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  1. Audio track induces LDs
  2. Spontaneously Induced Lucid Dreams
  3. New VILD Technique
  4. RCs: The perfect way to induce LDs
  5. My New Method
  6. Music induced lucid dreams
  7. Do you think this will work?
  8. Lucidity by Meditation Technique (L.B.M.)
  9. Possible lucid dreaming induction technique
  10. Playing-Dead Induction of Lucid Dreams?
  11. MuILD
  12. Repetitive Nap Lucid Dream.
  13. Waking Charactoristics and LDing
  14. The Tetris induced Lucid Dream
  15. Green Tea and Lucid dreams.
  16. DAPILD (Determination, Acceptance and Peace)
  17. Meconium
  18. Sex Dream Expirement - Need Subjects
  19. Experimental Subject Looking for Experiment
  20. Scientists extract images directly from brain
  21. EILD- Emotion Induced Lucid Dream
  22. 8 Hour Lucidity - Need Researchers
  23. Repetition learning with lucid dreams
  24. A little dream experiment
  25. Lucid Dreaming Experience and Experiments
  26. Dream Content and Political Ideology
  27. xanax will allow you...
  28. That familiar feeling...
  29. Dream Interpretation
  30. Cigarettes and recall
  31. lucid dreams and hormones
  32. Using Sleep Programming for scientific research
  33. Effectiveness of Mugwort Herb
  34. Inducing Lucid Dream responses with Hipnosis
  35. An idea for experiment
  36. Easiest Working Method to LD! Malac's BHILD
  37. Natural Lucidity Research
  38. Igniting Lucidity Technique~ILT
  39. AILD - Binural Affirmation Statements (3d surround)
  40. Research Results: Gender, Handedness, Dream Journal Use and Lucidity
  41. A proposed meditation expirement.
  42. Chocolate and LDs.
  43. Think you can do anything in a lucid dream? Participate in an empirical study!
  44. A New Tactic?
  45. Biology experiment help
  46. Self Generated Hallucinations experiment
  47. Narcolepsy and dreaming (plus other related stuff)
  48. Going to start an in-depth experiment of dreamworld
  49. DMT and pineal gland.
  50. Messages From Water
  51. I-Doser
  52. White noise/radio experiment
  53. i want to try..... is this possible?
  54. i want to try..... is this possible?
  55. Surgery
  56. Scild
  57. Law Of Attraction (discussion of idea)
  58. Tutorials in the Making...?
  59. DreamViews !Lucid Dreamers Experiment. Techniques and success!
  60. Sleep Positions and Lucidity
  61. Water crystals
  62. Databases
  63. 10 Simple Questions
  64. Back to the Basics
  65. effects of polyphasic sleep on lucidity
  66. Reprograming your subconscious
  67. The Milvoe Technique-- Go on, try it.
  68. Dissociative WILD
  69. Lucidity Institute Is Calling For Help!
  70. Volunteers needed for a study for new MP4
  71. Hallucination or walking method
  72. Hallucination control
  73. Worth Researching???
  74. Dream and memory expriment, possible new technique. Need test subjects, calling all DV people.
  75. 2 DILD variations
  76. DREAM TEAM (Need Participants)
  77. Tibetan Dream Yoga Experiment
  78. The personality effect
  79. nicotine patch helps lucidity?
  80. An Idea for an experiment
  81. sleep deprivation study
  82. A.E.P Experiment (Accuracy of Ethereal Projections)
  83. Reverse MILD - Need Helpers
  84. Memory Technique + Lucid Dreaming
  85. (POLL) RCs - 'spontaneous dream habit' or 'confirmation of suspicion'?
