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  1. Astral Projection/ Lucid Dreaming Motivation Video
  2. OBE and Alien Spieces
  3. Failed Shared Dreaming
  4. What a day! :)...
  5. Do you experience this when you look at your hands in darkness?
  6. Testing your subconcious
  7. My Non-lucid dreams almost ALWAYS include what will happen during the day.
  8. Can astral projection occur outside of REM cycles?
  9. Astral Projection?
  10. Interactions with your deep subconcious?
  11. Meditation and signs
  12. Reoccuring Character
  13. Dreamed in Serbian (I speak only English)
  14. Journey of my soul during Out of Body Experience
  15. A girl I have dated.
  16. Dream or OBE
  17. Why do some people like me, once had the same exact dream at the same exact time?
  18. Thoughts about astral projection / OOBE
  19. Meditating yesterday morning; saw a memory of my past life.
  20. What is astral projection?
  21. She saw me too!
  22. would this astral projection technique work?
  23. Precognition-This No Longer Seems Like Coincidence.
  24. Suicide and what happens NEXT (!!!).
  25. Welcome Guests to Visit "Dream-Universe"
  26. This Morning... I heard an echo of my dream
  27. Would this work?
  28. Are we all just aspects of each other?
  29. Suicide and the afterlife
  30. dreamt of dad day after he passed
  31. Shared Dreaming Challenge- not what you think.
  32. Patterns upon waking
  33. Assuming shared dreaming is real for a moment.
  34. phisical marks from dreams
  35. Attempting to pull back ones perspective
  36. stopping inner talk led me to OBE, but how to reproduce it ?
  37. Dream Yoga & Sound Yoga by Tenzin Wangyal Rimpoche.
  38. shared dreaming and remote viewing
  39. Psi Related "Debates" are Stupid
  40. If atoms were concious..or not
  41. Password Shared Dreaming Experiment (Host: Linkzelda)
  42. Guy on youtube that talks about "beyond dreaming" stuff that I think you should watch if interested!
  43. Has anyone ever been to the Monroe Institue?
  44. Dear Waking Nomad
  45. Eyelids
  46. are dreams proven to be created my the brain?
  47. is it true,that visualizing some object in ones mind for 15-30minutes,even in day,will lead to OBE ?
  48. Robert Bruces 2 astral dynamics books?
  49. The pdc opens in 6 weeks. Begin saving your Pennies.
  50. Informational sites about Dream telepathy/Shared dreaming
  51. Incubation results (mine only)
  52. Is lucid dreaming a taste of the after life?
  53. Can people enter your Dreams: Robert Moss interviewed on Coast to Coast
  54. Who here can actually SEE what they visualize
  55. I sometimes dream while awake...
  56. How to prevent shared dreams?
  57. 12papddams Wow Youtubes (phase) OMG
  58. Is dreaming a product of the brain or are we in in an alternate reality?
  59. What Makes Astral Projection/OBEs Different From Lucid Dreaming?
  60. My theory on why we experience fear when we feel the vibrations.
  61. DebraJane's Story
  62. Utilizing the Earth's Magnetic Field to navigate the dream world
  63. Dreaming of a place I've never been to?
  64. how do you AP or OBE
  65. Shared Dreaming Experiment
  66. Astral Projection/OBE Spirits?
  67. Did I just open my third eye?
  68. Restrictions In Nightmares???
  69. An Epiphany About Dream Life vs. Waking Life
  70. Simple Dream Telepathy Experiment
  71. marijuana - pineal gland
  72. Maybe psychics aren't frauds after all
  73. Why it is (almost) impossible to prove astral projection is "real" by doing test
  74. Password shared dreaming experiment
  75. Community Meditation Log!
  76. What makes you think dreams are fake and waking life is real?
  77. is it possible for two people to share the same dream?
  78. Strange dreams
  79. This Forum.
  80. Extra-Terrestrial Contact through Dreams
  81. Precognitive dreams
  82. What is this? Semi-dreaming???
  83. What do you think about this #2
  84. Most Straightforward Route to Astral Projection
  85. partial mind meld in dreams
  86. A Premonition About My Ex-Fiance'?
  87. Seeing images with eyes closed.What is this thing called?
  88. I see a bunch of BS
  89. Remote Viewers Predict Catastrophic Meteor Impact Before 2013
  90. Are Hemi-Sync/Brainwave binural beats and isochronic tones question limiting? Any alternatives?
  91. Dale Graff interview about "Psi Dreams"
  92. Shared Lucid Dreaming Experience.
  93. Dream shared?
  94. trouble getting out of body
  95. Astral Projection/WILD While Under The Effects Of Cannabis?
  96. OBE Trumping Lucidity
  97. Could OBEs Sensory-Deprived Hallucinations?
  98. Lucid dream or Astral projection?
  99. When I daydream this happens and its really weird!
  100. Why is there some controversy about OBE/AP being real ?
  101. Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, and other Super Natural Beings in Dreams
  102. Lucid Dream/Astral Projection/Out Of Body Experience
  103. We can prove dream sharing is real
  104. Athene's Theory of Everything
  105. ... A dragon past life?
  106. Physical Memory In The Non-Physical
  107. What is an OBE?
  108. There is something I am Busting to convey. Revery is that Thing
  109. Dream "firewall" suggestions?
  110. Magnetic Stimulation of the Pineal Gland.
  111. Past Life Regression Experiences
  112. Intrusion in dreams
  113. pot brownies for obe?
