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  1. A Silly Question...
  2. Insect 'Spies' Fitted with Video Camera Implants
  3. Poisonous Legacy
  4. Expelled
  5. Astronomy Picture of the Day
  6. The irrationality of Palestinian suicide bombings
  7. Robin Hood was a dirty crook!!! >:{
  8. A new color....
  9. Stupid Americans
  10. Who will you vote for? UPDATED
  11. Are alien Abductions really happening?
  12. May 2008 (LHC) Particle Accelerator - Miracle or Catastrophe?
  13. Tell Me : How do we know we are not an alien planets science project ?
  14. Whats up with Serbia and Kosovo ?
  15. I'm somewhat a philosopher, so here is an example of the papers I write...
  16. For those who believe in the death penalty
  17. A couple pf Social Dynamics issues..(questions)
  18. Will The Ron Paul Revolution destroy America
  19. Quantum test grounds
  20. To all those people who think we are insane.
  21. Why i think the USA won't Nuke or invade Iran
  22. Psychology: Witnessing alcoholism and abuse
  23. My Election Decision (website)
  24. Why We Fight.
  25. What?! What Is Australia?
  26. The Corporation
  27. WARNING: Phenylketonurics - Contains Phenylalanine
  28. Fluoridation? Hmm...Why?
  29. Downs Syndrome
  30. The Secret NASA missions.
  31. Working on Ideas, comes at cost...???
  32. Planet X Approaching 2012.
  33. Whats with the Bush Administration and the Media?
  34. FBI wants palm prints, eye scans, tattoo mapping
  35. Family Structures/Values
  36. Important things to do
  37. Torture
  38. Hemi-Sync/Brain-Sync: A Sound Approach to Conscious Evolution
  39. Cymatics - Bringing Matter To Life With Sound
  40. FRACTALS... Order in the Chaos... Glimpses of Infinity...
  41. Self-Aware Mental Constructs
  42. Whos your favourite canditate?
  43. Osama Bin Laden's goal is to bankrupt the US
  44. do humans treat sexuality like a secret society?
  45. Proof of Apollo 11 Fraud Lunar Landing
  46. Marriage? Think again.
  47. Some Statistics
  48. Six degrees of separation
  49. have you been abducted?
  50. My original topic
  51. Questions on Morality... What's your take?
  52. Atheism/Theism & Science..?
  53. American Deficit
  54. What Are The Government Keeping From Us?
  55. Human Evolution Speeding Up
  56. Your Character Alignment In RPG's
  57. A very real conspiracy
  58. Cloning animals for meat?
  59. The Irish Origins of Civilization
  60. Vegans/Vegiterians?
  61. Why You Watch Accidents
  62. Study shows Marijuana increases brain cell growth
  63. Energy (Non)Crisis?
  64. Hillary Clinton crying - sincere?
  65. Radio Halo's?
  66. Election Fraud in NH?
  67. Psycheledics - what's really going on in the brain?
  68. sex
  69. Zoophilia
  70. Click for Hunger?
  71. Evolution is a Fact - Not a Theory
  72. 2 New Words Added to the Dictionary
  73. Obama and Huckabee take Iowa caucuses
  74. Innately Evil
  75. The reality beyond human sensory perception.
  76. Contacting Seperate Consciousnesses?
  77. Salvia divinorum banned in Illinois... Why????
  78. Can the mind control the brain?
  79. Making love, is it possible?
  80. Boredom/sickenss/stress?
  81. The Rosicrucian
  82. First part of argument
  83. For the 9/11 conspiracists
  84. This is the music video of what happaned to DV
  85. Dreamviews sold out.
  86. Why are drugs illegal?
  87. I'm an atheist, but....
  88. science is helping racist
  89. December 21st, 2012 Museum of Art/Information
  90. City of Atlantis Discovered?
  91. Greater of two evils?
  92. Money Gives You Ultimate Happiness
  93. "The Golden Compass"-It's okay to have an opinion, but not your own.
  94. A deadly new virus discovered.
  95. Ignorance
  96. Psychology: Male vs Female
  97. Psychology: Moral Development
  98. Michael Shermer Spoonbending
  99. Somewhere inbetween good and evil.
  100. Scalar Electromagnetics - New Super Weapon??
  101. Public Q for PJ; Glbl. Warm. Consequences
  102. Psychology: A religion for the rational?
  103. Solar System "Giant Shift" Approaching?
  104. have you guys read about this??
  105. The End of the World.
  106. Tell Me: A Reason to Not Kill Myself
  107. Of Missing White House Emails and Destroyed Interrogation Tapes
  108. The Great Invocation.
  109. Think it would be scary if fictional weapons existed?
  110. Illuminati Secret Covenant Revealed
  111. Will you get the National ID card?
  112. Iran's Nuclear Weapon Program Halted 4 Years Ago
  113. Climate chaos? Don't believe it
  114. Hell House - Documentary
  115. "Video Games Caused 9/11"
  116. Why not socialized medicine
  117. JFK, Body guards stand down
  118. Education, the death of creativity?
  119. Culture
  120. The Perfect Government
  121. Thunderbolts of the Gods - Cosmology
  122. Prophetics 101: How to predict like a pro.
  123. Remembering RFK.
  124. The day the sun rose twice
  125. Gang-rape Victim Sentenced to 200 lashes.
  126. The Matrix of the Brain
  127. New World Order
  128. Victory signs in iraq
  129. Can you buy love?
  130. Vadim Chernobrov's "Time Machine"
  131. a new twist- Earth is growing
  132. a new twist- Earth is growing
  133. The conscious perception of aniamls
  134. Marijuana/cocaine should be legalized in the U.S
  135. The Collapse of the Economy and Society
  136. Ape Language
  137. I'm not feeelin the love <cat-dog>
  138. chivalry: outdated?
