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  1. How do YOU know you aren't dreaming right now?
  2. [Deep Travel] TMI
  3. Dream or Beyond?
  4. Theory about malevolent spirits
  5. The call of a nightbird
  6. Entity abducted me from my dream
  7. karmic slipping, tunneling
  8. my first experience within the void
  9. new theory about dream telepathy, precognition
  10. precognitive dream
  11. Full Spectrum Existence Under Construction
  12. Question: Have you ever had Déjà vu where you linked the familiarity and memory of the event to some
  13. Weird, unpleasant hypnogogic sleep phenomena - looking to see if anyone else shares my experience
  14. Is it immoral for an SDer to cause nightmares?
  15. SD
  16. premonitions and related speculations
  17. quasi-astral stuff, dim reflections of cuthulu
  18. dream of place in life
  19. Reoccurring Entity During OBE
  20. The Sleep Paralysis Entity
  21. "Forced" Lucid Dreaming under the Guise of Shamanic Journeying?
  22. What part of the brain turns off when you fall asleep?
  23. How to use obe4u mp3 file?
  24. Taking applications for an official shared dreaming research group (limited spaces available)
  25. Can a person recall a past life in a dream?
  26. Having a stuck feeling when trying Micheal Raduga technique
  27. Is it possible to remote view in a lucid dream?
  28. What this description from obe4u means
  29. Spiritual Ramblings By acillis. do you know my truth? does it resonate?
  30. Has having an obe shaped your views about the afterlife?
  31. How to use SSILD to have obes and lucid dreams
  32. encounter with lucifer
  33. My take on Privacy from Astral Beings
  34. Evil Lucid Dreamers?
  35. consorting with demons
  36. Can't go back to sleep when awakening for Micheal Radgua technique
  37. How to acheive subsequent awakenings for Micheal Raduga method?
  38. Meet ArchAngel Raziel
  39. The spider called Eldis
  40. Dream premonitions and telepathy, Laotse, machine learning
  41. DebraJane Dixon's Shardream beach 2019
  42. Weird, scary and wonderful OBE
  43. Advice on how to be sucessful with obe4u technique?
  44. Creating alternate timelines...
  45. 5 Discoveries Made in Dreams
  46. My Psi dreaming experiment #1
  47. First True Definition of OOBE
  48. Future Memory
  49. drve Discussion thread
  50. Shared Dreaming Resources
  51. Psi-dreaming make me feel like THIS
  52. Sharing a discovery
  53. How to protect yourself while asleep from astral entities?
  54. Beyond Dreaming (!!!)
  55. the two queens
  56. Look (!)a A Dream Facebook Meet-up (!)
  57. Dream Kin?
  58. DREAM remote viewing experiment
  59. Dream Guides(Subconscious?¿) What they are? (Discussion)
  60. Dry spell revisited
  61. Shared dreaming and mental yoga
  62. Dreaming of Someone You've 'Never' Met?
  63. HELL dimension?
  64. SD Induction Device
  65. Shared Dream Experiment?
  66. How to not let yourself move right after waking up in the morning for OOBE/AP?
  67. 18If Anime
  68. control over speech while dreaming?
  69. Destiny
  70. Disconnected
  71. DMT and Lucid Dreaming
  72. Pre cogn dream what does it mean
  73. Advaita Vedanta - Introduction
  74. The instanteous switching between "rooms of experiential content"
  75. Dreams convinced me I have a long lost brother. Possible?
  76. Re-trying Micheal Reduga's the phase technique
  77. Transcendent Dreams Discussion
  78. further speculation about dream premonitions
  79. How to SD?
  80. Unsure of what is going on
  81. Realized i've been having this dream all my life
  82. dream premonition
  83. false awakening
  84. Mastery over the state of being lucid
  85. Hallucinating at will ?
  86. dreams of finding your soulmate and "cheating dreams"
  87. opening the third eye or other chakras
  88. practicing third eye opening for 30 days
  89. What the hell was this experience? Help needed...
  90. I need knowledgeable people to answer my one question...
  91. Figures in Hypnagogic Hallucinations
  92. Very weird dream, alternate reality where mother died while I was a kid
  93. What it Felt like in Sleep Paralysis
  94. Shared dreaming?
  95. What happened to me last night?!?!?!
  96. The Next Level
  97. Very short note on the relationship of thoughts with telepathy
  98. more on 'dry spell'
