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  1. minimal amount of sleep for lucid dreaming?
  2. Ebbtide000 Getting Motivated
  3. My Sleep Cylce is Ruined (Polyphasic Sleep)
  4. Lack of sleep
  5. Trying to get rid of this "over-sleepiness"
  6. Dr. Rubin Naiman very helpful videos about sleep
  7. How often do you sleep?
  8. Sleep Cycles
  9. Dream recall troubles
  10. Sleeping 18+ Hours a Day?
  11. I peed in a dream, and then I woke up and found myself peeing in waking life
  12. Sleeping on my arm alot
  13. Having trouble falling asleep?
  14. I dream a lot now that I'm sick with a body dysfunction
  15. 4 am wake sleep schedule
  16. I am dreaming very vividly without entering REM sleep?
  17. Hands moving while sleeping
  18. Sleeping Like a Corpse
  19. Sleeping with clothes instead of a blanket - what are your opinions on this?
  20. Am I the only one that sleeps better when achieving lucidity?
  21. Sleep Paralysis - Extremely Dangerous !
  22. How yoga helps to imporves sleep?
  23. Insomnia Sucks! Help!
  24. Do yoga help in to get good sleep?
  25. How Yoga and Meditation helps to get good sleep?
  26. My sleep pattern
  27. WBTB Health
  28. Seeing 1-4 levels of CEV and more?
  29. Is diphenhydramine (Benadryl) addictive?
  30. DAE sometimes sleep without realizing it?
  31. Do we have the same sleep cycle every night?
  32. I cant sleep before 5 am.
  33. Did You Leave The T.V. On?
  34. Intersting - Article about making stress work
  35. Lucid Dreaming and Depression
  36. HELP! Takes 1+ hour(s) to fall asleep every night.
  37. Why can't I sleep some times
  38. Terrifying Experience While Falling Asleep
  39. Insomnia and Dream Recall
  40. Strange symptoms before sleep paralysis
  41. What's this condition called ?
  42. Sleep Atonia question?
  43. Question about a prescribed legal medicine
  44. Making noises during dreaming
  45. Dreamviews Please Slap Me
  46. Involuntary Toe Twitching and Tingling. Plz Help!
  47. False awakenings
  48. Weird experience
  49. Is this microsleep? Deep meditation?
  50. Hard time to go back to sleep after natural awake
  51. How to maintain a sleeping pattern (especially waking up)
  52. Threecat's Stolen Sleep Tips
  53. Going Dark: An Experiment
  54. Does my dad have a sleeping disorder?
  55. polyphasic sleep and lucid dreaming
  56. Do you ever find yourselves breathing faster and heavier when you wake up during the night?
  57. Dreaming Again, After Brain Surgery
  58. Dream smoking - Should I be worried?
  59. Jolted Awake Dizzy, Confused, and Hallucinating - Why???
  60. My leg just collapsed on me today.
  61. Girlfriend has frequent nightmares, can't recall dreams the next morning.
  62. How do I cure insomina?
  63. I have a hard time falling asleep?
  64. I'm currently changing my sleep schedule, and I would like some advice etc
  65. Do you sleep on a futon? Can you give me some tips?
  66. Psychology; Becoming Whole
  67. I need help falling asleep
  68. Wake up a couple times a night
  69. CO2 Breathing Technique for Insomnia (and maybe induce an OBE)
  70. Sleep Cycles and Total Sleep Length
  71. Trouble falling asleep/waking up early?
  72. Short introductory video on improving memory and recall via Choline supplements
  73. How to sleep on your back?
  74. brainwave question\epsilon vs gamma? LD topic
  75. Tip for insomniacs
  76. Are these sleep patterns normal?
  77. Improving your cognitive abilities via Nootropics
  78. The effects of sleep deprivation on sleep stages
  79. Do we really need 7+ hours of sleep?
  80. Feeling like I haven't slept ! ? ! Stuck in the Hypnagogic? HELP needed
  81. Hypnagogic Hallucinations
  82. paralyzed in sleep but not sleep paralysis?
