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  1. Lucid dream and nightmare resolution. Participants wanted
  2. What are we doing with it?
  3. Academic survey about lucid dreaming
  4. Lucid Dreaming & Depression: Call for Participants!
  5. MILD + WBTB experiment
  6. Possible audio induced lucid dreaming
  7. Study finds that "Dreaming is [indeed] perception unconstrained by sensory input."
  8. rvdc is one of the ⚘Greatest⚘Psidreamer's ever
  9. New LaBerge study on Galantamine published (it works)
  10. Lucid Dreaming Sex: Effects on Waking Sexual Experience
  11. Other Senses in Dreams
  12. An Investigation Into Consciousness
  13. Vivid dreaming study
  14. Do Plants Dream?
  15. I need knowledgeable people to answer my one question...
  16. Realistic, Accurate, Time Dilation
  17. can we map out the dream world
  18. Are Dreams the key to existence ?
  19. Google files patent to track user's sleep with infrared
  20. Falling asleep with big headphones
  21. Is lucidity/dream recall affected by where and with who you sleep with?
  22. Lucid dreaming vs waking life 'intutions' in guessing a 3 digit number
  23. sleep band trackers
  24. How has Lucid Dreaming Affected your Life?
  25. Opinions on light blocking devices (sleep masks, blackout blinds etc.)
  26. Portions of the brain fall asleep and wake back up all the time
  27. Dream Journal Statistics
  28. Supernatural agents/spirit beings in LUCID dreams
  29. Survey on lucid dreams and related experiences
  30. Scale for Examining Lucidity in Dreams Part 2
  31. Scale for Examining Lucidity in Dreams
  32. Attached thesis exploring how lucid dreaming may assist mindfulness training
  33. Need help with my LD research
  34. shadow people
  35. Can We Turn Our Dreams Into Watchable Movies?
  36. If we change the Terminology we use just before we go to sleep help us?
  37. Lucid Dreaming Survey
  38. Free Running (parkour) and High Platform Dream Meaning?
  39. Research Shows that LDers Brains Differ from the Regularly Unaware
  40. Scientists Discover People Who Are Awake Can Influence Dreams Of Sleeping People Using Telepathy
  41. LIFE CHANGING Lucid Dreaming Device!!!
  42. Lucid Dreamers May Help Unravel the Mystery of Consciousness
  43. 3$ "Mask"
  44. Neurocluster Brain Model scientific basis of Lucid Dreaming
  45. You May Want to Hit the Snooze Button
  46. Algorithms of Dreaming: Google and the "Deep Dream" Project
  47. Dreams turned off and on with a neural switch
  48. University of Adelaide Conducts Research on B Vitamins and Their Influence on LD
  49. Supressing the amygdala
  50. Dark pulse induced lucid dream
  51. craziest experiment ever.
  52. Astral Projection, Soul, Afterlife Experiment.
  53. Experience with TDCS/CES? Experience with Mind-Alive David Delight PRO?
  54. Rats 'dream' paths to a brighter future
  55. Sleep dep rem boost experiment
  56. categorizing levels of Lucid dream experience
  57. Is lucid dreaming a useful tool to help develop Mindfulness?
  58. RC + alarm DEILD experiment: would you join me ?
  59. Experiment: Building a New Dream Sign
  60. Max Planck Institute: self-reflection in everyday life is more pronounced in lucid dreamers
  61. How does Marijuana affect your dreaming?
  62. University of Adelaide - seeking Australians for study on lucid dreams
  63. Dream Organization
  64. Memory of dream
  65. Sleep - information from simple to advanced
  66. Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation and tACS phosphenes effect on dreams (idea for expediment)
