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  1. School,symbols,water and other misc weirdness
  2. Allowing domesticated horse to go off into the wild...
  3. A recurring person
  4. Someone help to figure this out
  5. Beautiful girl in my dream, all i can think about please help me
  6. Dreaming of a dark room in a basement
  7. Recurring dream themes: interpreters, have fun! LP
  8. I don't even know how to describe this...
  9. Struck By God
  10. Dream involving ex-boyfriend?
  11. weird dream that i cant shake .. help?
  12. pink clouds and balloons
  13. Seeing the future?
  14. Recurring Dream I just don't understand...
  15. two dreams
  16. "Stay away from the anti-guns"
  17. Hitting on someone's boyfriend, ice cream?
  18. Purgatory and Serial Killing
  19. Death Dream?
  20. School dreams
  21. Wearing the clothes of my therapists wife
  22. Re-occurring calling ex-girlfriend
  23. Dreams about sushi...?
  24. jail
  25. Two Snakes.
  26. Angry Dream
  27. Angry Dream
  28. a library, shelves with less books, and a picture in the center of the room
  29. dream question
  30. Old dreams (7-8 months) but a little confused.
  31. Nightmare
  32. I am flying like a bird many times
  33. wise man and tactical warfare
  34. A very sensible dream. But what does it convey?
  35. dream about flying and the sun
  36. freakyy dream..makes nooo sense
  37. exboyfriend..
  38. scary grudge girl?
  39. Recurring Dream.
  40. Very weird, kind of repulsive dream
  41. Cut-Throat Dream
  42. dreaming of my ex-boyfriend...still..?
  43. My boyfriends tattoos.
  44. What does this freaky dream mean? Can anyone with experience help?
  45. Anti-Christ
  46. feathers
  47. Weird dream that keeps bugging ME!
  48. iam a wolf
  49. Recurring dreams about finding a child/eating food?
  50. Why do I feel this way? Please interept!
  51. Late for Class?
  52. Sexual Dreams
  53. Ghost attacking me?
  54. I sent my self an email
  55. Dream where I get really fat - third time in a week.
  56. Wake up and heart is racing
  57. I almost never have shoes on in my dreams
  58. Nonsensical Dream
  59. Pennies at the lake?
  60. fem devil in a lucid dream?
  61. White Dress
  62. A strange dream filled with Symbols?
  63. I just don't know what to think
  64. 3 Dice - 666
  65. Countdown
  66. Fear of Abandonment
  67. Where do you get your interpretation from!?!?
  68. VERY Strange Dream of Adoption by One Who Wants to Get Pregnant... PLEASE HELP!
  69. Really Bothering Me
  70. Too real....
  71. Sinking and emerging - water lilies/lotus leafs
  72. Challenged To A Duel (by Myself!)
  73. My cousin and I
  74. Two Halves of One Mind
  75. Please help!!
  76. Help please please someone <3
  77. A dream about death that really shook me up
  78. Naked dream
  79. Dreams are real until I'm fully awake?
  80. Can't shake last nights dream!!
  81. Been having a dreams with this man, but I have NEVER met him in my life
  82. HELP! Anyone?!
  83. Please interpret !
  84. Hello there Buddha!
  85. cheating boyfriend dreams
  86. Extremely disturbing and vivid dream about moths.
  87. Evil self?
  88. My pregnant friend's dream
  89. A continual dream about a girl.
  90. The End Of The World
  91. A teacher I've never seen
  92. Wedding Dress
  93. Help with this dream please?
  94. Odd Family-ish Dream
  95. Spiders eating spiders
  96. Interpretation requested
  97. Weird pregnancy test dream
  98. Not sure if this should be in recurring dreams or here, but...
  99. what does this dream mean? about drugs?
  100. The oddest dream I've had in a while.
  101. Dreaming about trains
  102. Gun dream
  103. Having increasingly violent dreams, sign preceding brain disease?
  104. An Introspective journey In need of interpretation
  105. help :/
  106. Fat man in the bath with me???
  107. I had a religious dream 30 minutes ago - what does it mean?
  108. ex-boyfriend dreams..
  109. someone familiar in dream interpretation please
  110. help understanding this dream please
  111. important dream that NEEDS interpreting or i think im going to go crazy
  112. Weird dream, an explanation would be awesome.
  113. Looming Saturn
  114. Really weird dreaming.
  115. village museum, tour guide, movie dream
  116. Driving and Water
  117. Recent dream
  118. uncomfortable "everyone knows my secrets" dream
  119. Had a really interesting and vague dream of unrelated things, with a huge twist
  120. recurring dream situations :(
  121. Strange (but funny) military/airsoft/RPG dream
  122. Recurring sex dreams... help!
  123. Dreams about my ex-girlfriend
  124. Flowers in my veins?
  125. Please help me
  126. Interesting dream to interpret!
  127. Had a dream my boyfriend died and 3 months later he did
  128. The first nightmare I've recalled in years. And I don't like it one bit.
  129. I need help with this one... put on your reading glasses!
  130. Into the soul of the world
  131. undead
  132. The more I cut the longer her hair went
  133. Shot, in and out of consciousness, dead. Background info included.
  134. trying to close a window
  135. This dream has been bothering me sooo much. Help interpreting?? Pleasee?
  136. Is she my sister?
  137. Help 3rd eye
  138. Demon and Legal Execution Dreams
  139. He passed away in real life, now I had a nightmare about him.
  140. A sequel to my first dream that was posted! HELP please!
  141. very interesting dream
  142. Had an interesting dream...
  143. weird, funny dream with odd emotions.
