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  1. Got life?
  2. CS Lewis
  3. Why Darwinism is doomed
  4. I would probably give $1,000,000 to anyone that could convince me that God exists.
  5. Is Belief a Choice?
  6. Why did you become an Atheist?
  7. Believing in both Creationism and Evolution
  8. Satanism, yay!
  9. Attn: All christians...God did not create the earth?
  10. Religious Nuts
  11. Why do religious nuts think metal is evil?
  12. I'm out of here
  13. What evidence do you need?
  14. Debate yourself!
  15. God is the ultimate lucid dreamer
  16. 10 Questions for an Intelligent Christian
  17. Atheism Test
  18. The science of the Holy Spirit?
  19. Any Huna practitioners here?
  20. In the name of the Father.
  21. Any Athesists out there? I need backup.
  22. Just a quick thought...
  23. The Theory of Intelligent Design
  24. a question for believers ;)
  25. How to Spot a Cult
  26. Another ? for athiests/non believers of any religion
  27. Proof for an Intelligent Creator and His purpose
  28. Ray Comfort is at it again.
  29. Bible "Flash Cards" and riddles.
  30. Question for athiests...
  31. What Dreams May Come
  32. Beliefs and Faith attn: UM
  33. Hypothetical: Real Test of Faith
  34. Hypothetical: Evil Master
  35. Interesting Thought
  36. The Professor With a Brain
  37. Religious nut makes ridiculous predictions
  38. God's Minute
  39. The backpedaling Vatican...
  40. Athiesm a sin?
  41. You visit the future and your religion no longer exists, how do you react?
  42. Is God a socialist?
  43. Life after death?
  44. If God knows everything before it even happens..
  45. The Smudging Ceremony; Native American Spiritual Practice
  46. Why Do People Think Satan/Lucifer/The Devil Reigns In Hell?
  47. A Gnostic Meditation from gnosis.org
  48. God - Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient
  49. Bible being edited.. again.. word of God??
  50. Refutes against evolution
  51. God's minute
  52. the devil...unintended pro-logic?
  53. Events in your life that convince you God is real
  54. Song to agree with
  55. Questions about Good and Evil
  56. Can someone
  57. Can god create a rock so big...
  58. Suffering, A Contridiction of an Omnipotent Being?
  59. A new theory (for creationists)
  60. A clearer explanation of salvation
  61. My views on God, Bible and Evolution.
  62. your favorite people that used to post in R/S that no longer do?
  63. Why did she say this?
  64. This is what I believe
  65. Lucid dreams and past lives?
  66. Love
  67. Rants About School
  68. my thoughts on religion, anyone agree?
  69. Plastic Jesus vs. Christ Spirit
  70. Why do people not accept evolution?
  71. why does someone in full reason..
  72. I wrote this piece tell me what you think--is it readable? Title:Zen and the Art of Relationships
  73. A spiritual thought concerning evolution
  74. The Scoreboard
  75. The Experiment.
  76. Why?
  77. A question for Christians who accept evolution.
  78. Hypocrisy
  79. Any practitioners?
  80. Pascal's Wager--another perspective.
  81. Why is sex such a sin?
  82. GOD vs SCIENCE
  83. For those who believe in God; does God have a self?
  84. What does the "Book Of Revelations" say?
  85. believe what you want?
  86. What religion would you call my best friend?
  87. so... we can check another country of the ark of the covenent list...
  88. G0d is real and he is angry...very angry
  89. Mormon Oral Sex
  90. Offended by a Signature.
  91. Tell me about Chaos Magick
  92. Child's nightmares and memories..
  93. For those who think hell is real ?
  94. Memory... ugh.
  95. Visions from all kinds of faiths
  96. Looking for Religious Texts
  97. thunderf00t for president
  98. Faith, Fair or unfair?
  99. Where do you get married?
  100. Religious wedding, ugh
  101. BBC4 Buddhism Documentary
  102. Shawnmcghee1's Religion Videos
  103. Lucid Dreaming - The Devil?
  104. What the hell are you seeking?
  105. Books to enrich your life
  106. Buddhism Books
  107. Dangerous Atheist!
  108. Flying Spaghetti Monster
  109. God Hates Goths dot com
  110. Pluralism, Spirituality, Religion, Atheism and Christianity
  111. VenomFangX has left the intertubes
  112. Woman gets fired for being an atheist while having breast cancer
  113. Could you see yourself praying for Gods intervention were you dying?(for atheists)
  114. Did Jesus "rise from the dead"
  115. gay sheep in bible times: didn't they notice?
