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  1. A new show, "Living With Yourself"
  2. Captain Marvel is strong than Thor
  3. Season 10 Archer coming May 29th!
  4. New game on steam - Lucid Dreamer
  5. Who on here likes comics?
  6. New LD thriller to read - Wake Up
  7. Have you played...
  8. Retina - movie: "Ms. Watson is this real or are you dreaming?"
  9. Travelers - Good, somewhat dreamy Netflix series
  10. Mismagius's Free Game Deal Finds
  11. Mainstream Media Insanity Exposed?
  12. Dream-like/based "Awake" TV series on Netflix only 10 more days - ends 3/31/18
  13. Who wants to hop onto Terraria with me?
  14. I found a lucid dreaming game.
  15. Journey into the subconscious. Part 2. (English subtitles)
  16. Games I'm Playing Right Now
  17. Anyone know any good mobile games?
  18. What's your favourite Star Wars movie?
  19. Youtube Channel
  20. YouTube horror gaming channel
  21. Share Your Favorite Art of Beautiful Aisian Woman Here
  22. Death and the Arkansas River by Frank Stanford
  23. Is it pathetic/weird to find fictional characters attractive?
  24. Our newest song in Art House style. :)
  25. Post your favorite TV news jingle(s) here.
  26. In short, the process of me turning into a brony.
  27. Come one, grab your friends !
  28. Mobian's Gameplay Videos & Commentary
  29. Share Your Favorite ASMR Videos!
  30. DARQ - a psychological horror game set in a zero-gravity lucid dream
  31. (Lucid) dreaming in video games?
  32. Battlefront
  33. Media Molecule's "Dreams". Your thoughts and speculation?
  34. The Internet is the new revolution in shows!
  35. Mr Robot
  36. Touhou 15 Full Version Discussion Thread
  37. Do you like classical music AND heavy metal?
  38. Any KSP players out there?
  39. Reminiscing - Old PC Games
  40. The Agario Thread
  41. Let's play "Guess Which Video Game Franchise this OST Came From"
  42. Horror books / movies
  43. Tomorrowland (upcoming movie)
  45. Life Changing Series
  46. Any Good Books?
  47. Comedy bits from Brit shows that really make you laugh
  48. Clash of Clans LDing Clan!
  49. Good dreaming movies?
  50. Looking for a good Lucid Dreaming podcast
  51. Competitive SSB
  52. Subliminal Reprogramming For Lucid Dreaming & More
  53. GTA 5 delayed on PC
  54. Microsoft's New YouTube and Twitch Rules Don't Apply to Minecraft
  55. Flight Rising
  56. 60's, 70's, and the 80's.
  57. The After, Amazon Prime pilot (Spoiler alert!)
  58. If you love pop songs and 8-bit musics...
  59. What do you think about Touhou Music?
  60. I :heart: Bach!
  61. 10 reasons why being ginger is awesome
  62. Best Prank Call Ever?
  63. I'd like to read a good modern horror book, any recommendations?
  64. doctor who/rant
  65. Dante's Inferno symbolism in The Shining?
  66. Any animes or movies about lucid dreaming?
  67. The Returned / Les Revenants
  68. Anyone out there enjoy Hunter X Hunter
  69. Journey into the Subconscious - Video
  70. Hemp Exempt: The Anti-Marijuana Boy Band
  71. Reality Reversal - An Original Dream-themed Game in Development.
  72. Two Programs on Dreams on SpiritPlants Radio This Weekend
  73. Any Lucid Dreaming musicians out there?
  74. 5 Favorite Albums that have themes of lucid dreaming, astral projection etc.
  75. Recommend iPad Games?
  76. Mario Kart 7 DreamViews Community
  77. 2014 "The Voice" Australia
  78. What fictional items would you like to have?
  79. Minecraft Server Vanilla - Everyone is welcome
  80. Recommend Me Some Good Nintendo 3DS Games
  81. KISS inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame a few hours ago!
  82. DreamViews Gamers List
  83. True Detective
  84. Post obscure music that is extremely good.
  85. Fox Amoore's Music
  86. Favorite Video Game Soundtrack of all time
  87. horse online games
  88. Anime fans!
  89. Superman with GoPro video - reminds me of dreams
  90. Do you plan a musical instrument and what pieces do you like to play?
  91. Do you have an odd taste for music?
  92. Lego Movie=Toy Story? (Spoilers Possible)
  93. Minecraft Server!
  94. The Rhythm Game
  95. Minecraft PS3 Edition.
  96. Looving This!! Blackadder Goes Forth - Full Season Youtube
  97. Cobb's Totem
  98. Entertaining animated movie about lucid dreaming.
  99. Elder Scrolls Online
  100. First person movies
  101. 2001: a Sex Oddyssey?
  102. A New Lucid Dreaming Podcast Is Available
  103. EVE Online Players?
  104. Artistic Works That Make You Uncomfortable
  105. Hypothesis: The xbox one/ps4 console generation will be a transitional one
  106. First full video
  107. Golden Globes shows off fashionable stars
  108. What's your favourite animated films?
  109. Anybody else like "Peanuts"?
  110. Psychic Twins on the Ricki Lake Show
  111. Dreamy music...
  112. Post Cemedy Gold
  113. What team do you cheer in Mondial 2014
  114. Ian Watkins Pleads Guilty to Child Sex Crimes
  115. Diablo 3 Black Soulstone Cinematic Trailer
  116. which is your favorite movie?
  117. fear of robots!
