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  1. I Think I'm Losing It Sometimes...
  2. Have you ever thought that the 'Dream world' could be an alternative universe?. ♥
  3. Waking up in strange position after nightmares
  4. Just wanted to discuss Precognitive dreams? ♥
  5. Best way of inducing prophetic dreams
  6. Prove it.
  7. Finally, we rational people can discuss here
  8. Astral Travel?
  9. A while ago, My moter and I had the same dream, the same night!
  10. Bloody Mary help.
  11. Make your vision turn completely BLACK
  12. LDers VS OBEers
  13. Dream-sharing questions
  14. Choosing the 'wake up'?
  15. Question about astral traveling
  16. Extra: shared dreaming may be real (w/research).
  17. Question about something interesting that happened this morning...
  18. About Dream Guides
  19. Deep Dreaming Team (No Skeptics Forum)
  20. What does the blind man see?
  21. Calling anyone here who does Dream Yoga.
  22. Got Attacked While Lucid Dreaming
  23. follow the red cat....
  24. anyone encountered blobs before?
  25. My boyfriend has been having really weird dreams, please help!
  26. dream guide question
  27. Hallucinations & Vibrations!!!
  28. Possible OBE?
  29. Hard Souls / Ka - Embedded Entities in Body
  30. spiritual goals
  31. Strange OBE
  32. Deep Dreaming team -- please read and vote in stickied poll
  33. **TEMPORARY -- PLEASE VOTE*** Deep Dreaming Team
  34. Strange experience... can't stop thinking about it!
  35. Dreams that come true....?
  36. Dreamwalkers/Nightstalkers Made Up (No great shock)
  37. some of you guys/girls are wanderers...
  38. I'm too scared to astral travel
  39. OBE could have been a near death?
  40. Can anyone help interpret my aura photo? Comments?
  41. Shared Dream Personal Proof Procedure
  42. My dad.
  43. Any and all Dreamwalkers of any sort, I challenge you.
  44. Astral plane question
  45. Dream premonitions and the connection?
  46. nightstalkers,send resume to....
  47. Debunking Psychics.
  48. Why do I always end up in the RTZ?
  49. When i try to astral project
  50. Dreams related to ancestors
  51. uhm what had happened??!?!
  52. weird third eye feeling?
  53. My Big TOE (Theory Of Everything)
  54. White Light
  55. Sony declares psychic phenomena real
  56. What color do you see in the dark?
  57. Bringing up the past in a dream
  58. Anyone have an explanation?
  59. My first OBE?
  60. Dreaming: A new dimension..?
  61. James Randi falsifies Data
  62. Collective memory
  63. Sharing dreams question!
  64. Weird Shared Dream
  65. Eye Twitching while in SP
  66. The Art of Magic
  67. Eye Twitching
  68. Is Astral Plane The Same With Dream Plane??
  69. Premonitions, or future dreams.
  70. Shadowperson encounter?
  71. I may now believe in dream pre-cognition.
  72. Can you meet someone in your dreams?
  73. Strange, non-lucid dream
  74. What time to Astral Project?
  75. Is it possible to control energy from body?I
  76. Breaking out (3rd or 4th thread) : Getting closer...
  77. Looking for Dreamwalking advice
  78. Dream that shook my foundation of reality
  79. Is this a form of astral travel?
  80. Shared Dream Questions
  81. What does Spinning represent?
  82. creating wake life hallucination on purpose
  83. Just Woke Up From SCARY EXPERIENCE!!!!!! (please be open minded)
  84. Evolution of conscioussness?
  85. Dream Sharing Question
  86. entering some one else dream?
