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  1. Hypic Jerks
  2. rem leftovers ?
  3. Wierd off-balance feeling when lying down to sleep?
  4. Sickness And It's Effect On Dreaming
  5. How to Have More Control Over Your Emotions
  6. Any polyphasic sleepers ?
  7. Can't seem to lucid dream, figured it is due to my lack of dreams in general. Sleep Habits inside.
  8. Constantly tired?
  9. about nrem sleep
  10. Trouble getting to sleep...
  11. I can't sleep as long as i want to...
  12. Insomnia insight.
  13. REM without sleep.
  14. sleep too much
  15. Stages of Sleep: REM and Non-REM Sleep
  16. Waking up naturally while sleeping.
  17. Autism and dreams.
  18. Jolted Awake Freezing
  19. Physical side effects of doing drugs in dreams?
  20. If you were to fall asleep RIGHT now, how many hours of sleep would you get?
  21. Sleep Paralysis ((Getting Scared))
  22. How to Deal with Night Terrors
  23. Tonsillitis = Temporary Insomnia
  24. Daydreaming
  25. What are the benefits of a regular sleep pattern?
  26. Can't sleep?
  27. Joining Gym = Bigger Chance Of LD'ing!
  28. Being tired causes music to sound like it's playing faster...
  29. Did i just encounter sleep paralysis?
  30. Stress and Dreaming
  31. What NOT To do before going to bed
  32. noticing changes in my sleep rhythm
  33. How long does it take you to fall asleep?
  34. zebrah going polyphasic!
  35. ADD and Depression
  36. The Importance of Sleep
  37. Everyman Sleep
  38. No sleep since trying to start lucid dreaming
  39. Depersonalisation a side effect of practising lucid dreaming?
  40. Ah the snooze game...
  41. Damaged sleep cycles..
  42. A pal and I are starting the Dymaxion sleep cycle.
  43. Re-living events when trying to fall asleep?
  44. My Schedule!
  45. Sleep posture
  46. Why...? LD(Dreams) replacing(and) Rest(Sleep)
  47. Sleep apnea
  48. Meditation is by far the most frustrating thing I have ever encountered.
  49. Eyelid sparkles
  50. Should I seek medical help?
  51. AdvoCare Spark Energy Drink, in your opinion?
  52. Weird dot of light that I see all the time?
  53. Can't keep my eyes closed?
  54. waking up in paralysis
  55. Sleeping with the lights on/off..
  56. Dry Mouth/Throat
  57. Hello all dreamers!
  58. If you caN't fall asleep what do you do?
  59. How many Health Problems Sleep Apnea could Lead To?
  60. sleep problems
  61. Does my autism effect my dreams?
  62. A rejuvenating experience: Rasayana
  63. Getting too hot at night
  64. Do You Do The Tuck?
  65. Sitting Meditation + Sleeping
  66. ZERO sleep, big day.
  67. long naps and dreams at night?
  68. Nightmares and Nightsweats
  69. How many Health Problems Sleep Apnea could Lead To?
  70. Scared please help !
  71. First polyphasic attempt
  72. "Zombie mode" when alarm goes off
  73. I'm sick if I get up early, but I have to. Advice needed.
  74. do you recomend a "normal" sleep shedual? or can being overly tired help?
  75. Can lack of sleep have serious consequences for you health?
  76. I need water beside my bed every night
  77. I can't get back to sleep after waking up? but I need to WBTB
  78. sleepin on your back?
  79. Insomnia arrrghhh....
  80. Light vs Deep sleep and Dreams
  81. Is Over sleep a health problem? Please see the details below answer my question?
  82. Sometimes I feel like I havent even fallen asleep
  83. Does Everyone Do this?
  84. Oversleeping
  85. Sleep Apnea? :(
  86. Hallucinations+ sleep walking+ more
  87. Lucid dreaming while feeling ill?
  88. Trouble getting out of bed in the morning
  89. OH GOD.. B6 Overdose??! What could happen!?
  90. Can't feel sleepy at 4am. My body telling me i dn't need more sleep?
  91. Characteristics of Negative Thought Patterns
  92. Sleep paralysis and sleepwalking?
  93. Bad Insomnia :(
  94. headache while sleeping
  95. Do humans really need to sleep at night?
  96. Can B6 make you sick?
  97. TV Doctors say Nightmares cause Heart Attacks, is this true?
  98. Having trouble getting & staying asleep. Help??
  99. Melatonin and B6
  100. Sedatives to sleep and dream
  101. Speed Sleep
  102. i'm to excited..( in the beginning already!)
  103. Quit Smoking without Gaining Weight
  104. Ran for my life... Why?
  105. Sodium Flouride's effect on the pineal gland
  106. Biphasic Sleep Log
  107. Badly Injured(real life) during sleep, is this common?
  108. Why do I sleep so much?
  109. Sleeping problems? Help?
  110. Can elder people die in their sleep if they have given up on life?
  111. Naps vs. A night of sleep and REM?
  112. Time to fall asleep
  113. Inducing sensations and stimulating blood flow while in transition?
  114. Sleeping for roughly 12-14 hours a day
  115. Looking for a someone in my area who can act as a mentor
  116. Got up from a nightmare with Chest pain and it doesn't go away.
  117. How many times do you wake up in the middle of the night?
  118. Does sleep, exercise and maturity affect puberty?
  119. What position do you sleep in?
  120. Caffeine and Dreaming
  121. Melatonin is safe for me.. right?
  122. Sleep paralysis or Demon
  123. Not Getting Tired Anymore...?
  124. Who here's experienced sleep paralysis completely unintentionally?
  125. Pressure point - Is this a safe way to fall asleep?
  126. Problem of not wanting to sleep..
  127. Mental Hyperdrive?
  128. Running
  129. Vegan
  130. Project: Combined Techniques Method - Your Advice on DR, Meditation, Magnesium, Tryptophan, Zinc...
  131. I hear music that isn't there?
  132. Silent Alarm Clock, ideas?
  133. having terrifying experiences that are not dreams and i dont think its SP
  134. What song(s) makes you sleepy?
  135. I'm doing a project on lucid dreaming
  136. Fighting the onset of hypnagogia
  137. Waking Up To Sleep-2007
  138. Sleep Talking
  139. everyman help?
