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  1. Twilight Language of the Nagual
  2. Am I Making OBE Progress? (NEED ANSWERS FAST!)
  3. Uhm... I wanna do shared dreaming/ mutual lucid dreaming...
  4. OBE from the hypnagogic sensations stage!!
  5. Everyone Needs To Read My Story (Help)
  6. Precognitive dreams
  7. Sensation of an outside or higher presense guiding dreams and testing you.
  8. Was this an OBE/AP?
  9. The Astral Surveillance Matrix
  10. Check out Heraclious in your next Lucid Dream!
  11. My dreams and my dream man
  12. Merging Realities (Waking & Dreaming)
  13. Fun, Light, ESP game
  14. Dream Clock Phenomenon
  15. Green Face/Missing Time?
  16. Was this Out of Body Experience or just Lucid Dream?Help please.
  17. Shared Dreaming IS For Real, My Experience
  18. Host Dreaming Theory
  19. strongest shared dreamer here
  20. Remote Viewing Dream Opportunities
  21. The Red Wolf and My Grandfather's Message
  22. Possible shared dream between a guy I've never met
  23. I experienced OBE, I want to do it again
  24. New experiences at the lucid crossroads
  25. Basic unconscious sleep
  26. My OBE audio
  27. Dreams showing me the future
  28. Unhinging the spirit, manifesting the object of desire
  29. I predicted my future
  30. Forgetting about the physical body
  31. Astral Projection Attemp #1
  32. Shared dreaming invitation
  33. Tulpa,Dream Characters and OBE thoughts
  34. To all people having had several Out of body experiences - Questions
  35. Dreams of the departed
  36. EbbTide000's shareDream Tutorial
  37. Carlos Castaneda
  38. Asking God for Something
  39. Value of Being Here Now
  40. What do you dream after you've dreamed of everything that you could dream of.
  41. Infinity to Zero: Thoughts on Being
  42. Dreaming from a non-human perspective?
  43. Do you mostly AP, OBE or have a regular Lucid Dream?
  44. Reality and Dream: Objective? Or all in the Mind?
  45. Magicant
  46. Difference Between OBE and Lucid Dreaming???
  47. Shared-Dreaming Debate of 2015
  48. Why doesn't our subconscious want us to realise we are dreaming?
  49. Sharing Dreamers
  50. Seeing sizzling energy in a dream
  51. An Unexpected Encounter
  52. In order to AP/OBE does it require suspension of 'Ego'
  53. What is Eckankar?
  54. first sleep paralysis experience
  55. Do You Believe In The Astral?
  56. A possible explanation for Energy
  57. OBEs while sleeping
  58. Impossible for anyone to do within a dream.
  59. Would it be wrong to cause people to have nightmares?
  60. premonition
  61. Asking the Universe for Guidance
  62. Dream Remote Viewing yr8
  63. Cat-eyed dreams?
  64. Using the brain to it's full potential
  65. If I'm Lucid right now what does that make you?
  66. Did I just Astral Project?
  67. Lucid Waking Life
  68. Dream Yoga Visualization and my Paranormal Experience.
  69. Life is a Illusion theory
  70. Seeing White Flashing lights during intense moments in life
  71. Energy in dreams
  72. Specific details or speech hard to recall
  73. how to navigate the dream world
  74. Dream Woman
  75. What is thought beyond what you think it is?
  76. Would like to contact someone in their sleep.....
  77. Empathy or Hallucination?
  78. Media representing the dream world as the spirit world
  79. Is there a way to trigger an Astral Projection instead of a Lucid Dream?
  80. A strange remote viewing experience
  81. Effects of hallucinogens/mind altering substances on dreams.
  82. Sleep Paralysis
  83. My current thinking on shared dreaming
  84. Gemstones and Crystals
  85. Dream Magick: Creating the Sleep Temple
  86. Introduction to Dream Magick
  87. Looking for someone that knows TK
  88. Spirit Guides Not Appearing
  89. Serpents of the Black Pyramid
  90. Too dark when OBEing?
  91. Shot out of my room!
  92. Target 2 Week 2 RV practice
  93. Akashic Records
  94. Really weird sleep paralysis experience
  95. Precognitive dreams
  96. WILD Buzzing/Electricity-like Noises distorted the surrounding voices
  97. Shared Dreaming
  98. Mateship with Our-Dreaming-Mind
  99. Black hole
  100. Target 1 Weeks 1 RV practice
  101. Looking for some input. Thanks!
  102. Revolving Remote Viewing Practice
  103. Espsika Meditation Experiences
  104. Mind Producing Colors that the Eyes Can't See
  105. Dreams of the Afterlife
  106. Video series on navigating sleep paralysis
  107. skepticism shaken again
  108. I Am
  109. Into The Unknown Castle
  110. The Girl of My Dreams
  111. Reality checks redefined
  112. Telepathic experience - almost scary
  113. The atral projection link thread
  114. DCs == Non-lucid Dreamers?
  115. Fun stuff, wanted to share. :)
  116. Shared dream method
  117. How to convert a lucid dream into an out of body.
  118. Finally!
  119. Delusional or true?
  120. First Out of Body experience?! Need your opinions.
  121. Holy s**t!! Crazy experience while meditating.
  122. No longer a dream!
  123. Hi everyone
  124. Astral parasites
  125. Precognitive Lucid Dreams
  126. Dream Theory
