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  1. Ch. I of Novel for Young Adult Genre
  2. A novel about the power of dreams
  3. A ReverbNation question
  4. 21/12/12 - A dream of me
  5. The album cover
  6. Anal's art and such :)
  7. Taffy's Vocaloid Music
  8. The Clinic: Epilogue (mild language, sexual conduct)
  9. The Clinic: The Final Test (mild language, sexual conduct)
  10. Autosuggestion
  11. The Clinic: Test Fifteen (mild language, sexual conduct)
  12. The Clinic: Test Fourteen (mild language, sexual conduct)
  13. The Clinic: Test Thriteen (mild language, sexual conduct)
  14. The Clinic: Test Twelve (mild language, sexual conduct)
  15. The Clinic: Test Eleven (mild language, sexual conduct)
  16. Video games as art
  17. The Clinic: Test Ten (mild language, sexual conduct)
  18. The Clinic: Test Eight (mild language, sexual conduct)
  19. The Clinic: Test Nine (mild language, sexual conduct)
  20. The Clinic: Test Seven (mild language, sexual conduct)
  21. The Clinic: Test Six (mild language, sexual conduct)
  22. Taylord94's Random Art Stuff!
  23. My portfolio (photography & graphic design)
  24. The Clinic: Test Five (mild language, sexual conduct)
  25. The Clinic: Test Four (mild language, sexual conduct)
  26. The Clinic: Test Three (mild language, sexual conduct)
  27. Double Sent
  28. The Clinic:Test Two (mild language, sexual conduct)
  29. The Clinic (mild language, sexual conduct)
  30. douglifeart
  31. A Tune I Wrote on a Roland MC-505 & Roland JP-8000 Synthsisers
  32. Kislany's jewelry
  33. A Conversation Between Poets
  34. 3D Animation - STARTED
  35. Favorite Music Artists/Bands/Songs: Who inspires you?
  36. Share music you make here!
  37. Creating Video Games is Art too... Right?
  38. Chimps Photos
  39. Slash's Photography
  40. Some interesting looking and sounding things
  41. Music?
  42. My Poetry and Prose-Check It!
  43. Spirit's Music
  44. Videos from Maui - Summer 2012
  45. Maui Summer 2012 Photography
  46. Hyper-realistic drawings
  47. Dream Incubation Writing/Drawing
  48. FSM's band
  49. Signature Critique
  50. moSh's Music Thread
  51. Lifedreamer's Drawings
  52. "blind" a short story
  53. On the 7th day, oros created this thingy
  54. El Cielo - dredg, a concept album about LD and SP
  55. Does Time End?
  56. Chronos Sounds . A little favor.
  57. Kraom's Signature thread! (I take requests)
  58. Shades of Alternate Planes - My Dream Concept Album
  59. Check out my art, inspired by John Daido Loori 's teachings in, "The Zen of Creativity"!
  60. My story, The Stone of Edith; Tenshi
  61. ...
  62. (IDEAS?)My own Universe What I will do with it I know not
  63. I've written an entire novel. in adio for I present Asuka: the dream chronicles.
  64. Art dedicated to my grandma?
  65. Rhyming Dream Poems Only! View or Share
  66. Longing
  67. How to NOT suck at drawing?
  68. Only the beginning to my drawings
  69. EVERYWHEN 2012 Trailer
  70. :cactuar:
