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  1. The equation of consciousness.
  2. WBTB - 7 Minutes to REM
  3. Communicating Directly with the Unconscious through a Lucid Dream (Question/Experiment)
  4. LSDBase.org now Featuring Subjects
  5. Full Moon Reality Check
  6. Practical Traversion Lucid to Reality application
  7. suceeded projects
  8. Humorus opening for a speech on Lucid Dreaming
  9. The Vibrations - Measured and Weighed
  10. This brainwave entrainment session really messed me up
  11. Dream Sharing Theory
  12. Participants Wanted for Mutual Dreaming Study
  13. LSDBase
  14. Temperature and Lucidity/Sleeping (Data Thread)
  15. Picking a dream before you fall asleep?
  16. Interactive Lucidity Exercise!!! How long is your Dream Schlong??!!
  17. Hypnotic/Psychological Lucidity Induction
  18. Dimethyltryptamine. Heard of it?
  19. Dream Recorder!
  20. The effect of temperature on lucidity and sleeping in general
  21. DV Member Dreams Hacked
  22. Quiting Marijuana: Effects on Dream Recall/Lucidity
  23. Looking for volunteers for experiment in scientific dream-to-dream communication.
  24. Lucid Dream Assistant
  25. African Dream Herb Observations! Also called Xhosa Herb or Silene Capensis
  26. Free Global Lucid Dreaming Research Database
  27. Drink Induced Lucid Dreaming?
  28. Awareness + State of Mind research.
  29. my modified version of wbtb
  30. Binaural beat experiment
  31. A supplement test
  32. That grey area between sleep and waking.
  33. Experiment
  34. 7 Day Trial: Tea Before Bed
  35. Multiverse?
  36. Software to make it easier to fall asleep whilst keeping the mind awake
  37. Becoming a Natural Lucid Dreamer
  38. 90 Day MILD quest.
  39. Get Ready for Social Dreaming!
  40. Homemade EEG
  41. The evolution of video games!
  42. The evolution of video games!
  43. Raised arm to fall into luciditiy?
  44. Peanut butter works AFTER you stop taking it??
  45. Any Australians who have had dreams involving time?
  46. Software to induce a shared dream?
  47. Comunication with external world while dreaming.
  48. Shared Dreaming, Moon Dust
  49. Using the Placebo Effect in Lucid Dreams
  50. Headaches during/after lucid dreaming...
  51. holographic universe.
  52. Building muscle mass by dreaming
  53. 90 Days WILD (Phase 2 Continuation)
  54. The Afresh Project *Come see what I'm talking about!*
  55. Dream Incubation Study- ONLINE
  56. Zeo
  57. I'm a musician. Can I practice while asleep?
  58. 90 day simultaneous DILD/WILD Project
  59. Oneirogenics
  60. Experiment: Is this world the same as the dream world
  61. Hopefully a new technique, or at least a good version of a known technique.
  62. International Association for the Study of Dreams & Dream Science foundation
  63. Lucid dreaming as a psychological tool
  64. WILD Dream Stages
  65. NO RC Experiment
  66. Workout before sleep?
  67. Questions About the Lucidity Institute
  68. Lucid Dream Technology.
  69. Binaural apps for iPod touch
  70. Neuroscience & oneirology
  71. 30 Day WILD Experiment(You're Welcome To Join)
  72. Dreaming "Potion"
  73. Dream part II
  74. Muscle Memory??
  75. Myzeo Data Collection
  76. Dream To Real Life Skill Research Project
  77. Dream borderland studies
  78. Research Study
  79. There is no limit to what you can dream...or is there?
  80. Relative / Perfect Musical Pitch in Dreams
  81. Looking for lucid volunteers for real science!
  82. LD / OBE Group In New York City Area
  83. need any scholarly journal articles?
