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  1. What happens when we die?
  2. Proofs and Dis-Proofs of God's existance
  3. Truth...
  4. The Unexpected Examination
  5. Illusion of Free Will and Strict Determinism
  6. Take another look
  7. Human suffering; opposing dualistic views & middle view
  8. God As An Enemy
  9. Why Do People Desire Simple Explanations?
  10. The 4 Components of True Love
  11. Personal meanings of God
  12. Soren Kierkegaard: 4th Sphere of Life?
  13. Could using the "wrong" half be detrimental?
  14. True Alturism...
  15. Soulmates?
  16. Michael Jackson Origin
  17. Happy Easter: The Pagan Holiday That Christianity Stole
  18. What does your faith mean?
  19. TORAH the bible code in genesis
  20. The Afterlife? Is this all there is?
  21. Christianity a Hoax
  22. lost books of god
  23. Would you trade music for world peace?
  24. An Ancient Riddle
  25. To Be Determined
  26. Defining sanity from your point of view
  27. Plato's Allegory of the Cave
  28. A dream Character to you is?
  29. My THEORY to a succesful marriage
  30. A thought on seeking the answers to the universe
  31. Faith
  32. Buddhism
  33. Does the past exist?
  34. Is science a religion?
  36. Why is the grass always greener on the other side?
  37. The Authority to Govern
  38. Alex Grey
  39. do you own your thoughts?
  40. The Wisdom of Nasrudin
  41. Origins: Religion
  42. The mind's Fountain of Youth
  43. Testing Darwin: Proof of Evolution?
  44. So...Who are you?
  45. What is Philosophy?
  46. Is the Cup Half Empty or Half Full?
  47. Consciousness
  48. Research & Philosophy
  49. Can God Manifest itself in a form capable of talking
  50. Yeshu
  51. Good and evil equal?
  52. E=DV revised
  53. 11:11 phenomena
  54. Dreaming you are having an LD...
  55. Priory of Sion
  56. E=DV squared
  57. Memory
  58. Love
  59. All knowing all powerful beings...
  60. Tsunami and god
  61. The Contradiction of God
  62. Civil War a comin? (relates to philosophy in the end)
  63. I have two bodies. I only want one.
  64. Drugs and dreams
  65. An intresting Thoery
  66. Looking Into Your Eyes
  67. Bionic Matter?
  68. Are humans designated to specialer than our animal friends?
  69. Everything we know is an interpretation
  70. Blogosphere
  71. Existentialism
  72. Religon = Condom
  73. My religion
  74. Why is there existence instead of nothing?
  75. Do you have a label?
  76. "Reality 2" Experiences?
  77. Why do we value human life so highly?
  78. Personal Identity
  79. Epistemology
  80. Why People Believe Weird Things
  81. what is your religion and why?
  82. Evolution applies to everything right?
  83. Where the f*** did we come from?
  84. Unicorns, Sasquatches and God
  85. All of life is just a memory... Is there a point to it?
  86. Is it possible to communicate with dead souls?
  87. Tim Leary - Think for Yourself, Question Authority
  88. The perfect world
  89. Thought,energy and time
  90. Is the Universe infinite, or not?
  91. What is the nature of the will?
  92. God, you need a woman's touch...
  93. reality: how to explain reality
  94. Are we just flesh?
  95. A universe under your fingernail
  96. Everybody look busy: jobs vs. quality of life
  97. good and evil
  98. Theory Of Everything
  99. Language's effect on thinking
  100. Why are people so afraid of death?
  101. Why do you believe in God?
  102. Mathematical Proof of Fate
  103. Press snooze you loose
  104. Taoists
  105. Math
  106. Your Take On Purpose
  107. social constructs
  108. Have We Lost Ourselves?
  109. Belief in souls
  110. Something lighthearted about life after death
  111. 3..random gibbering.
  112. The logic of logic
  113. Sabbath or Sunday?
  114. Psionics and (possible) connection to Satanism
  115. "I" Don't Exist (May Shatter Your Current Beliefs!
  116. This makes the bible more interesting to read.
  117. Equality..
  118. Nothingness
  119. Anarchy
  120. Effect of thought on the physical reality
  121. Infinity.
  122. thinking with no lang???
  123. connections
  124. So.... What exactly is truth?
  125. The Ego and Dreaming
  126. Couple of Q's about religion in general
  127. Voting for Lucidity
  128. 5 senses indeed!!!
