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  1. What is a good way
  2. Crossing Eyes
  3. Stabbing pain in my head
  4. Sleep paralysis. Scared. Please advise.
  5. can art make you tired?
  6. Biphasic Sleep Test
  7. Sleeping schedule messed up?
  8. Stress and LDs
  9. really need help understanding this sleep/dream issue
  10. I keep waking up in my sleep
  11. Talking to myself
  12. Everyman Polyphasic Schedule: Accelerate Adaptation?
  13. Something weird
  14. Hypnagogic Hallucinations in real life?
  15. Trying out Everyman sleep pattern - 4.5 hours a day
  16. coping with irregular sleep patterns
  17. Aware of brain falling asleep?
  18. How can I sleep better at night?
  19. Are these waking times normal?
  20. Insomina...?
  21. Nightmare related questions
  22. Brain-Sync While Asleep?
  23. Question about Drugs (medicinal)
  24. Recurrent sleep paralysis
  25. Being tired puts you to sleep and (for me) the opposite is true
  26. having trouble sleepnig, bit of help :D
  27. Sleeping Difficulties
  28. Do You Listen To Music Before You Go To Bed?
  29. Do You Ever Jolt Before Sleep?
  30. Rubber Bands decreasing dream recall?
  31. unusual sleep problems
  32. Zaps and Buzzes
  33. What is wrong with me?
  34. Anyone know much about Serotonin?
  35. Do you have night terrors?
  36. Hypnopompic hallucinations and other really weird things
  37. Busting sleep myths
  38. reversed sleep cycle
  39. Talking During Sleep is Becoming a Problem
  40. Asking for sleep problems?
  41. Please help me diagnose my sleep disorder
  42. Learning while asleep?
  43. sleeping 5.2 hours per night = Everyman2
  44. Something strange happens to my body...so people say
  45. Blocking Blue Wavelengths of Light at night
  46. not waking up to alarms
  47. Way to make sure I have a lucid dream
  48. Safety Regarding Lucid Dreaming
  49. So, I've got the flu.
  50. Going to stay up for 2-3 days.
  51. Maintaining that half-asleep, high-awareness state
  52. Sleep Paralysis or Alien Abduction: Stories for TV series
  53. Sleep key to beating teen blues
  54. How do I fall asleep faster?
  55. Having a bedmate...
  56. If sleep paralysis prohibits movement whilst dreaming...
  57. Dream Recall
  58. 5 Foods That Help You Sleep
  59. Is it just me, or when I think to myself...
  60. Grinding your teeth
  61. Recommended Biural beats for trance states
  62. Lost my hopes for getting a LD
  63. Unhealthy escapism?
  64. is this healthy?
  65. Earplugs safe?
  66. Starting the Everyman Sleep Schedule
  67. people who study sleep?
  68. Help with Everyman Schedule
  69. REM atonia stopping early?
  70. Breathing problems during sleep
  71. Dependant on Sleep mp3
  72. Peeling Toenails In My Sleep
  73. Alice in Wonderland Syndrome?
  74. A new kind of nightmare
  75. Dreaming and School
  76. How can I fall asleep faster?
  77. Orbs when I open my eyes?
  78. Meditation: Where to begin?
  79. Not able to fall back asleep after recording first dream
  80. False awakening of sleep paralysis? w..t.f..
  81. The iPod Brain
  82. Interesting RBD story
  83. Dealing with insonmia?
  84. Strange feeling in my neck after eating or drinking
  85. This is driving me NUTS.
  86. Wierd, but I always have to sleep with at least one blanket on me?
  87. Sleep Help?
  88. Helpful vs. Counterproductive amount of Sleep
  89. Time Goes By In Minutes
  90. Waking up tired and remaining tired
  91. "Holding your mouth right"
  92. Messed up sleep times.
  93. Sleeping naked
  94. Migraines?
  95. Ow! My F__ing tongue!
  96. Fed up of Sleep Paralysis.
  97. Staying up late often?
  98. Trailing off topic
  99. Great earbuds?
  100. Sleeping Positions?
  101. Stress, Depression, & Dreaming
  102. I keep sleeping through my alarm!
  103. An interesting Product
  104. Can't keep eyes shut
  105. Something Paradoxical
  106. Is it good to take a melatonin break?
  107. how fast can you fall asleep?
  108. ...And I wasn't imagining it!
  109. hypnoisis for childhood insomnia
  110. Does Acupuncture Therapy really work?
  111. am i losing it... ???
  112. i have low falling-asleep abilities
  113. Uberman Sleep Schedule, anyone tried it?
  114. Power napping?
  115. Can't fall back asleep...
  116. I think I might be crazy
  117. insomnia?
