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  1. who is peaches?
  2. Help for OBEs
  3. Strong Pregognative dream and full of syncronicities
  4. Energy Work and Lucid dreaming
  5. Meeting my Lost freind :)
  6. OBE through meditation???
  7. Feeling of spiders crawling on my head
  8. Question on OBE sensation?
  9. The Bed Assailant
  10. Pain during OBE
  11. Pendulum Help?
  12. OBE Question
  13. My Friend Died Last night, I am planning on trying to Converse with her any tips to prepare
  14. Poll & Discussion - Near Death & OBE = Unintentional Wilds?
  15. Very specific precognitive dream, how can this be a coincidence?
  16. Parallel Universes
  17. DV unofficial Beyond dreaming Lucid Tasks of the year!
  18. Shared Dream FAQ's
  19. Help on Some thoughts and ideas ive had.Need experienced people
  20. Dream Sharing Are there any teqniques on how to achieve dream sharing
  21. Why I am not Trying to Prove Shared Dreaming
  22. does this mean anything?
  23. What do you know about 3rd eye Meditation and dreaming/ghosts?
  24. Fell Asleep With my Eyes Open
  25. Weird Experience, what was it?
  26. ~techniques and tips for obe~
  27. Remember an old forum about shared dreaming...?
  28. Pregognative Dreams
  29. Reminded me of what i think was my pineal gland activation to one of the other threads
  30. A Good syncronicity in reality
  31. Calling All Dream Warriors (Roll Call)
  32. In-dream meditation, akashic records, spirit guides, In-dream AP, etc.
  33. isochronic tones for AP?
  34. Strange thing that happened when i was very young...
  35. How can you have a shared dream on purpose??
  36. OBE and voices
  37. Astral projection is just lucid dreaming?
  38. Synchronicity? I realize most of these threads don't get anywhere but... what the hey :P
  39. Pretty scary almost/half OBE experience...
  40. Your view on astral projection
  41. OBE Or AP?
  42. OBE and the Real world
  43. Outer Body Experiences
  44. I need help opening my "pineal gland" or (third eye)! Pleaseeeeee help!
  45. The Lucid Crossroads Revisited
  46. so is this possible?
  47. Using OBEs for self-improvement and acquiring/improving skills? any good materials regarding this?
  48. Autosuggestion possible within OBEs? If so, what could be effective ways to go about it?
  49. Dreams and NDE's
  50. Wedding Dream
  51. Recurring nightmare (lucid for the first time)
  52. I was My subconscious
  53. psychic connection? shared dreams?
  54. Have you ever had a shared dream?
  55. astral projection and shared dreaming, possible experiments
  56. My sort of...not really, OBE experience.
  57. My friend and I had the same dream?
  58. Please convince me
  59. Shared dream
  60. Dream/Spirit Guides (and Dream Sharing)?
  61. have you seen this person
  62. inorganic beings that feed off our enegy
  63. Could have been shared. Who knows?
  64. Shared Dreaming w/ lucid and OBE
  65. I think I killed my grandpa in real life through a dream?
  66. OBE vs. Lucid Dream
  67. Question? Catching my breath
  68. Was this a sort of astral projection?
  69. Shared dreaming from lucid dream?
  70. Sleep Paralysis/Lucid Dreams - My full experiences
  71. Memory Navigation.
  72. Question on Shared Dreaming
  73. Recurrence RILD
  74. Intuition, Psychic or Coincidence?? (Reposting)
  75. Ego death/lucid dreaming/dream guide
  76. Is it possible to help your body heal in dreams?
  77. Synchronization
  78. Metanoia
  79. lucid dreaming
  80. Strange Precognitive Dream
  81. Do you want to hang out while sleeping?
  82. Possible new technique? to induce AP from a LD
  83. Astral Projection to help someone?
  84. What if this is a dream?
  85. Deja vu theory
  86. Dreaming of soul mate/twin flame & Waking, Sleeping, dreaming, life, death, rebirth
  87. A possible way to tell that something could be precognitive before it happens in real life
  88. Don't You Just Wish This Was Possible?
  89. Was this an OBE?
  90. Questions about Shared Dreaming
  91. Interconnectedness of humans and Shared Dreaming
  92. n00b here, can someone help me figure out what is going on?
  93. past life regression through hypnosis
  94. smart-drugs for OBEs and APs??
  95. A new experiment I am going to try.
  96. Stalkers?
  97. Consistant Astral Projection
  98. Dreaming of soul mate/twin flame.
  99. A new world within lucid dreaming (involving shared dreaming)
  100. Meeting dead people?
  101. What is your birthstone?
  102. A little weird 0_o
  103. Check out this LD'ers Random Videos
  104. Dreaming about people you have never met... does it mean anything?
  105. making the unreal real
  106. Strange Dreams
  107. Force outs?
  108. Weird Experience While trying to Wild?
  109. Feeling completely awake and having senses
  110. Why it's hard to get to the Moon
  111. Hypnagogia: an unexplored universe?
  112. Post Studies Here: Dream Sharing, Remote Viewing, etc.
  113. Shared Dreaming: The Moon
  114. 2D Symbols
  115. fem devillish entity gave me infection
  116. Active worlds
  117. Dreamers seen in the waking world?
  118. Specific name popped up....past life?
  119. posessed while astral projectiing????
  120. no good thread name (sorry)- just read it
  121. Uk TV Tonight 10pm - Dangerous Dreams
  122. Inception Flaws
  123. My other life?
  124. blood effecting dreams?
