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  1. Umbrellas dipped in water?
  2. Dream like I've never had before. Tigers.
  3. Please help interpret: Crying, wrapped in a blanket
  4. Poltergeist dreams meaning for a phasmophobe?
  5. Can someone explain this to me .
  6. Can someone explain this to me .
  7. Hit by rain of javelins
  8. Dream of big cats: Tiger and Cheetah
  9. Premonition?
  10. Wondering soul
  11. please help , i want to know about Dream Where i Eat My self
  12. Alien or what
  13. Wedding and Lizard
  14. pantsed
  15. Most cryptic dream I have ever had
  16. Vicious Owl
  17. Journal format for interpreting dreams
  18. Sent back down to basement with growing monster, not allowed to climb up stairs with everyone
  19. I'm not sure what my dream is trying to tell me about my life
  20. What does it mean? Running for the light.
  21. big red neck mark
  22. 3 lying frogs
  23. Washing carrots?
  24. satan whispering in my ear
  25. venus/mars
  26. A really long, weird dream with a plot and ending
  27. My goat was really sick nightmare
  28. Boyfriend Breaking Up With Me
  29. Suicide reset
  30. Strange dream/ vision
  31. Weird Bridge Dream
  32. Very powerful dream.
  33. I'm hoping for an interpretation
  34. Strange symbolism in dream ?
  35. Dream of out-of-control SUV.
  36. Scary recurring suicide dream!
  37. Ex-Girlfriend says she was dreaming of me
  38. strange recurring dream
  39. Mass animal death (trigger warning)
  40. Statue trying to kill me
  41. Dreaming about murdering people
  42. Dreams of ex-girlfriend
  43. A couple of strange ones
  44. dreamt by a friend of mine
  45. most emotional dream for some reason
  46. please help me understand my dream.
  47. dream with alot of blood
  48. I keep having nightmares about death and escape
  49. And Old Dream
  50. Need help with these dreams
  51. My Friend Crying to Another Person?
  52. Can someone tell me or try to make light of this dream?
  53. strange things
  54. Recurring dream that I'm peeing in my pants on purpose
  55. Help
  56. Crazy cross-eyed vampire cat
  57. animals dream
  58. Dream interpreting waking life
  59. I keep dreaming about this certain girl
  60. The strangest dream I've ever had
  61. Dream Becomes Reality
  62. Woman in the window
  63. 3 Dreams in 3 Days -- all are related somehow
  64. I am having weird dreams
  65. Violent Dreams And False Memories
  66. The woman, the gemstones, the photo camera and my feelings
  67. Dream about a Tiger
  68. I'm inside an hourglass
  69. Russian Monsters
  70. The Apocalypse, a Centaur and a comedian !
  71. Eagle ready to kill a white rabbit
  72. corpse in attic
  73. buying a bus ticket
  74. Recurring person
  75. My Ex Boyfriend. Help!
  76. i was shamelessly cheating on my boyfriend that i love
  77. Very scary lots of symbols help
  78. Dreamt about someone i met once
  79. dream of heaven
  80. I fell in love with a criminal in my dream
  81. Dream about a dead friend
  82. Reoccurring angle of judgment and destiny
  83. Alaska keeps being mentioned
  84. Recuuring person in a dream
  85. disturbing dreams!
  86. Helicopter crash
  87. I was dead at my own wedding?
  88. Beautiful Urns and the ashes are ok I guess.
  89. I Dreamed of Being Kidnapped.. again.
  90. Saving my friend from suicide !
  91. I dream of a Quarter
  92. What does it mean to dream of moving house?
  93. Stressful dreams every night
  94. Very weird with multiple intentions dream
  95. I was sleeping in my ex-lover's bed at his parent's house while he was not there- what does it mean?
  96. To The Bank of the River Penumkek, And To The Sea By Foot
  97. Affair, torture, and dismemberment
  98. Receiving an animal totem?! Barn swallow and abandoned eggs
  99. Curious Dream about Ex Girlfriend, dream progression
  100. Coming out of the closet by accident
  101. Small Little Girl Being Crazy, and horrifying!
  102. recurring food dream
  103. Learned How To End Nightmares
  104. Marriage break up new beginning
  105. Rihanna is bitten by one of three scorpions in the spine
  106. getting attacked in bed
  107. Rocket Launch mixed feelings dream
  108. Back at school
  109. Shuttle challenger memorial dream
  110. Cat Hunting Another Cat
  111. Shot a Black Dog
  112. The Dream With The Native American Man
  113. Very Bizarre Objects (Demonic? Prophetic?)
  114. Goat man stalking sister and I
  115. An entity (possibly demonic?) told me to remember a sequence of numbers.
  116. Glass Shattering
  117. Horror dream with Tarot immagery...
  118. Old girl recurring dreams
  119. "A god walks among us..."
