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  1. Has anyone read The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle?
  2. Has anyone used "brainwaves" to achieve lucidity with success?
  3. Tried Vitamin B6 and... nothing
  4. NyQuil experiment
  5. Isochronic Tones
  6. Nfri's experimentation: Galantamine + choline + nicotine = 2hrs of lucid dreaming
  7. Supplements and Weed
  8. Marijuana and its effect with WILD
  9. Best place to buy calea z? And some usage
  10. Proper supplement combos
  11. New android app, Lucidity!
  12. Hemi-Sync!?
  13. Repeated timer app for Android?
  14. Silene capensis study
  15. Sleep Whisperers and Lucid Dreaming
  16. Dream aids
  17. Dream Journal app for Windows Phones designed for lucid dreaming
  18. Codename N2D2: NovaDreamer 2 incoming.
  19. Supplements and Placebo Effect
  20. Dual N-Back
  21. 2nd Galantamine experience
  22. Free Galantamine and Choline
  23. How apple juice affects your dreams
  24. About to try galantamine for the first time.
  25. My first Galantamine & Choline Experience
  26. DreamNET, a milestone in lucid dreaming history?
  27. Subliminal Mp3 Question
  28. HORRENDOUS experience with 5-HTP!
  29. Aurora: The Dream-Enhancing Headband
  30. First galantamine experience -- nothing
  31. Calea Z for Cold + Flu Season!
  32. The first polyphasic sleep mask invented?....Aaaaand it's fake.
  33. Sleep Mask and Ear Plugs
  34. Adanced LD: The Power of Supplements e-book
  35. And yet another headband? DreamNET
  36. MOLDAVITE, Cosmic Stone.
  37. The effects of Weed on Lucid Dreaming
  38. The bitter one
  39. Searching for an EEG device
  40. New lucid aid: Aurora, The Dream-Enhancing Headband.
  41. Caffeine's effect on lucidity and dream recall?
  42. Pebble Watch Reality Checks!
  43. Audio experiment to induce dream signs and lucid dreams
  44. Would My Lucid Dreams be Affected if I Start Taking Up Sleeping Pills?
  45. Just had 7 obe/lucid dream experiences with the following Formula
  46. If i wanted to take a supplement for lucid dreaming, What would it be?
  47. Vitamin B6 does make your dreams more vivid!
  48. Calea Z Dream Herb, does it work?
  49. Choline Inositol.... Help/ Advice needed please!
  50. Advanced Supplement Mix, So far working every time
  51. Luci - Advanced Lucid Dream Inducer - Real or fake? I'd really like your opinions!
  52. REMDreamer review - Ongoing
  53. reading outside of one's usual genres as lucid aid?
  54. Help with Supps and Galantamine please!
  55. How many DVers think LUCI will work?
  56. What do you guys think of Luci? Kickstarter
  57. First dream remembered in months, and it was lucid with F.lux
  58. Alternative to Piracetam?
  59. Cheap Lucid dreaming machine - New Project,Reads your brainwaves, warns you when dreaming!
  60. galantamind
  61. Looking for quality, trustworthy and free ld and ap audio programming tracks...
  62. Chemical Rem Suppression
  63. Galantamine/Alpha-GPC
  64. I'm trying to develop a lucid dreaming app - what features would you like or dislike?
  65. foods/techniques for attaining sleep (in order to work on attaining lucidity!)
  66. (Android) Building an dream app
  67. List of (FREE) iPhone apps + discussion
  68. Oversleeping and Sunlight
  69. Timing for taking vitamin B6 and 5-HTP?
  70. Taking "DIY" Pills of Raw Calea Zacatechichi - is it possible?
  71. 5 htp?
