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  1. Is There A Way I Can Get That Lucid Dreaming Mask At Like Some Store? I Don't Want To...............
  2. I need your option on remee and your reviews?
  3. Does Apple juice Work?
  4. where should i buy galantamine?
  5. My experiments with music
  6. Vitamin B-6
  7. Electrical Brain Stimulation (FBS Techniques)
  8. Alcohol as a Aid..?
  9. all the galantime info you can give me
  10. Beet Juice
  11. When Will Remee be available in stores like Amazon?
  12. Why didn't this work!?!??!?!
  13. A Very Excellent Lucid Dreaming Tip
  14. Herbal Help
  15. Does this really works or its a marketing scam?(REMEE)
  16. Calea Z and LD
  17. LD subliminal imagery and Rainmeter
  18. B50 complex and others
  19. Galangal root
  20. Zinc + Magnesium?
  21. Binural Beats lucid induction
  22. Anything great on eBay?
  23. Mushrooms and lucid dreaming
  24. Galantamine Regimen?
  25. Remee ?
  26. Constructive Criticisms for my Induction Script
  27. Galantamine Dangerous?
  28. Vitamin B6 negative effects
  29. Ginkgo Biloba Test
  30. Vitamin B6 really works, and damn well!
  31. I just pre-ordered a Remee
  32. Vitamins B6 and B12
  33. waking dreams (?), huperzine A, & meditation
  34. Any luck with Isochronic Tones?
  35. Guinness
  36. lucid dream mask, does it work?
  37. lucid dream mask, does it work?
  38. Vitamin D3
  39. Anyone try and/or have any luck with this product?
  40. skate liver oil: anyone try this?
  41. Do lucid dream masks work for you?
  42. Ginkgo Biloba and Vitamin B6
  43. First WILD ever with a little help of Galantamine and Choline :D
  44. Choline vs CDP Choline
  45. Mugwort and shamansgarden "Dreamer's Blend" Tea/Smoke
  46. Dream Machine by Nick Edwards
  47. Lightened Dream - open sourced and in need of some inspiriation
  48. Glutamic Acid and L-Arginine
  49. Vitamin B6 and me!
  50. How to use 12,14 Alarm Clock App for DEILD
  51. Looking for a nice, peaceful alarm tone for my DEILD alarm
  52. EILD ( Remee sleep mask)
  53. Need help finding DEILD alarm!
  54. I need a Android Alarm that turns off after a few seconds...
  55. LD Wallpapers
  56. Binaural Beats?
  57. Blue green algae
  58. Apples, and apple juice! Holy ****
  59. Galantamine
  60. Supplements
  61. Hydergine
  62. Remee
  63. does the mid theta 5hz binaural beats help with lucid dreaming?
