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  1. Obama's Job Plans Speech
  2. America is richest country in the world-but definitively not the happiest-Statistics
  3. Wikileaks: Iraqi Children in U.S. Raid Shot in Head
  4. How Accurate are Our Memories of 9/11?: Scientific American
  5. Do you think 9/11 was staged?
  6. Next-day effects of marijuana?
  7. Cop Falsifies Attempted Murder Charge on Man in Sanford, FL
  8. Off topic question on memory
  9. When life gives you lemons, better get a permit
  10. Meditation
  11. Jon Stewart on the Ron "13th Floor in a Hotel" Paul Media Blackout
  12. Male Feminists
  13. Insight - How can a drug teach?
  14. Louisiana Man Decapitates / Dismembers Disabled 7 Year Old Son
  15. Accessing the subconscious through imaginary dialogues?
  16. Reporter Apparently Gets Amnesia About 9/11 Pentagon Attack
  17. Should we strive to suffer?
  18. Reason for Riot
  19. Mystery Substance Comes to Shore of Alaskan Village
  20. Which do you prefer: Optimism or Pessimism?
  21. 4 Old Cartoons Explain the World
  22. Poll - Trigger Happy?
  23. It's Obama's Birthday this week!
  24. Economy Connoisseurs: is the US going to default?
  25. Autonation
  26. Pretty Interesting UFO Compilation Video
  27. You are locked inside a small, soundproof room for one day.
  28. Military spending
  29. NRA: The Untold Story of Gun Confiscation After Katrina
  30. What Would You Do....
  31. Apparently, White America is the new terrorist.
  32. Language
  33. If your intentions are good...
  34. When i am recovering from overwhelming sadness...
  35. Bill S. 978
  36. Wired Science: Fish Photographed Using Tools to Eat
  37. Something I noticed about making arguments...
  38. The Trouble with Fish Oil (Omega 3's)
  39. Nootropics
  40. Liberty
  41. Right brain VS. Left brain thinkers
  42. CIA Man Reveals Secret Jail
  43. Why do we find comfort in light?
  44. Fed Govt declares treating all people equally is now illegal
  45. 11k-yr-old temple suggests organized religion catalyzed agriculture, civilization
  46. Tourists taking pictures of homeless people
  47. Ron Paul and Barney Frank's attempt at Marijuana reform
  48. Antinatalism
  49. Syria forced people to attend pro-Assad rallies
  50. Greece About to Vote on Austerity
  51. Nebraska Nuclear Power Plant
  52. More sane stuff from Israel
  53. If you Believed that George W. Bush was the worst President Ever...
  54. what is the point of this bullshit.
  55. Current Biology: "Honeybees May Have Emotions"
  56. Are you glad that you did/not kill them?
  57. Should prison sentences be for punishment or rehabilitation?
  58. Vancouver Erupts In A Riot
  59. Total Lunar Eclipse this morning!
  60. Should the West Cater to the Demands of Islamic Councils?
  61. Cellphones and Cancer: What's the Verdict?
  62. If Americans Knew
  63. Is this how USA police work?
  64. Catholic Church lowers pedophilia age
  65. A gay teen describes her experience at a Utah brainwashing facility
  66. House Passes Authority for Worldwide War
  67. what do you think about the death penalty?
  68. Discuss the origins of Israel
  69. Requesting Information on the IRS
  70. Important False Dichotomies
  71. For all the vaccination "skeptics" (morons)
  72. Doesn't it seem like the American people work for the banks?
  73. ABORTION: Where do you stand?
  74. US-Iran Escalation
  75. Denmark is claiming the North Pole.
  76. The US might be going to war with Pakistan.
  77. What is Money and What is Trade?
  78. "Abandoning" Threads. What do you think?
  79. Is car insurance a con?
  80. why are we so obsessed with proving other people wrong and making ourselves look good?
  81. Irreconcilable differences between cultures
  82. Capitalism, Fukuyama and Teleology
  83. If you had one wish.
  84. What would you do if offered the chance to become God?
  85. Significance of the date: September 11
  86. If ignorance is bliss, would depriving knowledge be a moral solution?
  87. Let's Take Over the World
  88. Canada Election Results!
  89. Osama Bin Laden is Dead
  90. Eastern European migrants 'add 5bn' to Britain's GDP
  91. Conservative or Liberal?
  92. Ron Paul debates with Obama impersonator
  93. What are all the 2012 predictions?
  94. Should smokers be treated by our healthcare organisations?
  95. David Eagleman on Possibilianism
  96. McDonalds Beating
  97. Should banks be considered Terrorist organizations?
  98. An interesting look at our current economic system
  99. I want to have the experience of being female for a while.
  100. Westboro Baptist Church to protest Marine's funeral in... Mississippi
  101. Auditory Hallucinations (during non sleep)
  102. Are Kids Growing Up Too Fast?
  103. FBI Allegedly Releases Memo 'Proving' UFO Crash in Roswell
  104. How intelligent do you think you are?
  105. Why did the North fight the Civil War?
  106. Sooo wish I had a girl.
  107. Can a human simulate a random generator?
  108. How well can you know someone online?
  109. What's Your Phobia?
  110. Sooo wish I was a girl.
  111. im an intj. what are you?