  71. Lucid Dream Poem, give me your 2 cents :)
  72. My Journal
  73. ban the library and her artist
  74. Short stories based on dreams
  75. Our Lady of Infinite Majesty
  76. Down in L.A. with Lyndsey
  77. A Daughter of Lepracauns and Fairies
  78. Off the Top Rap.
  79. The Haunting Truth Sought Beyond Human Reason (Lyrical Poem)
  80. Hipstamatic/Retro/Vintage Photos **Lots of pics
  81. Seeking syntax/context
  82. Two Poems Inspired by Dreams
  83. JDBar's Digital Art Portfolio, plus some drawings.
  84. Graphite animals (drawings)
  85. Draw a dog
  86. Every Nightmare That Isn't
  87. Snackaw
  88. Blender Creations - 3D Art Portfolio!
  89. Help with Album Artwork Please!
  90. PhotoShop/Graphic Design Photo Edits
  91. Trans Finale
  92. Sleep
  93. Creation X's Mind of Mysteries!
  94. Awesome Nightime Sheep Art
  95. The Result of Tara Putting Butt to Chair, Pencil to Paper, Pen to Tablet, and/or Mouth to Food.
  96. Bill
  97. I need an artist for a realistic human drawing
  98. Tips on lyrics for LD rap?
  99. Thread about lucid dreaming related art
  100. Listen to My Dream-Inspired Trip-Hop Album
  101. The Radio Star Killed Himself
  102. Double Life
  103. PULP BOY - A movie about following your dreams
  104. The Land of Pyramids 1
  105. dream special effects video showcase
  106. Mass Effect: Assignment (Interactive Fan Film)
  107. Dreaming Related Short Story
  108. Alyzarin's Free Writing Rants
  109. Weight of Silence
  110. And Old Song and A New One
  111. Mindwander's photography
  112. CREATINg a myhtology from sratch, add some mythology if u want to
  113. My dream world
  114. Fate Encounter
  115. Farewell to Wild River
  116. Afraid to live (a short story)
  117. Free Album: "Night Terrors"
  118. SoundCloud Artists tracks and things
  119. We have runned out of forgetfullness for the HOMM holds the rights on that spelling
  120. My dotted thoughts and an inspired idea.
  121. the awakening
  122. New Dream-Inspired Music Piece (No.2)
  123. Chained Souls: Epilogue {Book Two of the Chained Duet}
  124. Chained Souls: Night Sixteen--The Final Night
  125. redisreddish's drawings + photos
  126. Chained Souls: Night Fifteen {Book Two of the Chained Duet}
  127. Chained Souls: Night Fourteen {Book Two of the Chained Duet}
  128. Ambient Soundtrack
  129. My Dream-Inspired Music Piece
  130. Maui Photography - Video Slideshows
  131. Some prose
  132. Your Table - a poem.
  133. Interesting artwork
  134. speak your mind bout 2012
  135. Signature Showcase (opinions appreciated)
  136. Chained Souls: Night Thirteen {Book Two of the Chained Duet}
  137. [Video] UnKnown Moments 5
  138. So, so, Herr Doktor.
  139. Chained Souls: Night Twelve {Book Two of the Chained Duet}
  140. Chained Souls: Night Eleven {Book Two of the Chained Duet}
  141. Chained Souls: Night Ten {Book Two of the Chained Duet}
  142. Wildish poetry from the corridors of my labyrinth (mature symbolism and concepts, propably lamish)
  143. Your Very Own Novel
  144. Deery's Sketches 2.0
  145. how am I doing? (vocals) harrharr
  146. [ Signature Shop ]
  147. Panoramic shots
  148. Double Meaning.
  149. A Day at the Diner
  150. Duncan's Sketch Project
  151. To: My Readers
  152. Chained Souls: Night Nine {Book Two of the Chained Duet}
  153. Struck by random inspiration.
  154. Chained Souls: Night Eight {Book Two of the Chained Duet}
  155. Palmetto Flatwoods, an original composition with a slide show
  156. here's muh shit:
  157. Superman Line Art
  158. Uncanny~
  159. Am I dreaming's Blues Improv.
  160. Chained Souls: Night Seven{Book Two of the Chained Duet}
  161. flood of txt ...aka... and teh beat goes on ...aka... checklist (poeM)