  118. Do you think that being mentally handicapped can affect dreams in any way?
  119. Weird Bruxism
  120. Weird Pain in chest
  121. Question About Sleep
  122. Stress.
  123. Lately I have been having this weird problem.
  124. Using Dream Info To Heal Oneself
  125. Waking up without waking your partner
  126. Weird problem with my penis
  127. Ambien
  128. Hypnosis to fall asleep quicker - Helped me
  129. Being on the dividing line of awake and asleep
  130. Having A Conversation While Sleeping How Is That Possible???
  131. Everyman Sleep: Questions
  132. Sleep
  133. Barely awake math
  134. Article About The Brain
  135. Can anyone suggest a light box?
  136. Doom is Upon Us!
  137. What is this??
  138. wet dream help...
  139. Dreaming stages, memory, and supplements.
  140. Bedside Brainwave Scanner review
  141. Alternative sleep pattern
  142. As soon as I begin to sleep; images, thoughts, memories pour through my head
  143. Sleep Talking While Conscious?
  144. Help!
  145. Sleep Paralysis... again.
  146. Weird things when i wake up.
  147. Scary sleep experience
  148. How Much Sleep Do You Get?
  149. Herbs for Dream Pillows
  150. 36 hr headache and still goin
  151. Can't fall asleep
  152. Chronic Headaches from Sleep
  153. I dont understand why...
  154. Breathing
  155. Problem: Living in two realities
  156. Can't Dream
  157. Sleeping issues sometimes..
  158. Sleep problem ruining my LD attempts...
  159. I hear voices in my sleep
  160. Something wrong with my sleeping?
  161. Extremely scared of SP (to the point of no sleep)
  162. Not wanting to fall asleep even when tired
  163. Weird Sleep Pattern
  164. Sleep is huge problem for me
  165. My worst fear came true...
  166. was i hallucinating?
  167. Paralysis during sleep, but I don't think its sleep paralysis?
  168. meditation question
  169. Brain Machine?
  170. Awake/Sleep, but still under Sleep Paralysis?
  171. Sexsomnia
  172. My theroy on the stages of sleep
  173. Crying in your sleep?
  174. replacing my bed with a hammock?
  175. Odd sleep patterns?
  176. Eating before sleeping
  177. My sleep paralysis sounds...
  178. Is lucid dreaming healhty?
  179. Women.... question about period...
  180. Hypnosis to make you fall asleep?
  181. Feet hurt near sleep
  182. Sleep Schedule Issues! Help!
  183. please help with sleeping problems!!
  184. So...what happened here?
  185. What is the vibrational state?
  186. Sleeping and studying at the same time.
  187. Too much sleep = feel like crap
  188. RLS in my whole body... SP?!
  189. Exstacy and sleep
  190. insomnia???
  191. Starting the Dymaxion Sleep Schedule
  192. This scared the crap out of me last night.
  193. Sleeping in College?
  194. Losing my LD ability
  195. Instant dreams?
  196. Has this ever happened to you while dozing off? I think it's pretty common...
  197. what is wrong with me?
  198. Easy to fall asleep, but the quality is awful.
  199. Dogs with Sleep Disorders
  200. Vibrations while awake??? kundalini?
  201. Does anyone else experience this?
  202. Phantom Pain
  203. why am i always tired?
  204. Against Nature?
  205. My friend died in his sleep last night
  206. Startling Feelings
  207. Soda & Dreaming
  208. Isn't there a difference
  209. Acid Reflux?
  210. Hmm.. Strange, a weird type of insomnia?
  211. this kinda stuff keeps happening to me recently
  212. Curing Insomnia
  213. Why can't I sleep!? D:
  214. Face Twitching!! (Extremely Annoying)
  215. Constant Dream State
  216. My mind jerks to an awake state...
  217. Knock me out?
  218. Sleep and Health
  219. How can I tell if im about to fall asleep?**
  220. Any way to become a lighter sleeper?
  221. Attention Deficit Disorder
  222. could i possibly have a sleep disorder?
  223. sleep meds stealing my dreams!
  224. Vitamin Dependency
  225. Sleep deprivation pacing?
  226. Cramp
  227. Audio Sleep Aid
  228. I was about to fall asleep... then...
  229. Sleep May Prepare You For Tomorrow By Dissolving Today's Neural Connections
  230. When i rember dreams it hurts
  231. Movement in dream because I couldn't breathe
  232. Bad Habit..
  233. Can't sleep anymore.
  234. What the hell was that?!?
  235. Sleep depervation question?
  236. poll on implications of alt.sleep by a student
  237. Meditating and less sleep?
  238. Placebo: an effective guide
  239. Trouble Sleeping
  240. Can insomnia make you crazy?
  241. "There (Hopefully Less) Golden Sleep Doth Reign"
  242. I always awake spontaneous at 5.20 am
  243. 2 states of REM...Can anyone explain more?..:)
  244. Weird sleeping patterns
  245. Random Tripping Experiences
  246. need to discipline myself to go to bed earlier.........grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  247. another-problems with sleep topic
  248. Sleep Paralysis
  249. Frequent Early Morning Wakes!
  250. Sleep Deprivation long/short term effects?