  112. Is technology making us smarter?
  113. How negative should our thoughts be?
  114. Is society becoming increasingly intolerant?
  115. Subconscious (or right brain?) withholding info from conscious (or left brain?).
  116. Gerald Celente: What kind of economic trend forecaster predicts the end of time?
  117. Someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me this is a joke
  118. Gary Yourofsky on Animal Cruelty and the Human Diet
  119. Do you trust the FDA?
  120. Is there a feminist-sexist binary?
  121. Gender Equality Vs. Gender Biology
  122. Anyone want to leave society?
  123. The Engineering of Consent
  124. The freeman concept.
  125. Theory to the Existence of Anything
  126. Superhumans
  127. HBGary
  128. Iraqi Defector Admits to Lying About WMDs, to Kick-Off the War in Iraq
  129. Government's New Right to Track Your Every Move With GPS
  130. FDA Dupes Interpol Into Illegal Kidnapping and Deportation of Herbal Medicine Vendor
  131. The Ethics of Ripping Off Newagers
  132. Transgendered man thinks he is a female, looks like a female- is he?
  133. What causes physical attraction?
  134. Public Health Flier Urging Caution in Ecstasy Use at Raves - What's the Problem?
  135. Your opinion is wanted
  136. Illuminati
  137. Imagining Original Places
  138. Missing experiences?
  139. Arguments Over Definitions
  140. Death before public housing!
  141. Enjoy the circus, Intellectual Property
  142. PMS - An Excuse?
  143. Unrest in Egypt (and the surrounding area)
  144. Cuss words
  145. "Schoolchildren "Bombarded" With Homosexual References - Melanie Phillips
  146. Share Your Wisdom
  147. Zeitgeist: Moving Forward online release
  148. The World Figured Out.
  149. What's the longest you have been without food?
  150. Undoing
  151. Source of infamous "Baghdad airstrike" footage still in solitary w/o trial
  152. women in the military, specifically combat
  153. The 4th Drive (aka My Big Drugs Post)
  154. 10 Mental Blocks to Creative Thinking
  155. What do you think would happend if alone for 3 years
  156. Interesting Stuff Guys
  157. all new art is pretentious
  158. Think and grow rich
  159. Love how Republicans say one thing and think another (scavenger hunt)
  160. Ultimate Hypocrisy - US Military Used Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq
  161. operation paperstorm
  162. A higher death tax?
  163. Seeds aren't worth saving?
  164. Salvia
  165. The philosophy and science of overall life happiness
  166. Gaming Subculture: where has it gone?
  167. Methods/techniques for learning faster?
  168. Do you stand out substantially from society?
  169. FCC goes after parasitic phone companies
  170. a society changing idea...for the better?
  171. For men: Masturbation can prevent prostate cancer.
  172. Joe Stack
  173. Posing a question!
  174. Do you believe college is worth the investment?
  175. Gays in the military
  176. Excessive Force, in relation to Police matters...
  177. Is reason enough?
  178. A Class Divded
  179. I have OCD... or a varient there of.
  180. Some Interesting Stuff in the Animal World
  181. This Quran burning fiasco
  182. An interesting view on modern times
  183. hallucinations...
  184. Finland suspends swine flu shots after vaccine linked with neurological disorder
  185. free speech zone
  186. The US Government and Disinformation
  187. ACTA: the end of internet as we know it
  188. WHY has this not changed everything??
  189. It's finally over
  190. Obama supports 'the right' for ground zero mosque
  191. Economy!
  192. Is our "Reality" a "Dream"?
  193. New Hampshire- Free State Project
  194. Abiotic oil. Have you heard of it??
  195. This would be a good start
  196. Wikileaks vs US
  197. Wisconsin Public Radio on LD and INCEPTION
  198. Conspiracy theories.
  199. thought on the atheist model of death
  200. Should there be child restrictions
  201. The Use of Force
  202. Top Secret America
  203. British National Party / What is 'British?'
  204. Chicken or Egg- Which Came First?
  205. The voter's dilemma
  206. Purity and Virginity in Modern Society
  207. New Economics
  208. A collection of online video lectures (feel free to add your own)
  209. Hurricane Season is Approaching
  210. When Will It End?
  211. The Number of Social people vs. Independent People
  212. Do you think colleges are obsolete
  213. The Islamization of Europe?
  214. Child Beauty Paegants
  215. The meaning is
  216. Anarchy, Soverignity and Rights
  217. Government is just a club.
  218. Genocide Denial, should it be a crime?
  219. Should race be a factor in car insurance prices?
  220. Six ways mushrooms can save the world!
  221. Gulf Oil Spill - Solution restores the environment in just six weeks.
  222. What is a Lucid Dream?
  223. Shit hits the fan in Korea
  224. Authoritarianism
  225. Burn bibles and flags
  226. Why is it ok to say... but not....
  227. The sub conscious
  228. Salvia Divinorum
  229. Tell Me What YOU Think About This Article About The Economy...?
  230. New source of DMT?
  231. Fire Safe Cigarettes - Conspiracy
  232. I Believe In The American Revolution
  233. Ever feel like there is too much stimuli??
  234. Premonitions On Drugs
  235. Barium Clouds... a cause for concern?
  236. Texas rewriting history
  237. judging imagination
  238. I found the videos
  239. Plastic Surgery
  240. let's discuss language censorship!
  241. Homosexuality, how can it not be considered an abnormality?
  242. Ask my opinion about vaccinations.
  243. High school VS. College
  244. Indian man 'survives without food or water for decades'
  245. Dear friend, i am a "Kavorkian"
  246. The Hedonistic justification for capitalism
  247. Do you see a problem here?
  248. Why do europeans/North americans have such disregard for their own culture compared to others.
  249. Positive Discrimination, the worst kind of discrimination
  250. Afterlife and suicide.