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  1. I think I found it
  2. History of the DWA
  3. Vivid Dreams : Long or Short, Real or Unreal
  4. Is this still active?
  5. How do I join?
  6. im back anyone still doing DWA
  7. I think I've found a cool room in the DWA.
  8. attempts to finding the castle or any DWA goals.
  9. What Is The DreamWorld Academy?
  10. Post 2013 Visits To DreamWorld Castles/Grounds Here
  11. Post Dreams Influenced by DWA Here
  12. Questions about the DreamWorld Academy
  13. Post If You Want To Participate in DWA 2013
  14. Character Profiles
  15. Announcements/Updates
  16. Old Visitor Recollections-2012 and older
  17. Side Quests
  18. Blueprint
  19. Old Storyline 2011-2012
  20. Welcome to the Dream World Academy!