  127. What was the smartest DC you've ever met like?
  128. The Architect
  129. Future of Dreaming
  130. My first short, but exciting, encounter with sleep paralysis.
  131. HELP PLEASE. sleep paralysis/ shadow people
  132. Anecdotal evidence in favour of shared dreaming - or something of a similar nature
  133. wird night
  134. Shared Dreaming Question
  135. Shared Dreaming Counter-Argument
  136. Chakra thread
  137. Search for the Akashic Records
  138. Dreaming while awake?
  139. Cool thing to do while going into narcosis.
  140. Has anyone had this kind of experience that I describe?
  141. Trying hard to OBE but struggling to feel tired laying on my back.
  142. Who is John?
  143. Very vivid dreams of the Dead
  144. SP or nightmare?
  145. Astral Projection and shared dreaming is nonsense
  146. Did I just have sleep paralysis or just a horrible nightmare?
  147. Telepathy???!!???
  148. Differences between LDs, OBE and Astral Projetion.
  149. Supernatural Abilities/Skills
  150. Was this an OBE?
  151. Prophetic dreams
  152. Are there connections to specific brainwaves that doesn't interact with the rest?
  153. Transcendental Enlightenment/talking to God
  154. So every time when i try to OBE or LD...
  155. Need help with Someone with obe experiences
  156. Astral Projection Or Not?
  157. Anybody want to try shared dreaming with me?
  158. Dreams of Passed On Loved Ones
  159. OBE without knowing it?
  160. New Telepathy Experiment
  161. The Disturbed Sleep
  162. Second time I had a dream about death when someone really died that night - coincidence ?
  163. Possible Precognitive Dream?
  164. False awakenings
  165. Tell your shared dream experiences here!
  166. Dreams being other worlds, OBEs, Dream Sharing, etc
  167. Demons In My Room Choking Me
  168. I miss my OBE's
  169. Contacting Extra-Dimensional Interstellar Beings.
  170. Transferring Consciousness (AP)
  171. Validating A Dream As Real
  172. Astral Projection Beginner.
  173. Reiki
  174. could i ask of dreamers help?
  175. My dreams predicted the future!
  176. My mom gets the vibrations and sleep paralysis
  177. How do I unlock my third eye chakra?
  178. Non Lucid Summons From A Random DC
  179. Can you pull someone out of body?
  180. "Channelling" - what does everyone think of it?
  181. Physical manifestations from dreams into waking life
  182. Just dropped by to say hi and leave this......
  183. Dreams overlapping with reality?
  184. Magical world with glasses off
  185. Lucid dream sharing concept
  186. The dream of no dream
  187. Non-lucid dream sharing-type dream?
  188. Shared Dreams with Animals?
  189. Need a scientific explanation Please
  190. AstralGypsy's Journey
  191. Evidence of shared dreaming
  192. Mirror image meditation experience
  193. Astral Projection Questions
  194. :/ Freaky Dream
  195. Evolving Shared Dreaming
  196. Help with astral projection -ASAP-
  197. almost there
  198. Finally got sleep paralysis
  199. BzzzzZZzzZZZZZzzzz
  200. The Dream Cartography Thread
  201. My Dream came to life...
  202. Inescapable nightmare?
  203. Why doesn't someone prove or disprove shared dreaming?
  204. A video on Deja Vu, Deja Reve and Precognitive Dreams.
  205. Third Eye
  206. A hallucination I think...
  207. Can I see GOD ? Experiment
  208. How to OBE from an LD?
  209. Shared dream
  210. Flesh and Blood
  211. energy
  212. Sight with closed eyes
  213. 50 Week RV Experiment: Week 11
  214. Healing kidney disease in lucid dreams
  215. Could Physical Reality really be a Dream?
  216. Need some help finding a book.
  217. Newbie Question
  218. Hey, check-this-out in Dream Controll on Dreamviews
  219. Looking for clarification on dream of a girl.
  220. Shared Dream Paralysis with Demonic Hallucination
  221. Astral Projection VS. Lucid Dreaming?
  222. Pineal Gland Activation - Binaural Beats
  223. Project August
  224. Self Hypnosis and Experiments with Ganzfeld - Feedback Requested!
  225. invade another person's mind
  226. Is it possible to..
  227. Guides??? My "Guide" Dream
  228. symbols to help induce OBEs and the like...
  229. sychronicities
  230. Out of Body Experience - Experience + Good or Bad
  231. Telepathic Dream Study
  232. Actual experiences only - please no theorizing, no philosophizing, no arguing, no negating, etc.
  233. Astral Projection
  234. Saliva when I try to OBE
  235. How to share dream?
  236. Third eye, I need help
  237. Dream incubation for lost items
  238. Black holes while Astral projecting.
  239. native american spirits and telepathic communications
  240. Urgent Help Needed - Horrid Dreams / Broken Reality
  241. Do any of you ever RV people by accident?
  242. The Ganzfeld Effect: My Experience
  243. Waking myself to keep from having OOBE!
  244. What do hallucinations mean?
  245. O.B.E Questions Help. New
  246. Re: closed thread, I want to learn Invading Dream
  247. Evolution of shared dreaming
  248. Sleep Paralysis Theory
  249. A Lucid Dreaming Journey: The myths, true or not?
  250. Question about Astral Projection