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  1. Do you want to force Liberalism on the Muslim World?
  2. liberal nonbelievers are smarter :O
  3. Gay Marriage - why not?
  4. 13 Bankers
  5. Let's talk about serial killers and crazies.
  6. Is Music better or worse off with technology?
  7. Dsm V
  8. Obama approves the killing of an American citizen.
  9. The murder of innocence
  10. German Victimization, WWII
  11. Is this indoctrination?
  12. Tell me about Libertarianism(discussion)
  13. Cognitive Traps and Our Own Bias
  14. Free speech vs hate speech
  15. How Music Affects You
  16. Forcefeeding Children In Mauritania
  17. Banned Literature
  18. How free are we?
  19. New Healthcare Bill Passed - Your thoughts?
  20. Are you as mad as hell?
  21. Internet use contributes to global warming.
  22. Split Marijuana Discussion
  23. The next 30 years..........
  24. Imaginary UN Resolution about Israel
  25. Tone De Mello
  26. you people are all so negative
  27. R.i.p. Nevaeh Grace Lyons
  28. Baby Development Videos a Fraud
  29. Bush JR get's his Day in court
  30. "5 Creepy Ways Video Games Are Trying to Get You Addicted"
  31. "Consumerism 'doomed', investment forum told"
  32. What The Earth Quake In Chile Caused
  33. [SOLVED]Galactic Guru Psychic
  34. photographic memory, would you want it?
  35. Mindwanderer's 'Blog'
  36. Things Told as Children... Not So?
  37. Former Illuminati member says demons behind music industry
  38. Proof that your Government is Not Really Yours
  39. Terence McKenna
  40. Hypnosis
  41. Paradigm Conspiracy: How and Why we are controlled
  42. Joe Stack and the 2010 Austin Plane Crash
  43. Discussions on Herman Hesse
  44. The Glass Bead Game
  45. Rape victim receives 101 lashes for becoming pregnant
  46. LHC - Joe Rogans View
  47. 'new generations,' the internet and the technosphere
  48. Martin Luther King Vietnam speech. (America supports Hitler?? )
  49. What does spirituality provide that science doesn't?
  50. Re-writing Communism
  51. The Scale of the Universe
  52. Anarchy
  53. James O'Keefe
  54. Have you ever smoked pot?
  55. Dinosaurs and Cloning
  56. Ok, trying this again -- refining my theory on NON-SPIRITUAL, NON-RELIGIOUS reINCARNATION
  57. F**k the Troops
  58. "Artist Society (Very Important!!)"
  59. Simplicity
  60. blue laws
  61. Welcome to the War on Democracy
  62. Storm
  63. A Class Divided
  64. United states laws tie in with religion?
  65. Supreme court rules in favor of....
  66. Pros and Cons of a North American Union
  67. Strong statement
  68. The Great Global Warming Swindle
  69. There has to be an answer
  70. So this is my theory
  71. Haiti
  72. Consumerism / Materialism
  73. Pat Robertson makes me rage
  74. The Human Being The Human Cell
  75. How do you guys feel about the state of American animation?
  76. "economic armageddon"