  64. Just got a "Lucid Dreamer" bottle from Dreamamins...anything I need to know before taking it?
  65. Experimenting with caffeine pills
  66. MDT Request- My desktop Therapist
  67. Calea Z tincture?
  68. My idoser experience
  69. iDoser Lucid Dream
  70. update on progress of the remee lucid mask
  71. Dream:ON app being used to attain Lucidity
  72. Done with Choline. It's destroying my dream recall.
  73. Can Alpha GPC be effective without galantamine?
  74. Onnit Labs Alpha Brain, Lucid ENHANCER, Joe Rogan.
  75. AutoSuggestion Apps.
  76. How to use 12,24 Alarm Clock Sleep Music App for DEILD?
  77. Newbie... introducing Project Angie
  78. Can't imagine, need help
  79. Rem Dreamer
  80. WBTB questions
  81. Alarm Clock Bud iPhone App: I have trouble setting it to just vibrate
  82. Dream Herb Extract with California Poppy Tincture
  83. Choline and/or B-6?
  84. Music and it's relation to Lucidity
  85. A Smoker's Journey to Lucid Dream
  86. Has Anyone tried BEROCCA???
  87. Multivitamins
  88. Melatonin
  89. Ischronic tones
  90. Zeo Sleep Manager
  91. Amoryn Mood Booster
  92. Best supplement to take to increase dream memory.. ?
  93. Anyone take a high amount of Melatonin?
  94. Control Your Dreams: Lucid Dreaming Guided Meditation Rachael Meddows Review
  95. Dream tea's
  96. Sleep Monitoring Devices
  97. Galantamine - Anyone with experience?
  98. Don't underestimate Chamomile.
  99. Just bought some 5-HTP pills...
  100. B6 Intake.
  101. Calea Zacatechichi vs Galantamine - which is better?
  102. URGENT! Choline Bitartrate
  103. Smart Alarm Clock [iOS]
  104. Tramadol as a lucid aid?
  105. Most effective/favorite Lucid Aid
  106. Binaurals beats galore!!!!
  107. Guided relaxation
  108. Lucid Dreaming on the Ipad?
  109. Question about B-6
  110. Would this work...?
  111. Has anyone got a cheap REM dreamer mask for sale?
  112. Zeo Sleep Manager?
  113. Considering app development: Timed Phone LED flash during dream
  114. Trying to get a cheap or second hand novadreamer rem mask!
  115. Quick question on b6/b12
  116. Everyday gadget you use to achieve lucidity?
  117. Slimfast
  118. A Guide to Galantamine: The Most Effective and Well-Known Dreaming Supplement
  119. Effects of Melatonin
  120. Ginkgo-Biloba and Bacopa? Anyone Tried Either/Both? This One Has Both In One Tablet:
  121. LDS Fixture Chart/Table
  122. Lucid mask + Morse Code?
  123. Galantamine Insomia Help Question (Serious)
  124. Nootropic Alpha Brain + New Mood + Calea Zachatechichi + MP Bullet Proof
  125. kava kava and dreams
  126. Recommended Droid apps for lucid dreaming?
  127. Cheapest & Best supplements
  128. Early Tries at LD and Lucid Dreaming Android App
  129. Does the music in the 'Lucid Aids' category work?
  130. Lucid dreaming supplements
  131. Heard of ZMA? A supplement known for very vivid and lucid dreams!
  132. Going Lucid On Galantamine. What is it really like.
  133. Have anybody ever tried an "interval alarm" for lucid dreaming?
  134. Joining for app help...
  135. Android app & Zeo headband
  136. Scott Stride LDS Tutorial Pt. 1-4
  137. 5-HTP and Melatonin
  138. WBTB+ Galantamine+5htp = LD/AP
  139. Some questions about mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris)
  140. The NovaDreamer Review
  141. Anyone had any luck taking galantamine+choline before sleep?
  142. Rem Dreamer TWC mode
  143. I need Help! Someboady from EU, Germany? Galantine and Choline...
  144. Question about Vitamin B12
  145. Yohimbine
  146. Huperzine-A / Choline combo?
  147. Melatonin withdrawal increases lucidity.
  148. Vitamin B6 question
  149. b6 vitamin help
  150. Does anyone else practice LD on SSRIs?
  151. Non-harmful aids?
  152. Glucosamine and Chondroitin
  153. DIY novadreamer
  154. the placibo effect
  155. LD mp3 induce.
  156. B75 vitamin, great?
  157. The new Remee lucid dream mask
  158. Sleep Aids- Melatonin
  159. Melatonin Timing
  160. Dream Journal and Lucid Dreaming apps for LG Rumor Touch?
  161. 2nd Generation EILD Dream Mask Almost Here
  162. A thirty minute deep meditation soundtrack to shift you into a higher dimension
  163. Audio files? tips?
  164. New app for iOS users.
  165. a coincidence? xanax
  166. Saltcube ramp 4 timer mp3?
  167. Has anyone had the "Audio Aid Repository" work for them?
  168. Natural Timed-Release B-50 Complex Vitamins?
  169. Lucid dreaming mask Kickstarter
  170. Nice Thing To Drink Before Bed
  171. Cheese affecting dreams and lucidity
  172. Salvia Nemorosa enhance Dream Vividness
  173. Interesting Binaural Android App
  174. B6 vitamin help needed
  175. DreamZ Testing
  176. Magic Energy drink
  177. Alarm question.
  178. Lucidity App?
  179. My first (bizarre) experience with Galantamine
  180. Audio voice to download
  181. Interesting Niacin Results
  182. Kelly Howells Lucid Dreaming Binaural Beats
  183. [GUIDE] Lucid Food and Drinks to Increse Vividness and Recall.