  83. Sleeping unusually little during the night and still feeling rested the next morning
  84. DC1 - nightlight setup
  85. Sleep walking and problems.
  86. Sleep walker, talker, kicker, screamer, dreamer craziness
  87. Body shaking/trembling after driving. Suggestions?
  88. Sleep Deprivation Experiment
  89. Is this a good sleep cycle?
  90. Possiblity For A Lucid Dream Machine
  91. Insomnia? Try this! [Binaural beats]
  92. What's the earliest, healthy time a human can get up in the morning?
  93. If you stay awake for one whole night, does this mean you need to compensate for exactly one night?
  94. Same kind of nightmares all over again. How to get rid of them?
  95. Sleep length and brain health
  96. Is it healthy to sleep in very short bursts, and during the afternoon?
  97. Dream Logic in Waking Life?
  98. Mindful Dozing Insomnia
  99. Science of Sleep Paralysis Hallucinations
  100. WBTB on a working guy's sleep schedule
  101. Polyphasic Sleep
  102. How long should you sleep the night after staying awake one whole night?
  103. Restless leg syndrome
  104. F.Lux
  105. State of Paralysis
  106. Has anyone ever experienced this?
  107. Less drugs more dreams
  108. Major difficulty getting back to sleep
  109. I literally can't fall asleep..
  110. Conscious Dozing?
  111. Weird sleep paralysis continious mode?
  112. EHS happening because I'm becoming more aware of when I start to sleep?
  113. This question requires some innovative ideas and insight
  114. Is my Exercise Enough for good Sleep?
  115. Android apps
  116. Best books for sleeping better?
  117. Why people have trouble falling asleep most of the time...
  118. Are there any advantages for going polyphasic ?
  119. Perversions Of Science
  120. I really need to change my sleep schedule, but what's the best way to do that?
  121. Poor Sleep Pattern And Recall
  122. REM Question
  123. SP? LD? EHS? Or none of the above?
  124. Insomnia, ugh
  125. Panic Attack when lying down to sleep
  126. Spinning/dizzy feeling every time I turn on my side
  127. Two questions about W.I.L.D and dream.
  128. Hallucinations When Tired
  129. It always takes me one hour to fall asleep without fail.
  130. What does it mean when people say that you "can't make up for lost sleep"?
  131. Problems Dreaming after Emergency Brain Surgery
  132. Dreamless sleep?
  133. Any ideas on sleeping faster???
  134. Hpylori how to get food products tested?
  135. Are our eyes Centralized when we sleep aswell?
  136. Am I hallucinating?
  137. I can only sleep exactly for 7 hours! need help...
  138. Starting with Everyman.
  139. Waking up early and not being able to fall asleep?
  140. Exploding Head Syndrome
  141. Dreaming with Eyes Open?
  142. ZMA, pumpkin seeds and improved dream recall!
  143. Can't fall asleep, am I sleep deprived? Insomina???
  144. Rested after sleeping a total of 12 hours in two nights...?
  145. Waking for a few hours every night
  146. Help with a Wandering Mind
  147. Am i starting to get insomniac?
  148. Remembering multiple dreams at once
  149. Headaches and WILD attempts
  150. Dymaxion Sleep Schedule
  151. Can't find a comfortable position...
  152. Insomnia Help
  153. Obtain Adrenaline Rush At Will
  154. Can anxiety/stress cause you to have lack of sleep?
  155. How long does it take for you to fall asleep? [poll]
  156. Foods that kill dreams
  157. Melatonin affects your ability to dream?
  158. Not prepared, withdrawal/nightmares
  159. Everyman Sleep Cycle with School. Schedule Help?
  160. Liquid Diet / Cleansing Diet / Fasting / Whatever you want to call it
  161. Waking up a lot during sleep
  162. Waking up early result of WBTB? Among other things.
  163. Getting up early
  164. does this happen to anyone else?