  87. How to not OBE or AP
  88. What happend?
  89. Dreams picking up email? Or collective intelligence...
  90. OBE techniques?
  91. I saw my soul
  92. Open Mindedness
  93. One Off Psychic Dream or Coincidence
  94. An interesting thought.
  95. Music in my head...
  96. Ghost that haunts my dreams.
  97. Vibes
  98. Different kind of experience
  99. WILD method same as OBE method.. is it a LD or OBE?
  100. Dream Karma
  101. What is this about?
  102. Premonition???
  103. Anyone at all interesting in psionics, please read this find.
  104. My first OBE!
  105. Speaking with other people trough LD?
  106. Does anyone...
  107. Beginners to psychic powers, this oneís for you!
  108. I want to buy a book on Amazon
  109. The story of shadow people
  110. True Name
  111. Meditation
  112. My "pre"OBE
  113. I saw a face.
  114. Dream's Aftermath?
  115. A certain stage before an OBE
  116. Lucid Characters
  117. African dream root
  118. Reiki
  119. Sleep paralysis and Supernatural Assault
  120. Indian Mantra.
  121. Can anybody else do this???? Amazing power!
  122. Shadow People
  123. 13
  124. OBE and Vibrations
  125. Can an Atheist Open Their Third Eye?
  126. Meeting seperate consciousnesses in LDs
  127. Was I close to APing???!!?!?!
  128. My home.
  129. a certain ability i have
  130. Excellent Remote Viewing Tutorial
  131. Do you listen to music while meditation?
  132. Separating from the physical body - help!
  133. For anybody who hasn't read "Astral Dynamics"
  134. In-depth beginnerís guide to psionics (e-book)
  135. I have questions about AP
  136. Are magics or psionics anti-Christian?
  137. Alien Invasion in my Mind
  138. Out of body experience
  139. Connecting Lucid Dreams Together
  140. so thats what its called
  141. Factions?
  142. Astral vs. Esoteric
  143. Esoteric Projection Methods
  144. Breaking out - Update on what's been going on there.
  145. Is this for real???
  146. grrrr!
  147. Who here can see Auras?
  148. Things that you wish were possible.
  149. Astral Combat
  150. im sharing a book... :)
  151. Hypnagogic Hallucinations
  152. HH While AWAKE??
  153. Learning within a dream?
  154. weird third eye experience
  155. Insane Hypnopompic Convulsions?
  156. Waking Epiphany?
  157. Awakening The Third Eye
  158. Warning or threat
  159. Series Dreams
  160. can't tell if i had an AP or not
  161. Helping a dream walker?
  162. Shared Dreams and Lucids (Also, perhaps DW and NS theory's)
  163. A little help
  164. The Old Hag
  165. Something strange is going on and it is freaking me out.
  166. Aliens??Ghost Hands??
  167. What are your dreams
  168. Meditation- Intense "Vibrating"
  169. astral projection - HELP PLEASE!
  170. Tense Feet!!!
  171. Silver Cord the Movie
  172. Psychic Info Flowing Into Dreams
  173. Dealing with a suspected dream walker
  174. Meditating Before Bed, Good or Bad?
  175. So many questions...
  176. how do you use astral projection?
  177. Weird coincidence?
  178. Time control in your dream?
  179. Using WILDs to "storm the gates of heaven?"
  180. How To Open the Third Eye
  181. Altering other realms
  182. Psychic?
  183. First PROPER OBE OOO YEAH!! lol
  184. Just a thought...
  185. Meditation
  186. My Cherry Bomb Premonition
  187. My Premonitions of her through a lucid recurring dream
  188. So this guy tells me to get out of his dream
  189. Meeting my brother in my dreams
  190. Weird Vibrating Sleep Experience!!! Help!!!!
  191. Experienced Lucid Dreamers, help?
  192. Is This Possible ???
  193. Tell me can you "sense" out other lucid dreamers? and ap'ers?
  194. Real Connection During Dream Interaction
  195. Lucid Dreams = OOBE (Astral Travel)
  196. Does Astral Projection prove there is an afterlife?
  197. Can you have an OBE at anytime of the day?
  198. Entering someone's elses dream.
  199. Blasfesus
  200. astral travel?
  201. What is LD the world/Reality
  202. It's trying to kill me.
  203. Projecting the world around us
  204. LD and Remote Viewing
  205. Think this could work?
  206. Dreaming and Akasha
  207. Ghost Footage!
  208. Sleep paralysis, how to I achieve an LD instead of OBE?
  209. Dreamwalking
  210. Communication Amid Sleep
  211. Just a theory..... thoughts?
  212. Do you think reality is just an illusion, that we are the imagination of ourselves?
  213. Revelations of a lucid student
  214. Religiously based OBEs
  215. Talking to the dead
  216. I need to know
  217. Sleep Paralysis happens before an OBE?
  218. True Intention of Telekinesis
  219. Sleep Paralysis - something different?
  220. Is there more to lucid dreaming than most of us realise?..
  221. met someone in a dream before you met them in RL?
  222. Doppelganger
  223. Life Is a Journey
  224. I am afraid of the paranormal
  225. Dreamt the same as my mum
  226. Can you visit a past life in a dream?
  227. OBE and time
  228. Precognition?
  229. Shared Dreaming Networking
  230. Would You say Lucid Dreaming uses up Chi?
  231. "Upping" the incessant High Pitch Noise
  232. Ghosts?
  233. I think I "think loud"
  234. Feel The Heat
  235. Dreaming of the future
  236. Would be studying the Chakra's be agianst my religion?
  237. For you APers, was this the beginings of an AP?
  238. LD into AP?
  239. thy book of transformation:
  240. Okay, Dream Walkers....
  241. WILD in LD technique acc. to Castaneda
  242. The Jewel of Knowledge (What the heck is it?!?)
  243. 5000 year old WILD technique. Very easy, and very effective.
  244. a black figure?
  245. Tula, Mexico Toltec Site
  246. Is Astral Projection and OOB dangerous?
  247. Are these OOB experiances in your opinion
  248. Video that "induces" AP. People find it works.
  249. OBE dangerous?
  250. Dreaming task from Seth