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  1. Dream remote viewing target, revealed every New Moon
  2. Anyone here have natural Sleep Paralysis?
  3. On Finding a Dream Guide or Spirit Animal to Teach You While LDing.
  4. DMT and Lucid Dreaming
  5. Just starting out astral projection
  6. Scratching noise
  7. Losing awareness and feeling
  8. did i astral view?
  9. Odd Strange Dream i had Must of been a Precognitive Dream or a coincidence
  10. Astral projection
  11. Anonymous Dream Hackers: #OPNETSTORM
  12. shared vs individual dreaming
  13. past lives
  14. Intense WILD!! Help me!
  15. Are these astral projections?
  16. Astral Projection vs Ego Death
  17. a prophecy lucid dream
  18. Telepathic Communication Links - Experiment Results
  19. Shared dreaming?
  20. teaching personas, dream premonitions, astral body
  21. Out of body experience
  22. Experiences With Other Worldly Beings.
  23. Full Moon AVATAR Dreaming
  24. What just happened?
  25. Which thing does this sound most like?
  26. Using dreams to Recall Forgotten Thoughts.
  27. Dream hacking contra Quantium Jumping
  28. Is doing OBE dangerous?
  29. Is this OBE?
  30. please find out what Anie proposes
  31. Inception Is (video)
  32. Ask the Guru (video)
  33. Government employed Astral Projectionist
  34. Dream Telepathv vs. Dream Plane Hypothesis
  35. Semi-Secret Societies of Lucid Dreamers
  36. Could lucid dream be used as a hypno-therapuetic visualisation technique?
  37. Collecting Dreams related to.Dream Guides
  38. Advice needed on meeting dead people in dreams/the astral
  39. Split Consciousness?
  40. How to develop a 'Sixth Sense' in dreams?
  41. Why this might refute Evolution
  42. Planes of Existence
  43. Why Shared Dreaming Is Hard
  44. OBE at any time???
  45. Obe??
  46. How to Heal Disease and Illness in a Lucid Dream
  47. Piecing The Void.
  48. Atlas of Dreaming (penumbras, heterotopias, planes, byways etc)
  49. A portal to a plane
  50. Lucid dreaming feels like nothing to me. Astral Projection is the real biggy.
  51. Am I OBE'ing? If not am I close?
  52. I think I found a way to become Lucid every time you dream...
  53. a dream within a dream?
  54. I think I might have had a second OBE after years.
  55. Interesting Dream Phenomenon
  56. Ayhunna, my animal/spirit guide/companion, has changed color for the third time. Need help here!
  57. Best aid for AP?
  58. Dream Sharing Film "Paprika"
  59. OBE's (out of body experiences) ...How far can you go?
  60. Inability to keep eyes shut, possible cause of the inability to reach sleep paralysis?
  61. Attempting AP's: Losing Consciousness Quickly
  62. Night Terror VERY Scary
  63. a dream muse as a waking poltergiest, with reference to two cartoons
  64. do you need to wake from a dream to OBE?
  65. Is Astral Projection Real Time? For example, when I project, can I go see whats on TV now?
  66. How to proceed?
  67. WILD vs OBEs and astral projection
  68. Please, any suggestions on how to get back to a place?
  69. i can see into my future! OMG!
  70. daemons, jnana yoga, Carl Jung, dreaming, and fate
  71. LD/OBE Experiment
  72. Shared dream I had with my boyfriend
  73. New Blog on Dreaming and the Paranormal
  74. 2nd Attempt of an OBE
  75. Seeing the Future?
  76. I ended up in the wrong person's dream?
  77. Dream club (???)
  78. How to transition from being in sleep paralysis to having an OBE?
  79. What is the difference between OBE's and Astral projection?
  80. Help identifying - OBE?
  81. Flying as a child
  82. Care to share your spirit guide experiences?
  83. When You Were a Child and You Floated Down the Stairs.
  84. The Microcosmic Orbit meditation
  85. About the ThisMan thing...
  86. WHOA....first time OBE
  87. Have this man ever appeared in YOUR dream???
  88. Dream vs Astral
  89. Waking life and sleeping life becoming one/slipping in and out of the astral plane
  90. Farming the Red Mushroom.
  91. Todd Murphy's 1st Lecture: God and the Brain
  92. Questions and ruminations about astral projection, etc.
  93. Todd Murphy Lecture 2: Darwinian Reincarnation
  94. Dream Sharing Experiment
  95. Someone in this forum may have something to tell me about last night. Please reply or PM me.
  96. Before posting procedural questions about Lucid Dreaming or OBE here are some books to read:
  97. hacking hacking waking life
  98. The gateway experience
  99. Going out
  100. This man?
  101. Spirit Animals, Animal Guides, Animal Guardians, etc. - I found a fox!
  102. International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Project
  103. Seeing the Future?
  104. Homunculus encounters
  105. Mirrors are doorways to an OBE for me
  106. IOSDP Recruitment
  107. Shared Dreaming?
  108. Astral Projection?
  109. Clear Light Perspective
  110. Odd Occurances Involving Animal Guide;
  111. to enter someone else's dreams
  112. Synchronizing wave lengths
  113. Stay in a dream for eternity!
  114. Is Your Name Blaire?
  115. Nightmare that I was having a nightmare OBE
  116. Void Dwellers (Please Read)
  117. Questions about Dreamwalkers
  118. Precognitive dream?
  119. Natural Evil and Resurrection
  120. Help with Conscious Soul Travel?
  121. Possible OBE?
  122. Strange precognitive dream..came true.
  123. "The Hundred"
  124. Stay in OBE forever?
  125. Are prophetic dreams real?
  126. Possible PK dream, need to get some dream re-entry advice so I can gather more details
  127. How do you go into an OBE and how would you be able to tell if you're in one?
  128. Psychic-seeming experiences linked with sleep cycles/dreams?
  129. Bright blue star changed into a disk
  130. dreamwalker healing session questions
  131. I see people when i close my eyes
  132. Cosmic energy?
  133. So, is it a WILD or astral projection?
  134. Attempting AP, but ...
  135. Isn't WILD basically AP?
  136. Poll: Have You Seen Another Dimension, Or Aliens
  137. Stopping time with no interruptions possible?
  138. LD Astral projection?
  139. Burnt out on astral projection?
  140. dream sharing?