  120. I slept with my (former?) crush in a dream.
  121. Trying to have sex with my boyfriend in my dream, but...
  122. Swimming pool reoccurring
  123. Hi!I had a really wierd dream i hope you all could interpret it thank you!
  124. Hello I'm new, but help much appreciated!
  125. Somthing I need to see??
  126. cheating on girlfriend
  127. The mysterious "Maxine"
  128. 2 Red foxes, a fence, a mattress, an a Broom
  129. Dreaming about my two dead cats dying for two days in a row
  130. my first post, and a dream that has stuck with me
  131. Recurring (and escalating) dream about Charlie Sheen
  132. Most realistic dream I've ever had
  133. Falling in love in a dream?
  134. Disturbing decapitation dream...
  135. Recouring Dream and the third time is Lucid.
  136. I just had the most disturbing dream, what does it mean?
  137. same dream
  138. Spiders but in different context -please help
  139. emotional ex-girlfriend giving me drugs
  140. Almost got molested... And I was sometimes a ghost?
  141. reoccuring dreams, real life stress
  142. Dream about a snake
  143. Real life vision: New deluge, journey through space, transformation into demon, splitting of earth
  144. Foot severed dream, and attached it back my self. Any interpretation please?
  145. Same girl, different dreams. Help.
  146. Dreaming over and over again about the same guy i barely know but feel connected to
  147. Dreaming about a friend
  148. Pregnancy in dream
  149. What does it mean?
  150. Ugh Embarrassing sex dreams guys! But I'm curious!
  151. Two Dreams Need Help with Interpretation & Dream Signs
  152. Dreaming of 2 exes at once
  153. Was this a Lucid or a regular dream...?
  154. Brutal Murder Dream and Being Chased
  155. Was in a relationship with the character Stefan Salvatore off The Vampire Diaries
  156. Dream interpretation - Baby girl in car seat
  157. Dreams about this girl
  158. I had this dream a couple nights ago and would love to get help interpreting it
  159. Creating the universe...
  160. Deceased acquaintance from high school?
  161. What is my mind trying to tell me?
  162. kissing my friend, cheating on my girlfriend???
  163. PLEASE help me with this weird dream!!
  164. Please interpret this nightmare
  165. Dream about someone but another person shows up
  166. Dogs and Dinosaurs?
  167. weird dream
  168. Here's a weird one for you...
  169. My final hours: A car wreck, a slow death, a forgotten love, and a true friend.
  170. Shot in the head twice in one week
  171. Did I kill somebody ?
  172. Help - Baby dream/reality?!
  173. Very bizzare dream about an ex
  174. my dream into a nightmare
  175. Dream interpretation please
  176. Domestic violence dream terrified
  177. Need a patient good interpreter (lots of info)
  178. What is this dream?
  179. Interpretation: killing a dog with arrows.
  180. People are trying to kill me.
  181. Vampiro Disapproves Of Me
  182. Vivid, heartbreaking dream
  183. God - Dream
  184. New moon dream with Hindu deities
  185. Possibly my soulmate?
  186. Co-worker's dream
  187. Dream
  188. Menstrual bugs
  189. walking along rail track to hide
  190. He keeps pulling away
  191. What does it mean?
  192. In love and a broken heart
  193. Posting within an hour of waking from strange dream. Definitely a challenge for interpreters.
  194. Resurrection
  195. A weird dream about a strange woman, but in my dream I was her.
  196. sexual violence but really don't get why re-occuring
  197. Gunshot wounds, lying, WWE, and... guilt?
  198. Auras and Aliens.... Again.
  199. Dream interpretation - is this a future event
  200. tornadoes, hostage situation and pairs
  201. Reuqesting interpretation of a very disturbing dream.
  202. Weird dream please help
  203. Black frog
  204. crazy dream where i knew no body
  205. Need answers
  206. I got shot!
  207. Dreams of Space
  208. I am trying to find an explanation to this.
  209. Lion, Hay, Figure Covered In Blood, Fire, Fountain
  210. Dream about being an actress in a tv advert
  211. Lost Baby?
  212. Attempting to butcher myself for meat
  213. Bed and pillow dream
  214. Really long bridge made out of wood?
  215. Watching my previous dream in the cinemas?
  216. Scary bear chase turns out they want loving
  217. Dreams that have made me confused
  218. Got Shot, First Post
  219. My Dream about my classmate
  220. One Eyed Prophet Bear
  221. Leopard dream
  222. Sex + Dog attack
  223. I keep having really really depressing dreams?
  224. eyes on the back of my head
  225. Can someone interpret my dream?
  226. Very long, very intense death dream. Need help understanding
  227. Translate my dream?
  228. Hugging boyfriend who passed away?
  229. cavity in my sons face
  230. Ian Curtis, Former singer of Joy Division; Was it really him singing?
  231. I don't know the meaning of this dream.
  232. First Time Dream Consulting Outside Close Friends, Insight Appreciated
  233. Please interpret this dream I had this morning / last night
  234. HELP! Weird dream includes pregnancy, death, fish and weird men from the 60's
  235. Can't decipher a weird dream. Need help.
  236. You'll Never Believe This Dream
  237. Warnings? Please do not be skeptical
  238. Alligator guitar and return from the dead
  239. Last Nights Dream..Auras
  240. Is my dream telling me who I really like?
  241. Am I just over-thinking these dreams?
  242. Black Hand and a Book
  243. Multiple moons dream
  244. Disturbing Pseudoreality.
  245. Reoccurring dream that feel real and of feeling trapped with a evil presents.
  246. I woke up crying. I'm looking for opinions.
  247. what does dreaming of old people mean?
  248. Dream about having an ability and it not being accepted
  249. I was an lonely old man all in white
  250. Running away from white rats in a dream