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  1. Mordecai House Update!! (I Found Something You Will Love)
  2. The Secret of the Truley Abnormal
  3. A key to the dream world
  4. Haunted Mordecai National Park ( My Findings)
  5. Songs of the Masters of Dream, the Mahasiddhas!
  6. sleep paralysis this morning?
  7. Haunted Mordecai National Park ( My Visit There)
  8. Everyone in your dream in a real person?
  9. Skeptics Vs. Believers: Choose your Side
  10. Paranormal Activity Inside My House???
  11. Any Collective Dreamers Out There?
  12. We should start a club.
  13. Is astral projection against god's will
  14. Clarification on Shared Dreams
  15. My two moon dream
  16. Are you freaked out
  17. Please help
  18. TK
  19. Had a converstation with someone that wasn't there
  20. item from my dream
  21. Item taken from dream?
  22. which are the 6 chakras , and how do i induce them?
  23. Legends and Prophacys (sp?)
  24. Helpful dream
  25. Dreamnt Something That Happened in Reality
  26. am i missing something
  27. Meditation
  28. Can U Go Into Other Peoples Dreams
  29. Subconscious Communication
  30. Psychic Readings
  31. The Bermuda Triangle
  32. The spirit world
  33. Blind people have OBE's
  34. Space exploration out-of-body and the Wingmakers
  35. Space exploration out-of-body and the Wingmakers
  36. Ayahausca & Remote Veiwing
  37. Is it possible?
  38. need some help..
  39. Extra Presence in the air.
  40. Crazy Vibrations
  41. Trapped in a lucid dream!?!?!
  42. Wierd Astral Experience
  43. Seeing things?
  44. A Haunting Dream...Help?
  45. what is the third eye for?
  46. how to use presets for OBEs? (BWGEN)??
  47. Was this an OBE?
  48. Hey, all you skeptics!
  49. Does anyone here talk with their subconscious?
  50. Emergancy-paxil and datora
  51. Able to control someone elses dreams.....
  52. OBE Skeptics.
  53. cheesey movie plot dreams
  54. Castaneda
  55. Please help with identification!
  56. my dream please read!
  57. Have you seen the light?
  58. is it possible to...
  59. I have a theory...
  60. What are Night Stalkers and Dream Walkers?
  61. possible near death experiences?
  62. For all of the Psi trainers and students...
  63. Any Fire The Grid people here?
  64. Shared Lucid Dreaming
  65. body
  66. Remote Viewing
  67. A vision of blue crystal
  68. Seeing into the future
  69. Psychic Dream
  70. Possible Shared Dream..
  71. I think i MAY have had an OBE
  72. Sensations from my Astral body?
  73. Crazy Shamanic/Dream Experience - What do you think?
  74. has anyone seen THE WHITE LIGHT ?
  75. Confirmed OBE/LD!
  76. I can't stand astral rojection
  77. God is real as the rest of Aliens
  78. I had an OBE earlier today...
  79. joe rogan talks about the chemical that makes us dream
  80. Astral Visitors? Or Just Me?
  81. Has anyone else seen "shadowpeople"
  82. Shared Dreaming [A Sort-of Theory]
  83. Seeing Ghosts
  84. "DREAM WALKER" bit of an info site :D
  85. dream about jesus!
  86. OOBE? I felt like I came out of my physical body.
  87. Please help!
  88. Dream in a dream.
  89. Am i on the right way?
  90. Dreaming of people you meet the next day??
  91. How to have an OBE from a lucid dream?
  92. Lucid Dreaming and Parallel Universes
  93. A theory about teleportation and focus.
  94. Who are the close people we see in our dreams?
  95. I keep waking up to another reality...
  96. Are you still often surprised ?
  97. Deadly dreams or deadly places?
  98. Being an animal or your opposite sex in a dream
  99. A being made of smokeless fire
  100. My grandad...
  101. All People Could Be Psycic!
  102. My first psychic expierence?
  103. Paranormal Happenings
  104. Time, Space, and the OBE - Share your theory
  105. Was this astral projection or a lucid dream?
  106. how to dreamwalk/(have the same dream with a real person)?
  107. How to have an OBE?
  108. Had a dream of my dead Grandfather
  109. Weird same day prediction
  110. Did I foresee this accident?
  111. End Times Dream
  112. how to share dreams?
  113. Dream Sigils
  114. anyone game for a dream meeting?
  115. Is it even possible???
  116. Anyone feel when u go to sleep u start a second jobshift?
  117. Universal Awareness
  118. Myspace Group: The Astral Connection!
  119. Remote Viewing interview with......
  120. question about shared dreams
  121. question about hypnogogic state
  122. sharing dreams.
