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  1. A simple answer for a stupid atheist question!
  2. Disorder Discussion (Split)
  3. Trump humiliated
  4. A real poll for Trump
  5. Causal Entropic Forces - Source of Intelligent Behaviour?
  6. Lucid Dreaming is...
  7. Transhumanism; Ethical and Moral dilemmas
  8. Exploring Ancient Symbolism
  9. More psychology: How important is a continuation of consciousness?
  10. A little nuanciation on intro/extroversion
  11. Provincial Election Looming
  12. Dreams or Movies?
  13. Dream Views app?
  14. Donald Trump is now a President-elect. How do you Americans deal with this news?
  15. California Republic
  16. Should Libertarians vote for Donald Trump?
  17. Could Donald Trump's mission be to destroy the Republican Party?
  18. I have dreams and then they come through what does it mean
  19. Education time!!!
  20. Are some people just more in tune with the supernatural?
  21. The Eternity of the Resurrection
  22. How to control what you see, stop feeling pain... How to learn doing things that are not natural
  23. There is a third party to vote for in the U.S. presidential election-- the Libertarian Party.
  24. Saudi Press: U.S. Blew Up World Trade Center To Create ‘War On Terror’
  25. What if aliens came to Earth...and they were humans too?
  26. Video proves Trump supporters are RACIST NAZIS
  27. Anarcho-Capitalists vs. Socialists
  28. Quad Helix theory
  29. Donald Trump Makes Fun of Disability of Reporter
  30. Dream Masterhood, by Shannon Green
  31. Your weird/paranormal experiences - share them
  32. Hey Bros ! Life activities
  33. Why is it that in the USA; people with low income are more likely to be right wing?
  34. Syrian Refugees in USA and Beyond, Paris Attacks, "Islamic Extremists"
  35. Dealing With Bereavement & Grief (Twin Flame & Soulmate)
  36. Cannabis Legalisation
  37. I found newfound fate in Utopian earth
  38. Truly superhuman sensory information. This is real!
  39. Help me with sociology project.
  40. Being "genuinely" interested in/curious about somebody, ever felt that way?
  41. What was it like to be YOU 1 minute ago? (psychology experiment)
  42. music and alzheimer's
  43. Are all of people's actions; At their root, self-motivated?
  44. Falling in love with a friend.
  45. Hehe, this picture isn't exactly true :\
  46. Bernie Sanders Portland Speech to 20,000 People - August 9th 2015
  47. Am I the only lonely person? How rare is loneliness?
  48. I wanna learn to bend
  49. A List of Dream Delusions That Some Homo Sapiens Actually Believe To Be True
  50. Murder vs Indifference
  51. What is your opinion of Thoth aka Hermes Mercurius Trismegistus
  52. Mastering Sensory Memory Recall
  53. Its about time!
  54. Sixth mass extinction is here: Humanity's existence threatened
  55. The controversial topic of "Sleep Paralysis"
  56. An Idea For A Model Of Time
  57. Torture
  58. What keeps you alive?
  59. Romance after you get old and ugly???
  60. Let's talk about our polygamist spouse!
  61. I am a shaman
  62. Zimbabwe, 62 children saw something that they will never forget.
  63. Is anarchy a good idea? How could it work?
  64. What would you do as the last person in the world?
  65. Invading Dreams
  66. Suicide
  67. World Leaders Gather For Paris Unity March in an empty street.
  68. FBI finds and organizes the terrorist plots it disrupts
  69. Understanding homophobia.
  70. The crash of Air Asia jet was predicted
  71. Saving the Planet
  72. Homosexuality
  73. Senate CIA Torture Report Released: "Mismanaged Dungeons"
  74. Antiques and the meaning of life
  75. Any research or thoughts on Hearing voices while sleep deprived?