  141. Questions about the Akashic Records
  142. Dreamsharing?
  143. I had a precognitive dream about snow storm?!
  144. Out of body experience.
  145. Can you wake up in the middle of the night without using an alarm?
  146. Dream precognition about Qaddafi death
  147. Possible astral projecting?
  148. Astral Projection
  149. Attn Deutsche: Mr. Frog’s Giant Robot Ruins the Volke Family Vacation
  150. First OBE
  151. When We're Astral Projecting, Can We Enter A Person's Mind?
  152. The New Thing
  153. Hynagogic Hallucinations or Seeing Ghosts in the room
  154. A new film for believers in the astral plane and shared dreaming
  155. Can We Really Contact The Spirit World In Our Dreams?
  156. Energy cycling for recall and lucidity
  157. Chakra meditation questions
  158. Becoming a Werewolf Through A Dream?
  159. Was this a shared dream?
  160. A Theory About Thoughts' vividness in Dream Reality vs. Real Reality
  161. Shared Dreaming range?
  162. Dream Synchronicity Game Reloaded
  163. iPhone 4 mystical experience. Consciousness transfer? Enlightnment?
  164. post amazing human powers here
  165. First OBE experience?
  166. Amnesia and dreams
  167. Re-occuring dreams...
  168. You have peaked my interest...
  169. The Man in Black and the Girl in Green
  170. Two Prophetic Dreams in a Row Came to Pass!!!
  171. My Near Death Experience - Amongst the Dead
  172. Shot while astral traveling!
  173. Did I have a Out of Body Experiences?
  174. Precognitive / Prophetic LD's and Interpretation
  175. The Mental Plane
  176. Faith is being tested..
  177. Confused and a little freaked out by this...
  178. Breaking Through to Higher Planes
  179. Not invited but i need to know??
  180. Flight and Control of Earth
  181. How many of you think shared dreaming is real?
  182. What the hell happened to iosdp forum?!?!
  183. your very own personal lucid dream lobby
  184. Is it possible to dreamshare with a friend ? ( probably not haha)
  185. A Dream Duel
  186. The Ganzfeld Experiment
  187. Astral Projection and Death
  188. Brow chakra and lucid dreaming?
  189. generative power
  190. Dreamdimensions Experiences
  191. Dr Albert Taylor Former Nasa Space Engenineer Talks About His Experiences With Astral Projection
  192. Human Memalloc: Using Your Memory to "See" in the Dark
  193. Human Echolocation: Using Your Ears To "See" In The Dark
  194. Why we YAWN ... Why Yawning is Contagious -YAWN-
  195. What Have You Learned?
  196. Vision of a Holographic Brain
  197. How do I channel my ki?
  198. Soo Close to O.B.E.
  199. Blogged book on the "Supernatural World" beyond lucid dreaming
  200. Shared dreaming: How can I find a dreamer I've connected with?
  201. My first Full Blown Lucid Dream
  202. Dream sharing?
  203. Demon/Succubus in my dream
  204. Has anyone experienced this before?
  205. Scientific Basis for Mutual Dreaming
  206. to thoso who believe in post life ( i do not ) post your post life dreams here
  207. A theoretical shared dreaming trigger
  208. Were crop circles made by the dissident aliens?
  209. Sleep paralysis demon
  210. Does this symbol mean anything?
  211. Raising your vibrations while in sleep paralysis
  212. Sleep paralysis and astral travelling
  213. Please Someone Help Me
  214. What happened -> Woke up in middle of night in vibrational stage
  215. Suggestion: discussions in E-prime
  216. Subconscious talking to you
  217. A stranger in my dream?
  218. DMT, Lucid dreaming and the road for spirituality
  219. Nexus, the Nightclub at the Center of the Universe
  220. Meeting God in dreams
  221. Sorcer's Amazing Stuff, put into short paragraphs
  222. Shared Dreaming as a Teaching Method?
  223. The Meaning of "LIFE"
  224. Mmorpg
  225. What is astral projecting?
  226. Dream Entities (A Catalog of Inorganic / Ephemeral Life)
  227. Death
  228. SUCCESSFUL TECHNIQUE!!! (but how to gain more power?)
  229. Funny feeling
  230. I can't turn a LD into Out of body experience
  231. Two Possible OBE's?
  232. negative lucid dreams and the dream police
  233. Am i Lucid or Astraling ?
  234. I just astral projected!!
  235. Real Expedition to Inner Earth
  236. Lucid dream or OBE?
  237. Dream within a dream experience.
  238. Proof of OBEs?
  239. In Sync means in time too?
  240. Moving objects while your in astral projection? "OBE"?
  241. OBE/Astral Projection in the dark?
  242. how to start with OOBE/AP?
  243. What causes the fear of not wanting to Astral Project?
  244. Astral projection questions
  245. AP or Guardian?
  246. My dreams wanted me to stay...?
  247. Shared Dreaming Debate
  248. Holy sh1t
  249. astral projection question
  250. shared dreaming logicss/laws ?