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  1. Have I Lost A Twin? (not a lucid dream)
  2. Bizzare things happening... - request for a dream interpretation.
  3. Picking Flowers
  4. Does this mean anything?
  5. Seeds in dream meaning
  6. A lobster fought a crab in my dream
  7. Can someone please help me with my dream interpretation? Dream with horses and would like to know..
  8. Watching a stranger kill a kitten
  9. I helped to kill my friend
  10. Dream meaning?
  11. Just had a horrific dream
  12. kangaroo and bus
  13. meeting dead girl meaning?!
  14. love ghost sex pregnant
  15. Need help interpreting my dream please. I have a big crush on this man I met.
  16. suicidal dreaming
  17. Weird scifi dream
  18. Plane crashes, four forgotten children and feelings of undescribable happiness
  19. A Giant Sphere chasing me?
  20. Can the female cycle effect dreams??
  21. Dream bout me and my ex crying
  22. Dreamt the girl I like told me she likes me. What does it mean?
  23. My Dream Journal... Help!
  24. Dreamt I was ill and knew I was going to die, died, then became a ghost
  25. BDSM themes- could someone help me interpret this?
  26. Opinions on what these dreams mean?
  27. What...could this dream mean?
  28. Marriage dream about long distance boyfriend
  29. 'Good' dream about two ex's
  30. First post from newbie! Hummingbird dream
  31. can you help work out this dream about teeth crushing dogs travel and not waking x
  32. please someone explain my dream to me abt two moons
  33. Watching a man kill himself?
  34. I dream but nothing like this dream I actually remembered detail environment
  35. Need help!
  36. Neighbours Died
  37. ex-girlfriend charged with "seduction"
  38. cursed rocks and costumes
  39. Dreamt of girl touching me?
  40. Dreamt of meeting a dating coach
  41. fire kills everyone during tour of haunted house
  42. Can someone please explain this dream to me?
  43. Cheated on my husband?
  44. Same Boy/Man in dreams since very little
  45. fell into floor
  46. Stabbed to death?
  47. Monstrous turkey spirit in a hut
  48. the common teeth falling out but unsure about the reasons
  49. What could my dream mean?
  50. Talking to death
  51. Bad conscious
  52. What does this really mean?
  53. Killed three little girls then tried to save them
  54. Please help very scary confusing drea,
  55. White lion and surfing?!?
  56. Dying my hair
  57. Odd on a number of levels
  58. semi truck driving with the ex's friend.
  59. Leading a horse through murky water filled with snakes
  60. agent's
  61. My nightmares 2 nights ago
  62. LD with Intent
  63. Woman in black screaming at me
  64. What is the meaning of this dream?
  65. Taking over dream
  66. Breaking in mansion
  67. Having sadist dreams. Just need some sort of possible clarification
  68. Vivid reoccurring dream theme
  69. An Odd Dream about Strangers, my Deceased Cat, and Tigers...
  70. Dream about a great medieval war and a Red army.
  71. My friend's wife and War!
  72. The Doctors
  73. Spiders web
  74. Serial killer dreams
  75. Haunted house?..
  76. My Subconscious Left Me A Note
  77. Me, My Ex and a Baby
  78. It felt like a real life video game, help with interpretation.
  79. Dream Interpretation Request (Have to lock a room, bad people around)
  80. boss problems
  81. Money? Happiness? Smiles?
  82. Shrooms in Dreams? Interpretation!
  83. Here for answers on 2 Dreams.
  84. Really weird dream involving my mother
  85. dream/premonition of ex
  86. Strong glare
  87. Bears
  88. Talking about the Ex
  89. Dream I've been having since I was 9...
  90. Had a demon in my dream
  91. An unknown entity that I played with started to pull my hair violently, then my face was replaced.
  92. Really messed up dream: I took out someone's eyes wtf
  93. Trapped in a car with my abusive mom
  94. My best friend's ex.
  95. Dream about someone I can't get over - help very much appreciated!
  96. Lucid dream about my childhood
  97. Green sex dream....
  98. Without skin and Iced
  99. I was chasing the snake
  100. Slaughter a Cow
  101. Twin Flame Dream
  102. Dream about one of the Kidney failure.
  103. Overflowing from a water faucet
  104. Grossed out by dream of older man kissing young fighter girl- twice this week
  105. She gave me roses, then I beat her :(
  106. Violent, Gruesome Nightmare
  107. What is this dream about?
  108. Future
  109. New to this... Odd dream
  110. Slamming doors: Do you think this is realted to my past?
  111. Two dreams I had, right after the other, didn't wake up in between
  112. What IS The Meaning Of These 2 Dreams?
  113. Very long time recurring dream back again, help!
  114. Strange Dream...eaten alive? could you please interpret???
  115. Really vivid dream
  116. had a weird dream that disturbed me all day
  117. Really confusing dream
  118. Strangely Vivid Dream?
  119. Cremated arms
  120. Dream about police and my brother
  121. Woke Up Crying, Really need help :(
  122. 11:11 and 8's in dreams??
  123. Plz help me with this dream!
  124. is it a sign that my deceased grandfather appeared in my boyfriends dream?!