  76. Catastrophic Failure of Earth Within the Lifetime of Someone Alive Today!?
  77. Your opinion on brain transmission theory AKA the filter model of the brain
  78. Why libertarianism is right.
  79. Drugs: To do, or not to do? Why, why not, everything in between.
  80. From Civil Disobedience to Civil Insurrection: the Next Step After Occupy
  81. Voters in the US, Don't forget to vote tomorrow Tuesday 11/4/14!
  82. Believer-atheist marriage impossible?
  83. Libertarian Party Guaranteed Election Prediction
  84. Protests: Radical vs. Non-violent
  85. Would our world be different if the majority of people were self aware?
  86. Can someone explain the usage of the phrase "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence"?
  87. I don't understand revenge
  88. What Does The Ebola Outbreak In West Africa Mean For The World?
  89. Heaven and the Spiritual Realm Is Very Real
  90. DO you think there is a patriarchy in the U.S?
  91. Missing 411
  92. Reincarnation
  93. Reborn.
  94. Rape vs. Murder
  95. Sexism in Video Games
  96. So, there used to be threads about tripping here, tell your hallucinogenic tales inside!
  97. Share your most legit sources for evidence of life after death.
  98. Judge Richard Posner dismantles Indiana Solicitor General's arguments against gay marriage
  99. Nazis, Islamic Terrorists - which is worse?
  100. Discussion of Homosexuality Acceptance (Split)
  101. (USA) Civil Rights Moving Backwards? Violent Cops, Racism and Hate?
  102. Russian 'Humanitarian' Convoy
  103. Large Number of Ukraine Servicemen Unwilling to Fight, Refuse to Obey Orders of Kiev Regime
  104. Excellent Political Satire Pages on Facebook: People Think Some Are Serious
  105. Checkmate, Anarcho-capitalists
  106. Dark Secrets on the History Channel, whats up with that?
  107. ISIS and the future of the Middle East
  108. Mexico has very strict gun control!
  109. Transhumanism - Enhanced intelligence and cognitive function
  110. Florida Couple Fined $746 For Crime Of Feeding Homeless People
  111. The Transgender Tipping Point Time Magazine
  112. "Why Do Girls Hate Me So Much?" Elliot Rodger UCSB Murders
  113. Was it worth it?
  114. Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theorists cyber stalking victims' and survivors' families
  115. Wikileaks to reveal second nation NSA is recording all phone calls from.
  116. Senator Reid calls for constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United
  117. American Spring - Spread the Word [-:
  118. Links to "WoW" old threads
  119. Twin sharing a single body
  120. New study rules US an Oligarchy rather than a Democracy
  121. Awesome Underground Journalists Who Stump Major Political Figures
  122. Why Socialism Doesn't Work
  123. A Video Compilation of Obama's Broken Promises
  124. Current events/news
  125. Nationalism
  126. Pot Legalization Supporter Interviews Pot Prohibitionist - Very Well Done
  127. We need hammer control NOW!!!
  128. U.S. Senate voted 53 to 46 to Defend the Second Amendment
  129. Is it our moral duty to voluntarily not breed?
  130. The Grieving Process - How Do You Grieve? How Do You React To Grief?
  131. Hired Government Internet Disinformation Trolls
  132. Re: Shocking and definitive proof of what dreams really are Started by FrankDiMeglio
  133. You and people
  134. Greatest Threat To World Peace: The United States of America
  135. The Day We Fight Back Against Mass Surveillance
  136. Congress almost sold out U.S. gun rights to the U.N.
  137. Worldviews
  138. Shocking and definitive proof of what dreams really are
  139. 2006, 1st Open, Public rv lab
  140. a.i. good or bad idea?
