaming in another Dream?
  46. Fighting against Waking up
  47. Sleep Paralysis/Dream Paralysis
  48. Failed over 7 LD's D:
  49. music in dreams
  50. Flying Methods
  51. Did a reality test but it was an epic fail
  52. How many LD's a month do you think you have?
  53. Any Way to Reverse Time in a Dream?
  54. Dream Control w/o lucidity
  55. Gravity/ Time control
  56. Flying Fail
  57. Stephen LaBerge about Dream Control
  58. Tips for learning new tricks
  59. What You're Naturally Good/Bad At In LD's
  60. Maintaining stability in dreams?
  61. Things to do for studies. (Please participate)
  62. My Dream CP
  63. Ugh, for crying out loud. Help? :c
  64. If you struggle with control, make a wish.
  65. Fighting for control
  66. Stupid white tunnel.....
  67. where is my AK!
  68. Instant Trasportation
  69. Stuck
  70. giving up on flying
  71. losing dream fights
  72. Wearing a helmet?
  73. Trouble with Mask
  74. Controlling the D.C's
  75. I've learned but now this
  76. 2nd Lucid experience, manifested someone
  77. Suuuuuuuuuuper blurry dreams
  78. Can I have some help with teleportation and flying speed :)
  79. Do you have any wierd ways to do things in an LD?
  80. Closing Eyes = Waking Up?
  81. Teleportation to time control?
  82. Spawning people: problems
  83. Professor Snape, the Dream Guide
  84. Finding my DG
  85. Universal remote's
  86. Creating Dreamscapes
  87. How do you teleport?
  88. tips for increasing vividness?
  89. Help me create this scenario?
  90. Music in LD's?
  91. I usually get stuck....
  92. Space - Still freaks me out
  93. dream cheat codes
  94. I hate it... I want it to stop
  95. What is YOUR method of flying?
  96. Help using telekinesis ((Violence warning))
  97. Help: Chocolate World
  98. My flying problems
  99. Dream Control
  100. Anybody used this type of control before?
  101. keeping calm
  102. dream controlling
  103. Help with telekinesis
  104. Transforming yourself?
  105. Questions about control
  106. anyone here often skateboard in their LDs?
  107. Staying asleep without "moving"
  108. Can't process the stress in my dreams.
  109. Dream Food?
  110. Doing drugs in dreams, then losing control!
  111. Low-level lucids
  112. Changing size in LDs.
  113. Lucid Control Problem
  114. Neurological Music Files...
  115. Making mirrors reflect clearly?
  116. No visuals?
  117. Lately
  118. Help With Dream Contol!
  119. How do you meet people in dreams? :o
  120. controling my dreams:hard!
  121. Trouble Remembering Things I Want to do in Lucid Dreams
  122. i think i went lucid twice last night...
  123. How do talk while I lucid?
  124. When I lucid.. thinks look horrible
  125. An alternative to "making" objects in Lucids
  126. I would like to be a guinea pig :D
  127. Death or dying in dreams.
  128. Is there a way...
  129. Glasses - Good way to detail
  130. I'm always partially lucid instead of completly lucid
  131. Talking with subconcious
  132. fusing with your subconscous
  133. No control in lucid
  134. Trouble 'expecting' things to happen.
  135. How to exert FULL control over your dreams!
  136. Go to another dimension?
  137. my opinion on how to practice your lucid dreaming
  138. Problems leaving house?
  139. I need help staying lucid
  140. Painting your dream scene
  141. How good is LD at recreating childhood experiences?
  142. teleportation advice.
  143. How do I make my Dcs taller?
  144. Help would be appreciated :)
  145. So, why don't lightswitches work?
  146. Extending a perceived amount of time while Lucid
  147. Staying asleep while levitating
  148. Finally Flew, and the method I used.
  149. Linking Lucid Dreams
  150. Having problems with the lenght of my LDs.
  151. Can you create a CARTOON WORLD in your Lucid Dreams?
  152. time in dream world
  153. Controlling drug-induced hallucinations?
  154. One eye closed?
  155. Thinking about your dreams to achieve that dream
  156. Transforming
  157. Dragon Ball Z
  158. Out of Body Experience Improves Control
  159. Best way to fly. works perfectly every time for me.
  160. How do i use my abilities?
  161. Trouble keeping eyes open in Dreams
  162. Relieving distorted vision
  163. Turning night to day
  164. Some questions!
  165. A Trick For People With Nightmares
  166. slow-mo lucid??
  167. Constantly waking up.
  168. small problem, can anyone help
  169. WILD Problem
  170. What new powers have you discovered that you have in dreams
  171. Pain in an LD
  172. Increasing Length of Dream?
  173. flying disappointment
  174. How can I increase my dream clarity?
  175. Dancing
  176. how to find and catch a pokemon?
  177. bhagavad gita and lucid dreaming
  178. recent evolution of my fllying technique/co-ordination
  179. Evil dcs
  180. Two flying problems
  181. Spinning Left vs. Right
  182. Lucid gravity haha
  183. how to make clones of myself?
  184. can you......?
  185. I think its dream incubation?
  186. how do you summon people and items in lucids?
  187. strange but new method for flying
  188. Lucid combat tips.
  189. what happened in my lucid dream?
  190. Failed Wild
  191. i can only obtain lucidity for only a couple of minutes
  192. Dream Saves anyone tried them!
  193. Remembering tasks?
  194. Lucid influencing?
  195. Need help teleporting
  196. First Control experience!
  197. Stabilizing tips?
  198. I wake myself up out of spite, But i really dont want to?
  199. Flying Troubles...
  200. How can I notice?
  201. Can't seem to control my sorroundings/DC's
  202. Writing "i am dreaming" while lucid.
  203. advanced lucid vision programming techniques...
  204. Running Too Slow?
  205. Avoiding or Dealing scary figures with hidden faces?
  206. Advanced Vision Control Tutorial
  207. Can't avoid summoning my demon when lucid
  208. Cant seem to stabilize no matter what i do! Help please!
  209. became lucid, room slowly went darker and then floor became too sticky
  210. DCs trying to stop me from controlling my dreams....
  211. Practicing an instrument in dreams
  212. I was like a noob with super powers
  213. Need help with tutorial page
  214. Changing Clarity and Stability
  215. Help and Tips please
  216. puppeting dream characters
  217. Trouble controlling LDs
  218. RC 'fail'
  219. Screaming out doesnt help at all
  220. How can you lengthen your LDs?
  221. My Theory on Dreams
  222. Staying Lucid in Awkward Situations
  223. I can't take control of my dreams!
  224. So what powers have you attained?
  225. finding info to make blast and strengt more substancial. there's a thread i'm looking and can't find
  226. New, Do Nightmares yeild a better chance for lucid dreams and better dream control?
  227. stop dreaming my husband has not left me
  228. Need some help with dream control.
  229. Unescapable Darkness! Help!
  230. I get like really scared
  231. Cloneing ureself? ;o
  232. Wondering
  233. Having Control of Environment, Vivid but not Lucid
  234. What is this!?
  235. False LD VS LD - How to know?
  236. How do you stabilize?
  237. Cartoons?
  238. i physically blocked myself from exploring my dream world!
  239. spinning didnt work.
  240. Can't seem to move well while lucid...
  241. Staying transformed...
  242. Could I....?
  243. Having trouble getting out of bed...
  244. Why am I stuck looking at the dream wall?
  245. Best, most epic way to kick a DC's a$%?
  246. Keep a Constant - Theory about dream control
  247. Dreams based on ideas
  248. 360 degree vision
  249. DC Panics and ends dream when aware of my lucidity
  250. Subliminal messaging -- anoyance