  99. Using astral projection and lucid dreaming for education and past lives
  100. Questions for Experienced Astral Projectors!!
  101. Astral projector won't leave me alone
  102. philosophical comment about understanding dream phenomena
  103. comment in regards to science and dream telepathy
  104. Did I dream of the future, or was it chance?
  105. Taking note of precognitive dreams
  106. Difference between OBEs and APs?
  107. Mastering Astral Projection
  108. Dreams that predict the future?
  109. Astral projection/OBE-need help
  110. Mutual Dreams... And how I believe to manifest them.
  111. Communicating With Our Subconscious? With Our Wiser Self **WHILE AWAKE?
  112. Entering a VR without lucid dream so that you can do it even if you are not sleepy
  113. Pineal Gland front lobe activation?
  114. Is this Considered a Type of OBE?
  115. Remote Viewing - Don't!!
  116. Sounds in Sleep Paralysis, Hypnogogia, and in pre-OBE state
  117. Seeing through other peoples waking eyes.
  118. Which sources can I trust for OBEs/Astral Projection?
  119. Shared Dream.
  120. I Think I May Have Dormant Telekinetic Abilities?
  121. First AP READ READ READ
  122. R
  123. rant about magic
  124. Rapid Eye Movements of the Third Kind
  125. Some advice around first Astral experience
  126. Cannot tell if this was Astral Projection?
  127. Perception, DMT and love
  128. Am I Astral Projecting?
  129. Dream Resources that can be used real life!!
  130. Past Life Dream?
  131. OBE Questions
  132. Question about Astral projection
  133. Opinions about Reading Books on LD's and OBE/Ap
  134. Biafrans in DV
  135. Prophetic dream (and yet there really was nothing I could use it for)
  136. A shared lucid dream....how did he know my dream?
  137. LD Football Prediction
  138. purple crayon metaphor
  139. I say, use big data ...
  140. Ganzfeld + Visualisation
  141. A long think-through about shared dreaming with SpaceGod
  142. Sleep Paralysis technique question.
  143. I asked my dream for help in getting my husband to appreciate dreams! He NEVER remembers them!
  144. Is Conflict Resolution Possible Through Lucid Dreams?
  145. Astral projection wake up alarm technique
  146. Top down dreams, concurrent dreams and time loops
  147. Past life experiences during lucid dreams
  148. thought related to precognitive dreams
  149. A strange series of dreams while I was napping.
  150. On the desirability of mrpoved theoretical understanding of dream pheonomena
  151. Astral projection vs lucid dreaming
  152. My first lucid dream
  153. Waking voice helping me in a dream
  154. My attempt at OBE
  155. Last Night's Visionary Dream
  156. Long dry spell
  157. Occult Ruminations
  158. Any Real Dreamers Here??
  159. Diet and lucidity
  160. Shared dreaming location - Pink Playground
  161. Hearing your name called out...during waking realiry?
  162. Easy All-Day Awareness Exercise
  163. Sleep paralysis and external entities?
  164. Awareness, self-awareness; the confusion...ADA/Mindfulness
  165. Your energy is strong in this room!
  166. Time and the Dreaming Mind (DM)
  167. Really creepy idea
  168. Interesting article from the Cal Tech scientist that I quoted a while ago.
  169. Precog dream today
  170. How close am I to astral projecting?
  171. Enlightening Dream
  172. Possible OBE Experiences
  173. Prophecy: Two bull's eyes out of a possible million.
  174. Seeing through another persons eyes???
  175. Computers in Dreams
  176. Do DC's have there own Consciousness?
  177. Shared Dream/future prediction/just coincidence?
  178. Dream Sharing Evidence and Advice
  179. Hannah's paranormal dream.
  180. Spiritual beings
  181. Triple Consciousness
  182. Dreams of the deceased
  183. Someone willing to try and meet in a dream? Thelepathic
  184. Golden pyramids, Orion, synchronicity
  185. ahh the complexity
  186. Almost OBE followed by lucid dreams
  187. Affirmations/commands
  188. Shared dream with my son...
  189. Seeing through closed eyes
  190. Unusual experience at the point of near sleep
  191. Shared (lucid) dreaming experiment
  192. Am I in a lucid dreamer prison?
  193. Lightbending
  194. Darkness in OBEs
  195. Flash Card Manifestation
  196. Misconception of a Misconception [SP]
  197. Theta vs. Delta Mutual Dreams
  198. Can you go into the future with Astral Projection or Lucid Dreams??
  199. Death Dreams
  200. Dream Sharing Talk
  201. Microdosing Before Bed
  202. Political dream, possibly precognitive
  203. I don't believe shared dreaming is possible. But I'd love if I could be proven wrong.
  204. Shared dreaming witnesses. At least 3 individuals.
  205. Past events or future events you would want to see in a precognition
  206. Shared Dreaming Target: The Great Pyramids
  207. Dreamed an event that happened 8 hours later
  208. Preventing Astral Travel
  209. Sleep Paralysis during WILD - When to give up?
  210. Weird experience
  211. Why are Shadow People/Beings a universal thing?
  212. Strange, possibly NREM dream?
  213. So... dream sharing
  214. On proving dream telepathy, etc.
  215. Did I avoid death?
  216. Theory of Cognitive Harmonization: From Imagination to Reality
  217. Astral psychic invasion
  218. I dreamt by boyfriend was dead and he died
  219. Construction and testing of shared "astral" worlds
  220. Weird experiences.
  221. Persistent Dream Worlds
  222. Out-of-Body Experience Reality
  223. Contacting a guide (secular opinion)
  224. Lucidity as tool for reality manifestation!
  225. Memorable Dream Battle Entries
  226. Shared Dream Battle Tutorial and Hypothesis
  227. Ghostly Figure
  228. need to know seeing ghost doing obe???
  229. Astral Projection/Spiritual & God
  230. Is there a name for this?
  231. I have to share a story
  232. My OBEs suck..
  233. Dream Sharing Sparring
  234. Prophetic Dreams/Oneiromancy
  235. Lucid Urth: Shared Dream RPG
  236. Shared Dream RPG
  237. Video: Travelling on the Dream Plane
  238. everyone is conscious but not everyone is awake
  239. the mystic crusaders angels and solders of light. another topic for my book.
  240. Welcome to Lucid City
  241. The Chaosphere of Kukulkan
  242. i would like to talk about elemental bending
  243. a dream after a strong prayer feed back needed read end notes. pls be nice lol.
  244. Lucid Dreaming With Others - Lost Knowledge
  245. How to be reasonably certain you are having an OBE rather than a lucid dream?
  246. Is it possible to move items in the physical world?
  247. Help me use my Third Eye.
  248. Questions about OBE ?
  249. Unique/spiritual dream?
  250. Defining Presence