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  1. How to control your Dreams (Oprah's O Magizine)
  2. techniques for waking up after each dream?
  3. Post Your Dream Control Observations ITT
  4. Can't get back to sleep when trying Micheal Raduga technique
  5. Overwhelming Tiredness IN Lucid Dreams (DILD)
  6. Bringing daytime-awareness into a LD
  7. Always stuck in the same place! :(
  8. very long dream
  9. Flying troubleshooting. Or just dream control in general.
  10. What now?!
  11. Stabilized with eye momevent
  12. Lucid Dreaming Help?
  13. Learning about yourself in lucid dreams
  14. Kicked out of lucidity
  15. Resolving conflicts impeding dream control
  16. False dream creation
  17. How to Cause Re-Occurring Dream characters
  18. Oblivion Problem
  19. Holy crap, has anyone noticed the benefits of meditating inside a lucid dream?
  20. I don't want to dream of astral projection!
  21. Sleeping Body Awareness
  22. How to go to a beach
  23. Learning by Teaching - The Protege Effect
  24. I'd like to share my summoning technique
  25. How to get lucid from my Main Three Dream Signs?
  26. how to Kamehameha (untested)
  27. How to teleport
  28. O.R.A.C.L.E: How to use schemata to break all the limits!
  29. Dream collapses too quickly
  30. Specific issue during lucid dreaming
  31. Please help!!
  32. Forcing myself to wake up?
  33. Dream Stabilisation Attempt
  34. Invisible?
  35. Controlling Dream Landscapes
  36. Two nights, ca 15 false awakenings. How do I stop it, so I can get something else done?
  37. Dopamine and Dream Control
  38. RC Method
  39. Halp? It seems as though if I control too much I wake up.
  40. anger
  41. Negative streak with dream control and portals
  42. How would you control this?
  43. How to Effectively Control Your Dreams
  44. Getting over seeing the Subconscious as an Adversary
  45. Dream control, but not lucid
  46. How to wake up from lucid dreams intentionally?
  47. Too Short a Lucid Dream to Stabilize?
  48. expecting dreams to end
  49. 5 months in and still struggle with stability and waking quickly
  50. Is it normal for beginners to have so much dream control?
  51. It's way too dark to see
  52. Freedom and Sex for the Mentally Unhealthy
  53. staying calm and controlling your dream
  54. Can't stabilize lucid dream for shish
  55. Power tools
  56. What does moving feel like?
  57. Setting Intentions for Lucid Dreams
  58. Law of Expectation
  59. Lucid dream completely out of control
  60. Help with dream guide?
  61. A Discussion on Passive Dream Control, The Subconscious, and the Concept of Muscle Memory
  62. Control using senses other than sight
  63. Black Void vs. White Void
  64. No Pagini Zonda
  65. Pathetic dream control
  66. Mapping Dream Control
  67. So close...please help
  68. Dream stabilization - what works best for you?
  69. How to increase dream senses?
  70. Something Wierd
  71. Video game menus making me lose lucidity
  72. Making conscious thoughts become subconscious as well
  73. The Void
  74. Bad dream control problem
  75. Creation of Large Cities and Motor Racing Circuits with any car you want
  76. Can you see aura's of dream characters?
  77. Dreams wake me up.
  78. Uncontrollable dream
  79. Just a minor little tip you guys might find helpful - inner mental commands
  80. Always dreaming the same thing
  81. Maintaining a friendship with a DC?
  82. HELP! Always losing lucidity!
  83. unstable dreams help!
  84. A non-lucid dream
  85. What was that?
  86. Expectation
  87. Problem With Lucid Dreaming
  88. The Algebra of Relationships
  89. Dream Control issue
  90. Dream faild to land me home
  91. I really could do with some help. Im loosing my mind.
  92. Trifle Dream
  93. lucid dreams wont stabilize problem.