  67. Mental imagery its limits and mechanisms
  68. University of Bern finds that dreamers take 50% longer to complete their tasks compared to waking
  69. Precog dream experiment
  70. Examining the Effects of Meditation While Lucid Dreaming
  71. Music/Sense Cues Cause Emotion
  72. New Neuroscience Study on Lucid Dreaming at University of Wisconsin - Madison
  73. Learning to control the placebo effect
  74. Manipulating dreams with spoken language
  75. Lucid dreaming survey
  76. Eye Movement Communication
  77. Multiple Perspectives
  78. Lucid Dreams Affect Real Life?
  79. Volunteers needed: Meeting a deceased person in a LD
  80. Have you had an Out-of-Body Experience? - Research (Nottingham Trent Uni) until tonight 23:50 (GMT)
  81. Research by the University of Lincoln: lucid dreamers show greater insight in waking life
  82. Stereo Vision in Dreams
  83. DreamCatcher, the application that wakes you before having nightmares
  84. The Creation of a New Lucid Technique: Closed Eye Hallucination while awake.
  85. University study in Missouri investigating lucid dreams--in need of local participants
  86. Right DLPFC exercises
  87. Pain Dream Study - In need of participants!
  88. Interesting Survey about the connection between Lucid Dreaming and Meditation
  89. Lucid Dreaming Survey - Share Your Lucid Dreaming Experience
  90. UK (London & Midlands) based lucid dreaming research project. looking for participants.
  91. Global Unconscious Research; Oneironautics
  92. Research: Anyone interested to try a 5 minute self hypnosis lucid induction?
  93. Published in Nature Neuroscience: 77% induction rate with electrodes on the scalp at 40 Hertz
  94. Participants wanted for an online 5-day dream journal field study!
  95. Neural Integration
  96. Sleep Paralysis Poll
  97. Do you find it easier to meditate outside, or inside?
  98. Atmosphere Advantages
  99. Proving or Disproving "Lost Memory Retrieval" Abilities During Dreams
  100. Lucid and non-lucid dreamers wanted for an online experiment!
  101. Scientific SSILD Experiment
  102. Communication with a lucid dreamer from/to wake world
  103. Induction of lucid dreams: a systematic review of evidence
  104. Video of dreams
  105. Two new dream studies!
  106. survey: How to increase the chance for lucid dreaming?
  107. Graphs and stuff
  108. SSILD Research
  109. Dreamatopia
  110. Where Can I ask? Admins help.
  111. Ubulau mixture/ past silene capensis
  112. Natural lucid dreaming
  113. Lucid dreamers wanted for a motor learning experiment (non-lucid dreamers can participate too!)
  114. is it possible to dream while seeing it through someone else?
  115. Electrooculograh (EOG) from webcam - research assistant needed
  116. Zinc Experiences
  117. Dr. Steven Greer and alien contact
  118. Learning whilst lucid - An ongoing experiment.
  119. Volunteer anyone?
  120. B6 Vitamin not working?
  121. My dream diet experiment(Supplements & Music)
  122. Insomnia and ways to fight it.
  123. What the transitional dream state dimension looks like.
  124. Question about timing in dreams
  125. Sensosr for detecting REM sleep
  126. Researching For Lucid Dreaming Book
  127. Improve your dream recall diary
  128. Meditation as Sleep Paralysis Treatment
  129. What Supplement / Nootropic Mix really helps (Study/Research)
  130. The origin of REM sleep. New hypothesis
  131. Nicotine/smoking and LD
  132. Dream Recall Initiation Method testing
  133. My Dissertation - The effect of external stimuli on dream experience
  134. Not sure if this belongs here
  135. Halograph Electroencephalograph
  136. New Lucid Dream Tehnique!!! Fear induced lucid dreams
  137. KidTurk's Lucid Macine R&D -- 3 Month Experiment
  138. New experiment Im thinking of
  139. Experiment - Am i in a dream * 21,000
  140. Testing the affect of Banana's on Dreaming.
  141. Dreaming and wakefulness relation research
  142. Sleep deprivation test for various purposes
  143. Incubation Experiment: Crafting a Dream World
  144. Lucid dreaming theory. Looking for experienced test subjects.
  145. quiting coffe to see the effects on my dreams
  146. Lucid dreaming devices that don't use a sleep mask
  147. What are dreams?
  148. "Lucid trance" induced lucid dream. - A DILD method.
  149. Mystery Solved?
  150. Tradl3s's Lucid-Booster
  151. Windy's Self-hypnosis Test for Shared Dreaming
  152. Using Caffeine as a Trigger
  153. 60 Hours Sleep Deprived WILD?
  154. Dreaming of the deceased
  155. Can isochronic tones be used to stimulate specific parts of the brain?
  156. Windy's Self-hypnosis Test
  157. TMN's Lucid Booster
  158. Personal Experiment: The effect quitting Marjiuana has on my dreams
  159. DEILD Test
  160. My dreaming herb cocktail
  161. Warm milk and honey experiment (volenteers needed)
  162. ssris ssnris, and other anti depressants/a million other known things and some not.