  84. Idea, Weird Idea
  85. Investigating Shared Dreaming w/ the Scientific Method
  86. The "Inception" Technique - Experiment - all are welcome!
  87. Experimenting with Dymaxion sleep schedule.
  88. Auditory Hypnagogia: write what you hear.
  89. Strange phenomena in my friend...and me!
  90. hypnagogia experiments
  91. My experiences and experiments !!!
  92. Dream Song
  93. 90 Day Lucidity Enhancement Experiment
  94. 90 Day Beginner LD Rate Improvement Experiment 2
  95. music alarms while asleep experiment
  96. 90 Day Beginner LD Rate Improvement Experiment
  97. Towards the ?
  98. Newtz1995's 50 Day Dream Recall and Lucid Advancement Experiment
  99. Depression and Epic (as in lengthy) Dreams
  100. Was it a Lucid or Projection?
  101. Stopping with marijuana to experiment...
  102. New Techniques
  103. The placebo effect and lucid dreaming.
  104. The WILD-DILD Relationship (36 Day Test)
  105. My 30 day MILD experiment!! all welcome to join aswell
  106. How to monitor brain waves
  107. Search for my perfect EILD device
  108. REM Cycles are the same for everyone?
  109. The 90 Day Paradiso Project
  110. My 30 day mild test (beginner)
  111. The 30 Days Newbie Immersion Technique (IILD)
  112. Idea for a new method - JILD? (Journal Induced Lucid Dream)
  113. Do Reality Checks, its a proved method that affects everyone?
  114. Need help with lucid dreaming?
  115. Theta State Inducing Anchors
  116. Location Displacement In Same Dream
  117. Active Lucid Precognitive Dream Research.
  118. About dream recall, that is pretty much the key of everything
  120. My 90 Day MILD Test
  121. Need ideas to induce dream elements
  122. "Resort Philosophy" - one certain dream location.
  123. Altering Sleeping Conditions
  124. My own 90 day WILD project
  125. Spot the differnce results page
  126. A way to potentially drastically increase your rate of RCs.
  127. Dream sign experiment [participants needed]
  128. [Experiment] - The influence of taste/smell on dreams.