  139. Are we all going to die in 2012?
  140. In god we trust
  141. Aging: A Curable Disease?
  142. Dawkins vs Haggard: with bonus parody!
  143. Richard Dawkins: Could Someone Explain..
  144. Area 51: The Frantic Call
  145. Should the US trade with countries despite human rights violations?
  146. Does anyone believe in Quantum Theory?
  147. psycholgy¦philoshpy < The mix!?
  148. On House, mental illness and reality checks
  149. My assesment of the UFO phenomena
  150. It's Official: Jesus used Pot
  151. beleiftruthtruthbeleif
  152. schizophrenia considered
  153. Meditation
  154. why do people get offended?
  155. The boy with an incredible brain.
  156. U-Care South Africa - a good MLM?
  157. Why Terrorism Exists
  158. Is the merits of relationships worth the heartbreak
  159. Dark Side of the Rainbow
  160. Another good Ufo documetary.
  161. The Ten Strangest Things In Space
  162. US dollar in decline, what are your thoughts?
  163. The United States Economic Design
  164. 9/11 Truth
  165. Anarchy
  166. The Illuminati
  167. Its Columbus Day
  168. Bin Laden will die in 2008
  169. Bin Laden's letter to America- The truth about what Al Qaeda demands
  170. "The US Does Not Torture"
  171. "Taser this: F*** BUSH" - I love it
  172. Human Cloning?
  173. Mystic's corporate magic thread (youtube links only)
  174. things like this are keeping racism alive.
  175. In Response to Penn and Teller On the Nature of NDEs
  176. Misunderstood
  177. A Special Message For Universal Mind
  178. Attention Disorders, BAH!
  179. Who will you vote for?
  180. Reverse speech
  181. What about gravity?
  182. Freedom of speec--, Oops.
  183. Help
  184. Television Programming
  185. Ecstasy on the Rise...What's your take? :D
  186. 10 Most Puzzling Ancient Artifacts
  187. Is an armed society a polite one?
  188. Skeptics, watch this and let me know what you think
  189. Why? Why Exist?
  190. Justice or barbaric attack?
  191. What is the purpose of Capital Punishment?
  192. The Cube that is your Soul: Decorate it
  193. Damn Skeptics......
  194. Video: World trade center 9/11 a modern MYTH!?
  195. Is it worth it?
  196. Do You Want To Live Forever?
  197. 2:22
  198. Who is hacking wikipedia?
  199. Scientists out to define 'Life'
  200. The UN And Dangerous People/Its Own Resolutions
  201. What is Deja Vu?
  202. Tell me, Who should win the election?
  203. Lets talk about drugs!
  204. I totally agree with Dick Cheney..
  205. Well at least you're not a starving kid in India
  206. First person perspective memory loss
  207. Is the world ready for this?
  208. George Bush
  209. What's the deal??
  210. Twelve Step Heretic - carried forward from a Help topic
  211. Prescribed Heroin?
  212. Between Iraq and a hard place
  213. "It's okay, you just had a life."
  214. Russian alphabet
  215. What's the dealio with GOP candidate Ron Paul?
  216. Virtual reality machines?
  217. coincedence? I think not!
  218. Feline Intuition for Death
  219. Al-Qaeda doesn't actually exist, it's just fear-mongering on the part of the American goverment
  220. Bush's grandfather planned fascist coup in America
  221. Iraq War
  222. do you ever feel like your meant for something????
  223. Why Are Americans So Angry?
  224. Angry at Judicial System
  225. Why Workout?
  226. What's more scary? The thought of death or existing forever?
  227. Eternal LD or reality?
  228. The End
  229. False Witchhunt on the Sacred Mushroom
  230. Zeitgeist The Movie
  231. Unknown ancient(sacred)geometry
  232. Who is the greatest composer?
  233. No Child Left Behind Is NOT Good.
  234. Would you run over a human to dodge a cat?
  235. An even greater sense of freedom?
  236. Problem with my eyes?
  237. Maths says that we're nearing the end of human life!
  238. How observant are you really - Debate away
  239. Hydro Power: Man converts H20 to HHO gas (usable energy source)
  240. UFO: The Greatest Story Ever Denied
  241. Boot it out!!!
  242. Any Chemists on the Forum? Need your help...
  243. Any Libertarians in the House?
  244. Pain
  245. A question about polar ice caps
  246. BAD Trip Reports- Psychedelic Experiences Shared
  247. ~They may assassinate me for this...~
  248. Exploiting Time & Coincidences.
  249. Any nuclear waste coming through your town?
  250. Apathy: the root of experience?