  77. Full Body Scans
  78. film and Music
  79. Zeitgeist debunked
  80. Vaccines
  81. Placing Athletes on Pedestals
  82. Trippy 2012 Thought
  83. What do you guys think of PhotoReading???
  84. My 2010 Resolution for myself, and all of you. (Just read this please.)
  85. Time is as Real as That Clock
  86. The Intrusion of Socialism in the United States
  87. Last nights Salvia trip...
  88. The Real Problem With Homosexuality
  89. English please. hold the Latin.
  90. CIA FOIA Reading Room
  91. Copenhagen Summit and US Senate Climate Legislation
  92. if the mind is a paper towel, this is capillary action
  93. On consciousness
  94. Makes Me Think...
  95. The absolute best policy proposal ever!
  96. Sizing Up the Private Race to Space
  97. According to the LAW, paying taxes is voluntary
  98. Question Reguarding Salvia
  99. Why not work with the subconscious?
  100. Short video: Margaret Thatcher on Socialism. Classic!
  101. Is Everybody Depressed?
  102. Biological Functions
  103. Is there such a thing as true creativity?
  104. Evil.... your opinion of it.
  105. Thinking
  106. funny correlates - IQ, religion and presidential vote
  107. Would You Accept a Murderer?
  108. 2012 prophecies
  109. Obama didn't bow?
  110. November 27th
  111. Can't Remember
  112. Drugs and Meditation
  113. Seduction
  114. Groups to train with...
  115. Exploration of the Mind
  116. The miniature earth
  117. Worst thing a girl can so is "No", right? Think again...
  118. Richard Dawkins & John Mackay
  119. Sweet as Candy
  120. LSD explained for what it is.
  121. Official disclosure of extraterrestrial life is imminent
  122. Who remembers Chernobyl?
  123. How do you feel about gun control?
  124. The Nonreligious Are More Intelligent
  125. Ghost Hunters vs Ghost Adventures!!!
  126. Telekinesis
  127. We Are All Born Believing....?
  128. Are you proud of your country?
  129. "Denial"
  130. Revolution can only be achieved by love!
  131. Culture War: The American Taliban
  132. The Top 25 Censored Stories for 2009
  133. Connection
  134. Boy, we've sure set up a "democratic government" in Afghanistan
  135. Ufo
  136. You are the Worst Man in Histoy
  137. The Production of Security by Gustave de Molinari [ An argument for free market protection ]
  138. LSD Returns - For Psychotherapeutics
  139. Fresh opinions on GE crops
  140. Drugs and their potential benefits for society.
  141. Socialism
  142. From Suffering to Bliss - An Invitation
  143. Universal Mind
  144. Bill O'reilly is a rude, incompetent fool.
  145. Overfeminisation
  146. An Introduction to Libertarian-Anarchism
  147. The Naked I
  148. Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize.
  149. Libertarian Limited Government and Military Spending
  150. From Limited Government to Anarchy in Ten Easy Steps
  151. Synchromysticism
  152. In the Year 3000
  153. What do you think I fought for at Omaha Beach?
  154. Liberal vs. Conservative Ideology
  155. Hoorah for communism!
  156. Seeming Seams
  157. This is what you get, America, for submitting to the globalists.
  158. 'Homosexuality cure' and secular studies?
  159. Extended Discussion 2009 Religious Affiliation Census
  160. Our Effect on Dream/Culture
  161. Is the sexualization of society a yesyes or a nono and whywhy?
  162. Video - World's Largest Hatchery - Um, wow.
  163. Terence McKenna and Time-Wave Zero. Prediction of 2012. Open-Minds only.
  164. IBM X-rays a single Molecule
  165. Government Officials report on UFO sighting
  166. Two birds
  167. Are these people serious?
  168. A cool idea for the US military
  169. An Attack Rumor
  170. "Free" Energy device created
  171. Ruling could let model find, sue online heckler
  172. Tom Green + Law =/= Lawsuit?
  173. A "Complex" Theory of Conciousness
  174. Japanese kanji is so unreal...
  175. Washing Mandating Swine Flu Vaccines & FDA totalitarian reign over OUR food supply???
  176. The Walk of Shame
  177. The Occasional Ponderings of Wakata
  178. An extremist view on making a better world
  179. Aching to do something
  180. What is child abuse?
  181. Crash Course: Failing Dollar
  182. messages to yourself while sleeping
  183. 545 vs. 300,000,000
  184. Possible MANDATORY Swine flu vaccine in the US/UK/Greece..etc
  185. Excessive RIAA Fines
  186. 2009-07-31
  187. church and state?
  188. parties in politics...
  189. Random Babbles of the Babble-y variety
  190. The Coma Potion
  191. Tour Through Reality
  192. Poor Wolves (Alaska)
  193. $2 credit card charge on a $10 purchase?
  194. Should Marijuana be Legal?
  195. Grr... Stupid people and Medicine
  196. Power
  197. I fall down go boom
  198. The last chance for the American government to be saved - H.R. 1207
  199. Do people really think like this?
  200. Why did that guy get tased?
  201. My sincerest apologies.
  202. Amazing UFO Footage
  203. Wait a minute.."It's a conspiracy" Conspiracy??
  204. Hilarious WTF Bush quotes
  205. Was the new world discovered before columbus?
  206. Canadian Action Party North American Union/NWO/Bankers
  207. End Game - Depopulation
  208. Ubuntu
  209. North Korea threatens to wipe U.S. off the map.
  210. Pentagram
  211. UFOs in Ancient Art?
  212. Segregated High School Proms Divide Georgia's Students
  213. Irans Election
  214. Greed is just part of human nature....
  215. Racial inequality in comedy?
  216. Construction begins on Spaceport America
  217. Personal Use of Marijuana by Responsible Adults Act of 2009
  218. Huge waves
  219. A Q&A With the Author of The Wikipedia Revolution
  220. Wearable Motorcycle Exoskeleton
  221. Synchronicity
  222. Talk out of your Ass
  223. Watch this. Do it.
  224. End Marijuana Prohibition
  225. Navy Officer says he seen photo of alien
  226. Man correctly predicts events happening right now. This is wild.
  227. Is mandatory education a mistake?
  228. HOME - Food for thought
  229. Koyaanisquati
  230. Ohio Medical MJ Petition
  231. One in seven scientists say colleagues fake data
  232. Stem-Cell-Coated Contact Lenses Are Curing the Blind
  233. Industrial society destroys mind and envirionment...take 2
  234. Mercury in tuna
  235. Russian Scientist: "UFO Crashed Into Meteorite to Save Earth"
  236. Parkour
  237. Codex Seraphinianus
  238. "Absolutely torture."
  239. Dream Ontology nitty gritty as experienced
  240. English Mania
  241. I need a link QUICK
  242. Legend Of Zelda
  243. Animal rights? Should I feel sorry for my Kebab?
  244. What if...
  245. Humans vs Animals
  246. Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
  247. Symbols and all they stand for...
  248. Collapse of the U.S. economy.
  249. "Humans are Social Animals"
  250. Is karma real?