  129. Very interesting tech for LD, a must read for people wanting to build a LD device!!!!!
  130. Shared Dreaming - Would This Work?
  131. Exploration of the Dream Guides Phenomenon - lucidmax15895's Research Project
  132. the subconscious and dreaming, a neurological perspective
  133. The DEILD Project - 90 Day
  134. "I am the master of this universe" - A dream control theory
  135. Combined LD Indution Technique Research
  136. Science of Dreams Report
  137. Sun Sounds and dream inducement
  138. Nootropics
  139. How much can your subconscious handle?
  140. How much can your subconscious handle?
  141. Vision induced lucid dream.
  142. Homemade "Nova Dreamer"...?
  143. CAT research
  144. Dreaming is healthy for you and your memory
  145. The 90 Days WILD Project Phase 2
  146. Dream Glove for Communication
  147. Audio Comprehension Experiment
  148. Interpretation of Audio While Dreaming
  149. Very effective Method of Detecting REM, Lucidity, and WEC
  150. Psychology of Dreams by Eleanor H. ROSCH, Berkeley Uni.
  151. Multiplayer Dream Game Idea
  152. 27th annual IASD dream conference to be held in Asheville, North Carolina
  153. Time traveling in dreams
  154. Acquiring Hidden Knowledge In Lucid Dreams
  155. Hogwarts Dreams: A Dreaming Project
  156. Shared Dreaming Research
  157. What does brain activity look like during the day?
  158. Your Dream Body - Research
  159. Scientists Discover Way to Record Dreams...
  160. AC-WILD (Alarm Clock assisted-WILD)
  161. Need Help Interpreting a Dream
  162. Dream Electocution
  163. Recording myself as I sleep
  164. OBE, AP, LD differences and research basics
  165. Relation between dream and awake flying.
  166. Photography research - dreams/ fantasies short questionnaire
  167. The contrast between REM dreams, non-REM dreams, and the waking state
  168. Tutorials = Placebo effect
  169. Lucid/shared dreams
  170. The 90 Days WILD Project
  171. sleep paralysis and the unknown
  172. Ecstasy Induced Lucid Dream
  173. Complex Character Induced LD.
  174. Jung vs Jouvet
  175. Experimenting with Calea Z!
  176. How do you see in dreams?
  177. Shared or Psychic Dream experimenters?
  178. Optimized Alarm clocks?
  179. Preparing Calea Zacatechichi
  180. Possibility that someone is just not capable of lucid dreaming
  181. Lucid dreaming + Psychoactive drugs
  182. Cannabis-Induced-Lucid-Dreaming ( OH YEA )
  183. Lucid Dreams Could Stop Smoking?
  184. Dream Recall Workshop
  185. Dream help beverage experiments
  186. Nova: What Are Dreams?
  187. Cannabis and Pineal Activation
  188. Project: Lucidity
  189. Lucid Dreaming and Virtual Reality
  190. [Project]BBILD Study
  191. Don't call me crazy, but let's share a dream.
  192. Genuine Concern and Curiosity...
  193. Dmt
  194. i-Dosers
  195. Brain regions involved in Lucid Dreaming
  196. influencing the brain waves with the light
  197. Roll Signal Success Research
  198. Roll Signal Success Research
  199. How long did it take you to learn how to lucid dream
  200. Musical intervals in dreams
  201. My Psychotic Project
  202. How does marijuana affect your lucid dreaming?
  203. Now Hiring! - Lucid Dream Book Project - Want In?
  204. Does anyone have access to a Transcranial Magnetic Stimlation (tMS) machine?
  205. Placebo Effects through LucidDreaming?
  206. Sleep walking... conciously
  207. Receiving a Dream Massage to Relieve Tension
  208. Looking for a group to test the MindMaster.
  209. Dream Application
  210. Has This Blind Study Been Done Before?
  211. Music Induced Lucid Dream
  212. Self Induced Hypnosis While in WILD
  213. Lucid/Conscious Dreams and Sidereal Time
  214. Dream Body moves Sleeping body
  215. hey guiz! Hypnosis lucid dream
  216. Mylynes Techniques Practice Thread
  217. Round Table Discussion: Lucid Dream Every Night (method)
  218. Line Induced Lucid Dreaming
  219. Ravenna's Dream Practicum?
  220. I may have found the Key to Lucid Dreams: Ground breaking Research
  221. Try a New Style of Reality Check...
  222. DHA Research Topic (Ends July 25th)
  223. Lucid Aid Trials?
  224. New Technique, TILD.
  225. Dream Object
  226. Kit Cats guide to Obtaining Lucidity in less then 5 days!
  227. The DCILD
  228. The "Falling" Sensation
  229. Wakata’s Deep Lucid Tasks of the Month (it's research, trust me)
  230. Knot 'n' String Thing - (LD practice technique)
  231. Eye open technique
  232. CIWILD - LD in 30 seconds
  233. Sleep Survey
  234. DC Experiment (anyone tried this?)
  235. Mystically Disappearing EILD-Device Syndrome and how to Combat it: The OWBTB.
  236. Converting DILDs > WILDs
  237. How similar, neurologically, is the dream state to the waking state?
  238. Iadr's Wild Technique
  239. If you really want a Lucid Dream...
  240. NativeDreamers's ANILD and Variations
  241. Looking for team members to aid in experiment
  242. HolyGrail LD Project
  243. The most random WILD tech ever
  244. Lucid Dreaming Experiment – Participants Wanted!
  245. Probably The Best Way To LD
  246. Music Induced Lucid Dream
  247. Music/Alarm ILD idea...
  248. Audio track induces LDs
  249. Spontaneously Induced Lucid Dreams
  250. New VILD Technique