  141. The techno-militarization of American Law Enforcement
  142. How Humor can Harm Human Progress
  143. Apparently Inevitable For Me To Have Children?
  144. Violent Video Games And Their Effects
  145. Lying about Santa
  146. Russia/Putin
  147. The Evidence for Psi
  148. The Believing Brain by Michael Shermer 2011
  149. How Alan Greenspan Destroyed America
  150. Mystery 'Tips for Jesus' tipper identified in NYC
  151. Crypto Currencies
  152. Does anyone hold a positive very long term view of society?
  153. Ding, dong, the witch is dead
  154. Why Your Brain Needs More Downtime - Scientific American
  155. FEMA Camps: City to Exile the Homeless; It’s not a Conspiracy Theory Anymore
  156. Are you humans irrational by nature?
  157. Russell Brand Comittee on Addiction
  158. Bionic Man At Washington Air & Space Museum
  159. People are so close minded!!!!!! We still dont understand anything.
  160. NYPD Internal Affairs Cop Reportedly Among Bikers Involved in SUV Attack
  161. Kenya Mall Attackers' Bodies Still Not Found
  162. Obamacare - WE ARE SCREWED
  163. Technology harming our society!!!
  164. AI!!!?
  165. American Foreign Policy Hasn't Changed in 50 years
  166. Another Mass Shooting
  167. Would You Move to Mars?
  168. The Ruling Elite wants Arab Spring to Fail, Who are they?
  169. Respectfully reporting a crime
  170. How to BEAT student loans? (US)
  171. the clouds I saw today
  172. Undiscovered Creatures Thread (Nessie, BigFoot, etc.)
  173. Morgellon's Disease? A Bioterrorism?
  174. Overpopulation: the 800-pound National Security Risk in the Room?
  175. A unique View on Awareness
  176. Excellent Gun Liberties Speeches and Reports
  177. Edward Snowden is a false flag
  178. The ridiculous Trayvon Martin case
  179. "Five Eyes" spying network extent revealed - US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand
  180. What is morality? It's not about being inoffensive to everybody.
  181. Are feelings and intuitions a valid source of knowledge?
  182. What Happened to the Anti-War Movement?
  183. Money or Survival Skills
  184. Fake CNN News Report
  185. ancient Egyptian statue moving whats your thoughts
  186. Bible thumper with anti-gay logic. Help me out here, guys.
  187. Was Sandy Hook a Hoax?
  188. Bradley Manning Court Martial Transcripts
  189. What do you like about the US?
  190. Diagnosis required - What is wrong with me ?
  191. What Do You Dislike About the US?
  192. Should humans stop aging?
  193. NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden: Hero or Traitor?
  194. Feminist jokes
  195. All Nations Party: Pan-Secessionism as an alternative to bloc politics
  196. United Front Coalition
  197. The Laurel Canyon Conspiracy: Did the CIA Create the Counterculture?
  198. Synesthesia
  199. March Against Monsanto!
  200. Fake dream reports
  201. Boredom
  202. would you prefer a simpler life without so much technology
  203. do you think that microchip like mini computers could ever be implanted in brain
  204. Aluminum, Barium and Strontium
  205. not sure if this post goes here but what do you think
  206. Naval War Games massacre dolphins
  207. The fallen soverignity of Canada
  208. The tunnel to death
  209. What is four hours funny ?
  210. Prince Phillip in Toronto honoring 1812 war/military
  211. just random stories, pics, and opinionated articles of mine
  212. Bitcoin
  213. Cispa
  214. Boston Bombings Declared a Terrorist Attack
  215. Communism, the Venus project, and common ownership societies. Will you help me find the flaws?
  216. Are Republicans delusional or knowingly ruining the country?
  217. The Evolutionary Benefits of Self-Awareness
  218. North Korea "Threat"
  219. Loving Your Country
  220. Do you belive in ghosts?
  221. Nullification: Libertarian Documentary by the Foundation for a Free Society
  222. Oh Canada Movie - Our Bought And Sold Out Land - Full
  223. The DEA Will Lose $166 Million in Funding on Friday
  224. When will humanity expand into space?
  225. Senators spar as assault weapons ban passes panel
  226. The Erosion of Civil Liberty in America
  227. 3D Printing
  228. The Education System
  229. Why is sex inappropriate?
  230. Brain to brain interface.
  231. U.S. Sequestration, Global (Economic, Political, Social) Disarray
  232. The Healthcare Industrial Complex
  233. Realistic Argument for Legalizing Weed
  234. The NDAA: 1984 is Approaching.
  235. Selling the Iraq War: The Rumsfeld Memos
  236. US / American Economic Collapse 2013 - American New Great Depression
  237. LA Cop-Turned-Cop-Killer, Dorner
  238. What's an ideal education system?
  239. Naturally Improve Eyesight, Possible?
  240. So let's talk about gun control
  241. Currensy (How Rich Are You?)
  242. "Consciousness" signal
  243. Free Market and Automation
  244. If you can get the square root of 1% of the population to feel peace, peace will happen
  245. Is the billionth view the end?
  246. Amazing Documentary
  247. "OWS has done nothing" - And why the fuck doesn't everyone do this?
  248. End of the Universe
  249. Death
  250. Tell Me What You Think About This Statement