  165. Crazy Sleep Patterns
  166. so hard to fall asleep
  167. Sleeping in too late.
  168. Hallucinations and wanting to leave dreams
  169. Insomnia
  170. How long does it take for the sleep cycle to balance itself?
  171. Insomnia: everytime I feel like I'm falling asleep I wake myself up
  172. Having real pain in dreams
  173. Trying to attempt Everyman 3. Need serious help with schedule.
  174. B6 + B12 before bed = restlessness?
  175. Can a Dream cause a mental break?
  176. Thoughtmares....Please Help
  177. Tired,But not willing to sleep. Love sleep but hate it.
  178. Had a lot of trouble sleeping last night..
  179. How do you deal with hot nights?
  180. Insomnia prescription and nightmares?
  181. Article: Associations learned during sleep from external stimuli
  182. Sleep/Sound Machines : know any good ones?
  183. The fundamental and general/overalll causes for the rapid rise in sleep disorders
  184. Sleeping and memory, my own experience
  185. Extreme boredom or extreme excitation ?
  186. Medication to lose weight
  187. Hallucinating When Tired
  188. Amazing lucid aid for diagnosed Bi Polar II, depression, or schizophrenia.
  189. Sleep Supplements are good for health or not??
  190. Molded Earplugs + Sleeping Mask
  191. Bassets Everyday Health Multivitamins?
  192. Sleep deprivation
  193. Can you hear yourself snore ?
  194. Sounds becoming louder when trying to sleep
  195. Exploding head syndrome without auditory hallucinations?
  196. Help with prescription drugs
  197. Randomly waking up in the middle of the night.
  198. Sleeping Positions/Childhood Sleeping Habits
  199. I cannot sleep one full night if I go to bed early
  200. "Recalling" certain memories
  201. Is it the End of my Dreaming Practice?
  202. What do Doctors and Neurologists and Therapist think of Lucid dreaming?
  203. Head voice
  204. I am so close!
  205. Can my Semi Priaprism be the cause of My Sleep and Dream recall problem?
  206. Tired after lucid dreaming...
  207. Seems i'm having Brainwave Problem. help!!! Can't sleep
  208. When i'm falling into deeper state of sleep, feel like I'm falling
  209. Fatigue and Hallucinations!
  210. Should i take naps, Is Nap Taking good if i'm sleepy?
  211. Get Rid of Insomnia Once and For All!
  212. Suffering from Middle of Night insomnia first time in my life!
  213. Chonic Pain Suffering, My Sleep Journal
  214. Quick Question - Why can't i keep my eyes closed?
  215. How long do you probably need to sleep after staying up all night?
  216. How to train yourself to fall asleep *quickly*!?
  217. Sleep paralysis and CT test
  218. Everyman 2 Schedule + Questions!
  219. Headaches Upon Waking
  220. Missing NonRem and Going Straight to Rem
  221. Shivering/Shaking after waking up
  222. Spicy food and sleep
  223. Hi! I'm new and starting Everyman 4. Gonna keep a log in here.
  224. Blue lights for waking up
  225. Parcial Epilepsy/ Binaural Beats
  226. Supps that Reduced my Insomnia
  227. I'm a bit conflicted...
  228. A sleep-cycle-related question
  229. need help with sleep paralysis
  230. Lack of recall and hallucinations while awake.
  231. Advice for the sleepless
  232. Weird awareness state?
  233. High pitched noise in my ears?
  234. Does depression or anxiety stop people dreaming?
  235. Why do I keep waking up?
  236. I am new to this...
  237. Not dreaming past two weeks! No dream recall!
  238. Everyman 2
  239. How can I make myself tired?
  240. 6h sleep? What is it that needs to recover the most?
  241. 3 hours sleep the past 37+ hours?
  242. Managing my DSPS
  243. Messed up sleep schedule.
  244. Red Eye Allergy
  245. Cannabis use + dream recall--- tips from a daily smoker
  246. How do I stop having nightmares?
  247. My combo psych med's must be the reason for all my nightmares
  248. Why can't I sleep?
  249. It's too hot for me to sleep
  250. Sleep paralysis?