  184. Lucid Food's
  185. which racetam to use with galantamind
  186. 5-HTP - is it safe to take every night?
  187. Silene Capensis Liquid Drops
  188. use salvia divinorum to Lucid dreaming
  189. Would this work?
  190. Marleeey's Mellllllow Moooood....
  191. Novadreamer
  192. Anyone try SAM-e?
  193. Are dreams within dreams possible with sedatives?
  194. Vitamin B12 and B6 - when are you supposed to take it? Someone please answer?!?!?!?!?
  195. Vitamin B12 and B6 - when are you supposed to take it? Someone please answer?!?!?!?!?
  196. A simple WILD helper for the phone
  197. Galantamine
  198. Where do you order your nootropics from?
  199. 90% wild 90% success rate supplement combination
  200. Anyone tried anything with aniracetam?
  201. Choline and Nicotine
  202. Safe and effective or vice versa?
  203. Safe Amounts of B5 + Choline
  204. What Supplements, ect. Help Improve LDing?
  205. Clove oil????
  206. REM Dreamer - Worth it?
  207. Vitamin B6
  208. Vitamin B6 Advice (asking for some, not giving =3)
  209. First time use of supplements
  210. So does the nova dreamer actually work?
  211. REM Dreamer Mask techniques
  212. Choline & Inisitol
  213. Clonadine- good or bad?
  214. Noobie needs opinions on new supplement plan (melatonin + b5 + choline)
  215. The most intense and craziest LD experience I've had. Cheapest LD aid. LD, within LD, within LD.
  216. Super dreaming workup
  217. ZMA supplement as LD aid
  218. Upping my galantamine + choline dosage to 8mg galantamine and 400mg choline - how safe?
  219. Isochronic tones look like BS; are they?
  220. LD Aids and Me Experiment
  221. Melatonin TR +B6
  222. Question about 'Lucid Dreaming App" for Android
  223. Working on an extensive Lucid Dreaming audio project
  224. Subliminal or hypnotic induction videos?
  225. Sweet Dreams herbal tea
  226. Dreamer's Blend Tea/Smoke
  227. Omega 3 fish pills + 2 - 3 vitamin b3 pills = can't tell dream from reality
  228. Can ADD Pills Improve Lucid Dreaming?
  229. Cheese = Increased length, recall and vividness?
  230. Anyone try VibraLITE 8 vibrating watch?
  231. AlphaBrain
  232. Mio Water enhancer with vitamin B6
  233. Don't try alteril!!!
  234. Alcohol?
  235. Zinc
  236. Has anyone had much success by playing a sound during a known REM period?
  237. Does Nutella work the same as peanut butter for LDing?
  238. What supplements/combinations worked consistently for you to have a lucid dream and which didn't
  239. Singularity Experience, a professional iPhone app for Lucid Dreamers
  240. Does Galantamine lose its effect over time?
  241. Did anyone use the DreamZ iPhone app yet?
  242. Anyone ever use the Biotuner (Sota BT7) to Stimulate Lucidity? Post your experiences
  243. is liquid dream accurate?
  244. MDMA and dreams question?
  245. effexor question
  246. How much Piracetam to flush GalantaMind; and Do you add more Choline to GM dose?
  247. Bionic contact lens projection
  248. Strange experiences as galantamine + choline finally worked!
  249. DreamStar?
  250. milk at wbtb