  116. Definition of Atheism
  117. Son of Fred Phelps Speaks out (Long Read)
  118. What religion am I?
  119. "Modifying your perceptions"
  120. Baby Faith
  121. Creationism with Ricky Gervais
  122. What really is EVP?
  123. The size of our universe
  124. 10 Christ-Like Figures Who Pre-Date Jesus
  125. the bullet: the brave and the blubbering
  126. Big Bang theorists, atheists or agnostics?
  127. Religion and Dogma...
  128. Religion in the Media
  129. An Argument for the Afterlife
  130. Jahannam.....
  131. The modern truthfulness and historical accuracy of the Bible
  132. Unbeknown-ist To Me
  133. Religions come and go, so why do people say their God cares and their religion is special?
  134. How do atheists explain…
  135. God's Will
  136. Cthulhu
  137. Science kills religion.
  138. Holy Spirit in the brain?
  139. Astral Projection a Sin?
  140. Why God? WHY?!?
  141. Lucid Dream Sex a sin?
  142. Famous Dream-Related Quote...
  143. The Buddha Boy - Ram Bahadur Bomjon
  144. What every kid wants
  145. N I R V A N A
  146. You thought they were rare? My IRC discussion
  147. Why people dislike evangelicals, by an evangelical
  148. Entertainment thread Hijack re magic etc
  149. I'm scared of hell
  150. I wish I had a heavenly mother, not a heavenly father
  151. A phobia of being cremated o.O
  152. Ray Comfort
  153. Whats the best meditation style?
  154. Who gives a f**** about fundies?
  155. Why do you believe what you believe?
  156. help me understand the difference
  157. Belief in Religion Stunts the logic part of your brain?
  158. Do you believe in God, and why/not?
  159. Tell me your thoughts on reincarnation
  160. If ((Pat Robertson + Ray Comfort) != Smart)
  161. A Crossroads
  162. Fundies Say the Darndest Things
  163. Laying on of hands...
  164. A Glimpse of Heaven
  165. Alright Religion - You Win
  166. What do you think happens tomorrow?
  167. Lennox v Dawkins
  168. God's change of heart
  169. Christians, hell is not real.
  170. The Case for God?
  171. I can't find anything to believe in
  172. Why's everything so beautiful?
  173. Evangelicalism Indoctrinates Children
  174. Why do you do it?
  175. Atheists Discrimination
  176. Commonalities in the Spiritual Path
  177. An atheist searching for God?
  178. The Spirit
  179. What do you think happens after death?
  180. Renaissance
  181. I'm tired of being called an atheist...
  182. Stop with the Strawmen
  183. Are We A Part Of God?
  184. Aren't we all atheist? In a way.
  185. Is God a just individual?
  186. Is God an accident?
  187. All aboard the Atheist bus
  188. questions for the atheists (and believers,too)
  189. The scariest show ever...
  190. Natural, Unnatural, Sin, etc...
  191. The God Theory
  192. Why unquestionable faith is an evil, evil thing
  193. The "best" Christian I've ever seen
  194. Can you sin in your dreams?
  195. Question for those who are religious.
  196. Willfull Misunderstanding
  197. disuss...
  198. I want to believe in god!
  199. Ignorance is bliss
  200. What is a deity?
  201. Spiritual Motherhood and Fatherhood
  202. How do people believe in hell?
  203. god I'm excited for christmas
  204. True or false
  205. A challenge for the Theist
  206. Religious people are ridiculous sometimes...
  207. What am i classed as?
  208. seriously is Jesus meant to be Gods son or a Sun!
  209. Christians are not Monotheistic.
  210. Priest gets his undies in a bunch
  211. Bunch of speculation
  212. Are Muslim's this stupid?
  213. "Don't strangle the serpent"
  214. Can someone tell me why a person defines themself through religion?
  215. God I'm scared
  216. What would you do? An analogy for the "Sin" thing.
  217. Why was Satan cast down from Heaven?
  218. Boobs and atheism
  219. Is catholic school brainwashing?
  220. Do souls recognize each other?
  221. A challenge for the Atheist
  222. tolle or maharshi fans?
  223. What do Atheists do on Christmas?
  224. My best friend. Very religious. I'm getting annoyed now. Halp?
  225. make a joke off this passage. Please.
  226. Flds.
  227. My paranormal experience
  228. Hell
  229. Monks fist fighting
  230. Does Christianity allow non-Christians into heaven?
  231. Faith
  232. 101 atheist quotes
  233. My Dad Has a Theory
  234. Once and for all, somebody explain how sexual preference is a choice.
  235. The Demon Code prevents me
  236. The Ocean: The great mixing cauldron
  237. What are you?
  238. Doubting my Faith
  239. To end all the "controversy" of evolution
  240. An article by PBS about Metaphysics.
  241. You know us by our acts, is this true?
  242. A new low for IDiots
  243. 50 points for whoever identifies this stone...
  244. The Benefits of Flaming
  245. The morality of atheism
  246. Claircognizance!!!!
  247. Obama Wins. . And helps usher in the end times
  248. Why did i lose Christ?
  249. I really think you're cool but........
  250. Has God ever smited you??