  125. Pets in shared dreams
  126. My understanding of dream characters, am i right?
  127. Identifying the Astral Plane
  128. Using the mind to time travel at night
  129. Out of body 'World'
  130. synchronicity - The dream signs of waking life.
  131. astrology horoscopes
  132. OBE I had recently
  133. Real Life will be a dream when we die, so is it just like a looong dream?
  134. So much deja vu!
  135. My dreamwork - Any thoughts?
  136. Am I a Nagual?
  137. Where is the Dream state?
  138. Layers of reality
  139. strange thing I heard in hypnagogia
  140. 2 "what are the odds" happened in two days.
  141. Hypnopompic precognitive visions
  142. Easy way to communicate with your subconscious
  143. Can dream visitors eat memories (tamper with the mind)?
  144. i saw the future in my dream and it came true
  145. Lucid Dreaming as Shamanic Consciousness
  146. Tibetan masters shed light on dream yoga, lucid dreaming, and dying
  147. Astral Separation
  148. Someone ever been on a mushroom planet?
  149. Question about my last dream
  150. The One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge
  151. How to Share dreams?
  152. Dream elements IRL plus a CRV guide = a new perspective on precognitive dreaming?
  153. Getting out of my body?
  154. Wormhole Video
  155. Dream recall, MJ and our brains
  156. Time Travelling Lucid Dream and OBE?
  157. Am I OBE-ing to death?
  158. I totally dreamt the future...
  159. Shared Dreaming Etiquette part 2.
  160. Shared Lucid Dreaming - Nonsense
  161. Group Sharing
  162. shared dreaming experienced but needs verifying - but do you have the number?
  163. God - Connected to the "dream realm"?
  164. Baphomet and the Templars
  165. Premonition Dreams + Deja Vu: Did I meet my future husband in a dream?
  166. Dreaming of AP?
  167. 9/11 Dream On 9/11?
  168. Someone please help me identify what happened to me ?
  169. Was it Lucid or Projection?
  170. guide to dream Telepathy.
  171. can i find something in my dreams?
  172. Had a wonderful idea about Reading
  173. Was I astral projecting, or having an OOBE?
  174. Is it my sister?
  175. My view on reality
  176. What is an OBE?
  177. I have some questions about Shared dream/AP/OBE ect.
  178. Epic dream battles of epicness!
  179. Shared Dreaming Tonight - Need a great Lucid Dreamer
  180. Creativity Sleep
  181. Sayonara, Deep Dreaming
  182. Secrets of the Dream Plane
  183. How to tell the difference between a DC and another dreamer
  184. Lame prophetic dream?
  185. Lucid Dreaming as Shamanic Consciousness
  186. Is Hypnosis a dream?
  187. Need assistance with ASTRAL TRAVEL!
  188. Easy way to O.B.E for Lucid Dreamers!
  189. I Think I Had An OBE
  190. Finding my Dream Guide started a Quest
  191. Really weird imagry every night :/
  192. Precog dream about death came true
  193. What Did I See?
  194. Brain in a vat
  195. Was this the beginning of some special sleep state?
  196. A Thought About The Existence Of Reality
  197. God compared to a lucid dreamer
  198. 2 wierd dream night mare or true
  199. creepy precog dream
  200. Prophetic dream about new terror attacks on New York
  201. Dream Terms And Definitions?
  202. Don't know how to find my dream guide PLEASE HELP!!! :sad2:
  203. I KNOW THAT INCEPTION IS NOR REAL, but I believe extraction is real!
  204. How far can we go? Interview with Neil Kramer
  205. I need emergency help!!! O_o!!!
  206. Dreams...... Windows into past lives???
  207. stopping real time in dreams. Please read, if you know about this.
  208. Precognitive Dream Research
  209. Post your dream where you found your Dream Guide
  210. Symbolic Precognitive Dreams
  211. the key to OBE's?
  212. Interacting with the physical during OBE?
  213. Who here is trying shared dreaming?
  214. Predicting Dreams
  215. Could I have connected telepathically in my dream?
  216. Giving Dreams
  217. How could I see my sister/brother in my dream, they're dead?
  218. Communication with spirits through dreams?
  219. dream guide
  220. Muscle building
  221. I can control a friends dreams
  222. Out of Body Experience, Sleepy Paralysis
  223. Old Hag Syndrom - Are night terrors caused by ghosts? I think so
  224. what are the steps to shared dreaming? is it possible?
  225. Shared Dream Tonight, need someone else to make it "two".
  226. Question about last nights "dream"
  227. What is the scientific theory and evidence behind shared dreams?
  228. Questions about WILDing and OOBE
  229. Parralel Universes
  230. I will be on Unravelling the Secrets this Sunday Aug 8, 2010
  231. What is similar to "clicking amygdala" (For other brain regions ?)
  232. Natural Lucids and Dream Guides
  233. Auroras
  234. out of body experiences?
  235. underworld dream
  236. spiritual guide
  237. Can shared dreams be induced?
  238. Shared Dream Theory
  239. Ever dream this man?
  240. Can you Become Lucid During a Precognitive?
  241. Qi Gong rids woman's cancer
  242. Proof that shared dreams aren't "Manufactured"
  243. Astral Projection/mind travel commonly used by CIA/Government organisations?
  244. Speaking with the dead...
  245. Dream Sharing
  246. This is how they F**k with you
  247. Flora and Fauna of the Dream Plane
  248. I predicted a realese of a new game before it came out
  249. Meditation question
  250. DG question