  72. Ideas for Lucid Dreaming App
  73. One REM-Detector to rule them all (non-invasive)
  74. Any thoughts on this supplement and the ingrediants that are suppose to help increase dream memory?
  75. Vitamin B6
  76. Guide - Lucid Dreaming with Isochronic Tones
  77. So cherry melatonin kills my recall
  78. Do binaural beats work?
  79. NovaDreamer 2 ?
  80. Binaural Beats definitely helps Lucid Dreaming.
  81. Lucid Dream tea mixture?will it work?
  82. Ways to improve Vitamin B6's Effect
  83. L-DOPA Trial
  84. The Golden Ratio Applied To Remee
  85. Where to find Galantamine and Choline in Australia?
  86. Delaying the effect of caffeine
  87. vitamin b6
  88. Galantamine + Choline /w WBTB - Some Questions
  89. Do binaural beats help lucid dreaming?
  90. Best lucid induction beverages/food?
  91. Calea Zacatechichi first night
  92. Does cherry melatonin affect dream recall? Help!
  93. Yoga Pranayama (Breathing Exercises) and Lucid Dreaming
  94. Galantamine/Huperzine A/Donezepil questions
  95. Galantamine withdrawal symptoms?
  96. Like audio sounds such as nature and binaurals? Check THIS out....
  97. Another drink I found to help you get lucid!
  98. Idea for electrooculographic EILD system. Cheap. Opensource components already developed.
  99. Regarding Cow's Milk and Timing of intake
  100. Clonidine / Catapres. Good or bad?
  101. Awoken - Android App
  102. Little tip on Dream Journals
  103. Nature's measure B super complex tablets
  104. Concerned to use Supplements
  105. EILD problems
  106. Youtube Binaural beats
  107. DreamStalker PRO Electronic Mask of the Lucid Dreams
  108. Essential oils and dreaming study
  109. Combinations of SLEEP AIDS
  110. Timer
  111. most powerful lucid dream suppliment?
  112. Me: Ultimate Way For OBEs On Command ??? Subcon.: Potato =D - Any idea what this means guys?
  113. How soon before going to bed should you take lucid pills?
  114. B12 or B6?
  115. What is the BEST binaural beat sound for lucid dreaming?
  116. Audacity can generate binaural beats
  117. Sleeping Pills?
  118. Properly working alarm to attain lucidity
  119. Dream program
  120. Audio and Visual Cues
  121. Isochronics. NOT Binaurals.
  122. The Oculus Rift and Lucid Dreaming games?
  123. Advice On Lucid Pills?
  124. Ever try this?
  125. binarual beats do they work
  126. Glow in the dark paper for writing down dreams?
  127. Lucid Dreaming Phone APPS
  128. Zeo Out of Business
  129. technology for lucid dreams
  130. Valerian Root
  131. App to help you lucid dream
  132. This Lucid dreaming subliminall actually worked!
  133. Finding a good alarm
  134. nootropics? Alpha BRAIN?
  135. Dose Reemee and other products help with LD?
  136. Do these lucid dream hypnosis things work?
  137. Do Binaural beats Really work?
  138. lucid dreaming assistant
  139. Finding Mp3 track
  140. Noopept ( N-phenylacetyl-L-prolylglycine ethyl ester) for Dream Recall / Lucidity
  141. What aids, foods do you use for lucid dreaming?
  142. Best way to treat Calea Zacatechichi?
  143. Substances that facilitate lucid dreaming A Case Study Written By: Thomas Yuschak
  144. Simple, Effective Aid for Lucid Dreams.
  145. Lumosity Helps to Become Lucid?
  146. visual aid experiment
  147. Some questions about isochronic beats
  148. Another 5-HTP thread.
  149. An app i created with lucid dreaming session.
  150. soya lecithin
  151. Binaural Beats
  152. Quick question regarding Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine Hydrochloride)
  153. Lucid Dreaming Tools
  154. Lucid dreaming subliminal
  155. I heard rumors about Vitamin B6
  156. theta music/meditation linked to lucid dreaming! for some people...
