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  1. effexor question
  2. How much Piracetam to flush GalantaMind; and Do you add more Choline to GM dose?
  3. Bionic contact lens projection
  4. Strange experiences as galantamine + choline finally worked!
  5. DreamStar?
  6. milk at wbtb
  7. Does Galantamine have Caffeine in it?
  8. Marijuana's effect on lucid dreaming.
  9. The science of lucid aids, a question for the experienced dreamers
  10. Xanax, Klonopin and other anti anxiety meds
  11. Vitamin B6
  12. question of a mind machine
  13. Any effective lucid timers or sounds?
  14. This combo gave me insane dreams.
  15. were is rem on this?
  16. iPhone sleep cycle alarm clock?
  17. A working free alarm clock w/ autosnooze ipod
  18. Is this lucid pill effective?
  19. Lucid Dream Brainwave for iPad
  20. diphenhydramine hcl review
  21. Mugwort (Common Wormwood) to Aid Dream Recall
  22. Someone tell me about acai pills/berry's please!
  23. Cheap replacement for NovaDreamer / REM Dreamer
  24. Dream recall supplements?
  25. Galantamine+choline pill didn't work :(
  26. Liquid Dream
  27. dream machine?
  28. Bio2Real Time, a free iPhone app coming soon
  29. Buying Galantamine or Galantamind in Portugal.
  30. Vitamin B50
  31. Smartphones: For the absentminded reality checkers out there
  32. Do binural beats work?
  33. A possible something!
  34. You have been waiting for this! Join the revolution
  35. Novadreamer on steroids . . . .
  36. Has anyone tried those lunexa sleeping pills?
  37. Lemonade for lucid dreaming?
  38. Don't know if this has already been discovered or not...
  39. Lucid Dreaming App for iPhone 4, Limited Alpha test
  40. Do you take a Vitamin B6 Supplement?
  41. Melatonin + B6 + B12
  42. Melatonin
  43. AlphaBrain
  44. New Wonder Suppliment???
  45. Remembering dreams
  46. Lucid Scribe 0.9.3 - You can now view recordings of my dreams on LSDBase (Cross-Post from Research).
  47. another B6 Question
  48. b6 before bed
  49. Does Calea Zakatechichi have an effect when you just take it at night?
  50. Sippin Syrup Drinks?
  51. Pomegranates and Dreams (Increased Logic)
  52. Dream herbs
  53. How does isochronic tones or binaural beats make you lucid?
  54. This binaural beat gave me a lucid dream first try.
  55. Serenity
  56. Deild short alarm for iPhone
  57. Vitamin B + Cheddar Cheese, my experiences.
  58. Melatonin
  59. Huperzine A
  60. Gastrointestinal pains after taking galantamine+choline?
  61. audio loop telling you that you are dreaming.
  62. Something to Enhance Clarity
  63. Long term Melatonin use
  64. lucid dreaming pill
  65. A Prototype & idea - The Dream Clock
  66. MILD Soundtrack
  67. Some apps for iPhone and Android.
  68. My friend is buying my Calea Zacatechichi
  69. My friend is buying me Calea Zacatechichi
  70. Ormus, and How to Make it at Home in a Blender
  71. Amanita Muscaria and Ibotenic acid/Muscimol
  72. Binaural Beats or Isochronic Tones?
  73. Cherries before bed?
  74. First attempt onto Binaural Beats gave me a lucid!
  75. Hey im looking for a program for windows 64
  76. Looking for an iPhone-App
  77. LaBerge lucid aid?
  78. Where to buy mugwort herb
  79. Mixing Calea Zacatechichi with tea
  80. Best Shops for Supplements & Herbs
  81. What's the latest on green tea?
  82. When is the BEST time to eat Apple Juice an eat a banana?
  83. Apple juice for WBTB?
  84. Orange Juice vs. Apple Juice
  85. B6 pills
  86. When should i eat Vitamin b6 foods?
  87. What exactly does Apple juice do for you?
  88. Neuro Sleep, possible Lucid Aid?
  89. Foods With Vitamin b6 and Tryptophan
  90. Synaptolepis kirkii seems very promising.
  91. Mantra Alarm Clock. NEED HELP.
  92. Wrist Bands - A Tool Of Lucidity?
  93. Welcome to the Gammadrome!
  94. Melatonin help
  95. Apple juice isnt helping
  96. Teen Link supplement -- is it safe?
  97. Vitamin B6
  98. Drinking three cans of beer before bed
  99. Shaman dream herb anyone?
  100. What can you hear when you play a message to yourself when asleep?
  101. Hazelnuts, Chocolate and Peanut Butter.
  102. Binaural Beats
  103. Benexol B1 + B6 + B12 = Dream Boost
  104. Addiction to Soda
  105. Wellbutrin (Bupropion) and Remeron (Mirtazapine) Dreams
  106. Light cues work.....they really do.
  107. Vivid dreams with Vitamin B6
  108. Brain Entrainment Help
  109. Growing Calea, Finnaly tried some and so far so good!
  110. B-12 Help
  111. Ice cream helps lucid dreaming
  112. Does coffee help you lucid dream?
  113. Dream Pills
  114. Beyond apple juice: beans and other choline rich foods
  115. iTouch / iPhone ??
  116. Lucid dream supplement survey
  117. Pomegranate Juice and The Dream
  118. Apple Juice - What's Your Brand?
  119. Apple juice- vividness intensifier?
  120. The 'Trailing Edge' effect...
  121. Lemon Balm Tea
  122. Valerian Root and Melatonin
  123. best time to take supplements etc
  124. Lucid Dreaming Assistant for iPhone -- PROMOCODES GIVEAWAY :-)
  125. Lucid dreaming tool using the Zeo and home automation
  126. B-Complex Herbal Tea With Choline
  127. Marley's mellow mood
  128. lucid induction for wbtb.