  114. getting lost in astral worlds and posessions like in "insidious"
  115. Astral Training
  116. Tell me how to OBE
  117. OBEs, NDEs, Alien Abductions and Visions - Are They Dreams?
  118. Out of mind experiences
  119. How to get an astral projection
  120. My past lives? [Need help]
  121. dream-spoilsport
  122. Dreams of Transcendence
  123. Ever have an Out of Body Experiance?
  124. Ever have an Astral Projection Travel?
  125. thought on premonitions
  126. Shared Dream- 5 year old son and I have the same dreams
  127. spiritual significance of music
  128. Aldemann
  129. Telepathic/meeting dreams?
  130. white vampires
  131. Vision of a skeleton?
  132. Dream/OBE/Dream??
  133. Vibrations and sounds
  134. History, Results, and Current progress at Mass Shared Dreaming attempts?
  135. REAL or figment of my imagination????
  136. Shared experiences
  137. Crazy Past Life Expiernce!
  138. INTERNATIONAL lucid dream research SURVEY
  139. could this be done?
  140. First OBE this morning? Most bizzare experience of my life.
  141. good astral projection youtube videos?
  142. Reconnecting with Dream Guide
  143. am i seeing energy in the air?
  144. how do you use crystals for OBEs?
  145. Disturbing out of body experience
  146. Lucid Dreams are illusions caused by jinns.
  147. How to have a OBE through Meditation!
  148. 3 Lucid Dreams and 2 OBEs - What do You think?
  149. Narcosis
  150. Heinz Dilemma test
  151. interesting video on reality
  152. leo, example precognitive dream
  153. High IQ Corrolates to powerful Lucid Dreaming
  154. Astral projection question
  155. terence mckenna?
  156. Beginnings
  157. SP/WILD or NDE ?
  158. Dream or reality? Could not move my body
  159. are dreams OBEs?
  160. WTF AM I HIGH? I'm Seeing My Astral Finger In Real Time!
  161. How to remember astral projections?
  162. My first OOBE - my memories
  163. OOBE - method that works 9 out of 10 times
  164. Why do you Lucid Dream?
  165. What are Your Thoughts on This?
  166. Waking up fast, was it an accidental OBE?
  167. How do you gain clarity in a world you are unable to comprehend or understand?
  168. What are some of your Astral Plane experiences?
  169. Precognitive Dreams Incubation
  170. Body Spasms when entering SP?
  171. Are we sometimes dreaming with other people?
  172. Dreams + Law of Attraction= bringing people to you In Waking Life
  173. A shared OBE?
  174. floating meditation tips?
  175. Sleep paralysis - interpretation?
  176. Really Weird Dream, views.....
  177. question about qi and chakras
  178. OBE - Sensations
  179. witch of these books is better?
  180. OBEs cant be real
  181. Conscious Astral Projection - Help
  182. full disclosure
  183. Is This Possible?
  184. Sleep Paralysis questions
  185. When projecting using a target, what if your target does not exist?
  186. Lucid Dream or OBE?
  187. Astral Plane..?
  188. An incredible phenomenon happened right before me
  189. Peanutes affecting astral travel?
  190. Physically crossing over into other realities, is it possible? Any books on the subject?
  191. i REALLY need help, I'm in way over my head!!!!
  192. Insidious
  193. OBEs During the Day?
  194. I was really cold after this latest projection attempt, caught some EVPs!
  195. How do You do chakra meditation?
  196. Last night = Failure
  197. swinging bed obe technique?
  198. please help??? ap or lucid???
  199. Dreams of Transcendence
  200. Gonna Project to Medan
  201. A few questions about OBE's
  202. I have a well cool psychologically empowering idea!!
  203. OBE Night
  204. when can you astral project/obe
  205. Saw Something on my eyes after awake
  206. Meditation and Binaural Beats
  207. Waring to all about OBE's! - Projecting Into Your Friends House
  208. Astral Travel, Nothing new.
  209. Can't separate from my body?
  210. Dreamworld=Spiritworld
  211. Vibrational Theory
  212. NoBullet's OBE Journal
  213. Master Continuity... Master Ideology... Master Reality
  214. Doing astral travel, (OBE)
  215. Light Imagery - Am I Psychic?
  216. Silver Entities in the Void
  217. OBE - Going Through Walls and Ceilings
  218. OBE test
  219. Red Cloud
  220. Had a shared DILD!
  221. Trying to achieve Sleep Paralysis/OBE/Lucid dreams
  222. 'I am' type of collapsable dreamworld - Tibetan book of dead
  223. A question about a dream and a girl
  224. castaneda sorcery
  225. Possabilities of AP?
  226. The Auditory Hallucinations
  227. what is quantum jumping? is it a load of shit?
  228. Do you know these people?
  229. Help - OBE or Lucid Dream?
  230. Was I about to astral project?
  231. People Itch At The Same Time?
  232. My dog (who passed away) keeps appearing in my dreams
  233. two questions about astral projcetion
  234. Lolwut? (Shared Dream?)
  235. Were any DV members in my dreams last night?
  236. How to have an out of body experience?
  237. possible method for pre-cognitive dreaming?
  238. Looking for some direction
  239. Strange Cat - OBE
  240. Thought waves
  241. Is it Possible to dream with someone?
  242. Astral Projections.. Dreaming?
  243. LD's and OBE's
  244. My Third OBE
  245. Today's Experience
  246. High tech military remote viewing techniques- interview (alien implant technology)
  247. 2 OBE's/Astral Projection
  248. Strange experience
  249. OBE and DID/MPD?
  250. Some questions.