  144. Dream with no climax about gf
  145. Me VS Subconscious- Confusing dreams
  146. Circus dream
  147. Last Nights Dream : Watching Survivor And Recalling The Dream
  148. recurring dream of expanding dot of light.
  149. Fish laying on the floor.
  150. With a fox in the Garden of Eden?
  151. Incest Dream?
  152. need help interpreting? bad nightmare!
  153. The Masters.
  154. Dream freaked me out.
  155. I really want to know what this dream means, It scared me..
  156. "I'm saving myself for somebody who doesn't think I'm just a dream."
  157. Really need help sorting this dream out please
  158. MONSTER dream.
  159. What does this dream mean?
  160. Disturbing dream :/ what do you think?
  161. The murder of strangers.
  162. please interpret
  163. My husband oftens dreams that he cannot find me in his dreams!
  164. Dream left me feeling bad in the morning
  165. No Blood?
  166. A couple of dreams
  167. The Bedside Guide to Dreams by Stase Michaels
  168. Dream of being trapped in water barely breathing?
  169. In love with the same woman as my ex!
  170. Bus Driver and the death of a little girl dream
  171. My Dream. . .
  172. Frequently having dreams in which I am extremely angry and annoyed at the people around me.
  173. magic powers
  174. chronically sick, dreaming of carnivorism
  175. dream of being allowed by president obama to become engaged to his daughter for marriage
  176. Dead father without arms, smiling
  177. She dreamt of kissing me, an opposite of me.
  178. The Acrobat in the Zoetrope
  179. i also have a recurring themein my dreams last night..
  180. Pregnant With A Cyclops Baby? XD
  181. watching myself inside my body
  182. wedding day with a guy i havent been dating that long, wedding dress missing, everything goes wrong.
  183. Recurring theme
  184. Dreams of Secret Places
  185. Coffee With The Dark Prince
  186. Third Eye
  187. A couple of dreams that really weirded me out...
  188. [Not my Dream] Apocolypse
  189. Weird Dream
  190. Intense Tiger dream
  191. Kleptomania in dreams...?
  192. A little help needed - dream interpretation.
  193. Such a calm universe
  194. A reoccurring dream
  195. Light door, red cat, medal with ribbon
  196. Help interpret 2 weird dreams!
  197. Why are you popping into my dreams-again?
  198. Incredibly freaky dream!
  199. All Of My Friends Are Five Year Olds!
  200. boyfriend's std dream
  201. My Ex
  202. Dream about my dog.. plz help
  203. We were looking for somewhere private
  204. Ordinary dream; strange message
  205. Attended Ex's Funeral met all his friends who had never heard of me
  206. Cryptic Competion
  207. Dream I lost a baby. Please help.
  208. Dead Rat
  209. Wedding crasher lol!
  210. Unusual experiences
  211. We killed a girl. Someone please help me make sense of this.
  212. recurrent nightmare about mother
  213. Need help to figure out a message in the dream
  214. Help! I cant interpret this dream???
  215. Weird Dream???
  216. Hello and Question
  217. i had this dream in 2006 but just found it in my diary
  218. girl, nurse, hospital, red stuff, green stuff
  219. wedding blues
  220. Crazy Dream...
  221. A Sexual, Transgendered Dream
  222. Crocodiles at the Ocean.
  223. Dream where parents make me pregnant
  224. My worst self-fearing dream
  225. Snakes..
  226. Dream about love/sexual encounter?
  227. A dream where I was under a spell
  228. Dream of My Own Wedding
  229. Angry drunk at airport and no response by authority
  230. Sundaes, kidnapping, Mary Poppins mixed with a bit of the Incredibles.
  231. I dreamt of a dying basking shark.
  232. I could not hold a paper?
  233. My death by gunshot with big loss feeling in my GF's dream
  234. Rabbit eating squirrel??
  235. Baby too heavy to hold
  236. teeth dreams.
  237. Dream: Earthquake buried my home.
  238. T-rex chasing me repeated dream
  239. Famous actresses, cash machines and time-travel.
  240. Extreme Zombie Dreams
  241. werewolves/wolves
  242. Strange Z Symbol?
  243. Help me please? :)
  244. Need a dream to be interpreted?
  245. Eating flowers??
  246. Odd little dream...
  247. Weird dreams
  248. My dad tried to kill me last night (in my dream)
  249. The Snake's Web
  250. dream about being chased and man trying to kill me