  125. "if she is calling you, she is calling you"
  126. Catching some Fish.?
  127. Strange Dream
  128. science dreams that don't make sense
  129. I was in a school shooting.
  130. My mother died in my arms.
  131. Another Parental Nightmare - Need Clear Interprteation PLEASE!
  132. Sleep paralysis dream while seemingly awake and coherent?
  133. Boyfriends dream
  134. Recurring dream: Looking for a Knife
  135. Anger
  136. Another Dream About Death (Mom)
  137. Poop mansion
  138. Visiting my ex girlfriend
  139. drowning
  140. Elephant Dream
  141. Falling in love with a girl that got a crush
  142. 2 Dreams about an OLD crush that might be trying to tell me something
  143. Three dreams - Three deceiving women
  144. Extraterrestrial visitor
  145. Method of interpretation
  146. glass heart
  147. Door to Never-ending road, doors to beaches
  148. Multiple Dreams about my deceased dad?
  149. My Deceased Father Came To My Sister last night?
  150. I have sleep apnea
  151. Gas Chamber in abandon Ayslum
  152. Very Vivid Dream I'd Like Answers To
  153. Dark dreams in consecutive nights
  154. What is the Lucid Dream Figure Called "King Kampera's Passion"
  155. struck by lightning, died and then revived
  156. Predicting things which i shouldn't have known.
  157. The invisible jeweled snake
  158. Romance? Past-feelings?
  159. This one's a crazy dream.
  160. Recurring dream about faking pregnancy.
  161. Very strange dream
  162. dream about Henry VIII
  163. Dreams of a girl I don't know
  164. Taking a shower at a girl's place I like
  165. flooding baby monster?
  166. Strange dream that needs answers
  167. Resurrection of Myself...?
  168. Dream about boyfriend's ex
  169. Few questions bout a dream last nite, pretty confused please help.
  170. Noticed a detail in my most recent dreams
  171. Lake of Fire
  172. Can anyone interpret this dream?
  173. 2 Eagle dreams had by separate people on one individual?
  174. Dream about a parasite in my ear
  175. Red Rot Patches and Unknown Feeling of Horror needs some interpretation
  176. Air travel or family?
  177. Recurring Dream....
  178. The most vivid dream I've ever had.
  179. Bear Cub, chained up and angry
  180. weirdly symbolic dream?
  181. a random man....
  182. Dream about slicing pigs throat?
  183. I'd greatly appreciate help with this one.
  184. ...boss sex?
  185. Dream about car accident?
  186. Very intense dreams in rapid succession.
  187. Dog Biting left hand
  188. Nightmare
  189. My grandfather died
  190. house , strangers!
  191. A dream that was weird
  192. House search saga
  193. dream of being depressed
  194. Dream about wedding good or bad?
  195. Dream about crying dog, woke up crying!
  196. Ruby ring?Dream sign?
  197. Disturbing dream about making out with my niece
  198. Dead butterfly
  199. Rescuing my cat
  200. help with sexual dream of ex
  201. stalking doors.....was i awake?
  202. A dream I can't shake off, and I usually forget dreams quick. Please interpret this.
  203. Spider
  204. i dont know what this dream means..
  205. Need help with a dream with lot of stuff in it.
  206. My Friends & the Black Dogs !
  207. I keep having dreams about the end of the world
  208. I keep dreaming about a past/present crush
  209. Please Interpret my dream for me thank you
  210. Two Teleporters: One to the Future, the other, Past
  211. Meanings?
  212. Recurring Motifs Last Two Nights
  213. New here and need to know about my dream..
  214. Brother (Surreal Dream, Need Help Understanding)
  215. Hello all! UK Newbie here...
  216. Dreaming about my ex still? (He was my first love)
  217. Science Fiction Dream
  218. Is my dream answering my problem?
  219. Series: Dreams of Travel, Drugs and Authority
  220. The winged cat in ancient times
  221. He has a boyfriend. Why was he staring at me?
  222. Dream about sleeping in my dream...
  223. creepy dream about a dead baby
  224. Zombie Apocalypse Dream (long and very sad) Interpretation needed
  225. A smell in dreams
  226. Home wasn't really home. And the first lucid dream i had.
  227. Does a dream about a deceased relative on the phone mean their trying to contact you?
  228. Insurmountable staircase, loose killer and other such oddities
  229. Zombie / Gang dreams
  230. So every few dreams is about my teeth... Is it a sign?
  231. To dream about a naked man means death of a woman?
  232. Dream about rape
  233. Dream about being covered in cheese means?
  234. Dream about my father
  235. 3 recurring dreams
  236. Dreaming of acting
  237. Dream about teacher in a coma?
  238. Dream that I was kissed on cheek means betrayal or death? :/
  239. Dreaming about my dog
  240. I had a dream about performing with a band? What does it mean?
  241. hi dreamviews.
  242. Disturbing murder dream, Please help!
  243. Tarot card reader with a pet tiger
  244. Same dream three times, what does it mean?
  245. Family deaths.
  246. Little girl stalking my dreams
  247. Scary dream about becomming a monster
  248. dream of long ago ex?
  249. Please help me in interpreting my dream
  250. Dream about my dog brandi...