  162. Lucid Dream based comic series.
  163. Chained Souls: Night Six {Book Two of the Chained Duet}
  164. Darkmatters' 1st speedpaint attempt
  165. Aesthetics And Other Axioms [Quantiq's Blog]
  166. Old Drawing - J. Belgier
  167. Writing a novel and I want to make my dreams a co-author
  168. Chained Souls: Night Five {Book Two of the Chained Duet}
  169. Chained Souls: Night Four {Book Two of the Chained Duet}
  170. It's Halloween night. Lets Dance!
  171. Stop Motion Film - What do YOU want to see next?
  172. My Red Balloon, A Lucid Dream poem
  173. My Ring tones on iTunes
  174. Some poems I've written
  175. Chained Souls: Night Three {Book Two of the Chianed Duet}
  176. Renewed Carousoul Art Thread
  177. Rap Industry Fan Fiction
  178. Novel in the making: Thorns
  179. Slash's Art
  180. Chained Souls: Night Two {Book Two of the Chained Duet}
  181. stuff i made
  182. Interesting Photos of "Things"
  183. Linkzelda41's Drawings
  184. This here has got more of whatever it is you need. Buy it.
  185. Chained Souls: Night One {Book Two of the Chained Duet}
  186. Merlin's Assorted Pic-a-tures
  187. Chianed Memories: Night Ten (Mythology related, mild language, mild sexual conduct) FINAL CHAPTER
  188. Am I dreaming's Photography
  189. Chained Memories: Night Nine (Mythology related, mild language, mild secual conduct)
  190. GIF avatars in case you are out of choice
  191. Chained Memories: Night Eight (Mythology related, mild language, mild sexual conduct)
  192. Passing Strange
  193. Majestic Video Game Track Uploaded *Island Of Peace*
  194. Chained Memories: Night Seven (Mythology related, mild language, mild sexual conduct)
  195. Within the system...
  196. Chained Memories: Night Six (Mythology related, mild language, mild sexual conduct)
  197. So we watch the City Glowing.
  198. Chained Memories: Night Five (Mythology related, mild language, mild sexual conduct)
  199. Chained Memories: Night Four (Mythology related, mild language, mild sexual conduct)
  200. The Windows of Time
  201. Chained Memories: Night Three (Mythology related, mild language, mild sexual conduct)
  202. The Sniper by Liam O'Flaherty
  203. A Question (In Reference to Chained Memories)
  204. Majestic - First Piano Composition
  205. Chained Memories: Night Two (Mythology related, mild language, mild sexual conduct)
  206. This is Not the Thread you're Looking For
  207. Chained Memories: Night One (Mythology related, mild language, mild sexual conduct)
  208. Random Poem
  209. :) hey check out my art
  210. RJ
  211. Dream Circle
  212. Autumn 2011 Art Thread
  213. Wanna hear me sing?
  214. Phantom Eyes (Short Story Part 1)
  215. Absence of the Unknown (poem/random musing)
  216. 2Dimensional Art with an Extra Dimension
  217. Spock animation. This is all a dream.
  218. Le Poetry Italiano
  219. Double Life
  220. Paid Graphic Design Work Available
  221. Seeking someone with potoshop etc. experience
  222. reaching lucidity (Iillustration)
  223. Sunshine 'n stuff (a lovely space to rent)
  224. My Caricature Attempts
  225. A New Rennaisance
  226. Justin's Art
  227. Arch's Sig
  228. Poems about Life
  229. Death Poetry
  230. Videos from my band
  231. mrdeano - Digtal Art Thread =D
  232. Supernova's doodles.
  233. Am I Dreaming's Triptych
  234. Photography Task 12/08 - 1/09: The sky
  235. Any Piano Musicians here?
  236. learning to draw digitally. some of my tsests.
  237. Musician looking to collaborate with animator
  238. Mancon's Dreamviews Lyrics!
  239. ** Justin's Official Signature/Avatar Request Form **
  240. Two drawings I just did
  241. Artistic Biography
  242. Artwork
  243. Darkmatters' Puppet Theatre
  244. A poem for RG
  245. Sunsets of Maui (video slideshow)
  246. Musicians of DV unite!
  247. Thunderstorm Beauties and the reality of the night.
  248. My trip to Maui (pics/vids!)
  249. Stolen by Sleep
  250. Diamondec Short stories, drawings, etc.