  163. A simple test: Inducing to you're hearts content.
  164. Jerking off helped me to get a good vivid long lucid dream
  165. Dream Characters Study - participants wanted!
  166. One Year Experiment: Using Self-Hypnosis to Attain Lucidity
  167. Which supplements to use for lucid dreaming?
  168. Sleep Paralysis Survey
  169. 5-htp
  170. The SSILD test. - 30 days.
  171. B-6 lucid dreaming experiment,
  172. Is this a serious book.
  173. Dreams with SP
  174. Apple,Mangoes and Bananas, Best Lucid aid
  175. Unlocking old memories..
  176. Research Plan
  177. Smoking red sumac leaves to have vivid dreams.
  178. I fell unconcious and got a dream withing few minutes?
  179. Mangoes Increasing Dream Vividness and Lucidity
  180. Are there any scientists researching DMT?
  181. Dream Research Contest - the winner gets a $50 Amazon.com gift certificate!
  182. dimensional overlaps
  183. Oniric clairvoyance (experiment)
  184. AERC: Amplified Emotional Reality Check
  185. Please, share your birthday dreams.
  186. Theory of collective dreaming+experiment
  187. Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) as possible source of dream activity?
  188. Recruiting Research Team
  189. Possible Dream Incubation Enhancer: Sleeping/Waking Auditory Cues
  190. Substance That May Be Hindering Your Dreaming/OBEs
  191. Emotional Awareness/Internal Awareness (In Testing as of Today)
  192. The void cube.
  193. Clavicle plate removal sedated
  194. Project Dream State | Session 2
  195. Prozac Causing "Nightmares?"
  196. Project Dream State | Session 1 (Video Documentation)
  197. 90 Days to Lucid Dreaming
  198. What's the Best Technique to Learn Lucid Dreaming?
  199. Final 2012 IASD Berkeley Conference Presentation on Inter-Dream Experiments
  200. Is anyone here from the South West of Australia?
  201. Propensity to lucid dream runs in families research??
  202. I shared a dream with my twin sister!
  203. Menthol as a Dream Enhancer
  204. Porn and dreaming
  205. Dreaming and Alternate realities
  206. False Remembrance in Dreams
  207. Further Dream2Dream experiments . . .
  208. The Philosophical Implications of Lucid Dreaming
  209. The Manifestation of Light in Dreams
  210. The Importance of Day Residue
  211. Shared Dreaming
  212. Asking subconscious to do things
  213. Color-blindness and Dreaming
  214. Ginko Biloba, Melatonin, Calms Forte
  215. Tweets from the Dream World!
  216. Dream Lucidity Study [English/German] - your help is needed!
  217. Keith Hearne's PhD Thesis :: Lucid-dreams: an electrophysiological and psychological study
  218. Do hormones affect dream recall?Dream vividness?
  219. Testing Melatonin: A one month study on Melatonin + Dreaming/Substances/Techniques
  220. Pain Management in Lucid Dreams?
  221. [Seeking Participants]Lucid Dreaming Hub Starting Up!
  222. possible new technique for achieving lucidity
  223. African Dream Root in Liquid Form
  224. The Effects of Aniracetam on Dreams Alone and in Combinations
  225. REM Detector
  226. An insight on how the brain works
  227. Collective WILD Experience Project
  228. Dreaming and learning/memory integration
  229. Piracetam and Lucid Dreaming...
  230. Using Dreams to Recall Forgotten Thoughts.
  231. Hi all, micull here
  232. Citrus fruit and dreaming
  233. Phosphenes & Hypnagogic Imagery
  234. Calling all biofeedback device owners!
  235. Dreaming as a profession
  236. Sleep Pattern Research.
  237. Obe Or Wild
  238. Pre-bedtime activities affecting DILD.
  239. Dream-eyes
  240. Using headphones to Lucid Dream
  241. [YouTube] Detection of a dream within the first 30 seconds of REM sleep.
  242. Sleep deprivation it's affects on my daily life and my extended REM period.
  243. New 90 Day WILD Thread
  244. Memorization technique through ADA. Participation requested!
  245. How small is small? A simple proposition to be discussed
  246. New dream state ( For me anyway )
  247. Schumman Earth Frequency - Does It Really Works for LD?
  248. Lucid Dreamers Statistics
  249. Looking for volunteers for Ld (experienced)
  250. polyphasic accesible for everyone