  129. The REM Dreamer
  130. The Nova Dreamer?
  131. Mind Machines
  132. First post. Any freeware programs that will program laptop screen to provide time settable strobe?
  133. Presenting: Halographs
  134. Blue/Sacred/White lotus
  135. Has anyone tried mild doses of datura for dream enducing
  136. How long before bed do you have to take Valerian root in order for it to effect you
  137. Vitamin B6: Opinion Matters
  138. I-Doser anyone?
  139. Calea Zacatechichi (Dream Herb)
  140. Limited LD abilities
  141. Need advice about binaural beats and what I experienced
  142. Choline Bitartate
  143. Does marijuana really help? (question)
  144. Melatonin in the morning?!
  145. B-6 Questions
  146. REM dreamer - Basic instructions needed
  147. Lucid Dreaming App - Open Beta!
  148. Lavender Pillow
  149. Sleep Headphones
  150. Infinite Money to Spend on Lucid Dreaming...
  151. Ever Used A Dream Rag?
  152. Alcohol is win
  153. Galantamine with Antipsychotic Interaction
  154. Vitamins to take to help with lucid dreaming?
  155. Fish Oil Aiding in Dream Recall
  156. Supplements
  157. Good alarm for WBTBing? Cellphone doesn't shut up.
  158. Free Binaural Beats!
  159. Desperate to talk to anyone who uses a Shakti Device...
  160. Good iPhone alarm clock for CANWILD/DEILD
  161. EEG Binaural
  162. Great Dream Journal app for iTouch/iPhone! :D
  163. LD easily [EILD audio track]
  164. Swallowing Sublingual B-6
  165. Liquid Dream III
  166. New LD Mask
  167. Simple Android Night Light App for DEILD
  168. Lazy Cakes?
  169. My personal supplement research
  170. Simple Lucidity Hack
  171. Acetylcholine
  172. Silene Capensis Questions
  173. Kratom with a WILD attempt
  174. How much Vitamin B6?
  175. 12,24 alarm clock question.
  176. Marijuana and Lucid Dreaming
  177. Given up on natural methods... is B6 right for me?
  178. Is it okay to take 300mg of b6?
  179. Took melatonin and woke up tired as hell.
  180. This Works for me, it Might Work for You
  181. Dream related desktop backgrounds? (freebies)
  182. Any WILD mp3 aids?
  183. Auditive Alert & Rationality Check.
  184. propranorol lucid aid?
  185. When to take 100mg B6?
  186. B6 + zinc for a 13 year old
  187. REM Dreamer Info (help)
  188. Calea Zacatechichi - experiences?
  189. Benadryl
  190. How many Gaba pills do I take?
  191. New Android App for REM Detection: "Sleep As An Droid"
  192. Theta Binaural Beats Last Night
  193. Can i listen to Isochronic Tones and Binaural Beats at ANY time of the day?
  194. Mugwort Extract?
  195. Sublingual B-6 25mg or 17mg?
  196. Peanut butter gives you more realistic dreams
  197. Can These Help With Relaxation/Attaining Lucidity?
  198. Acetyl-L-Aarnitine with Lipoic Acid
  199. Massage before WILD attempt?
  200. Couple of Questions of Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones...
  201. Couple of Questions of Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones...
  202. Increased RC low again
  203. Lucid Sex dream
  204. Has anyone found low dose Yohimbe for LD?
  205. Binaural Beats - THETA, ALPHA, AND DELTA [Download Link]
  206. Xhosa (Silene Capensis) African Dream Root - Log and Discussion
  207. Epic music while sleeping/falling asleep?
  208. Galantamine versus Lucid DreamerTM
  209. My unintentional lucid dream with Bullet Proof
  210. How much melatonin should i take?
  211. 5-HTP, Galantamine, Choline, B6.. Oh My!
  212. Starting to Lose Determination... (Blue Vervain & Mugwort)
  213. Time Development Project
  214. Lucid dream induced through X Box game !?
  215. Lucid dreamless help
  216. Obtaining Galantamine
  217. First Time Melatonin User
  218. A few things that have helped me... feel free to add your own.
  219. Lucid dreaming Mp3
  220. Auto-Alarm, Isochronictones, Another Alarm, More Iso-Tones MP3 (Need Testers)
  221. "Caffiene and Sugar" (fizzy drink) Induced Lucid Dreaming
  222. Dream Boost Supplement
  223. Sleep cycles recording FREE (Ipod/Iphone required)
  224. Nuero sleep? does it improve dreams or skip them?
  225. Are Binaural beats safe?
  226. Lucid Dreaming Isochronic Tones THEY WORK!!!!! First Hand Account
  227. Free lucid dreaming machine ("like" novadreamer) if you have Android phone!
  228. Additional improvements from Galantamine & Choline Combo
  229. Valerian Glycerite
  230. Sleep talk recorder iPod Touch app
  231. Inception iPhone App !
  232. Bacopa monnieri
  233. Brilliant Dreams - vivid dream pill
  234. Smoking herbals
  235. DIY Dreaming Mask
  236. dream herb
  237. Tm Meditators?
  238. GABA & the Histamines
  239. Trouble with Rem Dreamer ?
  240. Which MP3 has worked best for you?
  241. Need some help with light cue effectiveness....
  242. I-Doser, anyone?
  243. Feeling a vibrator
  244. Device-aided lucid dream induction
  245. Sunkist Solar Fusion
  246. My new improved 2nd cellphone task Canwild technique. The only lucid aid you need is a cellphone!
  247. lucid after stopping melatonin
  248. Subliminalmp3.com
  249. Is B6 the best to take?
  250. Different Melatonin supplement Question