  157. Galantamine prescription drug?
  158. Sound Induced Lucid Dream
  159. Ever heard of Silene capensis?
  160. Galantamine without Choline?
  161. B-vitamins questions
  162. Hey guys, I've made a RealtiyCheckReminder app for your Desktop
  163. Dream Control Through DRUGS?
  164. Lucid dreamig and dream yoga retreat - B. Alan Wallace
  165. Dream weaver
  166. Best smartphone Lucid Dreaming app?
  167. Carbamylcholine Injection: Chemically-Induced REM Sleep
  168. Found something for you guys. :)
  169. Can't Get Back To Sleep On Galantamine? No Problem.
  170. Lucid aids: thinking outside the pill
  171. kratom and vivid dreams
  172. Where can I SAFELY download binaural beats?
  173. Songs that get you lucid!
  174. Lucidity via music?
  175. Guayusa tea and its effect on sleep and dreams?
  176. Audio Mantra Induced Lucid Dreaming (A-MILD) Experimental
  177. Post binaural beats you were succesful with here,
  178. Caffeine and Lucidity: Increased Lucidity and Dream Recall After Quitting Caffeine
  179. Alarms?
  180. You're new and want to get lucid with as little effort as possible? enter here.
  181. rem dreamer ver 6 manual
  182. luid dreams with brainwave gernerator
  183. Amphetamines and Lucidity
  184. Question about B6. URGENT.
  185. Sickness enhanced dreaming
  186. nicotine patch and dreams
  187. Whey Protein and Creatine
  188. Most relaxing and incredible song ever created
  189. Good diet for inducing LD
  190. Calea zacatechichi
  191. Please suggest what I should do for best results
  192. Trying galantamine + choline tonight with the wbtb tec first time !
  193. Kiwi fruit
  194. 5HTP + Huperzine A
  195. Dammit, melatonin.
  196. Remee - The Final Review
  197. lucid dream minimum sleep requirement?
  198. Lucidity and diet--specifically vegetarianism
  199. Algorithm eyelid Infrared
  200. Use of Binaural Beats
  201. Lucid binaural beats test.
  202. Lucid Dreaming Alarm Clock
  203. a device to keep u from moving for DEILD?
  204. Can someone help me with my Binaural Beat problem
  205. Suggest audio based on info?
  206. Bird song method
  207. Melatonin and vitamin B6
  208. Benadryl/Dreaming?
  209. Question: Melatonin Danger Or opportunity
  210. Herbs: timing their use
  211. Add meds
  212. iLucid iOS
  213. 5-HTP and medication
  214. Pavlovian reality check & rhythm napping timer using these apps....
  215. Has anyone had success using the Singularity Experience lucid dreaming app for iphone?
  216. Remee?
  217. 5-HTP, deeper sleep?
  218. Dietary Brain Wave Alteration with Green Tea
  219. how much MG of Vitamin B6 is effective?
  220. ZILD: Zeo powered lucid dreaming app: First LD in a year.
  221. Anyone else having a problem with remee? (if you got it)
  222. audio/video aids for lucidity
  223. How early before bed should i take supplements?
  224. 5-HTP Daily Use for LD?
  225. Tried Calea Zacatechichi last night
  226. Best external stimulus for sensing inside dream?
  227. I Know that vitamin B6 Can get you really vivid dreams, but is there anyhting else? does B12 help?
  228. Anyone use amethyst crystals to help with dreams?
  229. Fish oil (omega-3) and B6 - what dosage and when?
  230. B6 & Melatonin, dosage?
  231. if I have the supplements, will I need a lucid dreaming induction device?
  232. Need Android alarm/timer app that can turn itself off
  233. Remee
  234. LD foods?
  235. Subliminal Blaster?
  236. Might Start a project/Make an app could be a hit
  237. Needs More Info On Vitamin B5 and B6 and It's Effects.
  238. Do this actually work?
  239. Dream Cycle?
  240. Melatonin + Caffeine
  241. What's the best lucid dream mask available on the market as of today?
  242. EILD Using alarm sound as a trigger for an LD
  243. Selfish request thread:Dream Journal Software
  244. Amazing Reality check i just heard of!!!
  245. Remee - Lucid Dreaming Mask
  246. Isochronic tones
  247. Vitamin B-6 Question?
  248. DIY Wireless Lucid Dreaming Goggles
  249. No Lies Please Hypnosis for Lucid Dreaming
  250. Binaural Beats Usage Help