  140. Temperature affects sleep/dreams?
  141. Could not sleep last night
  142. Sleeping Tricks - Effective Techniques for Falling Asleep
  143. Everyman again
  144. Any Good Books On Meditation, Body's Energy?
  145. Alchahol and dream recall
  146. Insomnia. Probably caused by summer.
  147. Over sleeping is bad for health ? 6 hours sleep is sufficent, anything more that is over sleeping ?
  148. Refreshed after 4 hours of sleep
  149. Physical disaster while reality checing
  150. No alarm clock
  151. Better to wake up early on weekends?
  152. Insomnia & Hallucinations
  153. What causes hypnic jerks and why do I get them?
  154. Unable to sleep / Nightmares - Possible cause?
  155. Should I be breathing through my nose?
  156. Early Class Dilemma
  157. How many hours should i sleep. and any health problem going sleep late night..?.advise please..!?
  158. How to get up early without being tired?
  159. Neck Sensitivity
  160. Not sure if I had Sleep Paralysis or dreamt it
  161. How many of you are natural-LD'ers (No Pills or anything)
  162. First Sleep Paralysis into LD or OBE
  163. How many Health Problems Sleep Apnea could Lead To?
  164. Music to help you sleep
  165. Meditation?
  166. Huperzine A and Choline
  167. Talgoran's Biphasic Sleep Log
  168. I want to pull an all-nighter.
  169. This would be so cool if someone could do this
  170. Is this un-healthy?
  171. Thinking of trying Everyman for my senior year of high school..?
  172. The "Tug"
  173. Sleep Patterns and Dreaming
  174. My Uberman-2
  175. Horrible blood flow
  176. Evolution and sleep
  177. Random weird bursts of energy
  178. Going for my second sleep study
  179. What are the chemicals that Induce sleep?
  180. Easy ways to fall asleep faster
  181. Have you Ever had a Hamster put to sleep for health complications?
  182. Going Uberman!
  183. Lucid dreaming during epileptic seizures - A must-read
  184. Third Polyphasic Sleep Attempt (Everyman)
  185. I wake up early in the morning and can't go back to sleep...:(
  186. trouble sleeping at boy scout campouts need help
  187. Sleep Deprivation and LD Practice
  188. Relaxation Question
  189. Destroyed sleeping pattern, 3 years
  190. Sleeping Disorder that CAUSES Lucid Dreams?
  191. Only got 1.9 hours of sleep last night.
  192. Polyphasic sleep for summer and school?
  193. Ringing in your ears?
  194. Itís the experience
  195. B6 linked to decreased lung cancer risk
  196. Help Falling Asleep
  197. Sleep Paralysis being misdiagnosed
  198. Scared!
  199. Waking up and needing the toilet
  200. How Can I stay Asleep?
  201. sleeping issues
  202. Dreamate Sleep Inducer
  203. Sleep talking
  204. Mental and physical effects of puberty...
  205. Are we meant to have a biphasic sleep pattern?
  206. The Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Brain and Behavior
  207. Is there any connection with sleep apnea and sleepwalking?
  208. Problems getting to sleep
  209. Heavy Uberman Trials
  210. Sleep paralysis that scared the hell out of me
  211. Bad cuticles and hangnails, help?
  212. Constantly Getting Colds-- Its Getting Desperate
  213. take a nap to stay up later
  214. Sleep talking and walking
  215. Suddon loss of vision and dizziness
  216. sleep paralysis/please advise me
  217. Starting the Dymaxion schedule
  218. Nail Biting
  219. Weird thoughts. Post your's here!
  220. Stubborn Acne
  221. How to clear mind?
  222. Floatation Tank
  223. I Can't Breathe!
  224. Help! Nightmares! I never had them as a boy.
  225. sleep depriivation
  226. What the HECK happened?!
  227. Jolts causing no sleep.
  228. SP? Not sure.
  229. Freezing night SWEATS
  230. Second Wind
  231. Sleeping only two hours a day. Possible?
  232. Daydreaming
  233. Questions about Sleep Paralysis
  234. Seeing bugs/cells in my eyes?
  235. giving the everyman a go...
  236. Your Sleep Paralysis Experiences?
  237. What disease do you think i have?
  238. Biphasic at 14?
  239. Yet another Everyman Schedule
  240. new to sleep paralysis - 6-8 times in a row?
  241. Growth hormones
  242. Suggestions for a good blackout eye mask?
  243. meditation quesitons
  244. I see bugs that are not there
  245. Describe your sleep paralysis
  246. what exactly is the everyman sleep schedule?
  247. Restless Sleep
  248. OMG.... I'm so tired but yet so awake.
  249. Deep breathing
  250. Dreaming and memory