  86. Weekend Lucids
  87. Juniper Berrys
  88. *lucid Dojo*
  89. Splitting Attention Focus From Visual Focus
  90. Wilding With Marijuana Research
  91. Super Hearing Method
  92. Charting Out Lucid Dream "cycles"
  93. The Lc (lucidity Scale)
  94. Average Dream Recall And Lucidity Rate
  95. Possible New Rcs
  96. Communicating Without The Use Of Words
  97. Dream Study!
  98. Marijuana + Wbtb
  99. Lets All Try To Connect Through A Dream (Could Be A Fun Project)
  100. Dreams And Memory
  101. Plop Yourself Back Into Your Dreams To Become Lucid
  102. Attention All Lucid Dreamers!
  103. Radio Static Experiment
  104. Research On Binaural Beats
  105. An Experiment Into Shared Dreaming
  106. Do Lucid Dreamers Have A Particular Learning Mode/style In Common?
  107. Does Bed Orientation Affect Lucid Dreaming Frequency?
  108. Do Lucid Dreamers Have A Particular Personality Trait In Common?
  109. A Potential Side-affect Of Lucid Dreaming..?
  110. Most Comen Dream Symbles
  111. Wild Transition Phase
  112. Lucid Learning
  113. Sleep/dream Harmful Substances/actions/conditions
  114. Sleeping Positions
  115. Quitting Cigarettes Effect Dreams?
  116. Incubation Research
  117. Hi's And A Sleep Mask
  118. The Psinetic Theory
  119. Ginkgo + Calea Zacatechichi
  120. Implicit Memory In Lucid Dreams
  121. Psychology Essay
  122. Recall/awareness By Color
  123. Recall Research
  124. The Rem Project
  125. Sound Experiment.
  126. Testing Latest Version Of Dreammaker Basic
  127. Reverse Ultrasound And Dreams
  128. Rem-rebound Experiment.
  129. FDILD - False Dream Induced Lucid Dream
  130. Theta Tones...Morning Triggers
  131. RILD, have a LD with out tring to
  132. Vibrating Watch - WatchMinder2
  133. Extraneous stimuli
  134. Masturbation/Sex: Effects on Recall, Vividity & Lucidity
  135. CHILD, could it work?
  136. Ongoing: Lucid Dream Encyclopedia Project
  137. Tea Experiment
  138. I have an idea for an experiment if not already been used
  139. Helping without LDing
  140. Lucid Dreams and the Transpersonal
  141. does it really run in family?
  142. Organization for the Shared Dreaming Experiment
  143. New induction tequnique test. GCT (gum chewing technique)
  144. 100% WILD success...
  145. Children and LDs
  146. Lucid Living Research Project
  147. A written abstract journal
  148. New Idea
  149. Real time distortion
  150. Willed lucid dreams
  151. *NEW* Technique perhaps
  152. The effects of cheese on ones dream
  153. Color Quiz
  154. Dream Study
  155. Lucid song-writing experiment
  156. Research on Mood and Dreams
  157. Making research easier & Boring and Interesting dreams
  158. Entering LUCIDS while emersed in GANZFELD
  159. Would this work?
  160. Research Topic?
  161. New events in effect to the subconscious.
  162. LD as Therapy Tool
  163. Reframing Trauma by Lucid Dreaming
  164. Mastering Lucid dreaming
  165. CWILD technique
  166. The 7 planes - astral travel and drug use
  167. Online-Experiment: tossing coins in your dreams!
  168. Dream Archetypes and Farewell For Now
  169. Will sleeping pills hinder or help your dreaming
  170. One week of amazing health: My Self Test
  171. The Physical Activity Experiment
  172. STM & Judgment Experiment
  173. experiment (need help/ideas)
  174. Got Lucid Today? Post here!
  175. Sign up for the Shared Dreaming Experiment!
  176. Increasing The Odds Of Meeting In A Lucid Dream P O L L
  177. The Research Team assistant
  178. Can lucids affect your waking life?
  179. Sort of a reserch project.
  180. The Research assistant found.
  181. Guidelines for Better Results
  182. Thought Processes and Meditation
  183. FILD
  184. Testing a slightly refined method of AILD
  185. Research the Research
  186. Repeated Waking Induced Lucid Dream
  187. Visual stimuli for HI
  188. Dream Partners
  189. REM Detectors (again)
  190. Reverse reality checks
  191. Newbie seeks new methods
  192. Low dosage of nutmeg.
  193. Member involvement
  194. The HIGH Technique
  195. Shared Lucids
  196. A new approach to the WILD thing
  197. A little experiment I tried a couple weeks ago...
  198. Does what you eat before bed affect dream recall? Take 2!
  199. Mind Calming & Dream Recall
  200. Calming sounds and dreams
  201. Just a thought.
  202. Subconscious Creativity & Literature
  203. WARNING: This experiment may cause temporary madness.
  204. a thought
  205. Imagination is the key.
  206. Art Work
  207. Howetzer is your team leader
  208. Television and Lucid Dreaming
  209. Relationshi between age and number of lucid dreams
  210. LILD induction method-does it work?
  211. Starting a new thread in this forum
  212. To catch a dream
  213. Something i tryed
  214. Meditation and frequency of LDs
  215. For women only
  216. EEG and lucid dreaming
  217. Neurological Pathways -- Mind over Matter
  218. NiGHTS' first experiment of evilness and doom! ph33r
  219. Does what you eat before bed each night affect dream recall?
  220. shared dreaming
  221. Laboratory Standard Operating Procedures