  123. Remote Viewing
  124. Remote Viewing
  125. Question for Everyone who has........
  126. Anyone else met the Night Stalkers and Dream Walkers?
  127. Start of an OBE?
  128. Interview with Famous OBE Researcher Robert Monroe
  129. help me figure out how to
  130. here's something "freaky or paranormal"
  131. Magnetic Stimulation of the Pineal Gland
  132. Shared Dreaming
  133. astral calepsy
  134. i THINK this was a OBE..
  135. What was this?
  136. The Infinite dream
  137. The Department of Positive Out of Body Possibilities
  138. Can someone explain telepathy and empathy in detail?
  139. hello and a question
  140. Hypnagogic Bug Hallucinations
  141. nature of transcendence, and its implications
  142. Outer body experience
  143. When you imagine..
  144. Skeptical about OBE, proof?
  145. precognitive dream
  146. Extra Sense?
  147. Two Weird things happen to me during SLEEP
  148. Precognition? Detailed cases! Need help
  149. the dreamviews.com of astral projection
  150. foreseeing death
  151. Has anyone here have had an OBE? how is it?
  152. Do you blog about your OBE, lucid dreams, astral travel, etc experiences?
  153. astral projection reliability- first hand testimonials only
  154. I need everyone's help on a research PROJECT
  155. Teleportation and time control in the real world.
  156. Why do we dream about sleep when asleep?
  157. energy and ki balls...
  158. I dunno what this is but...
  159. ESP aids?
  160. ???????/
  161. Precognition
  162. What was that?
  163. OBEs - experienced before the hype
  164. OBE or LD?? wtf what is it! :)
  165. Mutual Dreaming experience
  166. DEBATE: OBE’s (astral projection) V.S WILD’s
  167. Intuitive aptitude, maybe?
  168. tapping into your mind
  169. time travel
  170. Nervous about OBEs
  171. Hearing spirits and music playing
  172. How Am I Doing This? Clairvoyant Dreams
  173. This Can't Be Happening To Me
  174. Meditating
  175. Increasing Heart Rate
  176. I Can See With My Eyes Closed?
  177. Nine Simple Obe Techniques
  178. Obe?
  179. Weird Experience When Falling Asleep
  180. Chronokinesis
  181. Vibration ?
  182. Physical Reality - A Really Difficult Ld With No Control?
  183. Ways Of Mind Alteration
  184. Seeing The Future
  185. Can You Be Hurt In A Dream
  186. I Dreamed The Future
  187. Seeing Flowers, Having Visions
  188. Stalking A Recapitulation...
  189. My First Few Out Of Body Experiences
  190. Dreamed About School Shooting
  191. Sleep Paralysis
  192. Changing The Future
  193. Super Hearing
  194. Shared Dream Tutorial
  195. 11:11, Coincidence?
  196. Sharing Dreams
  197. Dream Walkers/stalkers?
  198. Two Topics For Discuss..
  199. My Dream Came True, Three Days Later
  200. Super-vivid Lucids Are Obe's?
  201. Okay, Possible Shared Dream, Dream Log Included, Ideas?
  202. Dream Charechters In Real Life
  203. Alternative Realities?
  204. Esp And Lucid Dreaming
  205. Wham - First Spirit (dream) Guide Conversation And Neat Obe
  206. Any One Believe In Mediums?
  207. The Senses Of Our Body And Mind.
  208. I Saw A Vivid Image Of God.....
  209. Relaxation Problem
  210. Subconscious
  211. The Afterlife Is Like A Lucid Dream
  212. My First Astral Projection
  213. Split Consciousness?
  214. If This Will Work I'm Going To Write A Book
  215. So... Please Tell Me What You Think About This...
  216. Bending Time And Space
  217. Precognition Vs Coincidence
  218. Tk
  219. Help Me...
  220. Something That Relates To The Ask Ur Subconsious Thing.
  221. Inducing Hallucinations
  222. A Far Out Cure For Alzheimers
  223. Obe
  224. Induce Obe
  225. Subconscious Communication
  226. Connecting In Your Sleep...
  227. The Monroe Institute Hemi-sync Music
  228. First Dream/spirit Guide Experience
  229. Did I Dream The Future?
  230. What Is Going On
  231. Anyone Experienced A Haunting?
  232. The Sense Of Being Stared At
  233. Listening To Music
  234. Astral Plane Traditionism
  235. Omg
  236. Almost Obe Or No?
  237. Psychic Powers
  238. Within This Topic Lies Either A Stumping Thought, Or Complete Nonsense.
  239. What Part Of Your Brain Is Sentient?
  240. Please Excuse My Ignorance....
  241. Check Out This Dream That I Had.
  242. Did I Have An Obe?
  243. Hemi Sync ®
  244. 4 Guardians
  245. Is It Possible You're In An Alternate Reality While Dreaming?
  246. What If Precognition Isn't Mystical?
  247. Not Sure Where To Put This, Move If Need Be.
  248. What Could This Be?
  249. Coincidence Vs Connection
  250. Beyond The Most Random Thing..