  94. talking to DC's
  95. Finding the balance and reach lucid fantasy?
  96. How to increase self-control and awareness in my dreams?
  97. How do you enter the Void?
  98. Couldn't control my lucid dream because of lack of lucidity?
  99. New Dream Control Technique
  100. What is it? Help
  101. Can't always control my lucids?
  102. All Dreams ending within 30 seconds
  103. Can being good at dream control help you in real life as well?
  104. Dreamcatchers: A Shared Dreaming Club
  105. Making success more important than failure
  106. I really want to start a Shared Dreaming project
  107. The Dreamcatchers Shared Dreaming Army
  108. Trying to confront a chaser in my dream, then get woken up
  109. Very short lucid dreams
  110. Losing lucid dreams - going black
  111. Best and easiest way to lucid dream very easily?
  112. Advanced Dream Controllers Thread
  113. Scared of DC's
  114. Why I sleep and dream a lot?
  115. How To Meet In An LD, AP, Or AT - Step By Step
  116. How to summon a DC?
  117. I have weird dreams?
  118. Less common techniques/tricks (stabilisation, DC, etc) you use instead of the usual ones?
  119. Killing in night mare
  120. Flying without waking up - a single report
  121. Dream keeps self correcting if I try to control it - help plz
  122. Did someone reached the full 100% of lucidity?
  123. Share an Example of "SUMMONING" from Your Own Dreams.
  124. Gender Switch & Shapeshifting
  125. Your techniques :)
  126. Creative ways of controlling your dreams?
  127. New way of teleporting - Might work?
  128. How do you know that you are dreaming?
  129. How can I make sex longer in lucid ream?
  130. Dream sign patterns
  131. I'm Having Serious Difficulties In Controlling and Stabilizing My Dreams
  132. Spreadsheet
  133. Waking LIfe/Deam Control Challenge
  134. I'm starting a shapeshifting "thing," "club," or whatever you wanna call it.
  135. Natural Dream Control?
  136. Created a persistent dream realm
  137. What do you guys think I should transform into first for any reason?
  138. Some methods for teleportation and spawning
  139. Using water to stabilise
  140. Super easy way to get ton of control
  141. Heavy Body feeling in semi-lucid dream
  142. Creating false memories + time skipping
  143. Practical Archetypes - An Overview
  144. Weird Dreamreaction when performing a wanted action. Spaceexploration and Mirrors. Questions.
  145. Is there a universal way to manage attention?
  146. Why do I sometimes feel drowsy/tired in my dreams?
  147. Stress and a complete drop of dream control
  148. Getting kicked out of lucid dreams
  149. Cant talk out Loud in dreams. WHY?
  150. How to program your dream matter?
  151. Character Control
  152. Having action and keeping it like a movie
  153. Short Lucid This Previous Morning
  154. Dream Character Possession
  155. Mental Block
  156. I keep forgetting how I want to manipulate my dreams in my dreams.
  157. Fully lucid, but cannot change the dream scene
  158. MAYDAY! MAYDAY! Losing control - Tips needed!
  159. What is it like bringing animated characters from movies/anime etc. into a lucid dream?
  160. Too powerful in dreams Q.Q
  161. just learnt getting back to LD
  162. Anime style sword fighting with superhuman abilities/magic
  163. Falling Asleep During FILD
  164. Eye closing problems
  165. Lucid.. or maybe not?
  166. Managing Expectations for Enhanced Dream Control
  167. Keep Waking Up Immediately
  168. What would you do if you became lucid in waking life?
  169. How do your dreams end
  170. One of the most Profound Dream control techniques ever
  171. Not getting what I ask for during LD's
  172. I need help with making toes change
  173. Shapeshifting: Toes. I need help
  174. Stabilization - techniques vs mindset
  175. The Right Way of Facing Confrontation
  176. lucid dreams end quick because I can feel real physical body
  177. That dreaded void ;_;
  178. Dream weapon of choice
  179. i need help
  180. Will I always wake up instantly after having sex?
  181. help with false awakenings.
  182. Does anyone else have this weird problem in dreams?
  183. dream control visualization: phasing, summoning
  184. Fast paced action
  185. Spoiled brat mindset for dream control
  186. Vision blocking
  187. Becoming Fully Lucid
  188. Basic Dream Control Abilities?
  189. Creating a recurring dream character
  190. Lack of light in my LDs
  191. Creative Writing and dreaming?
  192. LD research
  193. How to Have LD Orgasms
  194. Dreamer's Lament Project
  195. How do you deal with pesky bees?
  196. Unable to stabilize dream
  197. Creating a World of Your Own
  198. Re-create Places?
  199. Failing Superpowers - Fireball
  200. Trouble moving
  201. Quick guide to teleporting...
  202. Having trouble moving/walking within some dreams?
  203. What defines a stable lucid dream?
  204. Is the mindset THE most important part in dream control?
  205. Ideas to assist with dream control.
  206. Still lacking control.
  207. it is hard to talk in my LDs.
  208. I have a problem using doors?
  209. How long can you make your LD last?
  210. Failed Transformation
  211. Losing Lucidity
  212. How do I taste?
  213. What techniques to have the least and most difficulty with.
  214. hmm. i'm bad. i think so
  215. 10 times lucid and still get too excited.
  216. I need to take control of my nightmares
  217. Wall in the sky?
  218. Dark False Awakening
  219. Being lucid and waking up immediately.
  220. special lucid powers: the dream's "playbook"
  221. so... im able to lucid dream but..
  222. The more vivid the dream, the less control I have.
  223. Youre in the dream... now what.
  224. Advanced super powers in dreams?
  225. Summoned DC's looking different than they're supposed to
  226. Having trouble flying
  227. Powerless dreams
  228. how many times do you LD Each month
  229. New lucid dreaming mask
  230. Change of Scene!
  231. Help with Deild
  232. Energy attacks
  233. I can't make anything happen during my LDs....advice?
  234. Anyone know of links or help for methods pertaining to precognition??
  235. need help staying in my LDs
  236. Can't shake off that feeling of being pulled down by gravity.
  237. Does It Just Come Down To Willpower?
  238. Song from the 80's
  239. No control in my LDs
  240. Light switch not working? try this!
  241. Difficulty with controlling lucidity
  242. Telekinesis Fail
  243. How not to ruin lucid dreams by doing sexual stuff!
  244. difference between dreaming and awake
  245. why is my dream guide such a B*tch, and how can i replace him?
  246. Dream guide?
  247. Should have had a lucid dream last night but...
  248. Avoiding dream sex
  249. Attaining stability and prolonging lucidity
  250. Questions about lucid dreaming?