  118. A basic overview of Lucid Dreaming (as presented by a Marine Master Sergeant)
  119. Red Eye Host says GTA 5 is Lucid Dreaming
  120. Post a Lucid Dream Joke
  121. Rock music with female vocals?
  122. Sentinel Gaming
  123. Ground Breaking Evidence on Jelly Beans
  124. Lord of the rings or Harry Potter?
  125. Older movie about dreams - even lucid ones!
  126. So Ben Affleck is the new Batman
  127. Incredible Humble Bundle
  128. Anyone play minecraft?
  129. Treasure? Micheal Jackson, is that you??
  130. Guncraft anyone got it?
  131. Co-relating video games with Lucid Dreams
  132. My dream music- ambient/downtempo
  133. great metaphorical music video for waking up in a lucid
  134. Root to lucid dream
  135. Waterfall (original song)
  136. My Gnome.
  137. Who has PS3 black ops 2?
  138. Help me find this?
  139. PC Gamers - finger position?
  140. The Legend of Zelda: Best one?
  141. Sherlock Holmes and ADA
  142. Palm-reading SURGERY (???)
  143. Anyone here like melodic death metal?
  144. Best Gaming Forum?
  145. The end of an incredible reign happened tonight.
  146. eRepublik
  147. The Elder Scrolls and Lucid Dreaming
  148. Battlefield 4
  149. Playstation 4 vs Xbox One: E3 2013
  150. Between the Buried and Me: "Astral Body"
  151. MW3 on PS3?
  152. Anyone want a Crunchy Roll guest pass?
  153. Rebuild Evangelion
  154. Xbox one
  155. Mr Sleep and the Flying Green Toad (album)
  156. Skyrim Dream Mod
  157. Virtual Reality - Oculus Rift
  158. Short animation - men lined up near a cliff
  159. Do you like anime?
  160. In The Flesh
  161. Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock-- Entire Film
  162. "The Voice" Australia
  163. So I made a dubstep song...
  164. So I just finished watching AKIRA...
  165. Self composed classical music || French - Adagio
  166. Saddest animation movie scenes
  167. PS3/PSP interactions
  168. A Dreamviews gaming clan?
  169. The Rolling Stones and The Festival That Ended the Flower Generation
  170. Post your best rainy day music here
  171. Text based MMO's aka MUDDs
  172. Next TV Show to Watch
  173. Am i the only one watching this?
  174. A slice of cheescake - does anybody here like "The Golden Girls"?
  175. Fuck the music industry!
  176. Official Playstation4 Reveal Event
  177. Night on the galactic railroad
  178. Any other Starcraft 2 Players on DV?
  179. Harlem shake craze!!!!!!!!!!
  180. Think it has potential?
  181. Antichamber - A dream like game?
  182. Does anyone like 90s grunge?
  183. American Idol 2013 (Season Twelve)
  184. Favourite Pink Floyd songs?
  185. Some Music i've been making recently
  186. Anyone remember skyrim's Radiant Storytelling?
  187. Who Want's To Learn To Play Guitar?
  188. Best Album Ever to get Sequel
  189. Inception - the best movie ever made
  190. Everywhen - new trailer! What do you think?
  191. xbox gaming ?
  192. Last book you read, and what you thought about it?
  193. Post Rock and Lucid Dreamers?
  194. THQ are giving away Metro 2033 for free
  195. Post your favorite songs that best describe lucid dreams, OBE's, psychedelica, and etc.
  196. Psychedelic stuff
  197. I heard final fantasy may be getting gayer
  198. Post New Music that is Obscure and Awesome.
  199. Does anybody use RPG makers?
  200. Oh oh oh! It's thanksgiving guise!!!
  201. Skyfall
  202. World War Z - 2013
  203. Katy Perry Dream Parody
  204. What's your favorite Genre?
  205. Agricola
  206. this guy..
  207. Starwars Episode 7, 8, and 9
  208. MIT Gangnam Style
  209. Halo Live Action Series
  210. Anime Relations Graph
  211. The witch's house
  212. Sanctum - indie tower defense
  213. Cloud Atlas 2012
  214. Is Carl, the bartender, the most underrated character on How I Met Your Mother? (spoilers)
  215. The XX
  216. The 2nd Law
  217. Indie Movies
  218. Dexter - Season 7
  219. Suggest the songs for a custom soundtrack for SimCity 4
  220. F.lux
  221. My Dick
  222. Borderlands 2
  223. SCP Containment Breach
  224. Revolver
  225. Anybody hear about Jerry Lawler having a heart attack last night on WWE Raw?
  226. Music Video
  227. Your favourite chillout songs
  228. Alucinor's Music of Sloppy Recording Quality. :P
  229. Lathe Of Heaven
  230. Do some developers make video games frustrating on purpose?
  231. My video game script.
  232. Neil Armstrong Dead.
  233. MMORPGs tonight
  234. Which books should be made into a movie or set of movies?
  235. 80's film classic Valley Girl in its entirety
  236. Videos related with Lucid Dreaming
  237. Half-Life 3 At Gamescom
  238. Sleeping man on the river thought to be dead
  239. Vincent and The Doctor
  240. H+ Digital Series
  241. Dota 2
  242. Gangnam Style
  243. League of Legends
  244. Anyone Else Play Grand Fantasia?
  245. A supernatural thriller that weaves revolutionary lucid dreaming instructions into the plot.
  246. Square-Enix is dead to me
  247. Can someone please help me price my PS2 collection? (Reply soon please!)
  248. The Sopranos
  249. Deadpool videogame
  250. Go Players?