  129. We can never be truely free
  130. Life
  131. no ALIEN???
  132. 2012 Mass Panic?
  133. aliens out there?
  134. free will??
  135. Scientists want to find the God particle :)
  136. burnout theory
  137. The Nuclear Bomb: A Savior?
  138. Hypnotism - Does it Have Practical Uses?
  139. what would you do if you knew your life wasn't real
  140. Fools.
  141. pain
  142. Chinese Elements
  143. Chinese Astrology
  144. Couple of q's about jesus
  145. Brainwave Gen/Holosync Theory
  146. Easing the American folks over to fascism
  148. Society's values
  149. feeling happy
  150. Extinction
  151. It's all in the mind...
  152. Confusing paradox about time travel...
  153. Depression: A Balance?
  154. dunno if this goes here, but, Colours
  155. Lying in my bed, thinking...
  156. Philosophy of Reality
  157. Mathematical argument towards reality of mystical experience
  158. Does the universe exist if we're not looking?
  159. What would you do if you woke up and it had been a dream?
  160. Why Darwinian Evolution Is Flatly Impossible
  161. Some brief cogitations on reality and consciousness
  162. The meaning of life and whatever else tickles your ....
  163. God in the snowglobe
  164. What is the "Self"? Who are you?
  165. My Dad told me this once... it changed my life
  166. Complete certainty of the end...
  167. Atheism article (Worth a look.)
  168. Philosophy 101
  169. Kanji's 'Universal Mind' Theory
  170. Theory of Time
  171. Do Animals have souls?
  172. "Purpose" of dreams
  173. Responsibility.
  174. Is life a movie?
  175. You ever wonder if there really is a God?
  176. Whats the difference between a religion and a cult?
  177. Color Questions
  178. Precog dream paradox
  179. I almost died, now I wanna die without coming back
  180. Free Will or Determinism?
  181. Nature of perception
  182. The act of adoration- my experience
  183. Mysteries of God
  184. The Placebo Effect
  185. transactional analysis
  186. Perpetual Motion vs. Absolute Zero
  187. High Entropy (also known as "This is Shit")
  188. Oil Shortage and Predictions of the Aftermath
  189. Belief & Willpower
  190. How to Build a Universe That Doesn't Fall Apart In Two Days.
  191. Love an illusion?
  192. Enlightenment - is it the key to joy and peace?
  193. Division Theory
  194. Is it better to let them die or risk further infection?
  195. Alien abductions? Define "real"...
  196. Marriage: Love-pact or contract?
  197. Riddle me THIS! (philosophy at its core)
  198. End of Earth or A New Beginning? (Sun Exploding)
  199. my philosophy
  200. Solipsism
  201. Materialism?
  202. What if the after life was a proven concept?
  203. Err... Not sure what to put as a title for this one.....
  204. Carpe Diem
  205. What if This All is a Dream And Where All in it Together
  206. The Just Religion Manifesto
  207. Telepathy?
  208. The "Edge" of the Universe?
  209. The will of God
  210. Is a world without feeling, really that bad?
  211. A question...
  212. state of mind.
  213. Robots and Consciousness
  214. My "insanity"(?)
  215. Conclusive Theory and Meaning Of Life, seriously :)
  216. Believe it or not... (Interesting)
  217. Did anyone really die for us in Iraq?
  218. What if god was proven non-existant?
  219. Hell, injust punishment
  220. Other worlds like ours? Other Universes?
  221. How language was devoloped
  222. Time traveling
  223. One closer step to lifes meening?
  224. what does it take to feel alive
  225. which comes first?
  227. Reasons for dreams?
  228. Ludic dreaming mentally unhealthy?
  229. Subconscious: For or against You?
  230. 1984 (the book, yo)
  232. hatred for the government?
  233. Forever Lucid
  234. The Dream Time; Numerology
  235. Power of suggestion
  236. Crazy question
  237. sex in a dream
  238. Reincarination
  239. Assasination of Bush
  240. Society
  241. crazy logic?
  242. dajavoo
  243. have LD's affected your life?
  244. bowling for columbine
  245. The subjective nature of perception.
  246. Grade 11 Philosophy??
  247. Do souls have different sexes?
  248. American rhetoricians
  249. Tree
  250. Do you believe in Life after Death?